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Naruto's day kept going from bad to worse. Not only did he have to save his best friend's life, but his best friend didn't want to be saved. In fact, he had made it fairly clear that he wanted to kill him.

And so, the two found themselves trapped inside a sphere of energy, created by the two super powered attacks they had thrust at each other. The last thing the blonde remembered before going black was managing to scratch Sasuke's forehead protector and a horrible pain in his chest.

And that was just the beginning. He now found himself face to face with the very thing that had made his life hell. And what was worse was that, for once in the few times he had met it, the fox was looking at him, not with hate, not with disgust, but with pity. Oh, how he hated when people pitied him. It was worse than being ignored, worse than being openly hated. To him, pity was like saying "I have it better than you, and I'm sorry for it."

"Alright Fox, just what the hell do you want?" screamed Naruto, obviously annoyed with his current predicament.

However, his irritation was quickly replaced with confusion by the simple answer Kyuubi gave.

"To talk" replied the beast, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"About what? Why would you possibly want to talk to me?" asked Naruto rather loudly, his curiosity practically radiating off him.

"I wish to talk about your life. How you need a new one, and how I can give it to you" replied the fox, the smirk that usually adorned its face returning.

Now Naruto was confused even more. He couldn't figure out what this meant. It could be a trick, but his gut told him that wasn't correct, and he trusted his gut entirely.

"And why would you do that?" Naruto shouted. All the shouting was getting on the fox's nerves, and it decided to do a little something about it.

"Perhaps our conversation would be easier if I slipped into something…a little more comfortable" said the Fox, as its form suddenly shifted into that of a woman, who appeared to be in her early to mid twenties. She had long, thick, blood-red hair and whisker marks similar to Naruto's. Her skin was absolutely flawless, her fingernails extended like claws. When she smirked, Naruto could make out a mouthful of fangs. Her ears were those of a fox and slightly elongated, as in her Fox form. Nine flowing tails swayed gently behind her, almost elegantly.

But it was her eyes that caught his attention the most. They had red irises, and bore slitted pupils. Breaking his gaze from hers, he noticed she was wearing nothing, leaving her, assets, fully exposed.

Realizing what he was staring at, she used her tails to cover herself. She was then surrounded by a red aura and she was suddenly wearing a rather elegant blood-red dress.

"Naruto" she said, startling him out of his thoughts and knocking him onto the wet floor. She giggled slightly as his mind raced to process all that had happened.

"But I… You… I thought" he sputtered out, not managing to find the words he was trying so desperately to locate. This only caused Kyuubi to laugh harder.

"You thought I was male. Most people do, don't worry. The look on your face is a memory I will cherish forever by the way" she said breaking into laughter once again at the blush the blonde was now sporting.

"Anyway, down to business" she said, her face once again filled with remorse, and more pity, and it was beginning to piss the young shinobi off. However, she chose to ignore it.

"Now, first things first, shut up until you hear what I have to say. Everything you think you know about me is irrelevant and a horrible lie" said Kyuubi, her voice turning serious. "I am not a demon, nor are the other tailed beasts. Not only are we each the boss summon of our own clans, but we, along with the Toad Boss, the Slug Boss, and the Snake Boss, are among the rulers of the summon world. The difference between them and the tailed beasts is that we have more power, me especially, considering I AM the nine-tails."

"Long ago, the Goddess of Life, Kami, and the God of Death, Shinigami, chose the tailed beasts to help control the happenings of the human world. However, because of our immense power, and our destructive means of controlling the human populace, we were labeled as demons and you know the rest."

Naruto indeed did know what happened, and subconsciously put his hand over his stomach, over his seal.

"Unfortunately, humans are always labeling things that they don't themselves understand, as evil. I've been awake ever since your trip to the Wave Country, and by looking at your memories, I noticed that it was rare that a shinobi attacked you, though some did ignore you when you needed help. They, more-so than the civilians, understand what a sealing entails and for the most part could tell the difference between you and I. The civilians however, foolishly continue to believe that you and I are one in the same. Little do they realize, you can become so much more if you wish it" she continued as she got closer to the bars.

She then reached out with her tails and gently caressed his face. He flinched at first, but then he began to move closer to the bars as well, the bars themselves slowly fading away, a pair of manacles appearing on her wrists with the kanji for Seal on them both.

"Well, this is a welcome change" she thought as she pulled him in closer and brought him into her embrace. He once again momentarily flinched at the contact, sparking anger in Kyuubi, who swore to Shinigami himself that before she enacted the final stage of her plan, she would destroy the leaf for all they'd done, except for those whom Naruto deemed worthy of being spared.

