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Ch.1 "The Weird Blond And Soul Within A Doll"

Konohagakure, a village full of skilled ninja trained to become master of the shadows and deceit. Even though civilians live also in this village, many are trained warriors ready to spill blood to live or if the mission is to kill. Today, even after the horrible tragedy of the Kyuubi no Yoko attacking six years ago, Konoha was peaceful and full of life as many children wishing to become ninja are beginning their first day at Konoha's Ninja Academy.


Smoke billowed from a small hut within a small swamp area in Konoha's woods. "Hack! Hack! Hack!" The door of the hut slammed open for a six year old child to run out and hit the ground. "Oie… I think I used too much powdered frog eyes." A blond hair child with whisker like marks groaned while getting up as a crystal ball rolled next to the child who was wearing an old white shirt and black short.

"IDIOT!" Naruto flinched as screaming came from the crystal ball. "You need to be careful when dealing with making potions!"

"Ow… Sensei…" The blond's sapphire blue eyes looked at the orb which was blood red with a black shadow in it that if a normal person would look at it, the shadow looked like a witch with glowing orange eyes. "Could you tone it down a bit? I think the explosion itself did quite well giving me a headache."

"Agh… Why did I take you on as my apprentice again, Naruto?" The shadow sighed.

"Because of my abilities with mana." Naruto sighed while getting up, dusting off. "But, now I have to make sure to check five times to make sure I have everything measured correctly before putting it together."

"MORON!" Naruto flinched from the loud female scream from the crystal ball. "You should be just doing it twice! Thank goodness you are studying aboard or I be ashamed as my titled would be destroyed because of your stupid mistakes…" Naruto picked up the ball with a frown.

"I'm sorry, sensei. But, you know, I'm still just six. That, and everyone makes mistakes." Naruto groaned, shifting shoulders for bone to pop.

"BUT YOU MAKE TOO MANY!" Naruto sighed as the blond wondered if the Hokage would take the blond off the ninja program thanks to hearing difficults thanks to the shadow in the ball.


"Huh?" Naruto blinked, looking in the hut as the smoke had cleared to exposed that inside the rundown, abandoned looking hut, the inside was clean and looked completely like a witch's abode as it was dark and filled with thick books, all sorts of jarred objects from people's nightmares, and caldrons and other things used for science or making witchs' brews. Next to a bed that looked more like a nest made from old pillows and sheets with books and such about was a pumpkin alarm clock ringing like there's no tomorrow. Naruto walked over to it and picked it up while stopping the alarm. "Nani? Why did I had this alarm clock set again?"

"Don't know, brat. Usually, you just sleep away or don't sleep at all while training… That are make dolls" The witch in the ball sighed, looking at the stitched together dolls that filled the room alone with dolls Naruto had saved from the dump and refurbished. A lot of them looked like a child's worse horror, but Naruto loved them. They were the only friends the blond had from the world the blond came from.

"Yeah… Why would I have set this alarm then?" Naruto looked at the two calenders on the wall nearby. One was a scroll with strange letters on it that no one in Konoha could read, but the other calendar was of Halloween characters and that there was a day circle in red for that mouth with "Academy-First Day" within the circle.

"…" Naruto paled. "NANI? I FORGOT TODAY IS WHEN I GO TO THE ACADEMY!" Naruto shouted, grabbing an orange jack-o-lantern shoulder sack and running out the door while placing the crystal ball back on its metal stand. "BYE SENSEI, SEE YOU LATER!"

"…" The witch in the ball let out a sigh. "How can that gaki be a ninja when being so loud?"


"…" Six year old Uchiha Sasuke was so hyped up. He was finally going to become a ninja like his family and brother! He would get out of his brother's shadow and show the Uchiha clan his worth!

"Now, you all-"

"SORRY I'M LATE! ACK!" Everyone in the class blinked as a blond hair six year old ran into the room and tripped on his own feet and slid on the floor to hit the first, middle row of desks with his back and upside down. "..Owie…" Tears was in the blond's sapphire blue eyes as he got up.

"Um… Uzumaki Naruto." The blond looked at the tanned sensei with a scar over his nose as the man frowned at the blond. "You're class is two doors down."

"Huh? Really?" Sasuke-as did the rest of the room-sweated as the blond looked at him with confusion before bowing. "I'm sorry for interrupting your class then, sir. Excuse me." The sheepishly left the room as Umino Iruka, the sensei of the class, let out a sigh. How the kid managed to get into one of the classes of the upperclassmen, he would not know from what he just saw.

'…What a weirdo… That guy probably is an idiot.' Sasuke let out a sigh as the class continued on. Sasuke was really happy at the end of the day when class was over, but frowned when he saw neither his mother nor father came to greet him.

'…They must be late.' Sasuke concluded. His father was part of the Miltary Police and his mother still went on missions from time to time. He didn't expect his older brother to come as he was a full-time ninja, but he could understand him not coming to something minor, but his parents didn't bring him for his first day of school, so they should at least pick him up…Right?

"Huh?" Sasuke blinked as he noticed the blond who had ran into class earlier sitting on the swing, alone and away from all the other kids meeting with their parents. 'Are his parents late as well?'

"Agh… I can't believe they let that thing into the academy." Sasuke looked at two mothers who were glaring at the blond. "I mean, it's just a threat being alive." The woman sneered with hate Sasuke couldn't understand.

"Shush. We're not suppose to talk about it." Sasuke watched as the two women left with their kids before Sasuke looked back at the blond.

'Thing? Why is he a thing?' Sasuke looked at the blond's face only for his eyes to widen at the evil smirk on the blond's face with a crazy look in the blond's sapphire blue eyes. 'N-N-Nani?' Sasuke thought in horror when his eyes locked the blond who began chuckling when the guy realized Sasuke was looking at him.

"Sasuke!" Sasuke snapped out from looking at the blond and looked up to see his brother walking up.

"Nii-chan!" Sasuke ran up to his brother, happy he came. "Why are you here? Where's mother and father?"

"Father's got held over at the police department and mother sent me to get you as she had to cook dinner." Eleven year old Uchiha Itachi sighed as he noticed his brother frowned. "Don't worry, Sasuke. Sometimes things happen." Itachi poked his little brother's head.

"Yeah." Sasuke grinned before looking back at where the blond was and blinked to see the guy had disappeared with the swing slightly moving.

"What are you looking at, Sasuke?" Itachi looked at the swing with a raised eyebrow.

"There was a blond hair kid over there a minute ago… He had blue eyes and strange markings of his face." Sasuke sighed, not wanting to lie to his brother though he noticed Itachi's eyes narrowed.

