There was a world in which Uchiha Obito had done something his older self could only dream of doing in later years, he'd died at the age of thirteen. Rather than being given a minion to do his bidding, Madara who had gone mad in his youth after the loss of the last of his siblings which had taken place at the tail end of a generations long war which he'd been involved in practically since he was first able to walk and continued to remain mad in his old age had been left with the corpse of a boy who had breathed his last before he could heal him in a manner that would come to consume his body much the way Madara's poison words which were given as he was at his weakest would consume his heart and mind and possibly even his soul and leave him with only one goal in life, the fulfillment of Madara's vision.

Being the resourceful old man that he was, it was only expected that he would take advantage of the wealth of resources which had been laid at his feet. A wealth of resources which had included a rather unique Sharingan which had allowed its wielder to slip through space and into another dimension, a Sharingan which would allow him to travel great distances without traversing the space between, or become intangible by placing himself in the other dimension. Years before Orochimaru had perfected his body-hopping immortality technique, an old and dying Uchiha Madara poured his memories and his will into a vacant body which had been swiftly repaired as one of his assistants kept the blood circulating throughout, rather than the Zetsu he had planned on using to further his plans.

His memories and will mind you, not his soul.

This had of course caused some confusion on the battlefield when there were two Madaras, one of which had been brought back by the Edo Tensei, but eventually the one wearing Obito's skin had been simply regarded as an impostor despite the fact that the truth of the matter had been a bit more complicated than that. It had almost been believed that the second Madara actually had been Obito, but the man had made one too many mistakes when attempting to destroy the morale of Obito's former comrades who had been amongst the strongest on the battlefield, and the charade was eventually discovered because Kakashi had asked a question only he and Obito had known the answer to since the answer was related to one of those "You had to have been there" moments which had something to do with a situation that "Shall never be spoken of again", and "Obito" had failed to answer and attempted to bluff his way out of it. While Madara's creation had done his homework, he had apparently not done enough of it.

When the Eighth Hokage had arrived in the past and created a world that had branched out on its own, he had rather fortunately arrived far too late to change a single thing about this, and a young Obito had had a chance to be in the afterlife with Rin who'd arrived later, and Minato after that where he belonged.

It was because this Obito had died so young before he could betray his principles as he fell into madness and kept on falling that he had become and remained so great. After all, there were few others in the Uchiha clan who could compare to him when it came to loyalty to the village, and espousing the virtues of the Will of Fire as he had been at that age, and there had been nothing later to besmirch the reputation he'd earned when he was thirteen.

It was into this world that our Sasuke was born, a Sasuke who became determined to be what Obito could have been if he had died the day he had saved his teammates from the enemy, uncaring of the mission and the potential consequences of failing it. It was into this world that Sasuke intended to follow the maxim of "Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash." to the best of his abilities. Rather than sit there coldly lost in his own world stewing over revenge fantasies and his own inadequacies which would prevent him from carrying said scnarios out while he waited for Kakashi to arrive for that day's training and/or missions, Sasuke made actual attempts to interact with his teammates.

When he showed up on time that was...

As Sasuke had opened his eyes to the villagers and what was actually going on in the village around him rather than churlishly taking whatever they chose to give him and otherwise ignoring them, the helpful nature he'd possessed which had been almost completely buried following the Massacre had begun to rise to the forefront once more. Rather than helping his mother around the house as he used to since he no longer had a mother to help around the house, he began to help people around the village when he saw they needed help.

As far as he'd known, that had been what the Konoha Military Police before they'd been disbanded following the massacre since virtually the entire force had been Uchiha and there hadn't been enough members to hold it together and politics had prevented them from being handed over to another clan, and nobody had thought to create a government office in the village to deal with what was left of them them and take charge of recruitment had been for after all.

The villagers who'd been familiar of the brooding child who'd wandered past them without a word or a greeting, ignoring their very existence, had been rather wary at first. A few had even made gestures to ward off evil the first time they'd seen him smile as he'd helped an elderly man who'd tripped and fallen up rather than continue by him as if he had not been there. There had even been some questions by some ANBU who had invaded his home before he'd told them to shove off and that what he chose to do and why was his own business.

After a rather comprehensive medical exam, people had eventually quit asking, and started getting used to the new Sasuke who would stop and help old ladies bring their groceries home, and rescue small children from bullies, and help get carts unstuck from the mud. The wondered how long it would last, and if maybe an exorcism was in order, but since the child was behaving nicely and not hurting anybody as far as they knew, they didn't call out one of the local priests to deal with it.

An interesting side-effect of Sasuke's new behavior was that as Sakura spent time around him and got to know the real him, she became less interested in him. A mystery was romantic. An enigma was romantic. A wounded soul that she could help heal with her love was romantic. A rather ordinary boy who was no-longer such a mystery wrapped in an enigma that got into the occasional scuffle with Naruto, and kept tossing her scrolls on Medical Jutsu didn't seem quite as interesting as the cool quiet boy who would go off and be alone.

Of course, Sasuke would never know that his behavior which was so far out of his norms that it was making even people who didn't know him nervous would cause a bridge in Wave to be called the Great Zabuza bridge.

When a team of Chunin had been sent to Wave in Team 7's stead despite Naruto's whining for a better mission and declaration that he was ready, because the Hokage didn't think he could trust Sasuke outside of the village, Zabuza had managed to complete his mission with nary a hitch. That of course had led to Gato bringing in mercenaries he'd had laying in wait for the occasion of Tazuna's death to deal with Zabuza and his accomplice before they crushed the last of the will of the people in Wave and forced the Daimyo to cede all of his lands to him.

There had been a massive battle on the mostly completed bridge in which Zabuza had been killed and his accomplice Haku badly injured after Zabuza had gotten in the way of a fatal blow. Also killed in the battle had been the cheapskate Gato himself who had taken his position at the head of the mercenary army in order to further dispirit the people of the land. Following the battle on the bridge, Tazuna's daughter Tsunami who had learned at her father's knee ever since she was a small child, often accompanying him to work, took over from where her father left off, and the bridge to the mainland was completed a couple weeks behind schedule, and named after the man who had freed Wave, even if that hadn't been his objective.

As a result of this turn of events Inari, who had a different hero since he never met Naruto, left with the boy Haku that he'd been tending to when the older boy had decided to return to Kirigakure in order to join the resistance and complete Zabuza's dream since his master wasn't there to do so himself upon his recovery.