Author's note:This fic may seem a little confusing at first, but don't worry, I promise I'll keep it simple-ish. Basically, Aro and Bella are already mates – since 1410 – and the battle against the Romanians sees Bella lost. The only difference in the characters in this fic, is that Bella is –obviously – much older and a vampire. So, there will be no mention of her family – like Charlie – etc. She's an old and powerful Volturi. Hope you enjoy the twisted ramblings of my mind!

It was exactly five-hundred years ago that the King lost his Queen, and since then he had very nearly gone insane with power in his agony.

What was a man to do when he had the world, but not his love to share it with?

The King sat in his throne day after day, wondering whether his kingdom would suffer without his presence – he could quite easily order his guards to destroy him, and then he would join his long lost love in whatever afterlife immortals had.

The King's ruler-straight, obsidian-black hair had long lost the lustre that his love would often wonder at – as it used to gleam sapphire and emerald, like the sheen of a raven's wing. His crimson eyes, that used to spark and glow with passion and love, were constantly darkened – no matter how often he sated his thirst with the blood of humans, they would stay gloomy and shadowed. The King's skin, which used to look so flawless, perfect and glowing, was now papery and made him look frail.

The King had often wondered what his brother went through when his mate was destroyed, and it wasn't long until he found out – for it had been less than a year after Didyme's final death at the hands of the Romanians, that the King's precious Isabella had been lost to them as well.

The King cursed his desire for power, for that had been his downfall. The three Kings had waged war against the Lords of their world – they had won, but the personal cost had been great.

Without his permission, his mind began replaying the night he lost his wife, his mate, his Queen.

The year 1510…

"Isabella," Aro whispered, his fingers dancing over her elegant shoulders.

Isabella turned from her mirror, where she was brushing out her long soft mahogany locks, and watched her husband with sparkling crimson eyes as he moved towards her.

Aro smirked as Isabella dropped her comb to the floor with a clatter, and then he launched himself at her. They landed on the large, soft bed with a muted thud, and Isabella laughed breathlessly – it was one of Aro's favourite sounds.

The dress his love was wearing suited her very well, and he thought that she had never looked more radiant than she did tonight. The dark crimson silk of the gown matched her eyes, and instead of moving with the fashion, Isabella had taken to designing her own clothing – so, the sleeves were not puffed, but instead were long, fitted and practical as well as flattering. From what Aro's sharp eyes could determine, she was not wearing a chemise either and he smirked at his wife's antics.

"Isabella, do you not think that you should wear a chemise beneath that exquisite gown?" He asked, his eyes glinting with possessiveness – he wanted no other to look upon his beautiful mate.

Isabella smiled, her fingers stroking his cheek, "Not tonight, my love. Tonight, I need to be able to move with ease."

Aro sighed, resigned, "You still insist on fighting?"

"I shall not fight, Aro – for your sake – but I refuse to not be there and use my gift."

Her soft lips caressed his jaw, and Aro could not help the moan that escaped him.

Isabella laughed softly, "Not now, my love – there is not long until it begins."

Aro nodded, pulling Isabella's back against his chest and wrapping his arms around her. His lips automatically sought out her neck, and he nuzzled the skin there, enjoying how his scent lingered there already. If he could not stop Isabella from being at the battle, then at least he could cover her in his scent – if anyone should even try to attack her, they would know the wrath that would be brought down upon them by such an action. Any attackers would know that she was his. Aro knew that this could work in another way as well, as marking Isabella as his mate could make her a target tonight, but he was confident that he would not be crossed.

They lay quietly, enjoying the peace and stillness in the castle. The guard had been allowed the day to be with their mates before the battle – on Isabella's order – and everyone was simply enjoying being together.

Aro knew it was almost time for them to leave, and he knew that within the hour they would be standing before the castle that housed their enemies. Stefan and Vladimir's ruling coven had been weak for a long time and Aro was confident of his victory in the battle tonight.

