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Don't play with fire

Part 2

* * *

Isn't this interesting. Rei was trying her hardest not to fall asleep in Relena's speech about peace. Oh God! If she have to hear another one of her infamous peace and war speeches she would really want to kill her on the spot! Someone, any one, HELP!

As a cue the Peacecraft princess did stop her speech and look toward the door. Rei was curious what could distract the peace obsessed princess to stop one of her speeches. So she turned and looked. There by the door stood five new comers. Not any new comers mind you. They're all boys! Rei did a double take. Boys? In an almost all girls school of Pacifism?

" Ladies, please welcome our new classmates. Gentlemen, please introduce yourself."

" Heero Yuy. Is a pleasure." The first one was a Japanese descendant looking boy. Who look around the age of fifteen with a pair of intense Prussian blue eyes. His eyes…it looked too old compare to his age…Rei thought.

" I may I may hide but I never tell a lie. Duo Maxwell at your service." The American boy did a mocky bow toward the class. A joker, Rei smirked. A complete opposite to the first boy's intensity. They're close friends. Rei could felt the connection between them. The pair of cobalt blue eyes brightens as ever time the boy smile at the girls. May run, may hide but never tell a lie? …Death…

Rei sighed. It seems like she still managed to meet another Death beside Sailor Saturn. Death and Destruction…brother and sister…She should introduce him to her. Rei smirked at her limp idea. Better not. Those over protective Outers would kill her for that.

" Quatre Reberba Winner. Please to meet you all." The blonde boy smiled politely. He reminded her of Ami, always the kind and polite one. But he looked like a mixture of Haruka and Usagi. Rei snickered at her own thought.

" Trowa Barton." The tallest boy in the whole group spoke. Man, talk about not likes to talk. Rei raise her eyebrow, as the tall boy seems to retreat back to his own little world. Oh dear, how can he see through that big bang of his. It covered half of his face!

" Chang Wufei." The Chinese boy spoke in a very annoying tone. He didn't like to be here. Anyone could see that. It's written all over his face. It looked like he didn't like the princess that much. Or despise is a better word. Rei could felt the strong detest he had show toward this place. Man, they're all too weird.

" Now, please take a seat. We'll continue class…" Rei automatically tone her out. God, she can't handle these BS any longer. Rei decided to look outside instead. This class is boring!

* * *

Fencing is way better than listening to the princess' speeches. Rei smiled as her opponent yield in defeat. After beating almost all the girls in class Rei turn around to search for her next opponent. The girl with the weird eyebrows seems pretty strong may be she'll be a worthy opponent. Rei scanned the room to search for that Catalonia girl in hope that she can put up a better fight than rest of the class. But when she spotted her target the situation in front of her made her smirk…

* * *

" Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rei winced at the princess' shrieking voice. Oh God, her shrieking is even worst than Usagi and Minako combines.

" Miss Dorothy, may I ask why you're fighting *my* Heero?" Relena put herself between her prince and the war obsessed girl. She was talking to one of her fan girl when she saw her prince's mask was being poked through by his opponent's sword. She quickly excused herself and ran to the rescue. (Not that he needed it.)

" Mr Yuy, I'm rather upset that you hold back on me. Do you think that I'm not a worthy opponent?" Dorothy ignored the princess and take off her mask. She smirked as she could feel the discomfort from the boy as the princess was fussing all over him.

" I'm not holding back anything." Heero was inching away from the Peacecraft girl. He didn't like it when Dorothy challenged him to a duel and he absolutely hated it when the Peacecraft princess was attaching herself to him!

" OH MY GOD! Heero, you're bleeding! Come, you need to patch that horrible wound up!" Relena shrieked as she spotted the small cut on her prince's arm. She immediately pulled the boy toward the nursing room. But she didn't forget to give her best glare to the Catalonia girl who dares to harm her prince in shining armor.

Dorothy smirked at the glare the Peacecraft princess sent her. Hn. Not even Heero Yuy's death glare can make her back down and that naïve Barbie doll was billion light years early to even make her flinched.

" Mind if I challenge you to a duel?" Dorothy turned around and saw the new Japanese girl smiling at her. She had noticed the new girl when she started to challenge almost all the girls in class. She could be a pretty good sparring partner. Dorothy let out her trademark smirk and put on her helmet.

" Why not. The pleasure's all mine."

* * *

Rei was surprised when this Dorothy girl can actually put up a fight this long. She's almost as good in fighting as Makoto…NO she even better than Makoto and she has the reflex that even rivals Minako's. Rei smiled, as both of her sword and Dorothy's were knock out of each other's hands. This Dorothy was very good indeed.

" My, that's very impressive of you Miss Aino. But I'm afraid I can't stay any longer, my next class will be starting in five minutes." Dorothy smiled as she shook hands with the girl after the match.

" I hope we can duel next time. Miss Dorothy." Rei watched as Dorothy picked up her sword and take off the helmet.

" I'll be looking forward to that. Miss Aino." Dorothy smirked and walked out of the room. She have found a worthy opponent besides the five gundam pilots…Aino Rei…She'll remember her.

* * *

Wufei stood at the back corner of the fencing room silently study every girl in the room. He sighed. Most of the girls in the room were spoiled rich brats not even worth his effort to study them. But mission is a mission…even it mean to stand Relena's horrible voice…

Wufei smirked, as he knew that Yuy was having a worst time than him at the moment. That forked eyebrow girl challenge Yuy to a duel. And he had to admit that he was indeed impressed by the skill the girl have shown during the match but he could tell that Yuy was holding back on her. But he was impressed neither least. Then… she got his attention.

She was that Japanese girl that had been challenging almost every girl in the room and never lost in a duel…yet. And this time she challenged that forked eyebrow girl.

The duel was interesting. Just as he thought, the blonde had proven herself as a skilled swordsman, and her challenger was as good as she…

Wufei smirked as the Japanese girl walked out of the room. Aino, huh? You're interesting, very interesting indeed…

* * *