Pulling away from the hug, Naruto became wary once again. He couldn't quite grasp the fact that the Kyuubi of all beings was not only being nice to him, but was hugging him as well. It was too good to be true.

"Why are you telling me this? Even if you're not the evil, demented fox demon people say you are, why would you tell me, let alone say outright that you want to help improve my life?" he asked, a myriad of emotions flashing across his face, ranging from confusion, to doubt, and in the end, fear.

"You want out. You want me to break the seal so you can escape! I refuse" said Naruto, turning his back on Kyuubi. She noticed though, that the bars on her cage did not replace themselves. This gave her some hope and satisfaction, as this meant that even if he denied it, he believed her at some subconscious level.

"No" she said. "Naruto, I have seen your life, your very memories. You have been beaten, actually tortured, and attempts have been made on your life so many times it is physically impossible to count them all." She once again pulled Naruto into a hug, this time wrapping her tails around the both of them.

"That's exactly why I attempted to destroy the village. It has become corrupted by its own power and prosperity. They themselves have become horrible monsters, more horrible than what they make us out to be. Those who are willing to take the life of a young one do not deserve life themselves."

"There is still some good there, as I have seen through your memories, and anyone you deem worthy I would spare, but let me take control and finish my job. Then let me take you away from that place. Call it… a mother requesting something of her child." At this, Naruto quickly was brought out of his thoughts.

"Mother…what do you mean by mother?" he asked, getting in response only a small smile and a tighter hug.

"I mean exactly what I said. Even when I wasn't aware, the seal was taking my energy, my youki, and using it to keep you alive. The last time we met, you demanded it as rent. Did you think I gave it to you simply because you demanded me to do such? My every waking moment, I have spent protecting you. And not even for the reason you think. Yes I love being alive, but death is a natural part of life, and I have had quite my share of life."

"You, however, are so young. You have a whole life ahead of you, and you deserve to live it, while those villagers seem to feel different. I have been watching you Naruto. I have been healing you, making you stronger, but unfortunately, my youki can't protect you like Shukaku can protect his vessel. The point is, I've come to care deeply for you, and would like you to think of me as your mother. I believe I at least deserve the title of your parent more than that blonde idiot who sealed me in here" she finished.

This announcement almost made Naruto fall over. Kyuubi knew this was low, but maybe if he knew; it would be easier for him to come around. And indeed, Naruto's face suddenly took on a look of realization as the pieces all put themselves together. The Yondaime choosing him for the sealing, the way the Pervy Sage looked at him when he thought he didn't notice, he himself was practically the spitting image of the man. It wasn't all because of the fact he was Kyuubi's vessel, he was the son of the man that made him Kyuubi's vessel.

The temperature in the chamber became as cold as ice. The water at their feet even began to freeze over. Kyuubi herself could practically feel the rage radiating off the boy. She hugged him tighter as he began to shake with fury, the emotion feeding him even more youki, causing them both to be wrapped in a red aura. And she began trying to soothe him, if only slightly, as any mother would her child.

"Let the good ones live." Kyuubi was almost surprised when he spoke. His tone had become dark and icy as he turned around to face her and return her hug.

"Let the good ones live" he said again. "As for the rest…" he paused slightly to look her straight in the eyes, "…Make them feel pain…make them suffer…make…them…burn" he finished, barely restraining the animosity in his voice.

"You can count on that Naruto" Kyuubi whispered into Naruto's ear. "But there are a few things that need to be done first."

"Like what…mother?" he asked, calming down enough that his curiosity once more showed through.

Kyuubi was practically giddy when he actually called her his mother. "Well" she said, "First we have to make things official. I am going to transfer all of my power to you. I will gain most of it back…I am a being literally MADE of energy after all. During this process, you will take it one tail of power at a time, only gaining another once your body assimilates the last."

"It will be painful, but definitely worth it. The more power you gain, the more you turn into a full-blooded kitsune, and, after you take in all nine tails, you take my title as Kyuubi, and as Leader and Boss Summon of the Kitsune clan. You will be my son fully. This means of course that you will no longer be able to summon the toads."

"The process itself could take a couple days. After we leave the village, I will put your body in a secure place and put it into a hibernative state. We will train in here while your body adapts to your power" she finished with a satisfactory grin, which Naruto mimicked, until he was struck by a few thoughts.

"But wait" he said, "How do we train in here, and where are we going to go?"

"Well, in here we can train your mind" she said. "We can teach you anything you want to learn, we just can't make you physically stronger, but my power's effects on your body should cover that. In here, you also don't actually need to eat or sleep and time can go faster or slower depending on the user. By now, your fight with your so called "friend" is already over, and you are both currently in the hospital" she finished, eliciting a groan from Naruto.