"Oh… Well, let's go home, Sasuke." Sasuke was shocked when he heard some-very slight amount-pity in his brother's voice for the blond.

'Why the heck would my brother have pity for that blond?' Sasuke thought, wondering what was with the blond… He was really weird… The little Uchiha's curiosity began to nag at him.


"…." Sasuke carefully followed the blond before him. Over the past month, he had been stalking the blond, his curiosity refusing to let him let the weird blond enigma. So, far, all Sasuke was able to gather was the blond's name was Uzumaki Naruto, somehow the same age as he was, but up in the two year inward classes, and hated by the village as if he was a demon. However, the last fact was very confusing to Sasuke. What could a six year old have done to be hated so badly people would throw stones at the boy or sneer at him calling him "demon." But, with such treatment, Sasuke guessed that was why the blond acts weird at times.

'Where are you going?' Sasuke thought as the blond headed into the woods. Even though he had been spying on the blond for a month, he had still had stuff to do and such, so he couldn't follow the blond for long periods… Except today which was a weekend day and he done all his homework so that he could track the blond almost all day as he even got up early to do it.

Sasuke followed Naruto all the way to a swamp which he didn't know Konoha had and then saw the blond go into an old hut that looked abandoned. 'What are you doing here?' Sasuke thought as he peeked through one of the first floor windows.

"Oie! Sensei! I'm back!" Naruto chimed as putting his hand on a clear crystal. Sasuke's eyes widen when it suddenly glowed red and a shadow formed inside the ball.

"What do you want? I can't supervise you all the time! I have clients to deal with as well!" A female voice came from the orb.

"I what to form a contract with you wanted me to form." Naruto evilly smirked.

"I see…" The shadow snapped its fingers in the orb and a large, old book came out of the many piles and stacks of books and shot over to the blond where the blond caught it with ease. "In that book, there are summoning circles. In the back pages is what you are looking for. I don't care which one you do, but read the instructions carefully and follow then to the letter."

"Don't you want to watch me do the summoning, sensei?" Naruto chimed.

"Sure… Why not." The shadow let out a sigh. "I'm interested in which one you will be summoning. You know, once you form a pact with one, you have it till you cancel the contract or die."

"Hai!" Naruto chimed, taking the book and the glass ball outside, which Sasuke quickly hid behind a tree. He watched as the blond drew a strange circle with all sorts of complex shapes and small strange letters all around it.

"That's a rare one used." The shadow in the ball sighed.

"I know. I want to be different." Naruto chimed, checking several times to make sure he had the circle perfect. "Alright! From the depth of the magick realms! I call forth the being of judgment! Come forth and hear my oath!" Naruto shouted as the circle glowed and the wind kicked up around it for it to spiral around as a ball of light came out of the circle before flashing and suddenly a large female looking knight being in jet black and sliver armor with metal horns and a large purple cape coming out from its shoulders appeared before the blond six year old. "Yes! It worked!"

'N-N-NANI?' Sasuke kept his hand over his mouth to keep from making noises. The blond before him just summoned something that looked like a demon! Could this blond really be a demon?

"…" The armored being looked at Naruto.

"Hi! I wish to vow an oath with you!" Naruto chimed while holding up his hand.


"I don't have a clan yet, but I do plan to make one! Uh, wait, is that a pact breaker there." The knight shook its head. "Oh, good! So, will you form a pact?" The knight nodded and outstretched its hand for Naruto to take it and in a flash of light, the knight was gone, but Naruto looked at her hand. "Yatta! I did it!" Naruto chimed showing off a strange tattoo which was on the blond's palm and was similar to the circle that was on the ground, but now gone, but simpler.

"Good. Now I don't have to worry about you much and you can do that kind of work easily… But, what is this of making a clan?" The female in the orb sighed as Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Simple, I'm only staying here to learn ninja stuff to help me when I go back to your home, sensei. I know no one is going to let become a ninja here." Sasuke's eyes widen, remembering what the parents would sometimes sneer about the blond being in the academy. "They even began sabotaging my education by putting me in the more experience classes and do dirty tricks like give me harder tests which weren't covered in class… If only they saw they didn't have to go through the trouble as I'm only going into the academy for Ojii-san."

"You shouldn't call the leader of your village an old man." The female scolded the blond.

"Well, he doesn't mind. He gets tired of being referred as Hokage-sama, so what I call him is sort of refreshing for him." Naruto sighed. "But, I can't tell him I don't wanna be a ninja. I mean, he looked after me even though he wasn't able to do it much. He would be sad if he found out I didn't want to become a ninja."

"I understand… He is one of your precious people." The shadow sighed. "But, you also are making sure you are can protect yourself. You abilities are very powerful and many greedy, evil people will want that power."

"Yeah… Many people here don't know of it. Kind of ironic that the old book Ojii-san got me for my third birthday would actually connect me to you, sensei, and my abilities." Naruto said while looking at the sky. "I'll wait till they kick me out of the academy before I disappear from here and join you, Sensei… I want you to be a part of the clan I make."

"Part-time?" The shadow growled in annoyance.

"Yeah. Just the missions where I will really need your help or I want you to come with me! I mean, you aren't called the Witch of the Fens for nothing as you live in the Tramdine Fens." Naruto grinned at the glass orb.

"Good… You better not call for my assistance a lot." The shadow glared at Naruto.

"Hai, hai! I know, sensei!" Naruto sheepishlu grinned. "But, there is another reason I decided to train abroad!"

"Really?" The shadow asked.

"I want to make a new job class!" Naruto chimed. "My studies under you as well as my harsh physical training as well ninja training… I hope to make a class of amazing strength to show off and make witchery a powerful magick job!"

'Witchery?... That has to be a forbidden art!' Sasuke thought in shock at the blond. Was the fact the blond was able to use this witchery that everyone hated him… But, then again, it's possible no one knows the blond was doing this witchery. 'I got to study up on this.' Sasuke thought, pulling out his Naruto notebook and began taking notes of his findings to help him with his research later.

'Where's my little brother at?' Itachi looked around the library questionably. His brother had been begging him to train him till lately. 'And when I finally get a chance to train him, he disappears!' Itachi kept his growl in his mind as he remember someone saying they saw Sasuke go into the library, so he had looked in all the sessions Sasuke would look though like ninjutsu and stuff, but didn't find him.

