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Summary (Full): Rose decides that she doesn't want to be responsible for once; she always has been and she wants to let loose. She had a tiny taste of being irresponsible in Vegas/Alaska but wants more. So she gives in to Adrian and they have sex. What happens? How does this affect her trial/hearing for "murder"?

Rating: PG-13 (T for teen) for mild to moderate sensuality and LaNgUaGe!

Rose POV

"Oh shit, do you have a condom?" I mumbled, pretty annoyed that my inner voice of reason decided to pop up at the moment. It rarely did and dammit this was soooo not a good time.

Adrian stopped and sat back. "Yeah," Thank God, I thought. "In my room," he continued. I sat silently for a minute, contemplating this. "There's probably not much a chance of anything happening at this point,"

"Yeah… I guess… but Adrian…" I trailed off, trying to force my reasoning back into whatever damned place it came from. I finally succeeded and, admittedly, felt a little guilty.

Then something inside of me snapped. Who the hell was going to tell me what to do or not to do? So I'm eighteen and guardian duties… could screw themselves. Pun unintended. Fuck. Fuck being a guardian, fuck Dimitri and his "faded love", fuck the world.

"Fuck me," I finally moaned to Adrian, and falling back into his embrace, I let any and all responsibilities drift away, leaving me guiltless.

I awoke the next morning in Adrian's arms, and smiled a grin that quickly dropped. Shit. Last night I may have wanted to be a badass rule breaker but looking back I wanted to shoot myself. How the hell could you have been so damn stupid Rose? I chided myself while getting out of my bed and walking to my closet. Adrian remained asleep the entire time I threw on ripped jeans, a black hoodie, and combat boots. I left a note saying I'd gone downstairs to breakfast and then left my room and shut the door with a snick.

Upon arriving at the café, I noticed Dimitri. Screw him. I smiled at my choice of words and how ironic they were. There was probably so much irony and double (possibly triple) meaning there that I laughed out loud. He looked up and saw me. I rolled my eyes and stepped up to the counter to place my order. Once I had received it, I turned around to find a table and practically ran into Dimitri.

"What do you want?" I wondered, striding over to a table by the window. I plopped down in a chair and rested my feet on the table.

"Are you mad at me?" Dimitri asked as he joined me. His bodyguards had followed, and stood about ten feet from us.

"No. But I did take your advice and move on." I smirked. A flicker of hurt and fear set on his face but was gone as soon as it had come.

"Good. With Adrian, I presume?"

"Yes." I picked at my muffin, looking down to cover the blush spreading over my skin.

"Wait," something dawned on him, "When you say move on… what do you mean, exactly?"

"None of your business."

"Rose," he pitched his voice to a whisper. "Please tell me you didn't have sex with him."

"What if I did?" I dropped my feet onto the ground, staring him directly in the eye.

"Dammit!" he swore, provoking his guardians to shoot glances our way. I waved them away and they warily did so.

"What?" I hissed, "So what if I did? You're in no position to say anything. I thought your "love had faded" right?" I said, making air quotes around his infamous words.

"It has. But…" it seemed as though he struggled to find the right words; his next words didn't surprise me though but I was taken a bit aback, "Tell me you used a condom,"

"God, do you think I'm an-" I started rattling off what my basic smartass remark would be to that question then sheer shock stopped me as I remembered that we hadn't. "It's none of your business." I repeated, averting my eyes.

"Shit. Roza what have you done?" he breathed, scooting his chair closer.

"Dimka," I mocked, using his nickname as he'd used mine, "I don't think you know how small the chances are of anything actually happening. 'Didn't you take physiology'" I ridiculed him, and told him the same thing he'd said to me last year, while I was learning how to stake a Strigoi.

"Yes I did. And if you had- oh wait, you were on vacation that year" he threw my mockery back in my face, "then you'd know that the chances of a Dhampir getting impregnated by a Moroi are triple whatever they are for anyone else. Especially the first time." he growled, looking as though he was about to kill me. He probably would have, if the entire royal guard hadn't burst through the café's doors at that moment. Both of our heads shot up at the same moment.

"Rosemarie Hathaway." One of the guardians began, "You are under arrest for the murder of her royal majesty, Queen Tatiana."

Well, shit.

Okay fine. Time to turn on the bitch/smart ass/ snarky side of me.

"Excuse me?" I retorted, pushing myself to my feet.

"You can either come quietly or-"

"Save the bull shit dude. I didn't kill the freaking queen so go the hell away," In my peripheral vision, I saw Dimitri shake his head in a "Same old Rose, mouthing off…" way.

The leader (or I assumed he was seeing as how he spoke to me) nodded and I wasn't stupid; it was clearly the sign to attack. I wasted no time, using all my strength to lift the table and half throw, half shove it at the four advancing guardians, then kicked a jagged hole in the window. I scampered through, and winked at Dimitri and called, "Time to run," as I took off full sprint towards my bedroom. I passed Lissa and Christian and they both shouted questions, but I ignored them. I reached my room just as Adrian was leaving. I heard the pursuing guardians storming up the stairs behind me.