"However, if you want, time in here could go so fast that a minute in the waking world is as long as a week in here. However, the strain on your mind to keep that up for more than a few hours in the real world would be tremendous, so we can't go that fast for long" she said.

"As for where we are going, we are going to a place where no human can follow. There is a technique, one that would be a triple S-class jutsu by the standards of just about any shinobi village. It can literally form a tunnel through the barriers of space and time, allowing inter-dimensional travel. Where we will end up, I cannot say, but it's bound to be better than here" she finished, sitting down and having Naruto do the same.

"Well then, we should get started" said Naruto, a little nervousness showing through.

"I agree" said Kyuubi, her eyes softening as she leaned forward and kissed his forehead.

"Alright then, mom… Start the process and take over" Naruto said, his worry beginning to really show.

Pulling him in for another hug, she held him for a moment before literally slamming one of her tails into him, making him writhe with agony as he felt the full brunt of the power begin changing him, even causing him to grow a tail himself. Kyuubi used some more of her youki to put him to sleep, but knew it would only help so much.

Outside the mindscape, in Naruto's hospital room, Gaara of the Desert stood silent, watching over his first real friend. He knew, if it wasn't for Naruto, he himself would still be lost, trapped, by not only his demon, but by himself as well. Hell, he was even getting closer to his brother and sister thanks to the change in him that the blonde brought about.

Suddenly, his friend began to convulse and the machine monitoring his heart rate began to go crazy. He attempted to get closer to try and help, but was stopped by his own sand. It also blocked the exit from him, not allowing him to go for help, or let anyone else in. Suddenly, Naruto's heart began beating at a normal rate once again, he stopped convulsing and he opened his eyes. However, what unnerved Gaara was the fact that his eyes were red with slitted pupils.

Gaara knew that, like himself, Naruto was a jinchuriki, having been told by the blonde himself and by Shukaku recognizing the strange red chakra he used during their battle. He watched as a red aura overtook Naruto as the blonde stood up, said aura taking the shape of a fox. It was then that he spoke, and Gaara noticed that the blonde's voice seemed to have two tones. Its usual sound was now merely an undertone to the very female voice that resounded from his mouth.

"Well, well, if it isn't Shukaku's vessel. Your name is Gaara, correct?" said Naruto, though by now Gaara knew what had happened. Kyuubi must be using Naruto, must have taken him over somehow. And his sand refused to obey him, no matter how hard he tried to make it move.

"Well" said Kyuubi, "You seem to be worried about nothing. Right now, I merely wish to talk to your "tenant". I don't want to bring anyone any harm, unless they are deserving of it."

Gaara was about to protest when he felt a tug in the recesses of his mind and heard the voice of his prisoner, for once speaking calmly, to be let out to speak to "Lady Kyuubi". As much as he didn't like it, Gaara focused his chakra and muttered "Play Possum Jutsu" before falling to the floor in a heap. His body though suddenly sprang up, and upon using all available sand to make sure they would not be disturbed, bowed to Kyuubi, she doing the same.

"What's all this about Kyuubi. For you to call me out to talk there must be something very important going on here" said Shukaku. Crazy he may be, but he knew his place, and when there was something important, the Tanuki boss was probably the wisest of the beasts, second only to Kyuubi herself.

"Observant as ever, my old friend. As you know, we have been sealed, and as such, cut off from our duties as not only clan leaders, but as this world's guardians. As it is, I have grown very fond of my young container. So fond in fact, that I am making him my son and heir, by giving him my power and title, and making him a full-blood kitsune. The seal which holds you is far weaker than the one that holds me. As such, you may just be able to get word out to the others. I would just wait and have Naruto call them to Council, but I feel it better that they be prepared beforehand, as it will be days yet before we reveal this."

Shukaku seemed solemn at this point. He knew Kyuubi. She never actually had a child of her own, and in her predicament it didn't look like she would. For her to take a human to be her heir, she must care for this container greatly. Otherwise she wouldn't even consider what she was doing.

"I can try, but couldn't you have another clan member do it? It would be easier" replied Shukaku, striking a thinking pose.

"Unfortunately, that isn't an option" said Kyuubi. "In this body, I can't summon any of my clan, and while the boy has a contract with the toads, I'm afraid if Gamabunta is informed before we leave, he may inform that blasted Toad Sage of what we're planning, and he doesn't exactly owe me any favors."

"Besides that, once we leave, and I promise you we are leaving not only this village, but this dimension as well, I will be putting him into a hibernative state while his body adjusts to having youki instead of chakra, so he won't be able to summon until he wakes a few days later" she finished, Shukaku nodding in understanding.

"I'll do my best. Until next we meet, Lady Kyuubi" said Shukaku, bowing once again.