"Huh?" Itachi blinked as he passed the fiction area and found his brother reading several books. "What are you reading, Sasuke?" The younger brother jumped as Itachi snatched the book out of his brother's hands. "Hm? Witches? Magic?" Itachi blinked as Sasuke bluhed in embarrassment, especially when Itachi smirked and ruffled his hair. "At least one of us is getting a proper childhood."

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked, looking at his brother with shock when Itachi sat down.

"…I never got to experience my childhood properly because of war and having to become a ninja quickly to survive." Itachi sighed. "I never got to play games and really be silly and all when I was younger. Always serious… In a way, I was kind of scared of training you as I was scared you would loss the one thing I never got to have."

"Really?" Sasuke looked down before remembering his research. Witchery was what witches would use and they could do all sorts of things though for a price with magic. They could summon beasts to do their deeds and make potions that could make someone fall in love with another or make a person beautiful. "Hey, Itachi, if you knew a real witch, what would you do?"

"Well, luckily I read fantasy as my escape to help deal with the stress of being a ninja. So, I guess I would see if this witch could seen me in the past and I got kick myself in the rear end and tell myself even if I was being forced to be serious, to still have fun as a kid as life is short anyways. Which would probably make me, as well as possibly you, a lot happy as I would have a better personality than Mister No-Emotion." Itachi sighed in monotone as Sasuke sweated at the fact that was an actually possible theory that could work. "However, witches don't exist."

"…What if I told you I saw a witch?" Sasuke asked.

"And who would that be?" Itachi asked, wondering what got his brother into finally some normal kid things like fantasy.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Itachi, however, frowned at his brother.

"He isn't a witch." Sasuke looked at Itachi with pleading eyes, but his brother kept going. "He's… just a victim of human stupidity for being born during a tragedy."

"That's the demon and hate junk I saw following him." Itachi nearly fell out his chair, but caught himself. "But… He's a real witch. I watched him use magic to summon a demon looking armor with this magic circle like one of these." Sasuke pointed at one of the books with a magic circle on the front of the cover. "Also, he was talking to a shadow in a crystal ball that looked a lot like this." Sasuke pointed at a picture of an old witch with a pointed witch hat on.

"Are you sure?" Itachi asked, now interested in the possibilities. If Naruto was now really a witch… No, a witch apprentice, then possibly the blond would want revenge on Konoha?

"Yeah… He also said the academy was sabotaging his education, but he doesn't care as he doesn't want to be a ninja, but wants to learn the skills so he could make a new job class… Whatever that means." Sasuke sighed, confused. He got some answers, but also a lot more questions. "He just wants to leave Konoha once he is strong enough to protect himself as people would want his 'powers' and join his sensei before making a clan…"

"…" Itachi blinked in total shock. Maybe Naruto wasn't brought into the dark side. Maybe he got tired of the torment from Konoha, but also knows the truth and hence what he means by "powers?" "Sasuke, could you show me later where you saw Naruto doing this kind of stuff?"

"Sure." Sasuke chimed before they saw a Chûnin coming up.

"Yo, Itachi. Sorry to bother you when you are on you day off, but there's a mission need to be done, but the guy it was going to do it became sick."

"Sure. I'll do it. Let me take my brother home first. I mean, he'll be late home if I don't help him put these books up." Itachi sighed as the Chûnin nodded and left. Sasuke pouted before Itachi smirked. "I'll probably be home late, but I'll wake you up and will go check out this place you saw Naruto doing witch things so he won't know." Sasuke smiled as he saw what Itachi was planning. "So, let's hurry and put up these books."

"Hai!" Sasuke chimed as Itachi frowned behind his brother's back. He just wondered why Naruto was wanting to make a clan of witches.


"I didn't know there was a swamp near Konoha." Itachi sighed as he followed his brother. Naruto really did pick a good place to hide his magic as it was almost to the Konoha borderline for the entire village. Plus, since it was a swamp, not many people including of ninja would go in as swamps were annoying to even ninja.

"Yeah. Though, lucky, there aren't a lot of bugs." Sasuke chimed, though he was also glad that they had weekends off at the academy as he would be sleeping late today as it was after midnight right now.

"That's because it's fall, Sasuke, and getting colder." Itachi sighed before hearing something ahead.

"Ack!" Sasuke weakly gasped when Itachi grabbed him from behind and threw him into the bushes aside them. 'Huh?' Sasuke looked through the leaves to see Itachi staring ahead and then Sasuke heard footsteps.

"Oh, boy! This is my lucky day!" Sasuke looked to where Itachi was looking at a man wear a black clock with red clouds and wearing an orange spiral mask with only one eyes hole stopped before Itachi. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Itachi-kun. I was about to go to the Uchiha compound and contact you to meet me, but look at my luck to find you already free and out of Konoha's nosy ears."

"Who are you and why are you here?" Itachi growled, narrowing his eyes at the man before him.

"I'm Uchiha Madara and I was wondering if you be interested in joining me."

'He's an Uchiha?' Sasuke thought, wondering who in their right mind would be caught dead wearing an orange mask while the six year old sweated at the fact the man was possibly Uchiha. Though, Sasuke never heard of this Madara in the Uchiha clan before. However, Itachi must of heard of him as Sasuke saw his brother got into a defensive position.

"I'm not here to fight. Just simple talk." The orange mask man sighed though Itachi stayed prepared. "It seems the Uchiha clan have become… quite a mess compared to the times of the past."

"What are you talking about?" Itachi narrowed his eyes at the man before him. Madara should be dead with how old he should be now.

"Hmph. You know the Uchiha clan is planning to try and take over Konoha." Sasuke's eyes widen. There was no way his family wanted to do that? Why would the Uchiha want to betray their home?

"They are talking about it, but I don't think it is going to happen." Itachi growled back as Sasuke looked at his brother. "My father doesn't want bloodshed, but I also understand his reasoning for wanting to get come changes in Konoha. People are really being stupid thinking the Uchiha clan caused the Kyuubi to attack, but there are even worse people currently in control of Konoha and the Hokage also knows of the threat as well."

'Why are the Uchiha being accused of being part of the Kyuubi attack?' Sasuke knew of the fox demon that attacked Konoha, but how could his clan cause the attack. The attack was six year… Wait… Naruto was born six years ago… And had whisker marks. '"Demon?" C-Could the Yondaime Hokage have bound… No, he sealed the fox in Naruto! I-I don't know how, but that would explain why the Fourth died to defeat the fox! He died sealing the fox away and Naruto ended up being seen as the fox when he is really a jail!' Sasuke pieced everything together. Now he understood why the blond didn't want to be a ninja! He still cared for Konoha, but Naruto knew Konoha would care for him! So, he was planning to leave Konoha and make a new life for himself! But, why would the Uchiha clan is believed to cause the whole Kyuubi attack to happen in the first place?

