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Epilogue – Back to Normal, Right?

It was everyone's first day back after the break. It was a typical day for everyone in the Condor Studios' cafeteria. Sonny was in line for food, trying to decide which of the questionable choices was the least objectionable.

Then Chad strode into the room, grabbed a tray and headed straight for the lunch lady. "Hello, Brenda," he said pleasantly.

"Hi, Chad. So nice to see you again. How was your break?" the normally unpleasant lunch lady asked.

"Good, good," Chad responded.

"Well, here you go – made it special for the number one tween drama star," the lady preened. She gave him a full steak dinner, with all of the trimmings.

"We of the Falls, thank you," he said rather dramatically, causing Brenda to giggle in response. Sonny had tried to ignore this exchange as it always made her so angry when the lunch lady played favorites. It was her first day back: she didn't want to fight. But…it just got her so annoyed!

She couldn't help but mutter under her breath, "Stupid lunch lady, stupid Mackenzie Falls getting stupid special treatment."

And of course, she wasn't quite quiet enough and Chad couldn't help commenting, "Hello Munroe. What was that?"

"Chad," she acknowledged, "I was just noticing that once again I have to eat..." she stared at the food trying to decipher what it was, "mystery meat and you get a steak. It isn't fair," she finished insistently.

"Well, when you get to be the number one show then–" he broke off into laughter, "Sorry, just couldn't help it," he added, teasingly.

She flushed and glared at him, "Ha, ha, that's just hilarious. Look, all I'm saying is that we should at least get edible food if you get steak."

"I don't know why you're telling me – I don't make the food," Chad answered.

"Yeah, but you take advantage of the flawed system," Sonny shot back.

"Of course I do. If it was the other way around, so would you."

"I would not!" she protested indignantly.

"Really, Sonny, really?"

"Really, Chad." She looked down at her tray before dumping it in the trash, "I'm gonna go find some edible food."





"So, we're good?"

"Oh, we're so good!" And with that Sonny stalked out. Chad went over to his table and huffed before becoming his usual smiling self again.

Tawni had looked up briefly during their exchange before she went back to checking her make-up, but she couldn't help the small smile at the commonplace behavior. Zora laughed from her place in the vents—she thought she saw something that wasn't there before—what fun it was to be back with people to spy on again. Nico and Grady laughed; glad to be back with all their friends in typical familiarity.

-Later at the end of the Day in Tawni and Sony's Dressing Room-

Tawni was preening at her vanity in the dressing room while Sonny was on her bed reading a magazine. Both were simply relaxing – it was almost time to leave and they were pretty much done for the day.

Then there was a knock on the door before the person simply entered. Tawni looked over and saw that it was Chad, "Chad?" her brow wrinkled in confusion, "Why are you here?"

Sonny looked up from her magazine as soon as Tawni said his name. He walked over to her. "I'm here for Sonny," he said in response to Tawni's question.

"Hey, Chad," Sonny said. Chad leaned down and gave her a short kiss. Both pulled away, smiling.

"I'll grab your coat," he offered, and went to get it.

"Okay. Where are we going again?" Sonny stretched before getting up and set down her magazine. He came back over and helped her into her jacket.

"I told you, it's a surprise," he answered with a smile. She looked up at him, smiling as well. Then a strange noise broke their stare causing the couple to direct their gazes to Tawni. She seemed to be half in shock and half very confused. In fact, she looked rather similar to a fish out of water.

"Oh, Tawni. Did I forget to mention Chad and I are dating?" Sonny said with false confusion and nonchalance, trying to contain her laughter at the expression on the other girl's face.

"Yes!" Tawni exclaimed with an outraged look on her face; although Sonny couldn't tell if it was because she was dating Chad or because she hadn't told her that she was dating Chad.

"Opps, my bad." she shrugged and turned to Chad with a smile, "Let's go."

They both left the room to go on their date, but not before Chad turned around in the door frame and shouted, "Peace out, sucka!"

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