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Chapter One – Trapped

It was late on a Friday. Most of the staff went home early on Friday, eager to start the weekend as soon as possible, so there were probably only a handful of people left in the whole studio. A storm had begun to rage outside, causing the ones who normally might have stayed to leave early as well. However, on the top floor, two teens remained.

They both had been having meetings with the president of the studios, along with directors and producers. Their respective shows had recorded enough ahead that they had some time to work on other ventures. They were allowed to do so as long as they were done in a month when filming resumed. The rest of their casts were looking forward to the weekend – and the break. They had finished their, smaller, piles of papers and gone home a while ago.

Though both were doing the same thing, they were in separate rooms as each show had their own meeting room. It was just seven, already dark due to the storm, when they finished. She finished about a minute before him and was waiting at the elevator when he walked up.

"Chad, what are you doing here so late?" she asked. She was thinking about going home, and the jobs for the month, not on making pleasantries with him. This last week had been exhausting and with all that paper work she just did her wrist was killing her. She also wasn't too fond of thunderstorms. All of this led to her mood being a little less cheerful than normal.

He was a bit surprised at her bluntness but noticed that she was tired, distracted and seemed to be unconsciously rubbing her wrist. It didn't affect how he answered her but he did notice. "Well, hello to you too, Munroe. I was busy filling out papers for all the shows that want me – after all I am the greatest actor of our generation," he responded loftily, "You?"

"Of course you were," Sonny replied dryly. However, she did become a bit less distracted than she had a minute ago. Being around Chad always made her pay more attention. "That's why I'm here too, jobs and stuff."

The bell dinged and two doors opened. Both walked in and since Sonny was on the left she pushed the button for the first floor, "So," always the one for polite conversation, "Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?" She was genuinely curious; on occasion she had wondered what Chad did outside of the studio, it really was the only place she ever saw him.

He glanced over at her, "I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, anything I do is interesting," he began and she rolled her eyes in response, "But this weekend I'll just be hanging out at my house. If anyone deserves to relax after a week of filming overtime for the Falls, it's me. And so I'm ready to start auditioning and stuff next week."

"Oh, same thing for me too," she said in response as she leaned back against the wall, her eyes flickering closed before reopening, "I can't wait to get home. This week has been crazy since we were finishing up our season. I just wanna go home and sleep."

"Ah," he was about to make a comment about how acting was tiring only when you weren't the greatest actor of your generation, when the lights in the elevator flickered before shutting off completely and the elevator came to a halt. Sonny let out a small squeak of surprise while a loud clap of thunder sounded in the distance. She automatically moved closer to where she thought Chad was, not knowing he had moved closer to her as well, causing her to bump into him.


"Chad?" Their hands sought out each other. The darkness was absolute until a few seconds later when a small light on the right side of the elevator came on, allowing them to see each other – though not nearly as well as normal.

Sonny looked up at Chad. They were much closer than normal. "The storm must have knocked the power out." Chad felt her breath ghost his face when she spoke, almost whispering. He was all of a sudden very aware of just how close she was and that they were holding hands, which was making his hand tingle pleasantly. Every breath he took caused him to breathe in her unique scent.

Evidently she must have noticed as well because she dropped his hand as if it was on fire. "Yeah, the generator must be powering the light," he said, glancing at the light and leaned back, away from her – she was much to close.

"But then why hasn't the elevator started moving again?" she asked, her brow furrowing in her confusion.

He couldn't help but think she looked cute when she was confused, stupid cute. "The generators are set to give light for as long as possible. The elevators use up a lot of power – you need to change the settings on the generator to have it work the elevators. The generator here can do it, but if no one knows we're in here they won't change it." Chad informed her.

"Oh. Wait, how do you know that?" she asked, surprised by his knowledge of the generators – it didn't really seem like something he would concern himself with.

"I got a role as a maintenance type person in a movie so I followed one of the maintenance guys around for a week. To, you know, get in character," Chad explained.

Oh," she nodded her head, remembering when he followed Jeff for a week. Then she remembered what he had said before, "Wait, does that mean we're stuck in here?" a hint of panic present in her voice. "We can't be stuck!" her voice got higher as well.

"Of course not," Chad replied confidently, "I'm Chad Dylan Cooper – bad things don't happen to me for long. Let's just call someone to get us out."