"That is true, but even so the Uchiha clan's power and patience is wearing thinner and thinner every day. It won't be long till Konoha begins to see the Uchiha clan's real self and the clan is already on the road to destruction and I believe there is no way to get the clan off that road." Uchiha Madara sighed.

"…You really want the end of Konoha, don't you." Itachi narrowed his eyes.

"Hm… Before, when I turned the last Kyuubi host into the Kyuubi reborn and made Kyuubi attack six years ago, I did." Both brothers' eyes widen in shock. "However, then, I realize that such stupid hate is wrong. So, instead… I have a different plan."

"You monster!" Itachi shouted in anger, his emotionless mask lost. "Don't you realize all the pain and suffering you caused! The Uchiha clan wouldn't be in the position they are now in, a boy would have had his parents and a happy life instead of being seen the Kyuubi reborn, and many people would be around! Who are you to come and ask you to join you when I know you for sure your intentions are clearly evil?"

"Oh, dear… I guess you are going to be stubborn and refuse to help me… But, I really need you for my plans to work." Itachi and Sasuke's eyes widen when the man suddenly disappeared before them and Sasuke then saw the man had somehow teleported behind Itachi and making hand seals very fast for even Sasuke to see. "Luckily, I know a jutsu that will make you think different!"

"AAAGHH!" Itachi screamed as a bright flash came from Madara and Sasuke was blinked by the light and bit his lips to keep him from making a sound as he rubbed his eyes which hurt a lot. He heard a thump and guessed his brother collapsed to the ground.

"Well, once you wake up, you will be my perfect little puppet… But, I better take you somewhere a bit more… appealing than this swamp." Sasuke heard as he guessed his brother's body was picked up and the man known as Madara teleported off with his brother.

"N-Nii-chan…" Sasuke mumbled as he cried, blinking as his eyes began to come back to normal.

-"S-S-Sas-suke…"- Sasuke froze when he heard his brother's voice and it was weak and barely audible. Sasuke saw Madara was gone, but couldn't see his brother.

"Nii-chan! Where are you?" Sasuke shouted, coming out of the bushes as it was safe. He really was glad his chakra wasn't really developed thanks to be not tapped into as it must have made the clearly criminal Uchiha think he was just an animal frozen in fear from having two humans near it.

-"S-S-S-Sas-s-suke….W-W-Where a-a-re you?"- Sasuke looked down and his eyes widen in horror when he saw a bluish white orb floating near the ground and the top was flaming up like the orb was on fire.

"N-N-Nii-chan?" Sasuke asked, picking the orb up, expecting it to burn. However, Sasuke found it was warm and slowly pulsing as if to show it was alive.

-"Where a-are you? I-I can't s-s-see anything….A-Are you…alright?"- Sasuke then noticed the orb where his brother's voice was coming out of was fading.

"Shot!" Sasuke cursed. He was freaking holding his brother's soul! It was the only thing Sasuke could think it be as it was proven by Madara calling his brother's body a "perfect puppet" and if he didn't do something soon, his brother's soul was going to fade away. "Naruto!" Sasuke shouted in remembering Naruto was a witch! He would know how to save Itachi's soul! However, Sasuke noticed that with how fast the soul was fading and he would not be able to reach Naruto in time. Then, the six year old thought of a rash, and probably the stupidest, idea he could come up with the stress and time he had.

"Ack!" Sasuke stuffed the soul in his mouth, gagging as he felt it in his throat and suddenly it was gone and his eyes widen as everything became much more crisp and everything had better details than before.

-"Where are you? I can see, but I can't see you…"- Sasuke heard his brother's voice in his head.

"I'm here. You're in my body. Hold on! I know who can help us, so don't talk and waste your energy as I don't know how long you can stay in my body!" Sasuke shouted as he ran for the hut, looking up and grinning when he saw smoke going up into the sky thanks to the full moon.

"La la la… Pumpkins, pumpkins! Oh, how I love pumpkins!" Sasukes's eyes lit up with joy as he heard a similar voice singing. "Oh, I love pumpkins as much as dolls! And books! Oh, now do my back." Sasuke ran full speed for the door of the hut, slamming the door open of the hut.

"Hm?" Sasuke's face turned beet red when he saw Naruto in a metal tub full of water and suds bent over the edge for a floating bush to scrub the blond's back. "Oh, ho! Hello, naughty." Naruto chimed at Sasuke while getting up for Sasuke to recoil and stumble back. "What's wrong? Don't cha like what you see?"

"N-N-N-NANI? YOU'RE A GIRL?" Sasuke screamed in horror, covering his eyes. "My virgin eyes!" He was now a peeping tom like cousin Shisui! He did not want to one! Sure, he didn't hate girls, but he didn't want to get beaten to a pulp by them for seeing them bathing!

"Hey, hey hey! My body isn't ugly!" Naruto growled, drying off while glaring at Sasuke.

"Naruto, I believe he means he was not suppose to have seen you naked. Does the humes there have the same traditions of mine kind?" Sasuke looked up to see the glass ball with the shadow in it.

"No… Must be a kid thing." Naruto sighed, now with a towel wrapped around her. "Hm? You're the Uchiha from that class I ran into a month ago… Wasn't your eyes dark gray or something?"

"W-What?" Sasuke looked to his side in a mirror and to his disbelief he had red eyes that only his clan had. "I awaken the Sharingan!...Huh?" Sasuke looked closer in the mirror to see something was off with his Sharingan. One… It had all three wheel swirls, however, they weren't wheel swirls, but perfect circles. And the number two thing off was the fact his pupils were oval like in silted, much like a cat's pupils. "W-What happened to my eyes?"

"Wait a second…" Sasuke closed his eyes when the blond walked up to him to keep from seeing the blond girl's naked body even though right now it was covered by a towel.

"What the? That can't be the ability I think it is…" Sasuke heard the shadow's voice said before his eyes widen when a hand shot into his throat and he gagged, tears going down his cheeks as the hand and arm went deeper before he felt something coming out of his body and his vision returned a little back to normal, though still crisp.

"Ack!" Sasuke gasped as Naruto pulled her arm and hand out of his throat and mouth before he puked on the floor. He panted, his vision swinging as he was dizzy.

"My, my, you are naughty, indeed." Sasuke looked up to see the blond's crazy grin as she was holding Itachi's soul. "But, sensei… I believe we have a Hume with an ability similar that of morphers."

