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Chapter 9: A Hot Summer Day

The scorching heat during Tuesday morning was heating the whole house.

Steel-types were never meant to be put under such a dreadful condition. Due to their crippling weakness against Fire-types, heat was not good for their overall health. Having steel body parts that were put under the sun's heat felt very nauseating, as the steel would heat up and continue to linger for even longer unlike normal skin. It was by no means very hurtful, but it was very annoying.

When Chris felt a small budging feeling, he opened his eyes and nearly had a heart attack when Lucario stared directly at him with wide eyes, all the while sweating like crazy. The spot where he was lying his head down on the bed was starting to get wet due to the sweat his body was put under the sun's rays. The Aura Pokémon had noticed too late that he was within the window's reach, therefore, the sun's rays were hitting him with full force. "Oh my…goodness!" Chris said, pushing himself up. "You're sweating!"

"Good morning…" Lucario muttered, his eyes looking up at Chris. "I know… I'm sorry to wake you up like this…"

The teen blinked. He could see how Lucario's body was drenched in his own sweat judging how he had turned slightly darker in color. The black markings of his body were devoid of wet fur, but it made the sweat very visible to the naked eye. "Uh, stand up!" Chris said, noticing the wet spot of sweat on his bed.

Lucario stood up fully, and he wanted to shake himself off so badly, but he didn't want to spread sweat all over the room. "I…" Lucario trailed off.

Chris looked up to him. "Oh dear god, you're really sweating a lot!" he said in shock. "Are you…ill or something?"

"No…" Lucario shook his head. "It's just… Us Steel-types aren't that great handling fire…and that includes the sun's heat…" He wiped his forehead, only for his arm to get more drenched in his own sweat. "The heat stays in our bodies far longer than any other Pokémon…and thus this is why we're not meant to stay under the sun for a long time…"

"And…you did stay under the sun," Chris said. Lucario closed his eyes in shame and nodded. "Oh… Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay," Lucario reassured him. "The only problem is that…I'm sweating…against my will…"

Once Chris took a small sniff, he nearly lost his vision. Lucario was getting very stinky. "T-this isn't good," he said. "You really need to take a shower immediately…"

Lucario gulped and took a small sniff of his right armpit. "UGH!" he grunted with disgust, pulling his face away. He looked sideways at Chris with a worried look. "I don't want to take a hot shower this time… You understand, right?" he asked.

"Yes… Wait, don't you take hot showers, anyway?" Chris asked.

"You're surely thinking that my body gets too hot with hot water…" Lucario trailed off, facing his face down at the teen. "Look, it's really nice for me to take hot showers. It feels very refreshing to be within hot steam, unlike getting warmed up by the sun without my consent… And besides…I stink."

"True that…" Chris muttered. The smell was quickly spreading out from the Aura Pokémon. "G-go take a shower, quick!" Chris pleaded. "You're starting to smell!" Lucario blushed embarrassed and made his way out of the room. To Chris's dismay, he saw some glaring, wet paw-pad prints on the floor's mattress…and they followed the Lucario's direction. Worse yet, there was a large spot right where the towering Pokémon had been sitting on. "…Aww, sick!"

A few minutes later…

After having taken a very refreshing shower with warm water, Lucario was having breakfast with Chris. The breakfast of the day was a simple set of scrambled eggs with bacon. The bacon naturally died first before Lucario could even touch the eggs. "I think we should postpone your reading lessons for the day…"


"I think I haven't given you a day where you could rest and enjoy your time doing something really fun," Chris said as he held his fork with a pinched scramble egg close to his mouth. "I got really surprised that you can't handle the hot Summer's heat that good…"

Lucario sighed. "Today is feeling a bit too hot…" he muttered.

"So then…" Chris smiled a bit, "we're going to have to kick back and relax using the air conditioner and…the pool outside."

The Aura Pokémon stared at the teen. "There's a pool outside?" he asked. "I didn't see one before…"

"While you were taking a shower, I went outside to the yard's little storage to dig out my big pool set," Chris pointed out. "It's…not finished yet, so there's a little mess of tubes and other stuff out there…"

Lucario used his aura senses without having his eyes or his body glowing. He could see that there were some block-like tools over the grass outside the house. The aura that engulfed the tools gave them shape for him to tell that tubes were indeed in the yard. "I can see from here the tubes," he said.

