"Oh no! What time is it!" Yelled Chase as he jumped out of bed. It was 3:00 he had to leave in 30 minutes to Alamos Town. He ran into the bathroom and took about a 15 minute shower regarless the rush. He slipped on a white long sleeved shirt, and a brown shirt ontop of that that had the number 6 on the left side of his chest, he slipped on some baggy blue pants and black shoes. He looked in the mirror to fix his short black hair, it fel in front of his golden eyes.

He then ran into the kitchen looking for his dad. He grabbed some toast and began to panick.

"DAD!" He yelled. "DAD WE GOT TO GO!" Then from another room came a man. He had white hair, with a white long sleeved shirt, a brown t-shirt with the number 6 on the left side of his chest, some baggy blue pants, and some black shoes. He looked at Chase with his brown eyes.

"Whoa. We're wearing the same thing."

"Are you serious!" Chase ran back into his room and back out. He was wearing a black t-shirt that was a little tight but showed his medium upper body build he wasn't fat but he wasn't super buff, along with some dark blue jeans that sagged a little, and some nice black deckline shoes. This was his favorie outfit.

"You ready son?"

"Yeah let's go!"

"Alright. Pidgeto come on out!" His dad threw a pokeball revelaing the large bird pokemon.

"Pidgeot!" It called.

"Wait one more thing!" Chase ran into his room and grabbed his ipod.

"Alright let's go." They both jumped onto Pidgeto and flew to Alamos Town. Chase looked back at his hometown. YoungBlood City. In ths CoCo region. Flygin from there to Sinnoh is a long trip. But thanks to Pidgeots fast flying they got there in time. He saw his mom outside the house door(Note-His parent's are not divorced.). His mom has long black hair, with gold eye, she wore a simple black tube dress.

His dad's name was Hero. They travled all along Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. He even discovered a region nobody from the outside has ver been to. The CoCo region. Chase walked in and saw everybody. His dad's friend Charlie. Charlie was about his dad's height, he had short blue hair, he wore a red beanie with a black pokeball sign stitched on the side, a white t-shirt, a blue jacket, blue pants, black and gold fingerless gloves, and red shoes.

"Hey Charlie." Chase said as he walked over and shook hands.

"Hey buddy happy birthday!"


"Chase over here!" Chase looked over and saw another of his dad's friends, Lucas. He would either go by that or just Luke. He wore a black t-shirt, a white suit, white pants, nad black shoes. Next to him was his Gengar.


"Hey Gengar thanks for coming."

"Don't forget us!" Again he looked over to see a couple with a baby. It was Wes. Another one of his dad's friends. He had spikey white hair, pale skin, black t-shirt, blue trench coat jacket, black pants, and blue and black shoes. Next to him was Marina, his wife. She had orang hair, she wore a pink t-shirt, a blue jacket as well, a white skirt, and pink boots.

"Hey you guys!" Chase walked over and said his hi's. They were holding their newborn son Cloud. He was starting to look like his dad.

"Chase!" A male voice yelled. There he saw his best friend King. King wore a white lab coat, he had grey eyes, light brown skin, his coat was out lined in gold, black pants, and black shoes. Next to him were 2 girls. Kings faternal sister Queen who had pale skin, a black lab coat, outlined in white, white pants, and white shoes, her eyes were blue with her black hair covering the right side of her face, the opposite of King.

"Hey Queen! Luca!" There next to Queen sat Luca Cynthia's daughter. She had long black hair, she wore an orange and black scarf, she wore a white t-shirt, with a black school unifrom shirt, with a black skirt, and black boots.

"Hey!" He sat down next to them. He looked on and saw 3 pokemon masters. His dad, Lucas, Charlie, and Wes. Then the doorbell rang. He ran to open it only to see his favorite aunt.

"Aunt Dawn!" He hugged his aunt and then his grandma Joanna. Both were top-corrdinators. His Aunt Dawn was his dad's younger sister. Followed behind was Ash Ketchum a Kanto frontier brain, and Brock the best pokemon breeder ever.

"Nice to see you guys." Eeverybody was here for his 15th birthday party. The day he would pick his starter pokemon and go on his journey.

"Alright everybody settle down!" His dad began. "It's time for Chase to pick his starter pokemon!" Hero walked over to the video phone and brought up 5 people. Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Professor Kran, and Professor Rowan.

"Hello my fellow Professors. Today Chase is 15 and he has decided to start his journey. He will pick from what you got."

"Chase from Kanto you have the choice's of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle all very loyal pokemon. Neither will fail you in your journey. They truly are the best." Professor Oak told.

"Or you have the possibility to become a great trainer by picking one of the Johto starters Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totadile. " Prfessor Elm argued.

"Or you can be like your father and pick Torchic from Hoenn. Or Treecko, or Mudkip. Any of these are great choices."

"Orre only has 1 starter and that is Eevee it can turn into any of those types and more. Eevee is truly an outstanding starter pokemon."

"Sinnoh is always a good choice as well with Piplup, Turtwig, or Chimchar. You will not be dissapointed." All the professor's voices began to overlap. Then everyone argued over which is better. Chase scanned all the pokemon. Each jumping for joy wanted to be pick. All except 1.

"I know who I'm going to pick!" Chase yelled. Everyone got silent. "Cyndaquil!" He said. EVeryone bursted into cheers. Then Hero walked up.

"Why Cyndaquil." Out of all of them Cyndaquil was sleeping. It stood out to me so I picked it."

"Well then great choice!" Professor Elm exclaimed. He then sent it over.

"Alright!" Chase picked up the pokeball and raised it into the sky. "Cyndaquil is mine! Cyndaquil come on out!" Chase opened the pokeball releasing the fire mouse pokemon.

"Quil!" It said.

"Come on." Chase bent down and outstretched his arm. Cyndaquil crawled up it. Chase walked back over to his friends.

"Man Cyndaquil huh? My first pokemon is Cranidos." King said as he pulled out a pokeball.

"Mines is Budew." Queen did the same.

"Dratini is mine." Luca showed a pokeball as well.

"Well me and Cyndaquil are going to be amazing. We leave for our journey tomorrow."

"Would you like company?" Luca asked.

"Yes I would."

"Then I'll join you."

"I'm going solo." Said King.

"Same here." Agreed Queen. As the 4 kids talked Chase kept overhearing things people would say about being just like his father when it came to pokemon and how they wondered if he would live up to his father's shadow or not. This angered him. Chase just looked at them. Then he thought...

"Looks like I"m going to have to make a name for myself. By myself. Fine with me." He looked at his friends. Then he looked at all the people in the house. "Time to break free."