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Starbucks, the coffee giant. The absolute king of the caffeine world. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of the renowned coffee shops have sprung up across the globe. It was in one such Starbucks, that this entire fiasco began.

A woman, clad in a Burberry black trench, Levi Jeans, and a pair of custom made leather knee-high heeled boots, stepped off Wabash Street and into Starbucks. After ordering a cup of black coffee, she settled into a seat in the corner of the café. She took off her Chanel sunglasses and glanced around at her fellow commuters. She smirked as she saw a few give her weary looks.

"Madam?" the voice was as pronounced as a knife cutting across flesh. The brunette looked up to see an employee, dressed in a white collared polo, black pants, and a green apron, holding a cup towards her. Taking the cup, she smiled her thanks and took a sip.

Thus, was her normal routine. For about a week, she had been coming to the coffee shop donning different disguises while searching for an alleged drug dealer named Gato.

The woman chewed on her sunglasses and gazed out at the streets of Chicago. She took out a pen and paper and critically eyed those walking past the window. As a hobby, she wrote down any interesting outfits she saw. She was a spy/agent for the government and the first rule to being commissioned anywhere, was to blend in. Bored with the action on the street, she eyeballed those around her. There was a businessman calmly sipping coffee in an Armani suit and reading a newspaper. He looked up and caught her eye for a second, before turning away.

"Tch. Typical Shikamaru. I bet he's not even reading that paper." Tenten mused. The door swished open and another man, much older than herself, stepped in flashing his gray silk Calvin Klein suit and polished black dress shoes. Shikamaru nodded at her.

"Target sighted." Tenten quietly whispered into the device attached to the collar of her trench. Another device, a fake ear fitted over her actual one, carried her a reply.

" Alright Ten. You and Shikamaru sit tight and watch him. I'm bringing the car around. Meet me on 5th Avenue."

"Roger, Neji." Tenten continued to discreetly watch the man. She noted every move he made, making sure he didn't have any hidden device he could use to contact help. After awhile, the man gathered his things and made a move to leave. Tenten quickly gathered her belongings as well and waited till he had stepped out before she followed. All the time, she could feel her fellow agent watching.

After seeing her off, Shikamaru walked down the block in the opposite direction to his car. He drove away to the headquarters to alert his boss of the man's appearance.

The man walked briskly through the crowded streets. Tenten had a hard time keeping an eye on him. Several times though, he looked back through the flow of people as if he were searching for something. It was in those instances that she was glad she continued her hobby. As she peered innocently into the window of a store, keeping part of her gaze on the display, half on the man, she mentally congratulated herself for a job well done. To anyone, but the people she shared an occupation with, she'd seem like your average city dweller.

The man continued on and Tenten expertly ducked and weaved her way after him. At sometime, however, he seemed to notice her constant presence and broke out into a full-fledged sprint. The brunette's eyes widened as she rushed to keep up with him. He cut across the street just as the light turned green.

"Damn it." Tenten cursed under her breath as her eyes frantically searched for a path to cut him off. Realizing her current predicament could only be solved one way, she took a deep breath and charged her way through the onslaught of traffic. Many irritated drivers honked at her and some even showed her the finger.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry! Geez take a chill pill! Oh, Jesus Christ!" she mentally screamed, almond eyes widening. She watched to her horror, as a car came towards her at top speed. Thinking quickly, she placed both palms on the hood and flipped over it, much to the bystanders' (and her, though she's far too arrogant to admit it) amazement.

"Stupid bimbo," she muttered, "can't even see where he's going." Suddenly, a voice yelled through her earpiece.

"Tenten, where the hell are you? What's going on?"

"Oh God Neji calm down. I'm coming!"

"He found out didn't he? I tell you to be careful and stealthy, but you never listen!" Tenten rolled her eyes.

"Sorry Mom won't happen again." Tenten continued searching for the man. She ran past Macy's, Bloomingdales, and a Corner Bakery. She halted when she caught a glimpse of her target in a Subway. Tenten quickly yanked open the door and charged after him.

The brunette agent tackled him to the ground. She kicked him in the groin and watched, smirking as he writhed with pain on the floor.

" You bitch!" he roared and grabbed her legs, bringing her down. The man clutched a table and stood up. Tenten was right at his heels as he raced out the door. Tenten lost sight of him after a minute, but continued to run like hell. "That stupid asshole isn't getting away this time!" she thought.

The woman's eyes scanned the crowd and did a double take when she caught the man's fleeing form run into an ally. Tenten fished a syringe out of her pocket. It was filled with neutralizer guaranteed to paralyze the victim for about two hours.

The brunette ducked into the ally and caught sight of the man's silk suit. She charged and tackled him again. He fought her off and punched her in the mouth. Tenten was pissed. She punched him in the eye and kneed him in the stomach. Before he could sink to the ground, the brown-eyed agent grabbed him and shoved him face first into the wall. She jabbed the syringe into his spine and smiled contentedly as the darkness consumed his conscious.

"Mission accomplished." Tenten declared.

"Oh no. Mission not accomplished. You still have to bring him to the van." Neji reminded her.

" Ugh! Neji you're a bimbo too! Can't you ever let me be happy?" Tenten could hear her partner laughing on the other side of the device. Tenten muttered a string of curses at him while she dragged the man to the car.

" Took you long enough," Neji greeted. The brunette rolled her eyes at him and watched him load the limp body into the van.

