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Chapter 11: The Finales~

"Third place…Seigaku's tennis club with their beautiful café and service that provided to us all. Thank you." Unable to believe what his ears heard, Eiji wasn't the first one to jump up in the air almost falling on to Oishi, with a loud whoop and cheers from the team. More claps were heard and was settled down afterwards.

Ryoma being able to hear everything from the rooftops, leaning against the fence that showed most of the field and people that were there, couldn't find Fuji anywhere.

"Looking for someone?" A familiar voice from above called him and his heart started pounding from the sound of the voice.

Turning to get a closer look, and trying to adjust through the dark light that has shadowed over the entire town, he saw him. Sitting on top of the edge of where the door is hanging, Fuji was sitting with one of his legs crossed and the other dangling over the edge. His shirt was open along with his black vest that flapped softly from the slight breeze that past by. His golden brown hair is messed up, probably from the ruffling of his hand and the wind that blew in it. Though Fuji looked incredible in the dark, making him mysterious and sexy.

Just looking at him made him blush and blanked out his mind until Fuji's voice spoke again. Though he was focusing hard on his lips while he talked even in the dark area, a few of the lights from the court field was lit but will soon be turned off for the bonfire to bright up.

"Looks like our class won third place…Not bad…" Hearing the second place announcement won by a random class with their own café with their own original recipe of white chocolate brownie with hand made green matcha tea. Cheers and applause was heard faintly but louder than the announcement that was heard from the old principal.

Looking back down from the fence, Ryoma could somehow make out where the tennis club was because of two certain people who were very out of place and the cameras that were snapping with flashes.

Oishi and Eiji were already noticed by others when they were standing together, but now students couldn't help but ask Oishi who the lucky girl was but were interrupted by the final prize announcement from the principal.

"Ahum… Now the final prize that goes to the most intriguing piece of this festival goes to…" Taking a long dramatic pause that made everyone lean in closer to the podium to see who the class was; Ryoma also leaning forward in to the fence, having his body pushed backwards to it while half of his body was facing the field and the other to Fuji.

Still looking at him with his careful eyes, he was to take caution since he knew that Fuji might do something weird or unpleasant to him.

Though when he wasn't looking, the brunette had his camera out and took a few pictures of him, the freshman illuminating from the few lights down at the field while shadows took place at the face making the camera only seeing half of his face while the other was completely cloaked with darkness. He has been taking a few pictures of everyone today while they weren't looking at him or paying any attention. They were really good pictures though…Various pictures of Oishi and Eiji together, the stern face of Tezuka and Atobe at the entrance along with the Hyoutei group, the mini Hyoutei group that came for a lunch break along with Kaidoh's face that seemed to be annoyed and irritated, one of Ryouga who noticed him and started waving wildly at the picture and others of Ryoma and the members of the team.

Life is such bliss for him to take those pictures…

Through the lens, he could zoom the lens in and waited for Ryoma to face him when the announcement ended with one of the classes' name that called out for first place because of the popular and funny play of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream. Many cheers have erupted with the sounds of pop crackers that someone had bought in and soon, one by one, like magic the lights of the lamp posts have gone out until there was one left, waiting for the bonfire to be lit.

"Congratulations to all of you and for your hard work and dedication…I hope next year's festival will be as lively as this one. Now will the represented archer come and lit this festive occasion?" Everything was blocked out after that when Ryoma turned to Fuji and heard a camera shutter a couple of times before he grimaced.

"Don't make that face; you look wonderful in these shots." The brunette smiled brightly at him when Ryoma replied sarcastically.

"Great… thank you…"

"So then…why are you here? Or are you here to find me?" Jumping down like a cat from the rooftop's edge with a small thump sound, Ryoma's heart skipped a beat.

By now everyone started to dance, the shadows glimmering in and out even from the rooftops, the light was illuminating from high above. Soft music was played from down below where everyone has started to relax and enjoy their final day without having to do any work.

