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"So then we all decide it will be a café?" Inui slid up his glasses to his nose.

It was almost time for Seigaku's school festival and things were heating up as classes compete of who has the best activity that will be given out prizes for their hard work for the school. Rumors were that they will be rewarded with one thousand dollars but it is just rumors. The tennis club decided to join in for more money for the club equipment and fees. Right now they were all in a classroom where the seniors' English class was in.

"It sounds good to me, Inui."said Fuji, who was smiling with his eyes closed.

"Well… There is something I want to recommend for this idea." He looked at everyone who was somewhat distracted and weren't listening to Inui at all, which gave him the perfect advantage. He went to the board and decided to make it clear that they WILL listen to him, writing in a fast motion he listed the regulars duties.

Okay this time I will confess to him! Kikumaru Eiji smiled even when he hides that thought in his head. Looking at Oishi, his doubles partner who seemed focused on Inui and the board, he found him cute that way to his crush. Oishi noticed him looking his way and smiled to him, making him blush from his smile.

"Tee hee what an idiot…" Momoshiro and Echizen were reading a comic together and weren't really paying attention until they heard a chalk on the board.

"What?" On the board, it showed the list of people that will be doing what in the festival and what they will be wearing.

Tezuka, Kunimitsu- waiter

Kawamura, Takashi- cook; you know what to do

Kaidoh, Karou-waiter

Momoshiro, Takeshi-assistant cook

Fuji, Syuusuke- waiter

Oishi, Shuichiro- waiter

Kikumaru, Eiji-waitr(ess)

Echizen, Ryoma-advertiser

Me- register/cashier

All member: Advertisers or cookers or waiters (Will have a lotto for the ordering)

*All waiters will wear black slacks, vest or jacket with black or white ties. Shirts must be white. Kikumaru and Echizen will have dresses according to their jobs. WE will prepare them for their attires. *

"Well…as I was saying, since our budget is tight, we are going to make a café for the school festival. As you can see there are only boys here so I decided that two of the regulars will cross dress while the others will be as themselves with the proper attire. So you can see on the board here this is what we have come up."

"You mean YOU came up with it!" Everyone stared at the board which showed two people who will be crossdressing.

"That's not fair! Why do I have to cross dress?" Echizen pouted at the glasses teen.

"Because you're feminine and there will be a 98% chance that lots of your fans will come to the cafe. That will help us make more money. And I don't think that Kikumaru won't mind crossdressing either?" Crossing his arms he pointed his head toward Eiji.

Eiji looked confused and said, "Eh?" Oishi tapped his shoulder and pointed toward the board. He looked and when he found his name, his eyes were bigger than a whale with his mouth forming an 'o' shape.

"HEY! Why do I have to be a girl? I'm not feminine!" He pouted and slink down his seat making a grumbling sound about Inui being bossy.

"Well, you are kind of feminine, Eiji." Fuji looked across from him and smiled. He thought it was amusing to see Eiji in girls' clothes.

"Yadda!" Echizen glared at Inui then at Momo who snickered at the thought of the two regulars in girls' clothes.

"But we need something to spark up this café or else it'll just be a bad day for all of us."

Inui looked at the two who were still pouting and glaring at Inui.

"And we're telling you no!" Eiji shouted, going to where Ryoma was and hung his arm around his neck. "And we're going to stick together, ne ochibi?"

"I'll agree with you if you don't suffocate me to death." Echizen gagged at the movement of his sempai. Eiji grinned and let go of the little freshman.

"I figured you both might do that. Tezuka." Inui's glasses flashed and turned to the captain who has been standing against the window during this meeting. He looked up and stared at the two regulars. His serious brown eyes showed no sympathy for the two regulars. Eiji gulped at the sight of seeing those eyes and his glare dropped all the way to a tight line on his face.

"Do what Inui tells you. It'll bring out the best for the club." He gazed at the board as if he didn't want to agree with it either but for the sake of the club.