"Lord Shukaku" replied Kyuubi, also bowing, before Shukaku receded into Gaara's mind and once again gave the boy control. When he came to, he looked at Kyuubi and gave a nod.

"Shukaku let you hear everything didn't he?" asked Kyuubi, facepalming when Gaara once again nodded his head. "Are you going to attempt to stop us?" she asked, this time, the red-head shook his head no.

"As long as this is what my friend wants, then I see no reason to stop you. I do have one question of my own. What do you plan to do about everyone else?" he said.

"I plan to kill anyone I feel deserves it for hurting my son, and spare only those he deems worthy. I also plan on taking every single scroll in the shinobi library, as well as the forbidden Scroll of Sealing. I think that with who he is, and what has happened to him, he deserves at least that much." She replied, getting a nod from Gaara, who merely thought she meant a jinchuriki when she said who he was.

Sensing a group of people approaching, Gaara asked, "How can I help?"

Upon feeling the surge in Kyuubi's energy, a group consisting of Tsunade, Shizune, Kakashi, and finally Jiraiya, were on their way to the hospital to check on the blonde. Upon arrival, Tsunade burst into his room, followed by the others, to see Gaara bringing sand back into his gourd and using more to rest an unconscious Naruto onto his hospital bed.

"What happened" asked Jiraiya calmly, aiming his question at Gaara, who got looks from all the others.

"He suddenly woke up and became surrounded by an aura of Kyuubi's demonic chakra. He attempted to attack me, but I managed to knock him out" replied Gaara, but that only made the group more suspicious.

"How do you know about Kyuubi" asked Tsunade, who wasn't as aware of Naruto's friendship with the boy.

"If you must know, Uzumaki told me himself on the day me and my siblings went back to Suna. Besides this fact, Shukaku confirmed that he was indeed the jinchuriki of the nine-tails" replied Gaara, as Jiraiya went to check on Naruto's seal. Everything looked to be in order, but there was something wrong, something that just didn't feel right. His eyes suddenly widened as realization dawned on him.

Before even Gaara's sand could react, the old Toad Sage had a rasengan three inches from Gaara's face.

"All right, now tell me, where is the real Naruto. And don't try to lie to me. He may have impressive skill with them, but I can at least tell when he's real, or just a shadow clone" said Jiraiya in a dark tone. With his announcement, he threw a kunai at the Naruto on the bed, which dispelled with a puff of smoke, eliciting gasps from those present.

"Really? Well then…can you tell the difference between a real problem…and a distraction" replied Gaara, before he revealed himself only to be a sand clone, which promptly broke through the window to the outside. It was only then could they here screaming from below, as they watched a giant ball of sand roll through the streets, sometimes grabbing what seemed to be random villagers and pulling them into the ball, crushing them. The shuriken and Kunai, even the jutsu of any shinobi fighting the sand sphere had no effect whatsoever.

The group quickly took to the streets. Kakashi knew from experience that it would take his Chidori or the Raikiri to pierce the orb, but every time he began to make the proper hand seals, tendrils of sand would bring a group of civilians into his path. Soon, the other sand siblings were joining the fray, trying to stop their brother, thinking maybe Shukaku had gained control.

After what seemed like an hour in the slaughterhouse, a hole formed in the ball allowing out both Gaara and Naruto.

"What in the HELL are you both doing!" shouted Tsunade

Naruto proceeded to laugh. But something was wrong. His laugh was different, and besides his voice, there was another one that resonated from his mouth. A female voice.

"Unfortunately, it seems you found out anyway. Well, well, Lady Tsunade of the Senju clan. I must say, Katsuyu spoke very highly of you when I would see her." This statement sent Tsunade reeling, not knowing what was going on fully, but she had a pretty good idea. "Let's test the might of the "Great" Lady Tsunade, against the power of the Queen of the Kitsune clans, the Kyuubi no Kitsune" finished Naruto.

"Just what do you want?" asked Tsunade, though she knew she wouldn't like the answer.

"Well, I already got the "kill everyone who has ever wronged my son" thing, well at least physically done him wrong, done, by the way, thanks Gaara, and my clones should be along any second…ah, here they are now" she said as two Naruto clones ran up, one with the Forbidden Scroll, the other with an even bigger scroll, one which Tsunade recognized, even with her limited knowledge of seals.

"Is that what I think it is?" she demanded more than asked.

"If you mean is it an infinite storage scroll, then yes it is" replied Kyuubi. "And it contains every single scroll from the Shinobi library. And now that that's settled…" she trailed off as she tapped Gaara's forehead, giving Gaara the signal to feign unconsciousness, making it look like he had been under her control. "Can't have Naruto's friend getting in trouble for helping, can we" thought Kyuubi.