Ryoma turned away, interested in the crowd, avoiding how slow Fuji was walking toward him like a predator torturing slowly on its prey. His eyes that shine with some sort or curiosity, excitement, and hunger while the famous innocent smile on his face was enough to make Ryoma turn away from him.

Why did I…?

His thoughts stopped when he felt the taller teen's body heat close to him, his breath that seemed to caress his neck and one of his arms was holding a palm up to the fence to hold himself. It scared the freshman but he didn't show it with that blank face of his that blocked his view of looking into Fuji's hypnotizing eyes.

But the shorter teen's play didn't work on Fuji when his chin was suddenly held by Fuji's hand. It was soft and firm but Ryoma couldn't help but turn his head straight to Fuji's blue eyes. They shine like ripples of water from the dim light of the fire. His breath hitched at the sight and felt like he couldn't breathe. Feeling dizzy, he had to hold on to the fence with his hand to it behind his back, can't be able to hold of the eyes that have captured him. His mind went completely dark and blank like the sky.

Fuji was also just as mesmerized as Ryoma, looking deep into his golden eyes that shined like the sun with a small shock that was placed until it went away and his face flushed pink when he stared back into Fuji's.

Slowly, Fuji's other arm was bought up to hold Ryoma's back. Finding that he was holding his breath, he let it out slowly, seeing the freshman shiver at the breath which probably meant as a good thing.

Ryoma's eyes wee stuck on Fuji like glue, wanting to pull away knowing that he wouldn't know what would happen if he went any closer to the brunette's face now that his head started to panic and was going in different directions.

Fuji noticed the fear and confusion in the golden eyes and started to stroke the freshman's cheek and gave him a less serious look, which might have added an effect on him. Ryoma froze at the touch but half closed his eyes to the touch.

His cheek is soft and smooth… like a rose petal.

Leaning in close near to the shorter teen's face, about an inch away where both could smell and feel their breaths. Ryoma smelling like some sort of berry…raspberry? With a hint of grape Ponta? It was an interesting combination… Fuji's was of peppermint from the candy he ate when he was walking around the school, trying to calm down from the verbal fight with Tezuka.

Their faces so close, it felt like time stopped for them. Until somehow, like a constructed act, they both went closer to each other until the pair's lips touched each others. Tasting each other for a moment before pulling back and going back in, repeating the same steps, Fuji's arms were wrapped around the freshman while Ryoma was holding onto Fuji's shoulder to support him from falling behind but to also hold the taller teen for comfort and for the strength he felt that he needed for him. The kiss was slow and soft, both wanting more of each other but decided to take it slow for each other; Fuji knowing that Ryoma might have a problem with him if he took things too far.

Finding that his heartbeat was beating hard and fast against his chest, Ryoma gasped for breath but his mouth was closed off of airway again for a little while from the soft and skilled pair of lips that have covered his skin in goosebumps.

Fuji enjoying the reactions Ryoma was giving; the way he held onto him if his tongue was slipped in once or twice just to see how he tasted like, finding out he still tasted like the grape Ponta like before in the nurse's office. The way, Ryoma had his body against him was just enough to make Fuji go crazy, knowing that Ryoma felt the same feelings for him but couldn't be able to show it out so publicly. Just a freshman that hides his feelings and covers it with a blank face while trying to coop with his feelings and thoughts.

Their tongues darting in and out while Fuji held Ryoma's head while he pushed him against the fence trying to deepen the kiss that the freshman was trying to keep up with.

After a few seconds later, pulling apart, Fuji held Ryoma in his arms like he was cradling a cat and laid his head on his shoulder, mouth next to the small teen's ear. Ryoma was panting slightly, while his body was slumped against his, having to feel the freshman's chest heaving up and down a couple of times before he calmed down from the passionate kiss they shared.

Sighing contenting near his ear, Fuji thought that he would pass out from all the exhaustion and the excitement that happened today. Feeling the small teen's arms wrapping around his back, he smiled.

