(Another version of Yoh's response to Haruna's letter in chapter 52)

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What Did You Want From Me?

Yoh Komiyama's POV

Dear Haruna,

What did you want from me on that warm day? I picked up your shoe and our eyes met. You felt something, too, didn't you? I couldn't tell what it was yet, but when I met you at school, I knew it was fate, destiny, just like you said. Our high school lives changed on that day, that moment, when we met.

When you asked me to be your love coach, what exactly were you hoping for? A chance with me? But when you told me your ambition, your dream, was to give your all for love in high school, just like you gave your all to softball in junior high, I believed you.

I know in the beginning I was strict and tough on you, but you took it all in with that carefree smile. Once I realized you were different than all the other girls, I started to change. You saw, you knew. That didn't change when you told me you liked me, that you would chase me if I rejected you. In fact, it strengthened the bond we had into something more.

I didn't always show it, did I? That I was your boyfriend. But everyone else around us knew. I was always protective of you, at times even jealous. And I was always changing my decisions to make you happy. But you never liked it, that I kept on giving in, being a willing boyfriend. We argued and fought on occasion. One of us had to give in, or we both had to compromise. Fortunately, it always worked out for the better.

It's the end of my high school life with you. Sadly, I'll be starting college life away from you, in Tokyo. I'll miss you, but as you said, you'll come over to visit soon, and vice versa. I told everyone to watch over you and to keep you safe. Because you know…I love you.

Please continue to give it your all to love. I still am your love coach, you know.


Yoh Komiyama

End of POV

Wiping away a tear, Yoh folded the letter and tossed it somewhere in his suitcase. "I think Haruna deserves a shorter version." He grabbed a new piece of paper and began to write.

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