Eiji sighed knowing that whatever the captain says goes. But he really didn't want Oishi to see him in some sort of dress or girly clothes. Echizen still doesn't agree and started to stand up until Inui said something that he didn't want to hear.

"Well, if you won't participate in this then I'll ask you to not be on the regulars and also drink my Azou drink again." He threatened which made him pause with a hatred look in his eyes and gave out a huff.

"Fine but don't put any makeup on." He grumbled at the words he had spoken.

"Oh! Me too! No makeup!" Eiji shouted at Inui who just smiled at the two.

Well this should be interesting. I would like to see him in a dress. This is going to be fun… Fuji glanced at Echizen with his eyes open, seeing him in some sort of dress would make his heart in excitement as well as the parts under his lower body.

"Fine there will be no makeup on you, but then…" Inui looked around the whole room and finally settled on Fuji. "Fuji will be the one to pick your clothes."

Everyone had their eyes wide except for Tezuka and Fuji who only smiled and said, "I'll be glad to do that honor."

Eiji and Ryoma gulped thinking about the kind of schemes Fuji would be planning in his mind.

"For Eiji I think he would look nice in a maid dress since he will be a waitress in this café. I think my sister has something for him and Echizen as well." Oishi fainted at the idea of Eiji in a dress, girl's dress, which might fit perfectly for him. Eiji just looked at Fuji with an unreadable look in his face, except that he knows that he won't enjoy it, especially when Oishi will be staring at him the entire day. Why God why? He went to a seat and banged his head on the table with a flat thud.

"And for Echizen… I would like to put him in a sailor uniform with cat ears and tail. Oh and maybe a wig for each of them since they can't go like that. " Pointing at both of their hairs, Eiji consciously touched his hair and made a face at it while Echizen gave a mean look that said "I will kill you" look to him but Fuji paid no mind to it though. Chuckling to himself that he wanted to see both of them in his mind and reminded himself to take pictures of the two for his scrapbook.

"Well, that's it then. Until next week we will be preparing all the things to set up in the courts since it's the biggest place we can find. In the meantime, Fuji will go get the outfits for Echizen and Eiji and everyone else will get supplies."

Everyone got up and started talking.

"Don't worry you two. It's only for three days." Kawamura said to the two miserable regulars.

"Don't mind, don't mind. I'm sure they'll be alright. Teeheehee…" Momo still snickering about the two in their designated clothes they were going to wear.

"That isn't funny Momo sempai." Echizen grumbled in a way that made him unapproachable to talk to.

"Yea that's right Momo! You don't have to dress up like a girl because you're too big for one." Eiji make a face at him and stick his tongue out.

"Hey!" Momo smiled at him jokingly and tried to hit him when instead he hit Kadioh in the back.

"Fshhhhhhhhhhhu… who the hell did that?" Turning around to see Momo and Eiji whistling in a tune saying that it wasn't any one of them, he only gave out another hiss and left the room.

"Ehee that was a close one." Momoshiro said weakly.

"Well that's your fault so bye." Echizen got up and went down to the door of the classroom.

"Oi Echizen!" "Ochibi!"

"Wait for us!" Both of them scrambling after him except when Eiji stopped and asked Oishi, "Nee, do you want to come with us too?"

Oishi smiled and said, "Nah I'll be fine. Go and have fun."

Eiji's disappointment showed in his face but brightened again, after "See you tomorrow!" Running down the hallway to catch up to the two, he kept on thinking that he should have persuaded more to Oishi that he wants him to come.

Mo, maybe I should have forced him to come with us but…maybe he's busy.

Fuji still in the room after seeing Eiji's disappointed face made him think of a plan to get the golden pair together. Now what should I do with these two? I should also think of a plan to be with someone else in mind.

Being the last one out of the room, he chuckled to himself of his scheming plans for the two.

A week has passed and the festival is on the way.