"So you were here to find me…Hmm?" Smiling against his shoulder, he held him more tightly at the next words the teen spoke in a stuttering voice.

"S-stupid! I was just walking around the school…uhh…looking around the other stuff they have here." Feeling his cheeks and ears turning red, he heard the brunette chuckle before he felt the weight on his shoulder lifting up slowly and soon blue eyes washed over him as they stare deeply in his eyes.

His eyes are beautiful… Both thinking that at the same time while Fuji admired the pink tint on his cheeks and some on the tips of his ears which he thought he had a good effect on the freshman.

"Liar…" He whispered softly to Ryoma who turned his head away with a small pout but the color of his cheeks deepened into a red shade, having Fuji to smile. Leaning down to have his forehead touch the smaller one, they both looked into each others' half closed eyes before their lips met again, going to another slow passionate kiss that seemed to last a lifetime until they heard a small explosion in the air.

Pulling away, Ryoma turned to look up at a small white firework that lit up the sky and held a second of radiance of light that shone over the two, casting their massive shadows that loomed underneath them. Soon a couple more started to shoot up in the air, all in a rainbow of colors and in different sizes.

Looking over to the freshman, he saw a small smile on his face and thought it was too cute to pass up to take a picture like that. Sneakily taking the picture without him knowing, he took out the camera and started taking pictures of the fireworks that lit up the sky.

Oishi looked up to where the small sound of eruption from the fireworks that came from near the track field where some students and teachers have set up the fireworks as a celebration. Smiling, he held the red head in his arms with his body pressed forward against him, feeling him snuggled up to his chest while slow dancing near the bonfire that was lit not long ago.

An orchestra was taken place with about 10 to 15 people playing their violins, violas and the other instruments they could be able to hold down to the field. Playing Canon in a low melody attracted couples coming together around the bonfire. Other people were hanging out in groups and had picnic blankets on the field, enjoying themselves and the soft music that was compatible with the soft wind that seemed to be gentle on this day. Refreshments were set up on the sides of the building made from the students' booths and cooking and some that were bought from the outside. Kawamura was there along with the other students that have been cooking for the festival.

Oishi looking over at Eiji who smiled but in a sad expression, knowing what was on his mind and leaned over to him and gave him a light hug. On lookers have watched the two for some time and couldn't take their eyes off them; the crossdressing bride with a sad expression while the groom had a considerate and loving expression on his face trying to cheer his lover up. "Do you want to go in there?" Eiji blushed and was about to say something until both of them were shoved with some force that almost made them stumble to another couple who were dancing very slowly.

"Daijobu, Daijobu! You guys should go, it'll be fun…No one would notice much anyway…" Behind them stood Momo who had that goofy smile on his face even when he was talking to them in a hushed tone so no one would hear. Though it looked scary for the two to see him talk like this. Looking at him with shock, Eiji and Oishi stared at the power player speechless of his bold comment.

"It's true though…about 5 % of the students here wouldn't see much except for themselves around here now." Inui complimented to Momo's comment on the two dancing together without anyone noticing them dancing in this romantic night.

The golden pair was surprised to hear Inui say this but blushed at the comment that has been told on the two. Shyly, Eiji met Oishi's eyes who seemed to be just as nervous as him. Questioning each other in their eyes, Eiji said something to Oishi that he thought it was a relieve to say.

"Can we get a drink first? I'm still thirsty and I haven't eaten yet…" Blinking his adorable blue eyes at Oishi who blushed and nodded at the sound of food in his head was good. The distraction worked for the both of them.

"Hai…we can go later then." Smiling up to his boyfriend, he felt lucky to be with him.

Waving slightly at the two members of the team, the pair walked away from the two staring players who only seemed to wonder what might happen afterwards.

Finally going over to the table, Eiji looked up to Oishi and smiled.