"…Wow… You can?" Chris said a bit astonished. "Oh… It must be your aura ability… You know, one of these days, I wish you could tell me more about your aura senses…" He looked a bit excited. "The things I've been teaching you these days really don't compare to what you can do."

"Really?" Lucario asked, his eyes lessening his natural glare while his lips formed a small smile. "But I think your lessons are very enlightening."

The teen blushed a bit. "Oh, please… My lessons deal with mundane activities," he said. "If I were to guess, your side deals with the supernatural…" The two shared a small moment to chuckle together. Within Lucario's mind, the happy Riolu beamed with glee. He really enjoyed the small bonding moment, as he wagged his tail to the sides.

Luckily for Chris, Lucario didn't do a double-take to regret chuckling with him. There was progress there…

"So…will you be showing me your aura abilities someday?" Chris asked.

"I'll be very glad to show you," Lucario said. "Just…as soon as I learn how to use Aura Sphere…"

"…What?" Chris's smile faded away. "You don't know how to use Aura Sphere?"

"…No…" Lucario looked ashamed. "It's weird, though… I can use my aura ability superbly, yet I find myself unable to create a single small orb to defend myself…" He stared at Chris with a flat look. "I only know Force Palm, Double Team, Feint, and Extremespeed."

Chris didn't recall that he had given the Lucario those four moves. Then again, he didn't recall that this one could potentially destroy the house with one or two punches, and Chris didn't want to find out if Lucario could do that. "I…see…" Chris muttered.

"Feint seems pretty useless, so I'm going to forget that one over Aura Sphere," Lucario said. He looked back at Chris. "Oh… I should probably keep that idea to myself…"

The teen had to object to that thought. "Ooooh, no," Chris said. "Maybe…maybe I can train you."

Lucario's eyes widened. "…You? Training me?" he asked, bewildered at the suggestion.

Chris looked offended. "I-I can try to train you," he said. "I don't think it's THAT hard to train a Pokémon like you."

"But there are no Pokémon or places we can go," Lucario said. "…Unless you're trying to say that you're going to spar with me…"

"L-let me assure you that I'm not suicidal," Chris said with a deadpan look. "You really want to learn Aura Sphere soon. Let me give you a hand in there!" he said, looking worried. "Besides, there's a chance I might get to see a real life Aura Sphere before my own eyes! And since you're a very special Lucario… Think about the possibilities!"

Lucario thought hard about it for a moment. The Riolu inside his mind beamed with glee. The Aura Pokémon thought about the possibilities at hand. He smiled at the thought of being trained, but he wondered how Chris could do it. "…How would you train me?" Lucario asked.

"Well…" Chris trailed off. "I could…impose you some challenges to make you work out… Some challenges that will be up your level..."

"…Fair enough," Lucario said satisfied. "I'll look forward to the day we train together…" he wiped his forehead, "a day that isn't so hot out…"

The teen recalled the actual topic at hand. "Let's get finished with breakfast so that we can set up the pool," he said. "I also need to take a shower, too."

Lucario stared at him. "Wait… I'm going to set up the pool, too?" he asked.

"I think I lied a bit about not making you learn something new today," Chris said. "However, you're helping me out this time with my task. It'll be fun! I've never let you down!"

"I…guess so…" Lucario looked away.

"…Oh…" Chris could tell Lucario felt like he was the one who let him down a week ago. The teen recalled the vivid event a lot in his mind as some sort of warning not to get too carried away with his own actions. "…You've never let me down." Lucario looked in shock at him. "Don't think about it too hard! Whatever happened before…it never happened…and that's that."


"No buts, either," he said, forcing a smile. "I'd rather have you talk to me than having to ignore you all day long. After all, you're the only person who gives me that desired company I…" Chris paused for a moment and shook his head. "I don't want to ignore you at all. You're very important to me…"

For a brief moment, Lucario sensed a sudden change in Chris's aura. His aura emitted emotional waves of loneliness and sadness, and it still emitted those waves after forcefully trying to be happy. There was even an inner struggle that told Lucario that the teen was trying so hard to cheer himself up, and the Aura Pokémon nearly pried into Chris's conflicted mind. Even the Riolu wanted to know what was troubling the human so much that he begged Lucario to go ahead and read his mind a little bit. Alas, Lucario held himself back…but it was very tempting.