"Good idea," Sonny was too worried to comment on Chad's egotistical-ness. She began looking thorough her purse for her phone. She soon found her phone only to realize it was dead. "Oh, come on!" she cried and began frantically trying to make it work.

"Sonny…" Chad said, trying to get her to stop hitting her phone. She looked up at him, "I have a phone too, remember?" He held up his own.

"Oh," Sonny took a deep breath. I'm tired and just want to go home, is that too much to ask for?

When she looked up, calmer now, Chad was texting someone rapidly. Sonny leaned over to see who it was but he had just sent the message so she was unable to see who it was. "Who did you text?"

"No one," Chad said quickly, "Who should we call?"

"Hm," she decided that finding out whoever Chad was texting could wait until they were out of here and began going through people to call in her head, "I don't really know. Maybe Marshall? Too bad you don't have that maintenance person's number… That would be so lucky."

"Oh, actually, I think I do," Chad said, and began scrolling through his contacts, "What was his name again?"

"What?" Sonny asked, hoping she'd misheard him.

"Ah-ha," Chad cried triumphantly.

"You found it?" Sonny asked eagerly.

"Yeah," he smiled, "I rock."

She laughed, "Just call him already so we can go home."

Chad began to do so when his phone beeped, "Crap"

"What?" Sonny asked anxiously.

"I can't call him," Chad replied, in frustration.

"What!" she looked at his phone. His battery was full so his phone wasn't dying or anything. "Why not?"

"No service." He began circling the elevator, holding his phone this way and that – trying to get service.

"What!" Sonny exclaimed, beginning to panic again. "But you just sent a text message."

"I know!" Chad answered, louder than normal due to his own mounting frustration. "I don't know what happened. The storm must be messing with reception."

"Great, just great," Sonny snapped, "What about that person you texted? What are the chances of them being able to help us?"

"None, okay. They won't be able to anything."

"So the only person who knows we're trapped can't help."

"Hey, this is not my fault. I didn't know we were gonna lose power. It wasn't like I was like, what can I do tonight: go home and relax or be stuck in an elevator for hours with Sonny?" Chad replied.

"This is your fault. If you had just remembered that person's name faster…" Sonny continued, venting. "Geez, could you be more self absorbed?" She muttered under her breath.

"As a matter of fact I could be. Second of all, I followed him around like a year and half ago so it's not that weird I couldn't immediately think of his name. Third of all, I don't see you doing anything useful, Miss-I-can't-remember-to-charge-my-phone." Both were at the end of their ropes, evidenced by the actual yelling and how they were getting in each other's faces.

"It's not like I knew I would need it!" Sonny was angry and surprised by him. He seemed more intense or something and serious. She suddenly wondered if she had ever actually made him angry before.

"And how was I suppose to know I would need to remember him or that my phone would lose service?"

"Well, the point is that it did and now we're stuck in here together for who knows how long. Awesome." She added sarcastically.

"Like I'm just thrilled about this." Chad replied.

She crossed her arms, "I don't see why you're so upset – at least you're not stuck in here with a mean, self-obsessed jerk."

"Hey, you're not perfect either, Princess," he glared at her.

She gasped: as if she was as bad as he was, how dare he! "What did I ever do to you? You're the one who goes on about how he's better than everyone else and couldn't do something nice for someone else if his life depended on it."

"Well, let's see," Chad stopped yelling and his voice was almost conversational, "I've never said you were a bad actress-"

She cut him off, "What? You always say how you're 'the greatest actor of our generation'"

"So? First off, I say 'actor', you're an actress – so that comment doesn't even apply to you. Second, you're the one who said I was the worst actor of our generation, which is worse than even implying you aren't the best if that even applied to you. So who's more self important?" She was surprised. That actually was true; she started to feel a little guilty for saying it.

He seemed to realize this but kept going. "And you're the one who shouted that you hated me into a megaphone." Now she visibly looked guilty, had she really said that? She never realized he never actually said stuff like that.

"And I have done plenty of nice things. Just because I don't broadcast them or be nice to you doesn't mean I'm not to other people. And I have done nice things for you. Like when I thought you hurt your ankle or the weird-beard thing to name a few."

