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Things Will Change

A small child's cough pulled Esme out of her concentration. She stood from the floor, the lonely, one-sided, chess game left forgotten at her bare feet. Edward peeked over his tired, leather-bound book, though it was set aside as he heard it too.

"A girl?" He asked quietly, inching towards the window, looking over his shoulder at Esme before he opened the heavy laden door.

"Excuse me," A small voice said quietly. "I seem to be lost."

A little girl stood at their door, a mask of dirt and mud staining her face, and clothes a mess. Her hair covered her petite face, tangled and filled lightly with pine needles. She tried to smile, but the pain in her eyes was too distracting.

"That's very well," Edward said, taking her hand and leading her into the house.

Though at her doubtful grimace and slight limp, he picked her up into his strong arms, cradling her small form. He didn't know what he was doing, but there was a remarkable, magnetic pull that had him attached to her.

"Esme," Edward said quietly, watching as his mate followed him silently up the stairs. "Would you be so kind as to run a bath?" She nodded silently, her golden eyes smothering the little girl with certitude.

"The others?" She asked, about to turn away from the pair.

Edward looked towards Carlisle's office, a perfect clarity written across his stiffened face. "Not yet."

The child spoke up softly, "I don't mean to impose."

Edward smiled kindly and shook his head. "Don't worry yourself, it's no problem." She nodded, a small blush covering her child-like cheeks.

Edward handed the girl over to Esme, and watched their backs as they ascended down the long carpeted hallway.

"Edward?" A curious voice called quietly, he turned and found Carlisle standing next to the banister. He leaned against it wearily, his once tidy blond hair falling in his face, he gripped the fragile wood tightly. "Who is she?"

"A child in need," He said vaguely, his eyes glazing over in worry as he noticed Carlisle's weak posture. "Are you alright, father?" Carlisle nodded, smiling slightly.

"Just fine,"


A little girl would change this family and we didn't know it. We thought she was just another person in this lonely world, the laughter floating from the bathroom didn't faze me as I sat in the dark, writing my name, scrawling it over paperwork.

Though a smile did find it's way across my face as I heard her explain her name.


Too beautiful.

How did this little girl stumble across our lives? That was a question for another time, right now we would just focus on feeding her, warming her, entertaining her, until we could find her rightful family.

Hopefully that wasn't before we really got to know this bright little woman.

Sorry it was short, just a preface, and same with the words, the old fashion talk, I'll try to work on that.

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