Toadette paused for a moment as she sniffed the air, sighing of relief as she closed her eyes. Stretching out her stubby little arms, Toadette skipped to Waluigi's house, where Waluigi himself was resting on the wooden front porch, seeing the rain starting to pour. Toadette called out to Waluigi, only to trip over a branch in the ground, landing on her face. Her stomach, through gurgling noises, was laughing at her.

"That's some way to make an entrance," Waluigi sarcastically remarked as he rolled his eyes, his arms folded around his head as he continued looking up, hearing the thunder boomed. "You came just in time. It's going to rain pretty hard today."

Toadette dusted off her dress as she giggled with embarrassment, scuttling over to Waluigi as she wrapped her arms behind her back. "Ehehehe... anyway, Waluigi, can you and I go on another adventure?" She tried to be as convincing as possible, giving Waluigi the typical puppy eyed look.

Waluigi stared blankly at Toadette, scoffing her attempts as he turned over his body. "Meh. Why would I want to waste my life any longer with another pointless, stupid adventure, when I can just step back and relax..."

Toadette frowned as she folded her arms with disappointment. "But Waluigi, you always relax! It's not fair!" As she pouted, her stomach growled again, but instead of begging for food, it tied a knot in itself, giving Toadette an extremely painful cramp. "Yowzers!" Toadette squealed in agony as she bent over, holding her stomach as she closed her eyes, screaming in pain. "Pain! So... much... bad... horrible... pain..."

Waluigi watched as Toadette fell on her back, rolling over as the cramp got tougher and tougher. He scoffed again as he scratched behind his right ear, closing his eyes as the rain poured slightly harder on the meadows. Toadette yelped, trying to retain herself as the cramp refused to go away. Tears starting to form in her cute eyes, Toadette punched herself in the stomach, which was apparently enough to make the cramp disappear. Gasping, Toadette got back up, rubbing her injured stomach as she walked over to Waluigi.