"I see… A very interesting thing for a hume with such skills similar of that of the Nu Mou."

"M-Morpher? N-Nu Mou?" Sasuke asked before he closed his eyes and everything drifted into darkness.


Sasuke looked around, surrounded by darkness. "Nii-chan! Nii-chan! Where are you?" Sasuke shouted before he saw his brother far off. "Nii-chan!" Sasuke ran towards his brother only for his brother to turn into a flaming ball of a soul.

"Nii-chan!" Sasuke sat up, wide awake in his bed with tears in his eyes. "Huh?" Sasuke blinked as he found himself in his room. 'W-Was that all a dream?' Sasuke thought before finding a piece of paper in his hand and opened it.

XXYo Naughty!

I need you to visit my hut with a picture of the body the soul you ate and took out of you looked like. I am keeping the guy or gal in a place so his or her soul won't either disappeared or turn ghost on us, but I need to make a second body as what I am doing now will only last a few days. Also, lay off the sweets and junk food. You weight a lot.

From Naruto.

P.S.-You need to explain to me what happened to this guy or gal for them to have his or her soul pushed out when you bring the picture as I can tell this soul is not really to be collected by the shinigami yet.XX

"T-That wasn't a dream…" Sasuke stuffed the note in his pillow before he began to rub his eyes, which ached. "Ow…"

"Sasuke, what's wrong? Did you just shout?" Uchiha Mikoto came into her son's room and noticed Sasuke rubbing his eyes. "Are you alright?"

"My eyes hurt." Sasuke grubbled, rubbing his eyes as they really did hurt and it seemed covering his eyes from the light lessen the pain.

"Let me see. You probably just got…" Mikoto's face filled with shock when she saw Sasuke's eyes. "FUGAKU! GET UP HERE THIS INSTANT!" A very stoic Uchiha Itachi flinched when Fugaku had jumped and dropped his coffee and wailed in pain from it spilling on him.

"…" Itachi just went back to his breakfact as Fugaku got a towel and got the coffee off him before going up stairs to find Mikoto in Sasuke's room.

"Mikoto, what's wrong? The last time you screamed like that was when you mistaken me for a peeping tom." Fugaku sighed, remembering how painful that mistake of not knocking on the door of the bathroom when still a newlywed.

"Look." Mikoto faced Sasuke's head to his father and Fugaku's eyes widen as well.

"No way."

"Um… My neck is starting to ache." Sasuke grunted as Mikoto let go of her son, who rubbed his neck and closing his eyes for the headache he was beginning to get from his aching eyes went away. When he opened his eyes again, the pain came back, so he closed his eyes.

"I'm calling the doctor." Mikoto got a nod from Fugaku before she left. "Sasuke, why are you keeping your eyes close?"

"Because they hurt when open." Sasuke turned to his father's voice.

"I see…Hypersensitivity." Fugaku sighed. "I can't believe this. How is this possible?"

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked, very confused.

"Nothing." Sasuke, however, could tell something was worrying his father.

"Father. I'm leaving on a mission now." Sasuke flinched at the cold, almost emotionless voice he head. He knew it was from his brother, but… it wasn't. It was too distant and without emotion. Even though Itachi did his best to hide emotion, Sasuke could always pick up some emotion in his brother's voice at least when he was around him. "Huh? What's wrong with Sasuke?"

"Nothing. You should get going or you'll be late." Sasuke heard no response as he heard footsteps going away from the room. Now, he knew for sure that dream was real. Itachi would have said something and then, if the mission wasn't really important, be late to see what was wrong.

'… But, how do I tell my parents the danger?' Sasuke thought, remembering what he heard Uchiha Madara said and now he had his brother's body like a puppet.

"I usually don't do house visits, so I might not be able to see what's wrong with your son's eyes." Sasuke turned his head towards where he heard a doctor that was an Uchiha came in with Mikoto. "Huh? Why is his eyes closed?"

"I think he's experiencing some hypersensitivity to his eyes." Fugaku sighed. There was clearly worry in his voice.

"Sasuke-chan, can you open your eyes so I can see what your parents are so worked up about?" Sasuke opened his eyes, flinching at the painful headache that came with opening them and the light seeming blinding. Sasuke, however, noticed the shock in the doctor's eyes. What was everyone so shocked about.

"Ack!" Sasuke quickly covered his eyes when the doctor tried shining a light over them.

"…Okay, clearly some hypersensitivity like a first time awakening of the Sharingan." Sasuke was the one now shocked as the doctor pinched the bridge of his nose. "Though, this is the first time I seen it acticate this way. It's kind of like in a dormant form of the Byakugan from what I see… Possibly, either Sasuke's Sharingan is possibly is awaking up slowly or he ctivated it and there's some kind of small problem with his eyes. Probably the latter as he had all three swirls… Huh? They're circles?" Sasuke really wanted to close his eyes, but the doctor kept them open. "Sasuke, can you use chakra?"

"No… Not yet. I just started the academy." Sasuke wondered what was going on, but right now, he wanted to close his eyes so bad. His head was pounding like crazy.

"I see… His Sharingan did activate, but he had no control over it. That would explain the extreme case of hypersensitivity. His chakra is unconsciously turning it on and off in sort of the way of the Byakugan. Tell me, did you experience something very stressful?"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked, closing his eyes when the doctor took his hands off them.

"Like something that made you're very emotional." The doctor sighed as Sasuke didn't know what to say. He didn't know what would happen to Itachi's body and the clan if they knew what he knew.

"Wait. He had a bad dream which he shouted from." Mikoto stated. "When I came into his room, he was rubbing his eyes as they hurt so could it be possible that a nightmare caused this?"

"Well, usually not. But, then again, the theory is that stress or emotional distress can cause the Sharingan to activate, so it is possible. Can you remember anything from this dream of yours, Sasuke?" The doctor asked.

"N-Not really… Except Nii-chan dying." Sasuke told the truth. He had to get with his mother and father later to tell them what happened to Itachi which was the result of the dream.

"I see. That right there could be enough to do it for a six year old to activate his Sharingan. I'll need to do a better exam to see exactly what problems a premature activation like this could have." The doctor sighed.

"What's wrong with me activating my Sharingan now?" Sasuke asked. "Itachi activated his when he was eight."

"Yes. But you're eyes don't fully mature and are still developing till you are seven years of age. We already see one problem with your Sharingan and it's painfully hypersensitivity with your eyes." The doctor patted Sasuke's shoulder. "I'll go get a pair of sunglasses from my office for when I have to do eye operations so the light doesn't hurt your eyes as now it could damage your eyesight. I'll set up my office so you can bring him into my office later today for the full exam."