"I was thirsty." Oishi laughed at that and led him toward the foods that were made for their efforts. While Oishi was getting a plate for the two of them, Eiji furtively tried watched the other couples that danced slowly around the bonfire, only seeing their silhouette bodies that sway side to side gently like ocean waves. His mind that was filled with the want and longing to do what other couples could do, had his eyes gazing at the dancing shadows that he couldn't look away.

Oishi was about to call out to Eiji until he saw that the shorter teen had something in his eyes that made Oishi wonder what he was looking at. Looking to see the direction of his eyes, he noticed the dancers and then turned back to see his doubles partner. The longing and the sadness in his eyes made Oishi's heart feel like it was going to collapse with a strong pain that was felt.

Neglecting the food that was supposed to pile on the plate, he took Eiji's hand, squeezing it for the warmth and got him closer to him. Pecking him fondly on the cheek, Eiji blush as everything happened at once.

"Oishi! What if someone sees?" Glancing around quickly to see if anyone noticed but Oishi only replied innocently, "That I'm only kissing a girl on the cheek?"

There was a pause and Oishi felt worried if he wondered if he had offended him but the thought went away when he heard a snort from the shorter teen.

"That's right…I forgot…" Smiling a little Eiji's eyes shone from the fact that he was still dressed in a drag and that he could hide and get away of kissing Oishi in it. But the thought soon faded when he knew that once the festival is over, it's like being Cinderella; to only dress up in something for one night until everything goes back to normal.

Feeling something in the air that had changed, Oishi knew that Eiji was feeling down again. Still having his hand wrapped with Eiji's, he pulled him toward the trees filled with the scattered white petals while the shorter teen gave out a surprised yelp as he was forced to walk with Oishi to wherever the heck he was going.

Tezuka watched the golden pair walking toward the tennis courts nearby and felt a sort of tinge in his chest. His expression still solemn, realizing that Ryouga was watching him carefully and knew that he was watching where his eyes led. Licking his lips, Ryouga watched Tezuka with crossed arms and the tight line on his mouth, wishing he could just drug him with sleeping pills and take him to an isolated place and do so much things that he knew the cold captain wouldn't like him to do. Sighing at the fact that he wished to do something naughty with him, he settled with giving a hug from the behind. Tezuka feeling his arms around him, his crossed arms were locked from Ryouga's arms embracing his back and chest.

Giving out a frustrated sigh, Tezuka did nothing about it since he couldn't be able to stop whatever he was doing except to tell the cat smiling person to get his arms off of him.

"Do you mind getting your arms off me? I appreciate it if you don't do this out here in public."

"Oh so you want to do this in a private place? Like one of the classrooms up there?"



"Oishi, wait! Where are we …going?" Stopping beneath the rustling trees, Oishi had placed his back against the tree, having Eiji in front of him. The sight of Oishi standing behind the tree, shadowing him made him look mysterious but hot with the open collar shirt and the way his eyes were looking at him. Trying to swallow, he was already captivated just from being a foot away from him, drowning in the green emerald eyes.

Holding a fork that seemed to come out of nowhere, Oishi beckoned Eiji to sit next to him.

"Do you mind a picnic here?" A smile in his eyes made it irresistible to say no, already sinking down to the short grass that was tickling his legs but didn't bother while he was still staring at Oishi's eyes. Oishi only closed his eyes and opened them and took the fork to stab a peach slice and turned it over to Eiji, feeding him since it matched the mood to the picnic.

Looking at the peach, Eiji couldn't resist taking the whole slice to his mouth, savoring the juice and fruit in his mouth. Blushing when he took the whole slice to his mouth and sheepishly smiled at Oishi who only laughed quietly and stabbed another piece of fruit, offering it to him whom he gratefully took but after then took the fork away from Oishi, surprising him. Giving him a smirk he said,"It's not fair when you're only feeding me now is it?" Having the fork to stab a piece of okonomiyaki and saying "Ahhhh" to Oishi making him blush only made Eiji laugh at his embarrassment.

