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Ice Cream Cameras

Aidan's Pov

Alyssa entered the ice cream parlor, she looked different. Her hair was up in a high pony tail, and her face was adorned with makeup, especially her eyes which just seemed to sparkle. My gaze dropped down to her chest, her breasts were looking quite perky today in her white v-neck. As she came closer my eyes went up to her face. She sat down next to me.

"hey," she said.

"Hey yourself," I replied.

"So ice cream?" she asked.

" we are in an ice cream parlor, so yes we are getting ice cream," I said sarcastically.

"just double checking, your highness," she replied smugly.

"your the one to talk Ms. Nyan cat," I said.

"what?" she asked clearly confused.

"your eyes, how many colors did you put on them?" I asked curiosly.

"Oh that," she said understanding, "Yeah I got my friend Kara to do my make up, I shouldn't have she always gets crazy with the colors, and the mascara," she said explaining.

"Her makeup must be really crazy than?" I speculated imagining this Kara girl, with green lips, and orange eye shadow.

"Actually no, which is ironic because her makeup never seems to be overdone, I guess I am her canvas to test on," she said clarifying.

"I see," I said.

"But are we going to get some ice cream, or talk about my face the entire time?" she asked.

"Right away, Ms. Nyan Cat, " I said trying to sound like a buttler.

She scowled at me, "Thank you your highness, I never new royalty could be this kind and good looking."

"Your pretty sexy yourself Ms. Nyan Cat," I replied.

"I know, thanks for reminding me, but the ice cream," she said getting straight to the point.

"Right away Miss," I said.

I ordered the ice cream, I got chocolate ice cream, it was plain, simple, delicious, and no one seemed to appreciate it anymore, they had to adorn it with 1,000's of different topics now days. I felt sorry for the original flavors of ice cream. Alyssa got a sundae, coffee ice cream, with fudge, nutella, brownie bits, oreo bits, milk chocolate, and whip cream.

She sat their eating the sundae with the biggest smile on her face, she was like a little kid who'd just met Santa or lost their tooth for the first time and heard the tooth fairy was about to come.

"Damn, you weren't kidding you do love ice cream," I said as she ravishounly ate her ice cream, her entire mouth covered with it.

"Shut up, I'm eating ice cream," she said still smiling, she was indulged in her ice cream. I couldn't help but smile at that, she was so fucking adorable right now.

"I'm going to throw mine away," I said glancing at my half eaten ice cream cone.

"No, don't throw it away!" she exclaimed like it was the most important thing in the world. "I'll eat it."

"Are you sure, you still have half of your sundae to eat?" I asked skeptically. "That is a lot of ice cream."

" Hey you can never get enough ice cream, and you clearly don't appreciate your ice cream cone, so hand it over, I know how to appreciate these kind of things," she said dead serious.

"Okay here you go," I said handing over the cone.

"It's okay Mama will eat you," she said cooing at the ice cream cone before biting into it. I laughed, she gave me the dirty look. I watched her as she ate her ice cream, oblivious to the world around her, just a big smile on her face, enjoying each bite, of delicious goodness. She was so gorgeous, even with her overdone make up, and mouth full of ice cream. It just made her even more adorable than usual, seeing her enjoy something this much. I don't think I'd every seen someone get this much joy from ice cream. She finished her sundae and licked her face clean.

"So.." I started.

"Shut up, I'm still enjoying the moment," she said matter of factly still grinning from ear to ear. I gently grabbed hold of her hand, her soft fingers intertwined with mine. Her smile changes to a shy innocent one, as she glances down.

"Can I talk now?" I asked.

"Nope," she said, she looked like a little kid holding a secret and trying to stifle a giggle. She gave me a peck on the lips. I leaned in to kiss her, but she put a finger against my lips and stopped me. "Ah ah ah, not until you get me a teddy bear?"

"A teddy bear?" I said giving her a look.

"What's wrong with teddy bears?" she demmanded her hands now on her hips. "They are soft, cuddly and cute, plus they scare away the monsters."

"I'm cute and cuddly and I scare away the monsters," I said defending myself.

"Silly you are a monster."

"But I'm the nice kind, " I replied.

"True, but you still don't have anything on a teddy bear," she said.

"Is that so?" I asked

"Mhm," she said confirming her statement. The conversation soon faded and Alyssa seemed lost in her own world. Alyssa seemed different today, not bad different just different. Her sarcastic side was coming out more, and she was participating in witty banter with him It was like she'd broken out of her shy, innocent shell, not that she wasn't still innocent now, she just seemed to open up to him more. As soon as she bit into the ice cream, her banter no longer seemed sarcastic and witty, but whimsical and childlike. I wasn't sure if it was the ice cream that put her in such a child like state or if it was something else.

I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, waking her from her trance she smiled and looked at me. "I want to show you something," I said softly holding her hand. "Come on." We got up hands intertwined as we walked out the door. Everything was perfect, sure we hadn't fucked in the back of the ice cream shop- not that I wouldn't have minded, but it was like this moment just seemed right. I opened the door, and I heard the click of the camera and soon after the bright flash glared us both in the eyes as we stepped out the door. They were here.

I instantly let go of, Alyssa's hand. I didn't want her getting any of the paparrazi's attention, and being in the cover of People magazine and the hot topic of the month got quite annoying. I mean did people really have anything better to do than to gossip about a person they haven't even met yet. We walked and through the crowd of reporters, pushing them as they leaned in bombarding us with questions

"Is this your new girlfriend Prince Aidan?"

"How does it feel to be dating one of the most powerful people in the world?"

"Prince Aidan is it true that you like hooking up with your male servants?"

They shouted over the sound of the cameras and other reporters. Prince Aidan do you think we could get a picture of you and your girlfriend? They shouted. I didn't answer of course those bitches weren't getting any damn pictures. What we're we the cover couple for the Bachelor I mean really haven't any of them heard of fucking privacy. No of course not! I continued to push my way through the crowd. I tried my best to ignore them, they we're the kind of people who turned gossip into cash, and they didn't want to give up their story. It is not like I did anything, I was just famous for being rich and having a title.

They continued to press their question, getting as close as humanly possible. Had any of those sleazy fucks heard about personal space? Probably not. I could see my car, my beautiful, beautiful BMW. I felt like running up to it and kissing it. Granted I couldn't, seeing as it is impossible to run through a mob of nosy cameras, bright lights, and demmanding microphones.

I had finally reached it,my haven the beautiful black BMW. I opened the door and hopped inside, Alyssa clearly confused and uncomfortable, hopped inside to, relieved to be away from the pesky crowd.

I sighed as my body slumped against the soft gray leather, this was so much better. My hand gripped the familiar steering pressed the gas and drove off. "So where's your car?" I asked Ally.

"Actually I walked from Kara's house, it's like 10 blocks from here," she replied. " So is the paparazzi

always like this?"

"yeah," I answered dismissivly, not wanting to get into the topic.

"Oh," she replied seeming to get the cue, that I didn't want to talk. The rest of the short drive was quiet

and awkward. "Umm you can drop me off here," she said. I pulled over and parked the car. Alyssa unbuckled her seat belt and reached for the inside of the door.

"Hey, I had a great time with you today," I said.

She turned around. "I had a great time with you too," she said smiling. I leaned over and kissed her, the kiss was short and sweet, I could feel her lips smile against mine. We broke apart.

"Bye," I said.

"Bye," she replied getting out of the car and walking to her friends house. I drove off smiling Alyssa, she was just so fresh, refreshing. She was her self, but she wasn't a showoff. She didn't care about impressions or who I was, she just liked me for me, not for my wealth. It was refreshing.

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