Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: As you can tell, this entire month is going to be a fanfic paradise from me. So yeah, expect a LOT new material from me. Not to mention, several old things will rightfully end. Or continue. Or whatever. Anyway, I don't know why I capitalized every single word for the disclaimer. But eh, whatever. Enjoy the fanfic, ladies and gentlemen! And hooray for pathetically increasing the word count while making it too painfully obvious to try and hide it! And here are more friggin' words... and a crossover because why the heck not.

Runner 5 panted as he glanced behind him, the zombies continuing to chase him. He groaned, with it raining as he was getting sick of these darn zombies chasing him.

"Man... I'm not having the best of luck..." Runner 5 remarked while shaking his head, sighing. "It reminds me of that tale the cute mushroom girl from that weird fungi kingdom told me... something about her belly...?"

Toadette was a sweet, humble young humanoid mushroom girl, as fresh as a daisy. But she had a surprising appetite, one that would not be expected from a cute, young lass such as her. Toadette's stomach was always growling, Toadette always agreeing with her stomach as she gobbled up anything in her sight. But one day, she would regret every arguing against her strong willed gut, knowing that it would cost her dearly.

"Oh boy! I feel like seeing Waluigi again and going on another grand adventure with him!" Toadette squealed as she blushed, putting her hands up to her face as she continued giggling. "Who knows what we'll see on our quest... I feel so giddy!"

As Toadette was cheerfully expressing her happiness, her stomach growled loudly, telling her that it was hungry. Toadette frowned as she rubbed her stomach, wondering if she could take a moment to eat.

"Kinda hungry again..." Toadette admitted as she sighed, closing her eyes as she thought to herself. "But... I really wanna go on another adventure with Waluigi..." She shrugged as she patted her stomach, telling it to wait. "Sorry, stomach, but I made up my mind!" She dashed towards the western direction, to meet up with Waluigi.

This would not end well. Toadette's stomach began growling louder, urging Toadette to get some food, but Toadette continued ignoring it, giggling as she seemed to get closer towards Waluigi's house. Her stomach tried its best to channel its thoughts to Toadette's brain, but it too ignored the stomach's plea. Nevertheless, Toadette's stomach growled with anger as it would give Toadette a payback unlike any other. And thus, it began, as the dark, stormy clouds overtook the peaceful, clear blue sky.

Dry Bowser watched this from a distance as he was making pitchforks to fight off against the impending zombie apocalypse that would inevitably happen quite soon...

"Why am I even in this story?" Dry Bowser muttered as he just shook his head in disapproval.