From there, Eiji felt contented and relaxed making things a little easier for Oishi when he knew mostly everything about him. Feeding each other for a while until Oishi stood up unexpected, leaving Eiji puzzled.

"Stand up with me…" Saying in a soft whispered voice that almost sounded like the wind with a gentle smile displayed on his face. Eiji could only stare at Oishi as if he was God with the light illuminating from behind him and the small flower petals that started to swirl around Oishi from the wind. After a few seconds, Oishi pulled him up with his arms, seeing that Eiji was so entranced by him and that he just looked too adorable with that expression on his face.

Finding his legs moving on his own, Eiji stood up facing Oishi's neck and held his breath, wondering what Oishi was going to do. Feeling like a puppet, letting Oishi controlling his body, he found out what he was trying to do.

Holding his handcuffed hand with his, Oishi's right hand was around Eiji's waist and had his face near his chest. Eiji was feeling a little dizzy and thrilled that he was dancing with the person his heart thumps out the most. Closing his eyes, smiling slightly against Oishi's firm chest, he swayed along with the other teen who was satisfied that Eiji was enjoying himself.

"This is romantic…" Eiji giggled slightly while Oishi blushed at the word.

"Sorry, but this is better than being in the open is it?" Hoping that he would be able to feel more of himself than being with other people, the isolated place gave out a more romantic feeling to the two.

Eiji nodded against his chest, feeling small butterflies as he sighed into Eiji's wig which smelled slightly of hair and a scent of peaches and lemony. Dancing alongside together with the faint sound of music playing near the school, they would still wonder how they will get through it together.

"So, what will you do now?" Hand in hand the brunette whispered into the dark haired boy as they walked back down the lonely staircases of the school and out into the yard, hearing the echoing footsteps that sounded like water drops in a tunnel.

"Hmmm…" Ryoma thought for a while and truthfully, he wouldn't know what to do. By instinct, he would kept the relationship a secret, but when it might become serious, then … Lost in thought, he was taken by surprise when Fuji's lips was on his and his back against the wall. Soft and quick, the kiss didn't last long but he felt a kind and supporting message from the taller teen, which was very unusual to the regular Fuji he saw everyday.

When Fuji's lips released him, Ryoma let out a mewl that made the brunette chuckle.

"You're so cute." Whispering softly in the shorter teen's ear, he smiled like a cat that ate a canary.

"Shut up!" Blushing at the word cute, Ryoma had almost made the hall echoed loud from his voice. Chuckling at the sight of a blushed and squirming Ryoma, he hugged him tight from behind while still trying to walk down the stairs without tripping each other's feet.

Even as he smiled, the brunette also wondered about the future that lied ahead of their lives. Squeezing the younger teen hard as they both started to wobbled down their last stairway and out into the unknown world.

The bonfire's light was staring to dim, the festival ending as the moon's light starts to get brighter contrasting the dimness of the fire. The once large group has started to scatter, off back home or to an after party from the hard work. Ryoma's parents left to see if Ryoma had gotten home after the festival. Kawamura, Inui and all the other freshman and sophomores left to plan for a party at Kawamura's restaurant. Having to be the only ones left, Tezuka was stuck with Ryouga hanging on him like a newborn monkey, while Kaidoh and Momo were bickering about something over a tennis match. Tezuka, tired of having Ryouga on him, tried to walk around in circles making him look like some sort of dog chasing around his tail in sadness. All were waiting around for the four people who haven't dropped by yet but Tezuka have a feeling that there was a possibility that they might not come along.

"Mah, why do you need to walk around like this? Can I ki-?"


"…" Pouting at him, he continued to hold the stoic captain from behind and placed his chin on top of the soft brown tussles on his head.

A flash of white caught Tezuka's eye as well as a loud whistle was blown from Momo as Eiji and Oishi were walking out in the open. Oishi holding two paper plates on one hand while holding a pink faced Eiji's hand; both walking over to where Tezuka and the others were. Not many people were nearby except for a few teachers who were planning to stay until every student leaves.

