Hey guys!

So I remember the day I found Twilight. I was in sixth grade and our teacher had us do a reading response. It's when we read for about half the class and then write about what we just read. Well one girl was reading Twilight and another was reading New Moon. They said it was going to be a movie soon.

To be honest the bunch didn't sound that great, but something about it did draw me in. Then another one of my friends who read it when it first came out got all excited as the book became popular around our school.

Since it was going to become movie, I looked up the trailer. To say I was freaking confused was an understatement. It made me not want to read it even more. One day we got one of the book catalogs in language arts and they had Twilight for five bucks. We also had a book project coming up so I decided to get it. I remember the beginning being dead boring but then chapter 7 I believe, that was when it really grabbed my attention, and I've been hooked ever since, I think.

As time went on, I got back into the Harry Potter series. I started reading the Hunger Games trilogy. This past summer, my friend and I found fan fiction. I was intrigued by it, and it brought out my inner twihard again. But this year, I've noticed that I've been shying away from it from the saga. I've grown to make fun of it, because it isn't that hard to do.

You might be wondering why I'm harping on a story I'm writing fan fiction for.

I'm explaining how I'm just not into it anymore. My stories are getting harder to write.

So the ones I post this authors note to, will be on hold. Indefinitley. My favorite ones to write I'll still write.

Another reason for this hiatus is that I feel like no one likes my stories anymore. I get maybe one or two reviews a chapter or maybe none at all. I know I shouldn't be quitting over that but it's hard to go from 10 reviews to zero a chapter. It takes a blast at my self esteem I guess.

So I don't want to waste my time if no one truly cares.

If you really do like this story, you'll try to convince me out of this.