"…You don't need to stare me for that long, though."

Lucario snapped out from his thoughts. "Oh, sorry," he said. He went back to eat his breakfast quietly, wishing that there was more bacon to eat.

"(He can read minds…)" Chris thought, looking away from Lucario. "(Oh no, please don't tell me he enters my mind when I'm not noticing. It might really put a stop to my desire to keep him around… No! I can't just do that to him! He's got a will of his own!)" The teen focused hard on his plate while arguing to himself about the possibility of keeping Lucario around.

After waiting for Chris to get out of the shower, the two walked outside where they were greeted by a mess of tubes and a long blue plastic pool waiting to get set up under the scorching heat. Lucario felt the heat, but unlike last time, he was ready to tolerate for the sake of today's task at hand. "I have bad news," Chris said. "I checked the forecast and it says we might have really hot days from now."

"Oh no," Lucario muttered. "The spot where I sleep is facing the window, and that's the direction where the sun rises…"

"I'll have some kind of solution after we have our little fun time with the pool," Chris said, cheering him up.

The Aura Pokémon then realized that the teen wanted him to enter the pool once it was finished. "I'm…entering the pool?" he asked.

"Yes," Chris said. "It's going to be fun and relaxing. Don't make that face! Like I said before, I never… I mean, my lessons always give you a lot of fun. Today is no different."

Lucario forced a smile until an instruction sheet blew over to his right leg. Noticing it, he picked it up and stared at it… His mortal enemies, the letters, were back to haunt him. He shrugged and gave the sheet to Chris. "Here," Lucario said.

"Well, I wasn't really planning in making you read this… Today is hot, after all," Chris said. "Let's begin setting the pool up."

Time passed as the two worked together to set up the pool. Lucario's large hands were not much of a hindrance as he thought, but he still listened to Chris's directions, grabbing tubes and joining them together. The hot sun's rays didn't annoy him until after ten minutes later. He wanted to rest and lean back on the yard's tree. Its shade looked pretty relaxing from the spot where he was. The yard had two trees: one on the upper left corner and another on the lower right corner. The one closest to him was the second one.

Noticing that Lucario was back to rubbing his forehead from sweat, Chris went over to him. "I think you need to relax a little earlier," he said.

"No, it's okay," Lucario said, staring down at him. "We're almost finished."

"It's okay. I can do the rest by myself," the teen reassured him. "Why don't you go sit down under the tree? I'll bring you lemonade."

Lucario didn't want to look like he was a lazy person who left things undone, but Chris's aura told him that the teen didn't care about that. He really was worried. Thanking destiny for having such a forgiving person by his side, Lucario forced a smile and went over to sit down under the tree's shade, staring at Chris going back to the house. The Aura Pokémon leaned his back against the bark and closed his eyes to relax.

The relaxing shade over his body brought him protection against the sun. He let the peaceful aura around his body consume him. The life in the earth felt like a sauna to him, and he was very thankful to be in such a good spot. He felt even more relaxed when a foreign body of aura approached him from the front and held out some sort of object to him. Whoever it was, the aura was so soothing and enjoyable.


Lucario's aura senses were replaced by normal eyesight. The body of aura in front of him took shape in the form of Chris holding out a lemonade glass. The Aura Pokémon looked startled. "Oh… Thank you," Lucario muttered, grabbing the glass. While Chris flashed a small smile and went back to finish the pool by himself, Lucario stared his way for a while. "(How could I even think that his aura relaxes me?)" he thought conflicted. "(This never happened before… Why should it happen now? Maybe…maybe I'm over thinking this…)"

Lucario stared down at the glass with lemonade. He actually never had one before. Shrugging, he slowly chugged the liquid down his throat. It was a sweet sour flavor with a cold temperature mixed in. He pulled down his glass and let out a satisfied breath, smiling as the aftertaste filled his mouth. For a moment, Lucario thought that life was good here. If he could be given such a nice treatment by Chris, Lucario would definitely stay behind for as long as he wan-

He gasped to himself after thinking that. The Riolu in his mind, meanwhile, jumped around with joy. Lucario was losing the battle, and the Riolu knew well that his opponent wasn't entirely keeping up the idea of deluding himself with Chris being his other trainer. Delusion wasn't Lucario's strongest area. The Riolu embraced reality with open arms. Why couldn't Lucario embrace reality the same way?