"Can I still go train?" Sasuke asked, lying, but he couldn't tell them about Naruto… Not before he confirms she was really a witch and was helping him.

"Not really, but the glasses I'm going to get makes a person nearly blind indoors, so you can play around outside till your appointment comes up, but no rough housing or training." The doctor scolded as Sasuke nodded.

"Thank you." Mikoto sighed as the doctor left. "I best-Huh?" Mikoto and Fugaku looked at Sasuke when Sasuke grabbed his mother's dress.

"… Is Itachi gone?" Sasuke asked, fear in his voice.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Mikoto asked as Fugaku could tell Itachi wasn't in the house.

"Yes. He went on a mission. Should I call him back?" Fugaku asked. Sure, he saw doing that as stupid, but right now, his son was suffering thanks to a pre-mature awakening of the Sharingan, so canceling a mission was okay for Itachi.

"No… … It's alright." Sasuke swallowed as his parents dropped it as Sasuke trying to be a big boy and left to finish-as well as take another shower and redress for Fugaku-their morning routine. 'If I tell them… or the Uchiha clan, then Madara might find out as he is using Itachi's body as a puppet and this could spell major trouble… I need Naruto's help…' Sasuke flinched when he heard footsteps again.

"Here you are, Sasuke-chan." Sasuke relaxed when he heard the doctor and felt something like plastic put in his hands. He opened his eyes to see strange looking sunglasses, but he guessed they were to make sure no light got directly to the eyes, and put them on and sighed in relief he could now see without pain. However, he noticed someone standing behind the doctor even though the doctor was right about the glasses being very dark. "Who is that behind you?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" The doctor looked behind his back to see no one was there.

"There's an old lady there with round glasses, graying hair, and looks like a nurse behind you." Sasuke said, not noticing the shock on the doctor's face. "Can I go now?"

"S-Sure." The doctor stuttered before Sasuke got out of bed as the doctor left the room and went to Sasuke's parents.

"So, Sasuke is fine till we take him for the exam later today?" Mikoto asked as Fugaku came into the kitchen with fresh clothes on.

"Yes… But, I think he has an… extra ability with his Sharingan." The doctor sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "We'll probably know for sure if he had the ability I think he has."

"What ability?" Fugaku asked, knowing the Uchiha council would be wanting to know why his son was wearing sunglasses.

"… I think he can see the dead."


"…" Sasuke gulped as he stood before the hut Naruto worked at. 'M-Maybe this wasn't a good idea…' Sasuke paled. He remembered how the blond acted yesterday. The blond could be an evil and already at Itachi's soul and was planning to…

"Yo, Naughty!"

"AIIIEEE!" Sasuke managed to jump high enough to grab hold of the roof of the single story roof and looked down to see Naruto wearing the usual old white shirts and black shorts along with the strange pumpkin like bag the blond had. "Don't do that!" Sasuke shouted as he let go and landed on the ground and pointed at the blond. "You almost gave me a heart-attack!"

"Sorry. Well, let's get down to business." Naruto chimed while going into the hut and with a snap of her fingers, the candles in the hut instantly lit and Naruto sat on this strange bed of sheets and pillows, tossing a pillow onto the floor for Sasuke to sit in.

"…So, where's Itachi's soul?" Sasuke asked, glaring at the blond. He didn't trust her as he remember reading some witches were evil and the blond could possibly be an evil one that just wants to find a nice isolated place to live and then drawn in innocent people to feed off them to stay immortal.

"There." Sasuke looked up on the table where Naruto was pointing to see Itachi's soul floating inside a glass box with strange symbols inked on it. "He's asleep right now and will be till I can make a second body for his soul to live in… But, first… What happened to this Itachi guy?" Naruto sighed, pulling out a small chibi looking doll, but it had no features and just a pale doll ghost of sorts.

"This guy known as Uchiha Madara used this strange jutsu and knocked Itaci's soul out and now he is using Itachi's body like a puppet on auto-pilot." Sasuke sighed as Naruto frowned.

"Great. So I will have to make an exact body and deal with exorcizing the fake soul in your brother which is controlling his real body." Naruto groaned. "But, did you tell anyone of this?"

"No… I wanted to know what exactly happen to my bro-"

"Good. Don't dare tell any living soul." Naruto said in a serious tone. "I remember talking to some of the ghosts of Konoha and remember them talking about a powerful Uchiha by the name of Madara. He is a traitor of Konoha and fought the Shodai Hokage-which is actually quite a good guy to talk to-and everyone believes is dead. He has this powerful version of the Sharingan called the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and is the leader of a criminal organization known as the Akatsuki. My information network of ghosts and phantoms haven't gotten what they are up to yet, but all I know it isn't good. If he made Itachi his puppet, then we will have cut the strings quietly or else this could become worse than when you call a Bangaa a lizard." Naruto groaned. She did, however, know the Akatsuki were after Jinchuriki like herself, which was why she wanted to get the ninja part of her training over quickly and escape to where her Sensei lives. She was not mad being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki as she knew her mother was the last container as well as another Uzumaki was the first, which actually made her proud of continued the strange female Uzumaki tradition. She also knew giving birth to a child weakens the seal and she guessed her mother's seal failed at Naruto's birth and everything went to chaos, which was another reason Naruto felt it was alright for people to hate her… She was the cause of the Kyuubi attacking Konoha.

"Huh?" Sasuke blinked behind his sunglasses.

"…Oh, yeah… Basically, it could get very bad very fast."

"Oh…" Sasuke sighed. He had a feeling that would be the case. "Not even my mother and father?"

"Not even them. If it gets dangerous for them, then you can tell them. Right now, my best bet is that Madara is just going to use him for gathering info for now and he is going to secretly train him before striking whatever he is planning. Plus, we are going to need proof as who is going to believe kids anyways on high risk info?" Naruto said as Sasuke paled, not realizing if he did try telling his parents what happened last night, they wouldn't believe him without proof."So, you got the picture?"

"Huh?... Oh, yeah. Here." Sasuke handed Naruto a recent picture of Itachi. "But, what is this body you are talking about?" Sasuke asked before Naruto pulled out a wooden box out of her jack-o-lantern back and opened it to expose it was like the boxes he saw some of the older Uchiha who were retired and used for fishing, but Naruto had all sorts of sewing things in this box.

