So it begins again...

The rays of the new sun swept through the room warming the occupants situated neatly inside their warm bed. A pair of golden eyes regarded a pair of blue ones happily. With a sigh the blue eyed woman sat up and yawned bringing her knees closer to her chest. She turned her head towards her husband who finally shifted and sat up on the edge of the bed, his back to her. He burrowed his face into his hands and she reached over and gingerly swept her hand over his back smoothly. He turned around and caught her hand in one of his and kissed the top of it. He tugged a little at her arm as he moved his kisses up its length eventually tugging her enough so that his face reached hers and he kissed her lips tenderly.

She arched an eyebrow up at him and he smirked.

"Good morning." He said to her softly.

"Good morning to you." She replied softly. The sound of her voice enticed him even more and he wrapped an arm around her torso and shoved her down. He growled as he crawled towards her. She was laughing now, the beautiful melody of water thick in her voice. He kissed her softly and they kissed for a while just enjoying the quiet moment with each other.

His lips traveled their way to her neck making her moan as his hands secretly began to smooth away her robe off her shoulders. She let out a giggle and he turned his eyes to regard her once more, before he kissed her once again. This time he tugged a little at her lips with his teeth making her respond more forcefully towards him.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her closer to him balancing them both. Her hands began to trace the outlines of his muscles hurriedly as she relished in the pure heat emanating from his body.

He disrobed her quickly and she tugged at the edges of his trousers. The room suddenly grew hotter and then there was a knock at the door.

They opened their eyes to look at each other, the man letting out a groan while the woman in his arms let out a soft sigh. He got off of her pulling his pants on and sat down throwing her the robe that had just been discarded. She wrapped it around herself and got up to answer the door.

She opened the door to see a pair of children expecting her enthusiastically. The older one was a girl with golden eyes and black curls on her head. They cascaded over her tan skin. Right now she had her curls up into a bun with a red ribbon that matched her outfit. She wore a black and red trouser shirt set. She jumped up excitedly at her mother.

The boy on the other hand, who was younger, had brown curls on his head that fell over his pale skin and on to his bright blue eyes. His own attire had a light blue shade over it with white bordered edges. He waited patiently as his sister next to him gleamed for attention.

The girl shoved right past her mother the boy following quietly and Katara watched in amusement as the girl regarded her mother and father suspiciously.

"Mom! Dad! I can't believe you guys aren't dressed yet. They'll be here any minute. Come on, Rina and Lee are outside waiting for us." The preteen was quiet for a moment her eyes tracing back from her mom whose arms were crossed and her father who was standing away from them, his side to her.

"What were you guys doing anyways? Oh you guys weren't…yuck…that's…" A pillow came from the corner of the room knocking the girl off her balance. She regarded her father and he lifted an eyebrow in question. The young boy on the other hand had burst out laughing as his sister fumed at him.

"Alright, that's enough. Get out of here and give us some peace for once." Katara rushed over to her children and began to scoot them out.

"But mom! You have to hurry they're almost here!" The girl kept talking as she was shoved unceremoniously from the room. The boy followed quietly offering his mom a shy smile.

As the door locked Katara turned back to Zuko and walked towards him. The Fire Lord threw a pillow on the ground and stood up to meet her halfway. He took her wrists into his hands. He leaned down and kissed her neck.

"Now where were we? Oh right." With that he scooped her off her feet and dropped her on to the bed and crawled after her. She put up her hands to try to keep him from advancing, her body growing weak from laughing so hard.

"Zuko! Come on we have to get ready." She shoved him off and finally groaning he got off on his side of the bed and went over to his wardrobe. Katara glared at him a bit miffed at his reaction. She shook her head and giggled slightly.

"How could you still be so hot for me after that interruption?" She asked trying to suppress her laughter as she spoke. Zuko turned around arching an eyebrow.

"Darling, in case you didn't notice whenever you're around I'm always hot." He cast off a sly smile in her direction and put his hands up just in time to catch a stray pillow that had managed to launch itself towards his face.

When he removed it from his grasp she had already turned her back to the screen where she could begin changing. He shook his head and reached for his own wardrobe to change.

Within the hour the Fire Lord and Lady had entered the breakfast room. There they saw four children fidgeting in their seats next to their grandfather.

"Mom, Dad, what took you so long? They could be here any minute!" The girl from before shouted.