As Lucario kept arguing to himself about what to do, he lost the track of time. He was so busy staring into space that he never saw Chris finishing the pool until he called him over. "Hey, it's done!" Chris said.

Lucario snapped out from his thoughts and stared at Chris. He didn't look like his trainer. Lucario's ears drooped a bit to the sides in shame, but the Riolu berated him for thinking that. Standing up, the Aura Pokémon went to the teen before looking at the pool.

It was a very wide and tall pool. It was approximately twenty feet of length and five feet of height. It was good enough to have multiple people in there, but with only the two of them there would be enough space.

The only problem was that the pool was empty of water. Lucario arrived just in time to see Chris turn on the water hose. "It's going to take quite some time before it fills up," Chris said. "For now, let's go back inside and wait for it to fill."

"Oh, I see," Lucario said. "Let's go back inside, then. I don't want to be under the sun for any longer." He noticed Chris was sweating.

"Yes, let's," Chris said nodding. "Look forward to the pool time! I'm going to go look for a beach ball we can use to play around."

Raising an eyebrow at the suggestion of using a ball, Lucario followed the teen into the house.

Two hours later of enjoying the air conditioner, the two came back out, seeing the pool filled with water almost to the border. The ray of the sun gave a reflection in it as some water ripples swung to the sides as calmly as possible. Looking to the teen, Lucario saw that Chris had taken off his shirt and changed to red shorts. He was even carrying a set of goggles to use underwater. Lucario, meanwhile, was carrying a large beach ball under his left arm that Chris had inflated.

Chris went to turn the water off, and then he went over to check the water's temperature with a hand. It was slightly warm. "It's ready!" he said before he climbed over a small staircase, jumping into the water right after. Lucario saw the teen rising back up, all wet with the refreshing water. Chuckling, Chris turned to face Lucario. "Come on! The water is really nice!"

Lucario smiled and deliberately jumped a good ten feet into the pool. Chris's smiling look was immediately replaced by a shocked one as the Steel-type fell inside, making a rather huge splash of water that pushed Chris back to the border. Regaining his balance, Chris looked forward to see where Lucario had landed… He was standing up, looking down at the water as he let go of the ball under his arm.

"G-geez," Chris muttered, getting Lucario's attention. "You also have crazy jumping skills?"

"That jump I did back there wasn't my highest jump," Lucario pointed out. "I can show you how big I can jump."

This was a Herculean Lucario. The mere thought that he could probably jump beyond fifty feet into the water made Chris shake his head. "N-no! No more jumps in the pool!" he said.

"I can probably jump over eighty feet, but…" Lucario sighed. Chris stared at him with a bewildered look. "Well… Now what?"

"Now what?" Chris wondered, floating to Lucario's side. "You need to stop standing up. It's clear the pool can't cover your whole body while you're like this."

Lucario looked at the water, and then he slowly sank down by sitting on his legs. He was now a head sticking out from the pool. He turned his face to Chris. "I guess the water feels nice," he said.

"You're reaaaaally tall," Chris said. Lucario preened a little. "Let your body float and try swimming around… You can swim, right?"

"I already come with that skill learned," Lucario said, and he let his body float up before he started to swim around at a slow pace. Chris couldn't stop looking at the fact that the Aura Pokémon's tail was sticking out from the water like a long flag. He started chuckling. "What?" Lucario asked.

"Oh, nothing… It's just your tail is sticking straight up," Chris pointed out, covering his mouth. "It's kind of a cute sight… I mean, it's a funny sight!"

Lucario stared at him before turning to his tail. He blushed slightly and tried to move it down a bit until it was almost barely brushing against the water while he continued swimming around Chris. "Does it look…embarrassing?" he asked.