She suddenly disappeared from her position and reappeared between Tsunade and Shizune, giving them both a punch in the gut so powerful they both promptly threw up, leaving her to grab her two scrolls and go set up her technique to get her and her son out of the elemental countries, and that dimension.


It had taken an hour to set up, but she had just finished, and not a moment too soon. Her location hadn't remained secret, as evidenced by the arrival of the other shinobi. The group arrived at a heavily forested area, to find Kyuubi standing over six different lines of seals around a large ring of seals, each line leading up to a different seal tag. Hanging from a tree branch was another seal tag.

Tsunade was more than a bit peeved. Jiraiya hadn't even helped earlier, and now was more interested with the seal array. She couldn't blame the others, as even she didn't want to fight an all powerful demoness, especially one that had possessed Naruto's body. They knew that even if they hurt Naruto, it wouldn't hurt her in the slightest.

"You again?" she asked, obviously annoyed. "Can't you get it through your thick skulls that this is what Naruto wants?"

Tsunade was about to retort, but was stopped by Jiraiya, who replied, "As much as I hate to admit it, she's probably telling the truth."

Tsunade couldn't help but snort at that. The boy who was so adamant about becoming Hokage, practically dragged her here to take the job, never gave up on anything, wanted to kill everyone and leave the village. It wasn't possible.

"What are you talking about? Naruto would not want this!" she shouted.

"I don't think you quite understand the workings of Naruto's seal" replied Jiraiya. "The only way for Kyuubi to take over would be for Naruto to let her. For him to even let her out like this, he must be pissed. And given what happened with him and Sasuke, I'd say he has every right to be" finished Jiraiya.

"Don't forget the beatings, assassination attempts, and the fact that his father was the one who put me in here to begin with" said Kyuubi, putting in her two cents. However, the only thing Tsunade heard was the whole "Son of the Yondaime" thing.

"Turning to Jiraiya, with a look that promised pain like never before, she managed to get out "Jiraiya…did you know about this?" He didn't need to answer however, as his face told her everything she needed to know.

"You knew that he was Minato's son? You told me he was dead?" she practically screamed, causing Jiraiya to back away slowly, frightened at what the angry Sannin could do to him, more frightened then he was of Kyuubi.

"Well, you two seem to be having a moment, so I'll just be taking Naruto and leaving" said Kyuubi, building up a large amount on Naruto's chakra and her youki in her hand, finally slamming it into the seal ring. The seals all began to glow with a bright light, which traveled down the lines of seals to the six tags.

As the light hit the tags, it shot six beams of light which connected with the seal tag hanging from the tree. It spread a field of light, forming a six sided pyramid around her. The pyramid spread out into a giant cylinder of light that shot into the sky. As the light receded, the group's hopes of following him were dashed, as the seals on the ground were destroyed, and the seal tags all burst into flames and turned to ash.

When Kyuubi arrived at the other dimension, she looked around in worry. With so many people, regardless of their low chakra reserves, she would have a hard time hiding Naruto and keeping him hidden and safe for days while they trained in his mind. She went searching and eventually found a forested area, probably a park of some kind. Looking around, she didn't see anyone, so she focused some youki and slowly backed into a tree. She absorbed into the tree, the tree itself wrapping its bark around Naruto's body as if it were alive, quickly absorbing him fully into the tree, protected from the outside.

Back inside the mindscape, Kyuubi transformed into her fox form, though much smaller, and curled up next to her son, wrapping her tails over him while he writhed in his sleep. She was quite surprised to see that somehow he had already absorbed four full tails of power. He was taking them in much faster than she had originally thought, which was fine with her. If he kept going at this rate, he would have the rest absorbed within a few hours, and then training would commence.

Naruto began jerking around wildly as another tail of youki absorbed into him. As he grew a tail from his tailbone, she smiled. The tails weren't the only change. He was beginning to grow fur by the looks of it, and his body was taking on a more fox-like appearance. Soon, he would be a full kitsune, and then would come training in not only jutsu, but politics, trap-making, and most importantly, how to control his new youki. She almost shuddered at the thought. If he thought controlling chakra was tough, learning to control youki would be hell. Deciding to wait it out, she closed her eyes and went to sleep as well.

Naruto woke up some time later to find that everything about him was sore. He was sore in places he didn't know he had. But there was something else as well. Focusing, a mirror seemed to rise from the floor of the mindscape. He looked in it and instead of himself, he saw two nearly identical nine-tailed foxes. Looking at himself, he saw that aside from eye color and ear length, he could almost pass off as his mother. He really didn't know what to think about that considering he was male and she…wasn't. Speaking of his mother, he noticed that she was sound asleep next to him.

