"Stop talking." He leans in closer and smashes his mouth against mine. A ridiculous heating sensation rises up inside me and I could feel my face become as hot as the sun. Possibly even hotter.

I splutter. I choke. I smack his forehead off and we separate. And there I am, sitting on the floor, gasping for breath.

"Wh- what the flying fuck?" I managed to say through my gasps. My heart's pounding like crazy. I swear it's so loud I'm sure he can hear it. Almost sure.

He moves again, and this time I scramble away fast. Oh shit shit shit shit. Too slow. Possibly even slower than slow. My 'fast' was probably slower than a snail.

He resumes where he left off. I could feel his tongue this time.


I pull away from him, and a slim trail of saliva leaves from his mouth to mine. Definitely feel like burning now. To ashes. Anytime. Almost to cinders right about now.

And he advances again. And proceeds. And resumes.

And his fingers slide under my shirt.


I'm beginning to learn that squirming will only make his hold tighter. Possibly even more than-

His hands begin to slide down my pants.

"WHEY!" I yelp and like a shock of electricity and rush of adrenaline I push him back, crawl backwards and almost kicked him in the face. Almost.

I am terrified, terrified, terrified. Hello, italic,bold and underlined here. My heart is beating like crazy I'm sure that doctors will assume it's abnormal. Possibly even heart attack.

And that's what I feel. A heart attack. A burning sensation. And he's advancing again oh my god.

But when I hear his breathing, feel his breath on my neck, I almost break down. But just almost.

He's really close. I'm panicking, panic attack, panic attack. I'm pretty sure I'm shaking. Possibly frothing like a cappuccino machine. Possibly.

And he leans forward and I see his deep silver eyes and I hear his breaths and I...

Despite my seizureshakingthing all he did was one simple kiss.

And I'm shaking and gasping.

And then held my hand.

And then I realize why I was so terrified.

I'm craving for more.

More of him.

Possibly. Maybe. Almost.