Title:Just not the same
Theme: Set #1 - Hat
Words: 197
Rating: K
Disclaimers:I don't own One Piece.


"Won't fit through your cabin door."


"You're a pirate."

"Ooh, look at this! Top hat!"

"You're a goddamned PIRATE!"


"You're from West Blue."

"This one has a tail!"

"What are you, a dog?"

Shanks gasped when he rounded the corner in the store and found a whole rack of straw hats. "Benn, look at this! This is awesome!"

Benn just sighed and folded his arms, waiting for the inevitable. He watched as Shanks snatched up hat after hat in great anticipation and placed each on his head, only to put it back on the shelf a moment later, each time with a palpable air of disappointment.

Finally all the hats had been tried and discarded, and Shanks stared at the shelf of rejects for few seconds, before saying wistfully, "It's just not the same, is it?"

"No, it's not," Benn agreed.

Shanks sighed. "I guess I should just wait for Luffy to return Hat then, huh?"

"Yes," Benn sighed in relief. "Yes, you should."

Waiting for his captain to figure out the obvious could be trying at times, but at least he always got there in the end.