Bad Girlfriend

Flora grinned as her boyfriend and partner in crime. This was something that Ric feared above all things. His beautiful orange only got that look when she was plotting something horrible and evil. Considering that Flora was the daughter of the original Terror Twins. Oh Ric remembered the stories from his father about the craziness of England's children.

"My dear, are you sure? I mean do you really want to mess with your mother and grandmother?"

"Si, If I don't do this Clone-boy wins the bet, and I want to make noses bleed. Now, name four Ukes!"



"Maybe your parents should have named you Lucy."

Flora hit the golden brown-eyed man over the head and sighed. She would have to think of them herself. As much as she loved the idiot, Flora needed this plan to work. She did need her boyfriend to help her gather two European ukes and she would go after the Asian and Canadian ukes.

Flora grinned and sat down on her boyfriend's lap. She put his hands on her thighs and then wrapped her arms around his neck. The Spaniard's face turned the color of a tomato and she batted her eyelashes.

"Ricardo, my love, can you get your Aunt Feli and my Gran?"


The Sunshine state grinned and got of his lap to strut out of her living room. She had costumes to design and music to pick out. Ricardo sank into his card and sighed.

"No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned, but she's coming back to my place tonight."

"What was that?"

"Ah ha ha, Nothing my dear."

"Good boy. Now, get your ass in gear and get them!"

Ricardo ran out of his girlfriend's beach house. Flora could be scarier than his mother on odd days.

Florida and her evil plan will come up again later and this is for Totes-Randerp, I thought I'd give you an answer with this and sorry for the late up dates.