He stood up and attempted to wake her, but was wholly unsuccessful. So, he decided on a different approach. Covering his ears, a rather large pair of cymbals rose from the floor as the mirror had done. When they smashed together, Kyuubi jumped so high she nearly hit her head on the ceiling of the rather high chamber they were currently in. Naruto couldn't stand it, he laughed so hard he couldn't breathe. He knew she would get him back somehow, but it was worth it.

"You seem to be doing ok, you absorbed my youki much faster than I could have ever expected or hoped" she said. "Before we actually start training though, I think it best that you go out and actually scout the area. Get some information about how things work here. First things first, this place is over-populated with humans that have very small chakra reserves. They are obviously not used to seeing beings like you or I, so the first thing I will teach you is one of the kitsune's special abilities… shapeshifting."

"Just picture how you want to look, and try focusing some youki. Even the youngest kits can do this with little to no experience, so I expect you can" she finished. Naruto pictured his normal self, though he did decide to change a few things. Focusing as little youki as possible, Kyuubi watched her son change into a form that closely resembled his old one. The only difference was that his hair was longer and had red streaks running through it. He stood taller by a few inches and he seemed to be lean, but had plenty of muscle and also had nails resembling claws. All in all, it would make any human woman practically begin to drool.

Naruto then focused some more youki and changed his clothes. He now wore exactly what most jonin wore, but his vest was blood-red like his fur, and his clothes underneath were pitch black. He also wore a black mask like Kakashi. Giving a nod to his mother, Naruto faded from the mindscape. Coming to, he found himself surrounded by darkness. Stepping forward, he realized that he stepped right out of a tree. The sun had just set, giving him the cover of darkness.

"Find a location where we can contact the Summon Council. We won't call the Council until tomorrow, but finding a secure location would be a big help" came Kyuubi's voice from inside his head, causing Naruto to nod. He was about to head out when he heard a small voice from higher up in the tree he was in.

"Whoa…That was cool. Could you teach me to do that?" asked the voice. Looking up, Naruto saw a small white…thing standing in the tree. It had three fingers on its tiny stumps it had for arms, and its feet and ears were purple tipped. It seemed to have ENORMOUS green eyes and on its forehead was a large upside-down red triangle, surrounded by three smaller black triangles.

"What in the world is that thing?" wondered Naruto. He was confused to say the least.

"Don't ask me, I haven't the slightest idea" replied his mother's voice inside his head. Naruto concluded she must be able to simply hear his thoughts.

"And just who or what are you, little guy?" asked Naruto, already knowing the thing could talk.

The little creature just smiled and practically shouted "My name's Calumon. What's yours, huh, what is it, huh, huh, what's your name?"

"Whoa, whoa, you sure got some enthusiasm Calumon. My name is Naruto. I'm a little new here and was going to look around the area. You wanna come with me?" asked Naruto, making Calumon literally jump for joy. He began laughing like a child playing some amusing game, his ears seemed to expand, and he literally flew down and landed on Naruto's shoulder.

"Hold on tight Calumon" said Naruto. "I don't actually know how fast I can go, but I'm betting it's pretty fast" he finished, Calumon settling into one of the larger pockets on Naruto's vest.

"Ready" the little guy shouted, and Naruto ran so fast he seemed to blur out of existence, the only sign he was there was a breeze and the laughter of one happy Calumon.

"Sir." A man with blonde hair stopped playing with his lighter.

"What is it, a wild one bio-emerging?" he asked the girl at the very advanced computer.

"No sir. It's that strange anomaly we picked up earlier. This thing may not be a digimon, but it's moving across the city at impossible speeds."

"Keep track of it and keep me posted" said the man, getting up to leave.

"Understood" said the girl and her partner simultaneously as he left the room.

Calumon was as happy as could be as the two landed at the top of a rather large skyscraper. This new person was really fun and nice. Naruto sat down and Calumon jumped out of his pocket.

"So tell me Calumon" said Naruto, "Just what are you?"

Calumon just looked at him oddly before giggling out "I'm a digimon, silly."

"Digimon, what the heck is that?" asked Naruto, now incredibly confused.

"Digimon are awesome. They get fun attacks, but they only use them to fight each other" said Calumon. "I don't like to fight, I'd rather play. But no one here ever wants to play with me" he finished, almost depressed, which Naruto picked up on. At least he knew something, but he wanted to see how much he knew.

"Really, can you tell me more?" he asked, and Calumon's face lit up.