"Oi! Eiji sempai! Oishi sempai! We're going over to Taka san's place to eat afterward, wanna come?" Momo yelled at the two while they waved to let them see that they heard.

"Sure…We just need to see Fuji to get these handcuffs off or else…you know…" Eiji sheepishly grinned at the words Oishi said aloud and held on to his arm tight.

"But we can't find him. So do you know where he is?" Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. Momo scratched his head while Kaidoh hissed and Tezuka rolling his left shoulder so Ryouga wouldn't have to lean on it.

"Ahem…we haven't seen him or Echizen after the incident…" Tezuka replied to the two.

"Maybe they're somewhere doing things of what I want to do to you." Ryouga purred next to Tezuka while his stern expression was turned to a pale face. Brushing him off he took a step forward to Oishi and Eiji.

"We should all go back to clubhouse, gather our thing and then go over to Kawamura's for dinner then." Tezuka started walking to the direction of the tennis clubhouse, visibly still a little upset over Fuji and Ryoma. Eiji watched with a sad look on his face, while Oishi held Eiji's shoulder gently. But they all followed their captain reluctantly, tired and hungry after everything that they worked for and got to a trip to Hokkaido.

Walking back silently, they all walked to the path of the clubhouse, finding light inside.

"Mite! Maybe it's Fuji sempai and Echizen!" Getting ahead of others and rushing toward to the door, Momo hurriedly opened the door, calling out for the two until half of his body stopped in midair. A few seconds passed before everyone was a couple of feet from the door, Momo slammed the door in fr4ont of him and chuckled nervously while turning to face everyone.

"What's wrong, Momo?" Oishi asked while Eiji was trying to look through the small window at the clubhouse. Ryouga had a playful look on his face while still leaning onto Tezuka.

"Ehhh…Nothing, nothing." He scratched his head, blocking the door when everyone got closer.

"If it's nothing then we might as well open the door and get our things then. Momoshiro." Tezuka spoke with the stern captain voice making Momo wince.

"Uhh…" Momo sweat dropped as everyone stared at him, mostly Kaidoh just because.

"There is no problem, is there?" A long pause was taken and Momo hung his head and replied with a small no.

"But…but I just don't think you would want to see Fuji inside! That's all!" Tezuka stopped from just holding the doorknob. Eiji turned to look at Momo whose face was turned away and inhaled sharply while Oishi looked curious.

"It's just this Fuji there?" Ryouga asked, trying to get a look through the window with Eiji.

There was another pause from Momo, when he turned his head away from Tezuka. Eiji was jumping up and down trying to see inside, making Oishi's hand going up and down as well, while Ryouga was tiptoeing to see with him and Kaidoh was leaning against the wall.

Suddenly, the door opened, throwing Momo out of the way making him yelled out in surprise, revealing Ryoma in his uniform.

"Oh. Everyone's here." He still had the same expression on his face but his hair was all ruffled and messed up, almost like you know he did something naughty along with two of his uniform buttons open.

Tezuka looked surprised and somewhat pained, while Ryouga and Eiji went to pester him and tried to give him a noogie but Eiji couldn't because Oishi was dragged along with him since the handcuffs were still there. Kaidoh was the first to go inside, ignoring everyone else, only wanting to go eat and then go home, train for a little while and sleep. Fuji came out after Kaidoh went inside, giving everyone a wave. Fuji had a similar outfit like Ryoma's; his hair tussled, his shirt wide open but his pants were on and buttoned up. He started to button up his shirt while stilling smiling at everyone.

"Yo. Looks like everyone decided to come back then?" He smiled at everyone but stopped when he met Tezuka's face. They both stared at each other, trying to get through to their minds. Fuji still felt upset but he knew that Tezuka liked Ryoma too and couldn't help but feel a little guilty and sad for him. Tezuka felt the same way even though he tried to be happy for him but still jealous and heartbroken.

