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-Two Months Later-

Neji parked the car on the side of the road and cut the engine. Tenten was seated beside him, cradling a bouquet of flowers in her arms. She played with petals of a rose quietly, not ready to meet his eyes. The Hyuuga watched her, taking his hand in her own after a minute.

"Be strong," he whispered softly, hurriedly moving to brush the tears beginning to stream down her cheeks.

They stepped out onto the cobblestone road running through the cemetery. The early morning air was heavy with the scent of pine trees and rain. The Murakami intertwined her fingers with her boyfriend's once more, letting him lead her. They stopped at the end of the path, where a new grave had been dug only days prior.


Tenten was the first to kneel down, tears blurring her vision. Neji followed suit, taking the flowers from her arms and laying them down on the grass in front of the gravestone. They were silent, each saying their prayers for their friend. At last the Hyuuga pulled the sobbing female into his arms.

He was there. It was going to be okay.

-Four Months Later-

Tenten had always loved the Chinese New Year festival in Chicago. The lights, the performers, the food- it was exhilarating! She clutched Neji's hand tightly, as she guided him through the crowd gathered on the sidewalk.

"C'mon," she called over her shoulder, tugging him passed a food stand. Neji shook his head at her lovingly- she was such a child. The fireworks were beginning to go off, and the Hyuuga admired his girlfriend as she angled her head towards the sky, making excited noises as she watched. Quietly, he slipped a velvet box from his pocket and took out a diamond ring.

"Neji, did you see that?" the Murakami squealed, turning to look at him.

But he was kneeling on the ground, grinning at her surprised expression.

"Marry me?"

Tenten blinked, and blinked, and blinked so more. And then she tackled him, pulling him into a kiss.

"You idiot!" she punched him on the shoulder, burying her face in his neck, lips forming a grin to match his own.

"I'll take that as a yes."

-2 Years Later-

Starbucks, the coffee giant. The absolute king of the caffeine world. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of the renowned coffee shops have sprung up across the globe. It was in one such Starbucks, that this entire fiasco began.

"Target sighted," Tenten murmured into her headpiece, glancing at the Hyuuga seated across the coffee shop.

"Roger that. You ready?" he asked softly.

"I was born ready."

Let's roll.


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