"We're brothers phineas," I comforted, "Not angels." He turned away from me. I could tell he didn't want this conversation to happen. But I kept going. "And what Isabella did to you was unforgivable, but you can't just not talk to her about it."

Phineas still stared out the window. We were having this terrible conversation in our own room. "And what happened between you and kimberly, was kind of what isabella did to you. And she didn't get mad at you that much." I continued.

"What happened between me and kimberly was diffrent," Phineas argued, "I was being stupid, and too tired to care..." His voice started to trail off as he remembered what happened.

"I'm not going to stand here and argue with you phineas," I said heading for the door, "You do what you want. I'm going to natalie's."

That was a year ago. The conversation still made tension between me and phineas. But it's just like I always say to him, we're brothers, not angels. To think that little conversation with him, broke our brotherhood.

We used to be best friends, more even. We had a special relationship. And the conversation we had, ruined everything. It also hurt me that I was the one that started it.

But these days, everything seems to hurt me. That may just because I'm in the hospital. And today is the start of my last day to live. And when phineas comes to visit me, and won't say anything, it will pain me even worse.

I'm not sure how I got sick, but it really hurt me bad.

"Hey ferb," Phineas mumbled when he walked in the room. I knew at that point how the conversation would go. There wouldn't be one.

"You know that conversation we had a year ago?" He asked. I nodded. I couldn't talk, it hurt me voice to much. I didn't talk that much anyway though.

"Well I understand what you meant." He continued. "And I'm sorry I didn't realise it earlier."

There was a long silence before he continued. "I wish I could help you ferb. But we're brothers, not angels. And brothers can't save a person's life." I smiled at his speech.

My eyes started to fade away. And I knew that the death was coming more quickly. I wondered what death would be like? It would be swift like blowing out a candle? Or what be slow like taking off a bandaid?

"He's only holding on for you," The nice nurse said. Phineas bit his lip and felt his tears on my cold skin. He put his head close to my face and said.

"It's killing me to see the strongest boy I ever knew, wasting away to nothing. In this hospital room. My voice and heart are breaking as I crawl into your bed, and said."

His voice started to crack reciting his poem. "You can let go now ferb, you can let go. Your little brother is ready, to do this on my own. It's gonna be a little bit scary, but I want you to know. I'll be ok now ferb, you can let go."

I smiled softly. At least I thought I smiled. It took death, for phineas to make like that. "We're brothers," I whispered, "Not angels."

Then I did what he said, I let go. And now I finally know what death was like. It wasn't swift like blowing out a candle. It wasn't slow like pulling off a band aid.

It was like...