"Don't shut the door!" I shrieked, "Go back inside!" he complied quickly and I rushed in and slammed the door behind us. I dead bolted it, and set the chain then grabbed one of the thick shellacked, wooden chairs and jammed it under the doorknob. For even more reinforcement, I piled the coffee table and nightstand against the door as well. As soon as I finished, incessant banging on the door ensued from the guardians assigned to arrest me.

"Not that I object to being barricaded in a room with you, but why exactly are we doing this?" Adrian stood near the bed, arms crossed. He was wearing a slight variation of my outfit: dark wash jeans (except his had no ragged holes worn through), a black polo shirt, and some fancy shmancy expensive shoes.

"They think I murdered the royal pain in the ass," I explained, glad that we were on the seventh floor, because unless I was much mistaken, guardians couldn't climb that high with nothing but brick as handholds.

"Who?" he questioned, eyebrows raised, head cocked.

"Oh." a sudden thought slammed into me. "Oh Adrian- it's Tatiana. She- she was murdered last night. I'm sorry" I'd totally forgotten that the royal bitch was also Adrian's favorite aunt (technically great aunt but whatever). And he was her favorite as well.

Grief spread over his handsome face. "Oh." he whispered, clearly upset. I moved to comfort him and wrapped my arms around his waist and nuzzled my head into his chest. "I'm so sorry baby,"

"It's… fine. I'll… deal." he mumbled. I glanced up and noticed tears threatening to spill.


"Yeah," he took a deep, shaky breath, then put on his normal façade, "So, they're blaming you for her murder? Why?"

"No idea. Probably cause I mouthed off to her the other day. And its not exactly a secret that I hate her. No offense," I quickly added. He chuckled, "Yeah, but they cant convict you, much less arrest you just for mouthing off to her, and lets be honest, half the people here hate her, just because she's the queen. Sounds like they've got no solid evidence." he commented, not letting me leave his hug.

"They don't. And they can't. Because I didn't do it." I rectified my position.

"Duh. We were here together all last night," he smiled down at me and I returned it.

The damned royal guard kept knocking and shouting and threatening me. I rolled my eyes. Adrian caught this then asked, "So what happens when they get in and the zero hour arrives?"

"No idea," I sighed. I didn't want to think about that.

"What if they walked in on us… like we were last night?" he suggested in a whisper.

"Why in the hell would that be a good idea?" I wondered, eyebrows scrunched together.

"I don't know. But they'd probably be embarrassed and stop for a few seconds. It'd give you time to escape right?"

"Maybe. Wouldn't I be naked?" I giggled at the thought.

"Nah, I could be, and then I could be on top of you and we'd be under the covers…? So it'd just look like it." he suggested, and I was sure there was more than that to it; he wanted to, and it wasn't just so I could escape.

I laughed then sobered up, "No. Adrian I'm sorry. I can't. My best bet is to wing it."

"Good luck," he said, then kissed me deeply and passionately. His hands ran down my back and lifted my sweatshirt up partially. "Don't" I warned while taking a breath. I felt him smile and he moved his hands to the front and hooked his fingers in my front belt loops and yanked me against him. Grabbing a fistful of my hair, he moved my head to the side, exposing my neck, all without breaking the kiss. I was faintly aware of the sound of metal against metal, as though something was being cut or broken.

"Can I?" he asked, breaking away for air. I hesitated. I heard the guardians breaking through my barriers. "Not too much. Just enough to freak out the guardians." I whispered instructions hurriedly.

"I love you," he breathed, then bent down, and pressed his fangs into the skin of my neck. Euphoria flooded through me and I wrapped my arms around him, making sure we looked as though melted together as one.

The guardians finally burst into the room and I was just faintly aware of them stopping at the sight of us. I heard murmurs and probably could have made them out if I wasn't basically drugged. Adrian finally broke away and I only felt slightly woozy. He'd really done a good job; injecting few endorphins, and drinking only a trivial amount of blood.

"I love you Rose," he whispered, tilting my chin up to kiss me. He was really laying it on thick. But this was, I figured, one of those situations where more is better. I grinned, pretending to be unaware of the guardians until one of them seized my arm and jerked me away. I let out a small terrified scream, not completely fake.

"Rosemarie Hathaway. You are being arrested for murder, destruction of property, and fleeing from officers of the law." the same guy, (the leader?) still hadn't released his grip on my arm. It was starting to go numb.

I shouldn't say it. I'll just get in more trouble. Oh but- I really want to. No I shou-

"Three things. One, let go of me, you creeper. Two, I'm a guardian as well. I have the mark. So technically, I was fleeing from my equals, and three, if you want proof that I couldn't have murdered the queen, get a doctor, and have him examine me. I was busy sexing it up with Adrian all last night you pathetic damned jackass!" And then I blacked out.

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