"Oh no, no!" Chris said, now looking worried that he hurt the tall Pokémon's feelings. "It's just funny. I'm not going to make you never live it down. Don't worry about that."

The Aura Pokémon forced a small smile. He saw Chris putting the goggles on before diving underwater. Blinking, Lucario took a long breath of air and dove down.

The water inside the pool looked far brighter and mystifying. By default, Lucario could sense a lively aura from the body of water itself. Then he sensed Chris's aura. The teen looked shocked at him diving underwater, but then he shook his head and flashed a small smile. Lucario couldn't help but return the expression as well.

Chris was surprised that somebody as heavy as Lucario could float around just fine. Through his goggles, Chris saw Lucario's fur calmly floating to all sides while the four appendages on the back of his head trailed off behind. It was almost as if Lucario was shining with the sun. From afar, the yellow fur looked very pressed against his body, but there was a thick layer of it waiting to be rubbed. The teen didn't understand how that worked exactly. He shrugged the fact off and went over to swim next to Lucario.

Talking underwater was not a good option, so Lucario chose another route: telepathy. "(It's very beautiful down here,)" he told Chris.

Not used to have somebody talk to his mind, Chris gasped underwater and started inhaling water by accident. Shocked to see the amount of bubbles, Lucario gasped mentally and pulled the human from his arm back to the surface, almost out of instinct. Once Chris gasped for oxygen, he looked to Lucario. "H-holy hell!" he exclaimed, smacking his chest. "W-what was that?!"

"U-uh…" Lucario was ashamed that he had caused the event. "I-I used telepathy to talk to you underwater…"

Chris coughed. "T-telepathy?" he coughed out. "Y-you can use telepathy, too?"

"Yes, it's easy for me to do that due to my aura skill," Lucario said, his glare lessening into a worried look. "I…I'm sorry I nearly made you drown…"

"N-no…" Chris regained his composure. "I-it's really okay… I was just taken off-guard when I looked up at you and then you started talking without moving your mouth… Wait… I already expected your kind to do that after watching that movie…"

Lucario stared intently at Chris. "A movie?" he wondered.

"Oh, it's nothing you should concern yourself with for now," Chris said. But now Lucario wanted to see where the human got the notion of Lucario using telepathy. "But seriously… Telepathy? You impress me each day!" He smiled at Lucario, despite the fact his life could've been snuffed out. "Try to do that again!"

Lucario blinked in surprise at the eager request. Wanting to see Chris happy, the Aura Pokémon stared. "(There… Can you hear me? You can talk back to me as long as I'm involved.)"

Chris's eyes widened after hearing Lucario's deep, gruff voice echoing inside his mind. "(Oh my freaking holy goodness… Oh god… I can hear my own voice echoing!)" he thought surprised. Lucario grinned a little bit. "(T-this is amazing, Lucario! T-telepathy can really be done with you!)"

"(Oh, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far,)" Lucario thought, feeling proud of himself. "(As long as you're within my a hundred mile radius, I can easily communicate with your mind through telepathy. It is a very handy skill.)" Lucario could sense Chris's aura radiating a feeling of utter excitement. Whatever shortcoming they had in the past was surely being repaired. The Riolu was very happy that the bond between the two was strengthening by this.

"You're really something!" Chris said through his mouth, abruptly ending the telepathy talk. "I really can't wait for you to show me the full extent of your aura abilities soon!"

The Aura Pokémon felt very proud to see Chris's eager excitement. Not even minding the fact that he was owned by another trainer, Lucario was put in a state where he didn't want to let the teen down no matter what happened. He truly wanted to show Chris his incredible abilities. Moreover…he wanted Chris to train him, as his subconscious – the Riolu – begged him to go ahead with it

"Soon enough, I'll show you everything I can do," Lucario said, absent mildly feeling a bit cocky. "You'll be very impressed with one such as I can do with aura alone."

Chris got a little closer to Lucario, his eyes beaming with glee. "You're a Herculean Lucario. Whatever you have in mind is surely going to blow mine away!" He shook his head and smiled a bit. "But for now, let's go back to diving underwater… It's really fun to talk using your telepathy skill."