"Fuji, do you want to come with us to Taka san's place to eat? We're going there after we get our stuff." Oishi asked him when he's at an arm's distance from Eiji.

"Sure, we'll go. Echizen, do you want to come to Taka san's place to eat?" Fuji called out to the small teen, trapped by his older brother and the acrobatic player.

Ryoma turned his head to him and gave him an okay sign as his voice would be muffled by the two teens covering him. Nodding to him, Fuji went back to the clubhouse to get their bags and Kaidoh came out after him.

"AHH! Matte, Fuji! Take off the handcuffs!" Smiling at the red head who have took off his wig and started swinging it around like a rope, tossed the key that was in his pocket to them, almost having to fall on the floor but Eiji catching it and then falling down, dragging Oishi behind.

"So then…is this everyone?" Tezuka asked, avoiding anyone's eyes as he locked the door of the clubhouse. Everyone changed in less than 10 minutes due to the hunger that was taking place even though they ate a little from the school party. They were all tired and eager to be able to relax with their friends and enjoy the weekend afterward.

Everyone responded with a chorus of yeses. "Then let's go."

Everyone started to go into a group and slowly walked out to the doors. Fuji had unlocked the handcuffs, so the golden pair was free to hold hands without any trouble or pain at all. Ryouga was in front of the group talking with Momo who only seemed interested in the shoes' brand and tennis equipment while Fuji and Ryoma were behind them, just listening in silence while their hands kept brushing against each other. Eiji and Oishi were smiling happily and were whispering their plans for a sleepover for the night with Tezuka and Kaidoh behind in complete silence.

Kaidoh leaving right after the group approached the gate, mumbling about getting more practice since he didn't get to ever since the festival started. Momo just yelled his goodbyes to him, having Ryouga mimicking his moves of waving goodbye to his back.

For a while as they walked to the bus station, Fuji moved back to Tezuka's side, giving the captain an interested and surprised look. Eiji and Oishi moved with Ryoma, knowing that the two would want to talk about themselves and Ryoma.

"Yo." The word that was said so softly, Tezuka thought that it was the wind next to his ear. It was only for a second after that Tezuka looked at Fuji and nodded at his presence.


"…So…Did you get the tickets to Hokkaido from being third place?" Shaking his head slightly, he replied in a business voice.

"We will be given those tickets when summer vacation starts…so it's going to be some time before we can go over there."

"Souka…" A small pause was placed between the two with Momo and Ryouga's small shouts that were in front of them, something about going out to eat and girls and stuff.

"Are you and Echizen together now?" The question was weak and easily figured out but it was one way to begin the whole conversation.

"Yes…I am… I know you're not fine with that…but I like…who he is…" Fuji wasn't sure what to say about it, since it wasn't their choice to make from before, it was Ryoma's. His decision was to pick one of them and he did, Fuji was his choice.

"But…I'm not sure why he picked me either. So I'm in the same situation you're in…I haven't asked and yet I'm with him. It does seem unfair doesn't it?" But even so…it still confused Tezuka to talk any further into this unless he asked Ryoma. But he could see from Fuji's point of view and also wondered why.

"…Maybe we can ask him next time…" Fuji looked at him for the first time in a while and smiled.

"Yeah…we'll ask him…together…" Tezuka looked at him and gave out a small nod with a reassured face and turned his face forward.

A comfortable silence was placed as Tezuka and Fuji became comfortable with each other and calmed their doubts and fears for a while except for Momo and Ryouga's loud voices spreading out to the streets that they have started to cross and walk to the bus.

Eiji and Oishi were looking at each other with adorable eyes while Fuji went back to Ryoma's side having to talk about tennis techniques and Tezuka watching from afar with Ryouga still trying to cling on to him. Not so long after, everyone was on the bus, chattering away now they're on the way to their after party.


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