"Maya stop it, we have plenty of time. They won't even make port for at least another few hours." The eldest boy looked up and smiled coyly. Katara came up to them and sat down, letting her robes ripple across her legs. Zuko followed his partner.

The eldest son, Lee, had entered his sixteenth year and he had become as handsome and strong as his father by that age. He was developing into a master firebender and had been practicing lightning bending for some time. Unlike his father he had a much happier disposition. He was more care-free and open minded than his father had been but it was obvious the family resemblance was strong in him. At the moment he had pulled his black hair back into a ponytail and his golden eyes flickered across the room catching the light of the torches as it went. His skin was pale like his father's and he wore a red and gold tunic and trousers as he lounged around.

The girl next to him was smaller next to her growing brother. At fourteen Rina was considered a beauty of the Fire Nation. Her looks mirrored her mother's the complete opposite of her older brother. When she looked up she had the sweetest blue eyes and her brown hair fell past her shoulders. The only thing that differed from her mother was how straight her hair was. It fell down her back like a waterfall. She preferred the traditional blue colors of her mother's people, but today she wore a rich dark blue robe. She was strong and independent for her age but she had a more womanly quality to her that set her apart. She carried herself elegantly and gracefully which is the main reason she had become the object of many a man's desire and she relished in the attention it offered her.

Her sister next to her, on the other hand, was almost the complete opposite. Maya tended to be more of a tomboy and despite her older sister's insistences, she never tired of trousers. It often became the object of heated discussions as the two girls were so oddly different.

The youngest child Tenu was, as he had been from birth, a very quiet child. He was a waterbender as was obvious from his looks and mannerisms. And just like his oldest sister he was seen as the object of attraction for the young ladies. Even at the young age of ten he had a swift way of capturing the young girls' attention. He had matured much faster than all the other boys his age which made him a prime target for attraction. To top it all off he had dark brown curls that made him look exotic and unique.

Katara and Zuko definitely had their work cut out for them keeping their children in line. Lee was ambitious and firm. Rina was very sly and intelligent. Maya was courageous and tough, whereas Tenu was quiet and contemplative. All the kids had such very different personalities sometimes it was hard to tell that they were related at all.

Iroh looked up regarding the family thoughtfully.

"So children are you excited to be seeing your cousin again?" Maya sat up instantly. Of all the people in the world she favored her cousin the most. Rina merely rolled her eyes and Lee took another bite out of his food. Tenu was quiet as always.

"Well I bet you can't wait to see Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. They haven't been to the Fire Nation since Lee was born." Katara herself was full of excitement at seeing her brother and sister in law. Zuko, on the other hand, avoided the conversation entirely.

"Hey dad, are we going to train today?" Lee, the oldest, regarded his father. Katara had noticed how hooked Lee was on his father. His father was a model for him and sometimes she wondered if Zuko noticed how much Lee replicated him in almost every way.

"Well for now we will hold off on training since your uncle and aunt are going to be here soon, but maybe sometime later today. Until then, I have some work to do so call me when they get here." With that Zuko stood up and kissed Katara on the cheek ruffling Tenu's hair as he went.

"What are you going to do dad?" Lee asked hurriedly. Rina looked up watching Lee with interest.

"If you want to come you may, but hurry up." Lee shoved the last of his meal down his throat and followed after his dad quickly. When he was gone Rina looked up to her mother. Katara smiled after her son and husband.

"He grows more like Zuko every day." Iroh said happily.

"Sometimes I wonder whether that's a good thing or a bad thing." Katara responded knowingly, a smile alit on her face.

"Well I'm not going to stay here, bored out of my mind. I'll see you guys later." Maya shifted and stood up brushing off her trousers. Katara looked up thoughtfully.

"Don't get too dirty, you want to look somewhat presentable when your cousin gets here." The preteen just gave a grin and rushed off without responding. Katara sighed and shook her head.

"You know saying things like that is futile, mother. It's just going to make her want to do it more." Rina's voice was mature and melodic over the course, deeper voice of her sister. Katara could not help but roll her eyes.

"It gives me something to reprimand her on later. Well I'm off. I need to make sure last minute preparations have been made. Rina why don't you come help me." The teenager rolled her eyes and got up following her mother stoically. Iroh looked over at Tenu and they both shrugged.