"You won't get shocked if I use it underwater?" Lucario asked concerned.

"As long as you don't yell at me…" Chris took a long breath and dove inside the water. As an invitation for him to enter, Lucario did the same and entered the water.

The two looked at each other before looking around at the light of the sun piercing through the calm water. "(I like how everything looks like down here,)" Lucario said. "(If you could sense the aura, it would be very radiant.)"

Chris was a bit hesitant to try talking through telepathy underwater, but he tried it again. "(You're really getting me so anxious about your aura abilities,)" he said. "(Come on, let's go swim around.)"

The Aura Pokémon nodded and the two started swimming right next to each other, occasionally exchanging glances as they circled around the pool. Lucario then felt Chris's hand rubbing his wild fur's back. Using telepathy, he heard Chris chuckling.

"(It's so messy!)" Chris said before looking startled, forgetting that they were still using their minds to talk.

Lucario blushed a bit but composed himself to talk. "(Careful… While we're using telepathy, any thoughts you're thinking will get immediately transferred over our link.)"

"(I-I see…)" Chris pulled his hand back, looking a bit perplexed. "(I wish I could rub it a little more…)"

The Aura Pokémon nodded before grimacing at the realization. "(Uh… I heard that…)" Lucario was speechless right after.

"(E-eep!)" Chris yelped. "(O-oh no, I can't really control this telepathy thing so well! T-this is so embarrassing!)"

"(I wonder who feels more embarrassed of the two. I mean, I kind of like being groomed like that on my back…)" Lucario then got a look from Chris. He had been cornered at his own game. "(…Damn it…)"

Chris chuckled. "(You can't even hold your thoughts back either!)" he said.

Lucario's eyes looked away. "(I-I was taken off-guard,)" he said in his defense. "(I forgot we're using telepathy…)"

"(You're really funny,)" Chris said. "(That's what I like about you.)"

"(…)" Lucario turned to Chris. "(Did you…?)"

The teen looked away, hiding a small smile. "(I need to catch some more air…)" He went back up before coming back down. "(Sorry for that… I so casually let that slip.)"

"(Huh,)" Lucario muttered before going back to get some more air. He went back down and joined Chris's side. "(Then we better not think other stuff that the other doesn't want to hear… You know… Let's stop using telepathy altogether while we're down here,)" he suggested. Chris nodded in agreement. "(The link shall be severed…now.)"

"(…Can you hear me?)" Chris thought. Lucario stared at him. "(…You're very fluffy!)" he suddenly thought to get his attention, but Lucario looked away with a smile. "(Okay, he does not smile like if I told him that… I guess I'm safe.)" He calmly swam around with Lucario.

"(I really am warming up to him even more,)" Lucario thought. "(But…but this is wrong…)" The Riolu pouted angrily at him. "(I want to delude myself until I can reunite with my trainer…yet my subconscious wants me to…)" The Riolu barked. "(…I…I do enjoy being around Chris, but…but…)"

It was then that Lucario felt a hand rubbing one of his four appendages on the back of his head. Without looking startled, he saw Chris playing with one until he looked shocked at the towering Pokémon and pulled back his hand. "(S-stop doing that!)" Chris told himself. "(You're getting carried away! He's not going to be your Pokémon as long as you keep doing this out of the blue!)"

Lucario suddenly picked up an aura of loneliness. "(I wonder why he's showing that emotion now…)" he thought. "(…Maybe he really is lonely…)" He went back up to the surface, standing up.

The Aura Pokémon stopped to think about the aura he picked up. Further examining it, the intensity of the lonely emotion ran far deeper into Chris's soul than he thought. He didn't want to read Chris's mind and find out the source of the emotion. It was considered as rude of him to go that far. However, Lucario had formed a bond with the human. That bond tied Chris's aura to him, and the nagging sense of feeling a negative aura bothered Lucario a lot.

At the same time, the emotion of solitude was the hardest aura he could try to repair using mundane methods that meant a lot to others. The mundane methods weren't even unimportant to him, but he feared that the solution for fixing the lonely aura was to sacrifice himself by not ever leaving Chris's side. That was very hard, he thought. It meant that he needed to stay by the human's side for a very long period of time till that aura went away.

