Tea Time
a Alice in Wonderland fanfic

tick tock tick tock
It's Tea Time, my friend.
Hurry your little feet up,
Your tea is getting cold.

tick tock tick tock
Did you happen to mess with Time?
I sure hope you didn't,
For it would be unfortunate to miss the party.

tick tock tick tock
Oh, ye slurvish dog!
Ye know whit time it's, don't ye?
Avoidance insae th' answer!

tick tock tick tock
Why, ye slurvish, frumious shukm!
Yer daein' this oan purpose!
I'll 'ave yer heid oan a saucer!

tick tock tick tock
Oh…I see ye know,
Running in a great hurry,
Over that grassy hill there.

tick tock tick tock
Tea Time can now commence!
You're terribly late, you know…

I was reading a bunch of 'No Time' prompts on dA this morning and I thought of this. I got bored in summer school, so it was written. It was a little different in my head, for one thing, the White Rabbit would have been more of a focus. *shrugs*


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