The Inevitable


Everyone knew it was gonna come someday. They just didn't want to think about it. A new threat is attack Metro City. Who would've guessed? Again, Astro appears to save the day... But after the threat is taken care of, Astro begins to feel strange. He is always tired and sometimes can find it hard to move... and then O'Sheay explains the problem.


Same Old, Same Old

Astro sighed, watching Skunk get placed in a police car for what must've been the thirty thousandth time. He placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head as Skunk repeated, like everytime, "I'll get you for this, Astro!" Then the door would close and the police car would drive Skunk away.

"Great job, Astro." Tawashi encouraged, patting Astro on the shoulder.

"Thanks, Detective." He laughed. "I gotta get home and hope Zoran decided not to make a big mess in the kitchen." He smiled and blasted off the ground and away.

"I'm telling you." Tawashi boasted to the police man next to him. "He's never going down."

Astro entered through the front door. "I'm home!" He called out into the large house.

"Big Brother!" Came a cry from the kitchen. Out popped a little girl who resembled Astro greatly. She rushed over to him. "How did it go!" Astro shrugged and hugged his sister cause, well, he needed a hug. She hugged him back without hesitation.

"Well, Zoran, I went up, a bomb exploded, and I died." He chuckled with sarcasim. Zoran laughed and spun on her heel.

"Can you sing to me again?" She asked. Astro folded his arms. "Please?" He smiled and walked to the couch.

"Sure." He smiled and place Zoran on his lap. He cleared his throat and began to sing in a beautiful voice (A/N: That's how I imagine it.), only using the sylible 'da' to form a music with just his voice, never missing a beat or a note. The tune was enchanting.

Zoran pressed against her brother's chest. "I'm really glad you didn't go up, have a bomb explode, and then you died." She chuckled. Astro exhaled roughly.

"Me, too!"