What is this chronological order you speak of? This is a follow-up one-shot for Searching Souls, due to popular demand. I hope I don't disappoint! This will probably not make much sense without having read Searching Souls, first. That being said, I have no clue what order these will appear or be written in, so be prepared. Wibbley-wobbley, timey-whimey, right? Please leave me a review!
Also, I know it's short, but it seemed like any longer would have been stretching it out too much.

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A Little More Sonic

When Rose recalled all of the times her first Doctor has claimed he didn't "do domestic," she just had to laugh, considering how much everything had changed. Not only had the Doctor physically changed, but, judging by the toddler wandering around the console room, the Doctor's opinions on domesticity had also changed.

Rose sat in the captain's chair, watching as the Doctor summoned Jamie from his wanderings and began to teach the young child to make his own Sonic Screwdriver. It was quite the interesting process to watch, since the boy had an even shorter attention span than his father - and that was saying something.

"I think," Rose began gently, getting up and moving towards her boys, "you may want to hold this off until he's, you know... older - and less easily distracted..."

"Rose, the Doctor admonished kindly, "when I was his age, I was already wreaking havoc with the other Gallifreyan children. Well, if you want to get really specific, when I was his age, I was building working rockets and such, all of which would have been made much easier by the presence of a sonic screwdriver. Hence," he said, gesturing to the many strange parts laid out across the console, "my helping him to make his own. Think of all the things he can do, with a sonic screwdriver in his hand!"

Seeing her chance, Rose cut in, "And that, of course, is why he left the room in the middle of your wonderful speech - so he can keep working on the sonic he left behind and eventually wreak havoc on the galaxy with a screwdriver in hand."

Frowning and looking around the room, the Doctor finally conceded, "Oh, alright, I guess two is a bit young to have his own sonic screwdriver... But I wanted him to have something to show off the next time we visit everyone."

Grinning, the blond offered, "We could always go somewhere new and pick up a mysterious trinket that even Jack has never seen before."

The Doctor smiled back, always ready for another adventure. "Well, we can do that, as soon as our son decides that swim time is over."

Confused, Rose listened to the voice of the TARDIS in her mind, eager to hear the ship's update. "Doctor," she murmured, voice getting quiet, "I thought you said you Jamie-proofed the door to the pool with the giant squid..."

"Well," he began, knowing that there was no way out, "I was going to, but then we got that distress call from Marix IV, and then we had to go save them, and then everything else got in the way."

Smiling at her forgetful love, Rose chided, "We're in a time machine, Doctor. How long it takes you to get around to reading the distress call does not change our arrival time. Now, let's go try and tear Jamie away from his new friend."