"Now, " he said turning around and grinning at her," you can say mission accomplished." Tenten smacked him upside the head.

" Just shut up and drive." was her only response. As Neji pulled out onto the road, Tenten fixed her messy ponytail and put on her sunglasses. She propped her feet up on the dashboard.

" So, did you enjoy yourself?" Neji asked smirking in her direction.

"Of course. My life's dream was to chase useless bastards with sticks up their asses after all." the 24 year-old said sarcastically. The white-eyed man next to her continued to smirk.

Both, however, were shocked when they heard a low chuckle from the backseat.

"I'm a useless bastard, eh?" The man held a gun up to Tenten's head. Neji quickly redirected the gun at the windshield just as the trigger was pulled. All three shielded themselves against the flying glass.

"Shit! Tenten cover for me!" Neji yelled to his partner as he tackled the man. Tenten scrambled into the driver's seat and struggled to take control of the car.

Neji punched the man in the eye. The man tried to knee Neji's head, but Neji caught his hand and snapped his wrist. The man yowled and started shooting the gun. A bullet hit the middle of Neji's palm. He cursed and grabbed a hammer (he had no idea why it was in the car, but was thankful for it) and brought it down on the man's head. Then he quickly ripped off the male's shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest.

"Oh God Neji are you okay?" Tenten asked eyeing him in the rear view mirror.

"Yeah. Turns out the dude had a bullet-proof vest on and that's probably why the needle didn't reach him the first time." Neji proceeded to remove the vest and injected the man again.

"You should probably wrap your hand up," his partner told him.

"Yeah, Yeah." The coffee brown haired man got some gauze and disinfectant from the first aid kit and applied them to the wound.

Tenten felt calmer now and drove into their headquarters' parking lot.

"I.D. please," The man asked. Tenten handed him both her and her partner's I.D. cards.

"Thank you." the security personnel told her and handed them back. Tenten parked the van and helped Neji haul the man inside. Two agents were waiting to take him.

"Go get your hand checked," the 24 year-old female told her partner," I'll report to Tsunade."

Said partner shot her a grateful look and headed off to the infirmary. Tenten walked to her boss's office.

"Ah, Tenten. How did it go?" Tenten was surprised she had caught her boss in one of her sane moods. Usually, she was either drunk at this time of day or asleep. But people have to do their job sometime right?

"It went well Mam."

"Very good. Where is your partner?"

"Neji was shot in the hand so he went to the infirmary." Tsunade only nodded at her response and told her she was dismissed.

"Oh!" Tenten's boss yelled as the agent walked out into the hall, "Your report is due tomorrow."

"Yes Mam!" Tenten yelled back. Sighing she made her way back to the parking lot and unlocked her car. She shoved the keys into the ignition and drove home.

Neji flexed his hand and stared at the row of stitches across his palm.

" Careful," the doctor, 30 year-old Shizune, warned him," if you keep doing that they'll come out."

Neji nodded and got off the bed. He walked to the parking lot and searched for Tenten's car.

"Oh no she didn't," he muttered while digging in his pocket for his phone. He quickly dialed her number.


"Tenten! Where the hell are you?"

"Oh geez Neji. I kinda forgot about you." Neji fumed at her response.

"Well come pick me up!"

"Tch. Heck no. Get a taxi or something." Neji breathed deeply a couple of times.

"Tenten, you're a bitch," he stated calmly.

"Takes a bitch to know one," she replied cheekily. Neji growled.

"Are you calling me a bitch?" Tenten laughed again.


"Ugh. You know what? Fine, be that way. But let me tell you woman. Don't you dare tell me to cook dinner!"

"I'm ordering pizza," Tenten informed him.

"Anything, but cheese."

"Why? Are you afraid you'll get diarrhea again?"


"Alright, alright I'll stop. Just get your ass over here." Neji hung up and called over a taxi.

When he reached the two-bedroom condo he shared with his partner/best friend/roommate, he was greeted by the pleasant smell of freshly ordered food. Tenten came out of the kitchen vigorously chewing on a slice of pizza.

"Have fun?" she asked flashing Neji the contents of her mouth.

"Whatever," he replied, averting his eyes clearly disgusted with her manners. He sat down and grabbed a slice of his own.

"So whadya think of the drug dealer guy?" she prodded, frowning when all he did was shrug at her.

"Can't you at least try to be talkative? I swear, talking to you is like preaching to the dead."

"Hn." Neji smirked.

"Oh no. Don't start with that 'hn' business again. You know what? You need a social life. We should go to a karaoke bar over the weekend." Neji raised his eyebrows at her, but continued eating. The rest of the meal continued in silence.

After dinner, the two plopped down on the floor near the coffee table to write their report. Neji's white Apple laptop, sat in its owner's lap. They had already finished typing the basics like where the target was first spotted and what time it was.

"Hn. We should include a description of him." Neji said glancing at his friend.

"Good idea," she replied and Neji positioned his fingers ready to type.

"We could say he was fat and had a brown ugly mustache kinda like that Monopoly guy's, but you know…brown. Oh, and he was a complete bastard with a stick up his ass and-"

"Tenten!" Neji scolded her," Are you two years old? Really?"

Tenten pouted as Neji typed the correct information in. They finished in about an hour.

"Well," Neji said stretching, "let's hit the hay." Tenten yawned and they both retreated to their respective rooms for the night.

Unwritten Rule #1: Never consider a mission complete, without making sure your target is fully unconscious.