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The sun was coming through the window, burning my eyes. I rolled over, so my face was hidden from the sudden disturbance to my sleep. I could hear my family downstairs in the kitchen. Oh! I had the most wonderful dream last night. It was about Royce. We have been dating for two months. Such a long time. I've just been dreaming about the day he would ask me to marry him. The problem was, there still wasn't a ring on my finger. Sitting up in my bed, I realize how hungry I am. I walk over to my mirror. I look gorgeous of course, even after just waking up. The smell of breakfast, crept up to my room, and I just had to go downstairs.

My father was just about to leave for work when he saw me. "Hello darling." He kissed my forehead and left. When I approached the kitchen I could hear my mother talking to the boys. It was their first day of school. I just completed school last term. The boys envied me for that.

"Mother, I won't be in the house all day. For the reason being that Royce is taking me for a picnic at the park."

"Alright, try not to be gone all day. I do need help around the house." Mother said not even paying attention.

"Yes, mother." I replied as a grabbed a plate and started eating. I was excited for the day. Royce was picking me up soon, so I skipped to and up the stairs. I examined my closet which was half the size of my large room. I found my favorite dress. It was long and it reached my ankles, a nice orange color. The color brought out my baby blue eyes. The top had little frills and ruffles. I slid it onto my body. I brushed my long blonde hair, and put the top half of my hair up and slipped on some flats.

The park was not far from my home, which meant that Royce was going to walk me there. I was sitting on my bed waiting for his knock. I do not know why I seem to believe he is going to ask for my hand in marriage. He has not even kissed me yet. Not really kissed me at least. A passionate kiss. A kiss I deserve.

I heard someone at the door. I jumped up, and ran down the stairs to the door. "Good morning, my dear Rosalie." My heart could have stopped with that smile he was giving me.

"Hello, Royce." I smiled. He took my hand and kissed it. He walked me down the street.

When we reached the park, there was a beautiful handmade quilt laying perfectly on the grass, with a little basket sitting on top of it. We started walking faster.

I hope I still look beautiful

"Rosalie, would you like to sit down?" He snapped me back into reality.

"Oh why yes I would, thank you." I stuttered as I graciously sat down.

"I've been thinking a lot about you lately. You are all I want." I smiled. "Rosalie?"

"Yes, Royce?"

"May I kiss you?"

"Yes." I said dumbfounded, my eyes bugging out. He leaned in, and I felt his lips on mine except, he didn't pull back after just touching my lips. He gave me my kiss. The kiss I have been waiting for. He pulled his lips from mine, and pressed his forehead to mine, stared into my eyes. He pulled out a beautiful ring. The biggest diamond I've ever seen.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale, will you marry me?" A gasp escaped my mouth. My lips making a perfect "o".

I contemplated for a moment.

He is handsome. But do I love him? I expected him to kiss me, but not this. I only wished for this. Well how could I say no?

"Of course, I will marry you" I giggled. He pulled me in for a quick kiss.

"I love you." He announced proudly. I panicked, I couldn't say it back. I tried but my mouth couldn't form the words. My vocal cords could not produce the sounds.

"Well, I should go home. My mother needs help." I stood up. "Goodbye Royce." Then I started running. I finally reached my front door but I couldn't open it just yet.

Ooo. I should not have done that

I opened the door and the minute I closed it my mother started talking away.

"What happened, dear? You look as if you have seen a ghost." My mother chuckled, she was scrubbing the floors.

I was too shocked from the recent events to say anything so I just showed her my hand. My mother let out a screech.

"Rose, he asked you?" I just nodded, a smile erupting my face.

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