Canada sighed as he sat alone at his house, sitting in front of a small cupcake with a small candle on top. He sighed and put a smile on his face as he leaned over the candle and gently blew the flame out.

"Happy Birthday!" He said to himself.

There was a long silence before Canada sighed and closed his eyes, embracing the silence. Kumajirou was, at the moment, asleep next to Canada's leg. Canada reached over and gently pet the small bear on the head before taking the cupcake and walking into the kitchen. He took one last look at the cupcake before dumping it in the trash.

Silently, Canada walked up the stairs and retrieved a small blanket. He went back down the steps and put the blanket over Kumajirou. As he was drawing his hands back, Kumajirou opened his eyes for a second and licked the retreating hand. Canada was shocked for a second but than smiled. He lighted pet Kumajirou's head and again and then went off to spend the rest of his birthday alone.

Cuba silently cursed as he made his way through the thick brush that was blocking the way to his friend's house. This path was almost never used so nature decided it needed to take over again. Cuba gave a large sigh of relief when at last the brush cleared and Canada's large house made its presence.

Cuba walked up to the door and knocked, rather loudly, on the maple. There was silence. Cuba sighed and knocked again. More silence. Cuba turned the knob and found the door unlocked. He walked in. There was no one in the living room but the bear that always followed Canada around.

Cuba checked the kitchen next. Than the dining room. Than he walked over to the bathroom. There was no sign of Canada on the first floor. So, Cuba ascended the steps. He checked the upstairs bathroom and almost three bedrooms until at last he arrived at the room that Canada was in.

Cuba walked over to the bed and saw that Canada was fast asleep. He smiled gently at that and leaned over Canada's sleeping form. He gently kissed the boy's cheek and placed and neatly wrapped package next to his head.

"Feliz cumpleanos, Canada," he muttered and left.

When Canada awoke again, for some odd reason he felt much better than when he was awake earlier. He stretched and then looked over to his side. There, sleeping again, was Kumajirou. Above him was a neatly wrapped package. Canada blinked in confusion and took the package. He took the card on it and read:

'This is for my Best Friend, Cuba'

Canada was quick to open the gift. Inside was a photo album with pictures full of him and Cuba and an envelope with a plan ticket that went form Toronto to Havana. Canada felt a fresh wave of tears at his eyes as he smiled brightly.

"Merci, Cuba," he said.