"The little guy didn't know everything, but he was very informative. These "digimon" are from a different plane of existence, and sometimes come through to this world. They are basically made of computer data instead of DNA, and can be quite formidable fighters. When they defeat an enemy, they can load their data to become stronger. Did I miss anything mom?" asked Naruto

"No, I think you got everything. For someone so childish and playful, he seems to know quite a bit" replied Kyuubi.

Naruto was soon snapped out of his thoughts however when Calumon started digging through his other pockets. Going though all of his vest pockets incredibly quickly, he eventually found Naruto's shuriken holster at his hip and promptly reached in before pulling his hand back in pain.

"Ow, ow, ow. Those are really sharp" he said, shaking his hand like crazy, trying to relieve some of the pain from stabbing himself with a shuriken. Naruto almost started laughing, but noticed something weird that didn't quite add up with what Calumon had told him.

"Um, mom? If these digimon are supposed to be just made up of data…How is it that Calumon has blood?" he asked. Sure enough, Calumon's hand was bleeding from where he had stabbed himself. "If they're made of data, they shouldn't have blood. Isn't that a biological thing?"

"A biological property? Yes, it is. I honestly can't say for certain, I can only speculate. My guess would be that when crossing over from their world to this one, they become in some way, be it major or minor, partially biological. That's the only thing I can think of that makes sense, but then again, since when do things have to make any sense." replied Kyuubi, curious as well at this strange conundrum.

Taking out some bandages from one of his vest pocket, he bandaged up Calumon's hand. "You should be more careful, you know that?" he said. "You shouldn't just do things without knowing for sure what's going to happen" he finished, causing Calumon to retract his ears and frown. Naruto was pretty resistant up until Calumon gave him some major puppy dog eyes. Naruto couldn't take the puppy dog eyes, something Kyuubi made a mental note of.

"Well, hop back up" said Naruto said, indicating his vest pocket. "I've still got some more exploring to do of the area." That said, Calumon shouted happily and entered Naruto's pocket and the two were once again off to view the city.

Across town, a girl walked down a busy sidewalk. Listening to her music, she paid no mind that anyone else was around. She had red almost orange hair, and wore a yellow, turtle-necked T-shirt with a broken heart on the front, with short button-fly blue jeans, red wrist bands, red steel-toed sneakers, and buckles around her waist and leg. Though nobody could see it, she was being tailed by what appeared to be a large yellow fox.

The fox itself seemed quite tall, with yellow fur covering most of her body, but had white fur covering her paws, stomach, ear tips, and tail tip. Her eyes were a penetrating, icy-blue, and had a purple zigzag pattern beneath both. Her tail, which was quite long, was held up slightly so it wouldn't drag the ground, and she had three tufts of fur on each shoulder that spiked out. She had purple armguards with the Taoist Taijitu (yin-yang) symbol on them and she had the zodiacal Cancer symbol on her thighs, in purple as well. And unlike her feet, her front paws were spaced apart, forming three clawed, finger-like digits.

As the girl walked along, she felt a vibration in her pocket and a bright light flashed as well. Taking out a strange device, the girl smirked before taking off running toward Shinjuku park. As she ran, the fox-like being appeared, running alongside her.

After exploring for a while, Naruto eventually found what he was looking for. An old tunnel, probably one that hadn't been used in years, called a "subway" would be the perfect place to call the summon council. Naruto wasn't sure at first, given how big they all were, but after Kyuubi explained that they wouldn't be actually summoned, but they would be more of a miniature astral projection of themselves, he put his worries at ease.

He now found himself back at the tree in which he had been sleeping, Calumon as happy as could be.

"That was so fun! Can we do it again? Huh, can we, huh, can we, can we, huh?" asked the little digimon excitedly. Both Naruto and even Kyuubi inside the mindscape couldn't help but smile at his antics.

"Maybe some other time Calumon" said Naruto, "but right now, I've got some other things to do." Calumon looked depressed for a moment before agreeing. He did, however, make Naruto promise to take him on another run later. Naruto agreed and smirked as the little guy flew off, waving and laughing. Naruto was about to ask Kyuubi ho to re-enter the tree, when he felt a strange energy. Looking off a ways, he saw a bright light flash into the sky, and a dense fog appeared. Deciding to check it out, he ran off to the area.

As he entered the fog, he saw a strange green, ugly creature holding a wooden club. The creature had seemingly come out of nowhere. "Probably another of these digimon" he thought. He himself was about to attack it, but stopped when a yellow fox-like creature jumped out of the fog and through a roundhouse kick to the head of the digimon. It then jumped back towards the direction it came from.

"Mom, you seeing what I'm seeing?" thought Naruto

"Yeah, it looks like digimon can take all kinds of forms. By the looks of her, her design is based of kitsune" replied Kyuubi. Naruto was floored. He didn't know why, but something about her was intriguing.