"Often, when a soul if forcibly removed from its body though the body is still alive, then the soul becomes unstable. It often becomes a monster people often call Ghost or even a Wraith… Sometimes even worse, thought other ways are the usual cause of such monsters. However, when the reason is what happened to Itachi, that monster will go after its body, wanting to reclaim it only it will destroy the body if the soul has been completely corrupted." Naruto sighed as Sasuke went wide-eyed with shock as Naruto's hands went as the blond began sewing with a speed Sasuke didn't think was possible. "Luckily, because it seems you gotten quite a unique ability and stupidly 'ate' your brother's soul, you were able to keep him from turning at all and I was able to contain his soul in a temporary container in sort of a soul coma till I can make a more fitting body. You can put souls within objects, but depending on the soul, the soul will most often reject being inside a foreign object like a suit of armor or such. However, witches know of a way of bonding a soul into an object without that happening. We use special spells to bond the souls. However, depending on how the soul left its body depends on how we do it and what we put the soul in. There. How is this? I just made a simple cloak for now as I need to make better clothes for it." Sasuke looked at the ghost looking doll from before and was shock to see now it was now a chibi Itachi doll with a simple cloak on it, though his hair, which Sasuke didn't know how the blond managed to give the doll hair, was not in a ponytail.

"Wow… It looks a lot like him…" Sasuke flinched as something flew pass his head and then saw the small glass box that his brother's soul was in Naruto's free hand.

"Time to get to business." Naruto chimed, smashing the glass in her hands for it to reform on the ground where it gently landed, but Itachi's soul was in Naruto's hand. Naruto laid the doll in front of her and put Itachi's soul floating above. "Oh, lost soul, bound thyself to this new form, and make it thy home!" A magic circle made from light appeared beneath the doll and the sparks lit from both the doll and soul before pulling the two objects together and the soul went into the doll and then there was a bright flash before the doll flopped onto its rear end, sitting up with its head down.

"Oh… Where am I?" The doll moved, waving as if dizzy, and its head looked up as its eyes were blinking at both of them. Sasuke never thought he would see a cloth doll moving or blinking on its own.

"Itachi-nii-chan? Are you alright?" Sasuke asked, kneeling down to the doll's eye level.

"Sasuke?" The doll's eyes filled with relief when he saw Sasuke and he was alright… Before seeing the sunglasses. "NANI? WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR EYES? Are you blind? Who did it? I'll murder them! ACK!"

"Chill it." Sasuke sweated as Naruto had pinned Itachi down with her foot.

"Don't worry. My just are very sensitive right now as I activated my Sharingan." Sasuke sighed, trying to calm his brother in a doll down.

"Sharingan? What is that?" Sasuke's eyes widen behind his sunglasses as Itachi looked at him with genuine confusion. "Plus…Who am I? I remember at least you are my brother, but almost everything else is a blank."

"N-Naruto." Sasuke glared at the blond who picked Itachi up and held him close to her chest with an evil smirk on her lips.

"The soul and mind work as one in a person's body. While the soul is a person's true self very few people see, it doesn't contain memories, but controls the true feelings and choices of the mind. The mind serves as the outer self everyone sees and contains all the memories. However, the most precious and ones connected directly to the soul memories is what helps with the bond of the soul and mind and when your brother's soul was pushed out of his body, only those that helped kept the bond to his body was yanked with him. This is why if he did turn into a ghost, he would have turned into the monster kind. He would be driven to insanity because he didn't know who or what he was except what he was to you in a sense." Naruto chimed. "Madara probably didn't know what his jutsu really did. It made a new, fake soul in place of Itachi's soul and made it like a newborn, perfectly malleable and under his control. But, this does mean we possibly have an advantage!"

"Nani?" Sasuke asked, confused as to how they had the advantage over an old, powerful traitor of Konoha.

"This soul has no bond of self in Itachi's body. If you keep acting like his brother and trying to connect with him, then you will influence him like Madara as well. His memories of you are probably spare and fuzzy as Itachi here probably has a good amount of them from the way he acts, but we could possibly foil Madara's plans!" Naruto shouted while pumping her fist in the air while grinning like a mad idiot.

"Uh… We are just two six years and my brother's soul in a doll with hardly any memory. How the heck are we going to foil Madara's plans by ourselves?" Sasuke sighed, not having much confidence. It was two possibly strong ninja against two academy students and a doll… The odds didn't look good.

"Naughty-baka." Sasuke blinked as the blond smacked his forehead with two of her fingers. "I'm a witch-in-training under one of the greatest witches and a prodigy in the arts of magick. A doll, well everything can be used as deadly weapons, can be just as dangerous as the best shinobi. And, now, you have unique abilities of your own that could prove very useful against Madara." Naruto had a mad smirk on her lips.

"Unique abilities?" Sasuke asked before noticing the glass ball and it didn't have the witch shadow in it.

"Sensei is currently looking for scripts and such to help you. Kind of rare to find someone with the abilities of a Morpher in a Hume." Naruto chimed.

"Morpher? Hume?" Sasuke looked at Naruto in confusion as was Itachi.

"Hume is human. As for a Morpher, a morpher is a job class for battle where the person uses the souls of monsters to take on the abilities of monsters that have died or the person had a Hunter capture for them. Yet, you were able to do that with a Hume soul, so I wonder if you could train to become a brand new job class."

"Job class?" Sasuke asked before sweating as he saw how comfortable Itachi had gotten in Naruto's arm. The doll was content and had his eyes closed in a relaxing way, which crept Sasuke out.

"Yes… Just as you wish to become a ninja, there is more than one job for battle. Here… The classes people 'sort of' know, but don't really think about it as something they could change is ninja, samurai, solider, a ninja version of a White Mage with are healers, and then there are monks though they have a very different style to the monks my teacher is used to." Naruto let out a sigh. "I want to make a brand new job class for when I join my teacher where she is. Which is why I am taking advantage of the studies of ninja to help with making a new, powerful magick using class!"

"Magic using class?" Sasuke questionably corrected the blond.

"No, magick. Magic is that slight of hand trips people here do." Naruto explained with a matter of fact tone. "Many magick users like Black Mages, White Mages, Green Mages, and so on spend so much time studying and increasing their mana and knowledge that they don't pay attention to their body and make them weak against physical attacks and are weak in physical attacks as well. The only exception is Veira, a female rabbit like race, who have jobs that counter this problem some like Sensei who is a Red Mage even though she calls herself a witch along with other job classes. Ninja are sort of within that equal amount, though the Magick they use where Sensei is from and here is extremely different and here it is much of powerful."

