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The boys walked out of the pool and got dressed. They ran down to the recording studio only to see Seasons standing in front of them with Gustavo Rocque by their side.

"Boys. This is my niece, Autumn's band. They're called seasons and their going to be recording at Rocque Records. Say hello to Summer, Autumn, May, and January." Gustavo explained. The girls stood there and just stared at the boys.

James stepped forward.

"Welcome ladies. I am James, and this is Big Time Rush, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan." James explained with a smirk on his face.

"Fascinating." Summer said sarcastically. "Now can we get to recording Gustavo?"

"Sure girls." Gustavo said.

"Wait! This is our recording time!" Logan almost shouted.

"You boys can have tomorrow at 7 am." He yelled back and the boys let out a groan.

"Let's go listen." Kendall said as he ran over to the booth. There a track started playing and they boys new it all too well. It was a slower version of Halfway There-almost a ballad.

"When your chips are down back against the wall got no more to give cause we gave it all. Seems like going the distance is unrealistic but we're too far from the start." Autumn sang into the microphone. The song kept on going as each girl unveiled they're amazing voices.

"They sing like, like, angels." Carlos said in awe as he stared at Autumn.

"I agree Carlos. Boy, do I agree." James said as he gazed at Summer.

When the song came to a stop the studio erupted into thunderous applause.

"You guys were great!" James said.

Summer looked him over twice and then turned away.

"Thanks." She replied.

That night the boys were playing God of War when the doorbell rang. Logan ran up to get it. He opened the door to find the Seasons in their pjs.

"What are you guys doing here?" Logan asked.

"There's nothing else to do in this place so we figured we should say hi and eat some of your food." January replied giggling at the end.

"Um…come on in." He stepped back.

The boys were just about to win when the girls walked in.

"Guys!" Kendall smacked both of them upside the head. "Pay attention!"

"How can we? Look at them. They're goddesses!" Carlos replied.

So the girls entered the room. That's when the fun began.

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