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Canada Day

Arthur didn't know what was worse, Alfred plotting something or The Brood standing together laughing. "Francis, do you know why The Brood is plotting?" he asked. "I think it has something do with the whistle this morning," he told him. Just as Arthur was about to say something else Quebec and Virginia walked up to them both with a card in the hands. "We came to give you these and if you don't come," the state started. "Louis' magic is the least of your worries."

The Nations watched as they left then looked at each other. "I don't thinks she's gotten over the Revolution," Francis said. "I think this anger is more recent," Arthur said. "It's an invitation to Mathew's… birth…day. BLOODY HELL! That's why she was mad at me for forgetting last year!" Francis looked over his invitation and sighed. "At least you didn't a threat of having little Alaska cursing you," he said.

Over the next few days the States, Provinces, and Territories rushed about trying to get everything ready for Thursday and Sunday. Alfred was oblivious to what his children were doing as he tried to think of something to give his beloved brother/wife. Berry and Kumajirou watched him pace and at some point Tony had walked into the room. "What's going on?" he asked. "Maddie's (1) Papa is looking for a gift for Maddie's Mama," Berry said. "I thought her name was 'Missy'," Kumajirou said. "Her nickname for her state name," Berry said. "#$%&#*$" Tony spat.

Alfred finally found what he wanted to give Mathew this year and The Brood finally finished with all their work and their parents slept peacefully unaware of their youngest giggling outside their door. "Three… two…one," the counted then. "BONSAI!" When the two little bodies hit the bed sending Mathew up to the ceiling and Alfred just grabbed holly and rolled over. "How's the mission?" he whispered. "On target," she told him then ran off with her brother.

Alfred smiled then pulled Mathew down from the ceiling and headed down to the first floor. Just as they turned the corner, they were met with a huge up roar. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!" was hear and Mathew smiled. "You are the best kids in the world!" he cried. "Ello! Is anyone up?" a voice called out. Within seconds there was a war cry and the elder kids stamped after their grandparents.

Alfred smirked as they dragged them in he bent down and smiled. "Welcome to Hell, here's your hand basket," he told them. Mathew kissed his brother and enjoyed the rest of his day, though he couldn't wait to see what they were going to do for Alfred's birthday.

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1: Mississippi's human name is Madeline Rebecca Jones.