"I-I see…" Sasuke sighed. "Well, I'll take Itachi and leave them." Sasuke tried to take Itachi awake from Naruto, but the blond moved backward onto the bed and out of Sasuke's reach.

"No. Even though Itachi is now in a body, he will still want to attack and force out the foreign soul in his real body. At least, by being me, he will keep his control and not attack his body unless I tell him to. Also, there's something we need to discuss, Naughty." Naruto sighed while picking up an old calculator. She prefers her abacus, but she had to find it later as she misplaced it.

"My name is Sasuke, not Naughty!" Sasuke growled while glaring at the blond who was working on the calculator. "So, what do you want to discuss about?"

"This." Naruto showed Sasuke the calculator's screen. "Your bill."

"NANI?" Sasuke shouted as he gapped. There were quite a few zeros on the calculator and not in the way Sasuke hoped. "I'm just six years old! How do you think I am going to pay off that amount of money? That's high way robbery!"

"No… It isn't." Naruto lowly chuckled as Sasuke recoiled as the scary, crazed look in her eyes as a sly smile crept on her lips. "Nothing comes free in this world or any worlds in a matter of speaking, Naughty. There is a price for everything, which is why hard work is the best money for it. However, what you asked of me was your assistance in a very deep and big problem, so yeah, the price will be high and there is no way you are going to be able to back out."

"B-B-But, I don't have any money! My allowance can't pay for this!" Sasuke whined. His parents were going to kill him if he found all his allowance going to this blond!

"Who said I wanted it in ryou?" Sasuke looked at the blond in shock. "Where I am going, ryou is worthless. So, why not use the easiest form of currency?"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke shivered under the blond mad grin.

"Simple, Naughty, you're my slave till you pay off your debts to me." Naruto chimed while Itachi was wondering when he was going to be filled in on who he was. It was kind of annoying not knowing who he was, but Itachi did thought the strange face of pale shock and horror on Sasuke was funny.


"Sasuke-kun? What happened to your eyes?" Sasuke ignored the fangirls he managed to get as everyone in his class was wondering what happened to him as he was wearing sunglasses like Aburame Shino. After the doctor did his exam, he gave Sasuke a better pair of sunglasses so he could be able to see inside without his eyes hurting as even artificial light made his hypersensitive sight hurt. His sight had increased drastically to the point he could see several feet away with ease.

However, the doctor also did another test where asked Sasuke what he saw in the hospital and if there was people, to point at their picture with a bunch of pictures that he showed the boy…. And, the results were that Sasuke could see ghosts as clear as normal living people and even grab, touch, and probably even channel them though Sasuke knew he could thanks to what he did with Itachi's soul. His parents and the doctor instantly knew this would be a problem, so they decided to say thanks to his premature Sharingan awaking, his eyes and brain weren't totally connect and Sasuke will see things not there thanks to chakra and such. Sasuke wasn't crazy, just would have problems with his sight for a while till he could get it under control. Iruka-sensei was quite shocked when he got the doctor's letter explaining the sunglasses and Sasuke frowned when Iruka pitied him.

"Heh! What are you trying to do, Uchiha?" Inuzuka Kiba chimed during lunch as everyone was outside and eating lunch. "Trying to copy Shino?" Sasuke noticed Shino glaring at Kiba, as he discovered quickly with his own sunglasses how to tell when someone was glaring with them on.

"Kiba! Leave Sasuke-kun alone!" Sasuke wondered if Naruto wouldn't mind "experimenting" a spell personally for him on how to make a hate potion so that he could use his fangirls as the guinea pigs. "He could have-"

"I prematurely awaken my Sharingan and it is causing my eyes to be very sensitive, so I have to wear sunglasses to protect them." Sasuke growled in annoyance as Kiba and the girls flinched from the anger coming off of Sasuke. "So, leave. Me. Alone."

"B-But, Sasuke-kun, don't you want us to eat with-"

"Yo, Naughty!"

"Ack!" Sasuke jumped and turned around to see Naruto coming out of the bushes while Kiba was laughing off his butt because Sasuke got scared by a blond hair guy. Sasuke noticed Naruto holding Itachi in her arms while a scroll was in her hand.

"Hey! Don't scare Sasuke-kun!" Haruno Sakura shouted as Yamanaka Ino and other fangirls joined her in scolding the blond.

"Don't care and will never care." All the girls gaped before Naruto turned to Sasuke. "Here, Naughty, you dropped this yesterday when you trespassed where I train." Sasuke caught the scroll Naruto threw at him, though he glared at the blond for the nickname the blond used instead of his name.

"Sasuke isn't bad! So, don't call him that!" Ino shouted this time.

"Hmph. You are noisy, isn't that right, Ita-kun?" Naruto asked Itachi who Sasuke noticed had an annoyed look in his eyes.

"Hai… Very annoying." Sasuke instantly realized his brother made a big mistake! He spoke! Dolls weren't supposed to talk!

"What?" Sakura and some girls recoiled at the fact the doll in Naruto's arm which was wearing a strange outfit with a green cap with a lighter green bandana and mask on his face while he wore a tan and white striped shirt with long sleeves underneath, black knuckle cut gloves that stopped before his wrist brown shorts, and strange shoes with stocking like socks. On the shirt was a belt that wrapped around where Itachi's hip would be if he was still in a human body which held a sack on the back along with a small doll knife in a holster.

"Creep!" Ino growled. "Such a cheap trick like ventriloquism to make a doll talk!" Sasuke blinked as the girls just glared at Naruto as Kiba looked like he was going to die a young death from laughter before realizing Naruto had purposely kept her mouth slightly open thanks to a smirk… Meaning to look like she was the one talking, though making Itachi look like his was talking through whatever trick the blond fangirl called it.

"How mean." Naruto pouted. "Aren't these girls mean, huh, Ita-kun?"

"Hai. Meaner than the devil himself."

"That's it! Get him!" Naruto jumped away, standing on just her balls of her feet when she landed on a branch in a tree near Sasuke.

"If you can catch me!" Naruto chimed while hopping away with quickly and fuildly, like a rabbit as the fangirls gave chase, trying to beat the blond and Sasuke's brother.

"Ah, man! That was hilarious!" Kiba chimed. "Who was that guy?"

"…Just a weird blond." Sasuke sighed, having finished his lunch and walked away. He slightly opened the scroll to find it was translated scrolls on techniques Morphers use and an explanation of the magick of Morphers. 'She probably just did it now to annoy me.; Sasuke sighed, wondering what he left was now going to be like being a witch's slave… Hopefully, not a total wreck.