Isabella turned in Aro's arms and kissed his lips softly, "Come, my love – tonight, we avenge our sister and become what you have always dreamed of."

Aro smiled at Isabella's words – she was truly magnificent.

"I love you," he breathed, his lips brushing hers.

"And I love you," she replied, kissing him with abandon.

Aro's hands fisted his love's hair and held her warm body to his – his kiss was telling her how much he loved her, and it was reminiscent of a kiss goodbye.

Isabella pulled away after a moment, and stood, "Do not kiss me like that, Aro."

She picked up her fallen comb and ran it through her hair again.

Aro frowned, standing and moving towards her, "My darling?"

Isabella turned from the mirror after she had pinned most of her hair up, leaving a single curl to fall down her swan-like neck.

"Do not kiss me like that, Aro. We will be successful, and we will be together – there is no need for a kiss like that." Isabella smirked, moving to Aro and pressing her body against his, "Come to me later to claim what is yours, and do not think that anything will happen to stop it."

Aro nodded and smiled, kissing her one last time, "Forgive me, Dearest."

"Always," Isabella breathed. "Now, go – you are needed."

Aro embraced his love one last time, taking in her appearance and savouring her sweet scent. They would see each other on the battlefield soon enough, and Aro was proud of Isabella's fierce and loving nature.

He backed out of the room as Isabella blew him a kiss and turned to lace her boots.

Aro could not wait to grasp the power he wanted, nor could he wait to celebrate their achievements when the battle was done – he would find his Isabella, and they would live as he had dreamed of.

The year 2010…

A voice brought Aro out of his reverie, "Master?"

He looked up to see Jane, his favourite, standing before him, "Yes, Jane?"

"Carlisle Cullen and his coven have arrived for Mistress's remembrance ball," she bowed her blonde head and left.

Aro smiled slightly, glad that his old friend would visit him soon – he missed Carlisle, and he often brightened the castle with his presence. He was also glad that Jane still thought of Isabella as her mistress – many of the Volturi missed her daily, and Jane was no exception. Isabella had touched the hearts of everyone.

It was the 500th ball this year, and it was always held in Isabella's honour. But this year, Aro felt a new sadness envelop him – he did not know what it was, but he realised that he could not go on alone and bereft much longer. Five-hundred years had been hard enough, and Aro knew it would continue to get harder – he knew Marcus had been thinking the same thing as him.

Aro sighed, speaking to the angel he imagined looking down on him from heaven, "Perhaps you will see me soon, my love."

Breathe, breathe, breathe…

Drip, drip, drip…

Knock, knock, knock…

That was a new one.

She did not know how long she had existed as such, but she knew that the knocking had started a few hours ago… That was if she correctly remembered how to count hours.

She sat huddled in the darkest corner of her rank, stone cell – there were no windows, no door, just walls. It was a prison built to hold her kind – it could not contain a vampire's strength, but it could contort their mind.

It felt like an eternity ago she was thrown in here.

After the great battle, she had been separated from her love and she had waited in the shadows of the forest for Aro to find her. She had promised him not to engage anyone in combat, and she kept her promises.

She had not waited long before she thought she heard her husband's whispering footsteps – but it was another Ancient altogether…

The night of the battle…

The dark forest that bordered the castle of Stefan and Vladimir was intimidating to her – she had never liked the dark ever since her change, where she had not been able to escape the flames in that all-encompassing blackness.

But she had promised Aro – that was all that mattered. She just had to keep herself safe.

She was as silent and invisible as a jungle cat, as she slunk from tree to tree, and from branch to branch trying to glimpse her love.

Suddenly there was the sound of gentle, soft footsteps that she had only ever known Aro and their brothers to use.

She dropped from the tree to be assaulted by a foreign scent, but it was too late.

A pair of hands held her to a hard, unyielding body, and she could feel their teeth against her neck as a warning not to move.

A man stepped forward out of the brush, "How lovely to meet you."