He stared down at her. Eventually she looked away and leaned back against the wall. She sighed and slid down it. How had this night gone so downhill?

He seemed to get she was sorry for yelling at him and copied her, sitting next to her. He hadn't meant to snap like that. He just killed his self absorbed, not so smart, unobservant, uncaring image. Why did Sonny always have to throw him off his game?

Sonny glanced over at him. Chad seemed lost in thought, frowning slightly, but he no longer looked angry. She cleared her throat. He looked over at her, his eyes merely curious. "I'm sorry. For saying you're the worst actor of our generation and that I hated you and anything else I might have said." He just stared at her, his gaze intense. "So, sorry," she finished awkwardly.

"It's fine, I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I guess I'm more tired than I thought I was. I'm sorry too, I know you didn't mean those things you said, and I normally provoke you." Chad told her.

Sonny shook her head and smiled at him and he smiled in response. "You know what, Cooper?"

"What, Munroe?"

"I don't get you at all," she informed him; it was something she had thought since she met him.

His smiled widened, "Really? What is there about me that you don't get? We're gonna be in here till I get service back so ask away," He decided to give up, at least with her. He was too tired to pretend to not get what she was saying.

She winced slightly at the mention of their predicament, but suddenly it didn't seem quite so bad. "Well, you act all egotistical and stuff and then you do something nice, like the weird-beard thing. But you only seem to be nice-Chad around me." She shook her head, "I just don't get. Are you like bipolar or do you have multiple personalities or something," She wasn't really serious about the last part.

He got that it was a joke and laughed. "Sorry to disappoint you, but it's nothing quite so interesting. Although you are right, I do act differently and it is only around you, at least here."

She was surprised he just said it like that. She wasn't expecting a real answer, let alone him owning up to his split personality-ness. "What do you mean 'here'?" Sonny asked.

"At the studio. It started out when I first started here. I was nervous and stuff. Normally when I get nervous I kinda become someone else, to help me deal with it. It started out as an acting exercise but became a way to deal with being new. Since I was self-conscious and worried about how my acting was I became someone who wouldn't be at all. And it worked, I was able to stop being nervous but instead of going back to acting normal, I just didn't stop."

"It was kinda like a game. It was fun and got me tons of free stuff. You'd be surprised at how much stuff people will give you if you just act like they should." He smirked at the last part. "It's also less stressful; to pretend you have no responsibilities and stuff. Besides, people had come to expect me to act like that. It would be so weird if I just came in and didn't act like that. It's just become a habit."

"Oh," he had given her a lot to think about; it made sense, but… "Then how come you sometimes dropped the act around me?"

He looked thoughtful, "I'm not sure. Partly because you remained true to yourself when you started here, and I admired that. Most people that do this job can be superficial and so I don't feel guilty about not being myself around them. Plus, it's just too easy to be myself around you." He said seriously, and stared deep into her eyes.

After a few seconds she blinked before responding, "Oh, well, if it means anything, I like the real Chad," She smiled up at him and he smiled back.

"Thanks." Then all of a sudden a beep sounded, they turned eagerly to the phone but it just blinked "searching for service". They sighed disappointedly, partly because of the phone and partly because the moment was over. Sonny leaned back against the wall and sighed, she had forgotten how tired she was.

"We should get service back soon." Chad commented, trying to remain hopeful.

"Yeah, well, nothing to do but wait." She stifled a yawn and closed her eyes.

He looked at her before leaning back next to her and pulling out his iTouch. He began playing a game, keeping his phone out and glancing at it every few minutes.

After a little while he felt something on his shoulder. He looked over and saw that Sonny's head had slid down the wall and was now resting on him. She was fast asleep. I guess she wasn't kidding when she said she was really tired. She looked a lot more relaxed asleep. Then she shifted, turning more on her side and closer to him. She reached and hugged his upper arm to herself – all the while still asleep.

Since she seemed so deeply asleep, he decided to risk resting his own head on hers. This was probably the closest he would get to her and he wasn't one to waste an opportunity. She sighed slightly and snuggled closer. He smiled; she looked so cute asleep, stupid cute. He kept his phone in his hand and continued glancing at it. Even though she was able to sleep he certainly couldn't. The fact that he needed to keep an eye on the phone, and that she was so close, kept him wide awake.

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