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ANHey my few and farious follweres. This is the fabled end of mine own narrative occuring en quibus sub bina carnum ya know? I recently received the queens own gloves in approval so its really time to move on any of you know how to get wine stains out of mustard or fox tails for that matter leave it in the comments? KTHx ]]]]]]] p.s i have just bin lurving axes and roses lately olz...=.= pps if you remember he must choze!

It was at the BALL that for the last time MR DARCy had the pleasure of picking out MS. elizabeth from the myriad of pretentious vampires; swirling at, glimmering about the dance floor. A melange of suitors aerated before him- some befouling the air, others providing welcome succor for his deviated septum.

Loathe as he was to choose from amoung the hoary multitude, he knew he mustered up his courage.
"Oh woe that I condemned to this incestuous gibbet like the propertied member of the noblesse that I am" he uvulated to himself
Panning over the assembly like twin prospectors, his starlit apertures greedily inhaled the venue.

He first beheld the candelabra, smouldering away with the patience of a hag-faced lover discarded in a ditch like an incipient trowel. But it was not the finger of flame that arrested his face, but rather the finger pressed to a face of flaming beauty.


That those two words could heave such effects throughout his gastro-intestinal tract as to leave him catastrophically incapable of peristalsis...he knew not. But he thought- as he half-mooned his lidded eyes- that here he could forever bury his abasement and his fangs, here in this pale, generic face: which had not been comely enough mortal; but which would make a fair port for his fleet of bicuspids now that it was undying.

elizabeths eye stalked his as they roved. Each seeking a weakness, but finding nothing but deep psychological horrors overlying a veneer of neuroses. The chemistry between them was endothermic and snuffed the candelabra with a sound like lady catherine deburrow's nasal catastrophe.

She saw his towering cheekbones accelerate glacially upwards, and he tossed back the creamy venom of his saliva with thoracic difficulty as his adam's apple ripened for speech.

who wilt he chose? she fomented, and identical thoughts raced through her companions as well.

There were uncountably infinite Bennets to choose from; not just daughters but the patriarch as well, his skin folds dancing the jig of the corpulent as he waited impatiently. Of the non bennets there were pulchritudinous options as well: Mr Biguiley, his dove soft neck ever albidinous in the moonlight, or perhaps mr lick-ham, the swarthy liver-spotted tongue of a man whose translucent skin had been rendered phantasmagorical in the moonlight

"It is in vain that I have struggled; my feelings will not be repressed" Mr Darcy began, his voice an abyssopelagic grinding throughout the grounds.

"almost from our earliest moments i have come to feel for you an almost.. regurgitative passion.
He crossed to eliabther continuing in his monastic syllables
"I ferment at you
my skin blisters at your touch
when you entered my life like a toaster oven into a bathtub of sorrow:
our love is like a pair of croissants in a pool of pirrahanas"

eliabeth struggled to remain composured. Garnishing her with his affections, his afflictions.

i am fervent choose you

/*End of part I...when you hear the tone..turn to part 2 so woozy on blood writing. If im not bak its cause im on the leechings so if you get to it also my life coach told me to. piece