His Italian was rusty and ill-used, and she knew from the way he moved that he was an Ancient – just like her love.

His eyes glinted maliciously as he stood toe-to-toe with her, "My name is Vladimir."

Her heart froze as she realised the terrible, terrible danger she now found herself in.

"What do you want with me?" She managed to ask.

Vladimir smiled wickedly, flicking his long, wavy, brown hair from his eyes. His fingers reached out and brushed her collarbone – her skin crawled and she prepared to run, or fight if needs be.

The one holding her to him caught her tensing muscles, and his teeth sank into her neck as he covered her mouth with his hand. Her scream went unheard and she felt the stranger's venom weakening her.

"You are to stay with us, my dear – your coven has fallen and your mate is dead. We will take you as the spoils of war," he breathed against her ear. "Such a lovely, young thing – you shall be our entertainment…"

Subduing her with venom, she was dragged away through the forest and into some kind of cave. It led to dirt and stone tunnels, and finally they reached a large door.

Vladimir turned to her, "If you do not fight, you will not be harmed."

She thought that it was unlikely for that to be true, but the vampire behind her still had his teeth to her throat and she could not fight his ultimate strength. A part of her did not want to fight anyway – what was the point of fighting when all that she cared for was dead and destroyed?

Her heart ached violently, threatening to shatter – she would not allow it though, not when she did not have proof of Aro's demise.

Suddenly she was pushed through the door and then pushed again – she fell and fell, until she hit cold, hard stone. She looked up to see a small hole in a stone-clad ceiling, and Vladimir was smiling at her through it.

"This is your new room, my dear. Remember – do not fight, and you will not be harmed," with that, something covered the hole with a grating of metal and the room was covered in darkness.

It was cavernous – stone squares lined every inch of it, and she wondered why they had kept her here unwatched when she could easily break out using her immortal strength.

She did not ponder long, for she was soon shown her new purpose quite clearly…

Present time…

She thought – with the ultimate detachment she had practiced over the years – about how she would be approached by many vampires and subdued with their venomous bites. They would do what they liked with her, always ending in carnal union, and then they would leave.

Vladimir had often 'visited' her, but when they did not feed her and she grew frail, he was disgusted by her. She had not been fed since the night before the battle, and as her immortal strength waned, she retreated inside her mind.

She had no reason to leave now – she was horribly scarred, both inside and outside, and she knew that her dearest husband must, indeed, be dead. He would never have let her go on as such if he was alive. She had wept and wept, but that had made Vladimir angry – so, now she mourned inside her mind.

Her mental shield had been what drew Aro to her in the first place, before they fell in love, and now she used it to keep her mind elsewhere while her body was used and abused.

The years had passed slowly…or quickly – she couldn't tell what time was anymore. She only knew that three immortals would come to her twice while the sun was up and once while the sun was down – she only knew that because of the sounds and smells outside of the hole when it opened.

She tried not to think about the first time they had ripped her apart so they could see how long it would take her to put herself back together, but she thought of in nonetheless. It had taken her so long, too long, but she still could not tell just how long.

She rocked herself back and forth in the corner of her prison – naked, marked, bitten, dirty… She wanted to die, to join Aro, but she did not have the power to. She was so weak.

It was then that the knocking started – she did not know who it was, but the guards had not arrived for her usual torture and rape. She absently wondered whether she was insane – she certainly felt like she was.

When the metal cover over the hole suddenly slid back, she didn't even flinch – she just kept staring at the opposite wall, relaxing her muscles so that it just didn't hurt that much when they finally took her.

After a few moments, nothing had happened and she forced her eyes to look up. There was a shaft of dim light coming through the hole, and she could have sworn in that moment that an angel was looking down on her.

Heaven… Take me to Aro…

Author's note: Hmm, well… Personally, I like it – but then I really didn't expect to be publishing this story so soon, if at all, so it might be a little rough around the edges or hard to understand. All reviews welcome and appreciated.