Naruto heard voice besides his mother. Naruto looked off through the fog and saw a girl now standing next to the yellow fox. She had red hair, and was sporting some rather odd (to him) clothes. She also seemed to be holding an odd white and blue device. The device itself projected a screen, which the girl was staring at. "Goblimon, let's see, he cheats, he's got a fireball goblin strike" she said. "Uhg, it's just a rookie, where's the sport in that? Walk all over him Renamon" she finished, obviously talking to the fox.

"He's toast" replied the now named Renamon calmly, before jumping into the air at Goblimon. She lunged in and got a direct kick to his chest, which he seemed to brush off. It did serve to make him angry however, and he took a back-handed swing at Renamon with his club. Renamon ducked under the swing and jumped, using her momentum to deliver a powerful uppercut to his face. As she jumped away, Naruto heard her say "You missed" in a mocking, sing-song tone.

After several minutes of dodging and striking when his guard was down, once even making him run directly into a fence, Renamon jumped into the air and said to the girl, "He's not losing strength, Rika"

"Yeah, this is boring" she replied before picking a card from the case she wore on her belt. Naruto watched as she swiped the card through a slot on the device and said "Digi-Modify…Hyper Chip Activate." Whatever she did must have worked, because Renamon began glowing with power. However, Naruto felt another power. Looking off to the side, he saw Calumon watching the fight as well, the red triangle on his head glowing, though the little digimon seemed oblivious.

Suddenly, Goblimon was overtaken by a red light and, just as suddenly, in his place stood something else entirely. The girl, Rika, was in complete shock, wondering out loud how he had "digivolved." Naruto guessed that digimon could alter their forms slightly to become more powerful. As to how Goblimon had done it, he had a pretty good idea as he watched the light on Calumon's head die down.

The thing that took Goblimon's place could only be described as some form of Oni. It had brownish-red skin, a long, white mess of hair, two very long horns, horrible looking teeth, and carried a giant club which appeared to be made of a bone. He jumped into the air and attempted to crush Renamon with his club, which she once again dodged.

"Renamon" said Rika. "I'm gonna be very vexed if you lose" she finished.

Don't worry Rika, just watch" replied Renamon as she jumped into the air once again. Landing by some sort of metal structure, she waited for the Oni digimon to swing its club at her. When he did, she quickly jumped high above his head, spun around and connected a roundhouse kick to its face. Knocking it back, she lunged forward and kneed him in the face, followed by a flurry of punches all across his body, the last knocking him onto his back.

"That all you got, big boy?" taunted Renamon once again, angering the other digimon. As he got up to attack again, Renamon crossed her arms in front of her chest, jumped into the air and shouted Diamond Storm. Hovering in the air for a moment, she whipped her arms out, causing hundreds of what looked to be shards of pure light to hover with her, before they became projectiles which slammed into the beast, causing him to explode into an odd mist.

"That's more like it Renamon" said Rika. "Not even a champion level digimon can stand in our way anymore. Now…download Fugamon's data" she finished, as Renamon seemed to absorb the odd mist into her body. "Next time you'll win…without my help" said Rika, smirking.

As Renamon finished loading Fugamon's data, she and Rika heard applauding. As the digital field dissipated, the two could make out what looked like a boy, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old by the height. He wore all black, even a black face-mask. The only thing that wasn't black was his blood-red vest covered in pockets full of who knows what. He had bright blond hair; however, what was odd were the blood-red streaks running through it. He was giving off an aura that both tamer and partner noticed. It made Rika feel uneasy, but intrigued Renamon, but she couldn't figure out why it intrigued her.

"Who are you?" asked Rika, in a tone that Naruto had only ever heard from Sasuke. It said "Tell me what I want to know, because I'm better than you." Hearing it come from someone who had less of a chakra signature than a villager was almost comical to Naruto.

"Ah, my dear girl, the true question isn't who…but what" he said, disappearing and reappearing right in front of the two, allowing them to see his clawed hands and slitted blue eyes. Rika quickly pulled out her D-Power, but the device said definitively that this guy was not a digimon.

"How did you do that? No human can move that fast, or teleport, and my D-Power says that you are one-hundred percent not a digimon" Rika practically shouted.

"Well, maybe if we go somewhere private we can exchange some information. I answer some of your questions, you answer some of mine. Sound fair?" said Naruto with an eye-smile that would make Kakashi proud. Getting a nod from Rika, Naruto suddenly turned and shouted "By the way, because I know you're still here…try to find something fun that doesn't involve trouble, ok Calumon?" The two were confused until something white seemed to fly out of the tree and away from them; all the while…giggling.

Chapter end.

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