Shadow The Hedgehog and Silver The Hedgehog were hidding in the bushes as Rouge The Bat was devouring her pizza, releasing powerful farts from her concealed ass as the palm trees fell over from the shockwaves of the vibrations.

"Has she been doing this farting all day?" Silver exclaimed as he winced.

Shadow groaned as he slapped his forehead. "Sadly, yes. I've been trying to get her to stop, but she kept ignoring me-"

Rouge then popped into the bushes, looking at both Shadow and Silver with an evil smirk across her face. "Oh, what's wrong, boys? Am I too pretty to handle?"

Shadow and Silver were practically speechless as Rouge giggled, bending over to reveal her sexy butt, giving Shadow and Silver nosebleeds, much to their displeasures.

"Don't worry, Silver. The pizza was great." Rouge thanked as she lowered her eyes, "But I know how to repay you even more than just money."

Shadow and Silver screamed as they attempted to flee, but Rouge grabbed both of them by the dreadlocks, pulling them back together as she rammed their heads into her butt. She laughed evilly as she then released a literally shirt storm of farts, Shadow and Silver both screaming more dearly than ever before.