Yet he knew that the feeling of solitude would immediately come back to haunt Chris the moment Lucario were to leave forever. The Riolu nagged at him to accept Chris as his true train-

Chris suddenly rose back up to catch some air before looking up at Lucario. "Did you get bored already?" he asked, his aura transmitting concern.

"Oh…" Lucario snapped out from his thoughts. "No, I'm just getting some air, that's all."

"I see… I thought you were thinking about something else because you're standing up," Chris pointed out. He really didn't need to read minds. "Eh, I'm probably thinking other stuff…" He forced a smile as he picked the floating beach ball. "Do you want to play with me?"

Lucario stared at the large beach ball. "How?" he asked.

"Let's hit the ball back and forth from each side of the pool," Chris said, swimming back to the corner of the pool. Lucario looked over his shoulder and walked to the opposite corner, calmly sinking back. He turned around and nodded at Chris, unsure if this was going to distract his conflicting thoughts.

It turned out his mind was distracted before long.

A few laughs were had as a beach ball soar the air above the pool. Keeping his incredible strength in check, Lucario's full attention was on the ball as he calmly hit it back using a palm. Seeing Chris's happy expression, the aura of loneliness had left him. It was a good feeling for Lucario to see the human beaming with glee once more. Without thinking, the beach ball flew a little further back, making Lucario gasp as he pulled back. The ball ended up getting caught right between his forehead and ears, causing Chris to laugh.

Lucario returned the expression and picked the ball from his head. And thus, the afternoon went by…

The Aura Pokémon feared that he was going to sweat like crazy the next hot morning, but Chris had found a solution. He closed the window with the blue curtains, and he also turned on the air conditioner. The room was now cool enough to refresh the two. The relaxed expression on Lucario's face meant that success has been obtained.

"It feels so nice in here," Lucario said, sitting down and facing the bed. "I won't have to worry about sweating all over."

Chris chuckled heartily. "We can go back to have fun in the water tomorrow if you want," he said.

"Thanks, but I'll rather have you teach me something else," Lucario said, lying his head and arms down on the side of the bed. Chris had fortunately cleaned the rather embarrassing wet spot of sweat by now. The spot Lucario lied down on smelled fresh. "What else do you have in mind?"

"I think we're going to spend a lot of time trying to make you learn how to read," Chris said. The Aura Pokémon groaned loudly in his mind. "After you learn how to read, a lot of things are going to open up to you."

Suddenly, Lucario really wanted to learn how to read so desperately. "If you put it that way…" he muttered, smiling a bit.

"…What do you mean, if I put it that way?" Chris asked, looking suspicious.

Lucario looked hesitant. "N-nothing," he said.

"…Oh well, whatever floats your boat," Chris said as he lied down on his bed, ignoring the confused look Lucario gave him after hearing the weird-sounding expression. The teen chuckled and smiled warmly at his guest. "Well, good night, Lucario."

"No, wait," Lucario stopped Chris from closing his eyes. "I… Uh… Can you…rub my head again while I try to sleep?"

The teen was surprised to hear the odd request again. "Again?" he said.

"I…" Lucario looked away, hiding a small smile behind his arms. "I really do like it…"

"…You're funny," Chris said, his hand now rubbing Lucario's head with care. The Aura Pokémon growled silently. "I think I said that before."

He was enjoying it too much. The Aura Pokémon, however, chuckled against stopping his fun time. "Maybe I like being funny," Lucario muttered, pleased as he let the human groom him as he went to sleep. "(Oh yes, I can get used to this for as long as I want…) Good night…Chris…"

The Riolu inside Lucario's mind, meanwhile, wagged his little tail to the sides as he lied down on the cloudy mist and yawned with a high-pitched growl. He curled up into a ball and fell asleep with a small smile. The next day was sure to be filled with lots of fun, he said.

Maybe he could coax Lucario to hug the human, and probably even nudge his face with his muzzle. Riolu felt fuzzy and happy just thinking about doing it. Before long, everyone fell asleep. Tomorrow was sure to be enjoyable…

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