Summary: After a bad break up with Ron, Hermione moves to Forks, Washington to live with her cousin and uncle. Everything she ever learnt at Hogwarts is about to be turned upside down. Non canon pairings.

Chap 1

- Hermione POV -

"Hermione, sweetie, please. Let me explain," Ron cried. I slammed my suitcase shut with a wave of my wand.

"Explain what Ron? What is there to explain? You've been cheating on me with your slut of an ex girlfriend. All I need to know is for how long?" I asked. I had gotten home from work at 5:30 in the morning after pulling an all-nighter at work. I just hoped to slip into my bed with my boyfriend but when I arrived home I found Ron rolling around in the bed with Lavender underneath him.

He mumbled something incoherently and I looked at him expectantly. "Well?" I hissed.

"About 7 months," Ron finally said.

"So, for 7 months of our two year relationship, you have been cheating on me with your ex. How could you Ron?" I said. I felt the tears start well in my eyes but I forced them back. I would not let him see me cry.

When I didn't answer, I shrunk all my stuff and apparated away without a second glance. I ended up on Ginny's doorstep and knocked on the door. Harry opened the door. He smiled and was about to say something but his smile dropped when he looked at me. He gathered me into his arms and half carried me inside. He placed me on the couch and called out for Ginny. She came running into the room and threw herself at me in a hug.

"Oh honey. What's wrong?" Ginny asked. I let out a gut-wrenching sob and blubbered out the whole story. By the end of it, Ginny and Harry looked ropeable.

"I'm gunna castrate him when I get my hands on him," Ginny hissed dangerously.

"Oh Hermione. I am so sorry that he is such an idiot. Do you wanna stay here for a while?" Harry asked.

"No. Thanks but I need to get away. I think I'm gunna go visit my uncle in America. I have been promising for a while and I think now is the perfect time to do it," I said. I let my first smile shine when I thought about my Uncle Charlie and my beautiful cousin Bella. Bella and I were as close as sisters. I spent many Christmases and summers at her place in Forks when we were younger until she moved to Arizona with her mum.

"That sounds good. When will you leave?" Harry asked.

"I'm thinking today. I can book the flight and leave this afternoon or this morning. I just need to get away," I said. Ginny and Harry nodded and hugged me.

"We'll miss you but keep in contact. I'll make sure to tell Draco and Luna to write. Draco won't be happy," Ginny said. During the war, Draco had changed sides and helped the Light side. We had become close friends due to the time we spent together planning attacks. After the war, we remained close, much to Ron's horror. Draco was one of my closest friends beside Harry and Ginny. I kissed them both on the cheek and apparated to London Heathrow Airport. I enlarged my bags to make it more plausible. I walked up to the information desk and smiled at the woman behind the counter.

"Hi there. I was wondering if I could book a seat on the next flight to Seattle." I asked politely. She tapped a few keys on her keyboard and looked at me.

"The next flight leaves at 9 am. Is that ok?" She asked.

"Of course," I said. I handed her my passport and waited.

"Now, we only have seats left in first class. Is that ok? If that's too expensive, there is a flight leaving for Seattle again tomorrow morning," The woman asked me.

"First class is great. How much will that cost?" I asked as I pulled out my wallet. The best thing about my wallet was that it converted my wizarding money from my account into any muggle currency.

"475 pounds for a one way trip," The lady said. I smiled and pulled out 500 pounds in cash and nearly laughed at her shocked face. She handed me my boarding pass and wished me a good day. I checked in most of my luggage and walked over to the cafe for some coffee.

I settled into my seat on the plane three hours later. I thanked the stewardess as she handed me some water before we began take off. Once we were in the air, the stewardesses began serving lunch to us. I ate only a little bit of my meal before closing my eyes and falling into a restless sleep.

When I woke up, the stewardess was telling me that we were beginning our descent soon. I thanked her and fastened my seat belt again. We soon landed and I followed the flood of people leaving the plane. I walked over to baggage claim and grabbed my bags. I walked out of the airport and towards the cab rank.

"Hi there little lady," One of the drivers said to me. He helped me put my things into the boot of the car and opened the door for me.

"Now, where to miss?" He asked.

"Forks please. If that isn't too far?" I asked.

"That's not too far at all. We'll be there in about two hours," The driver said. I smiled and leant back into my seat. I let my thoughts overtake me as I thought about the past two years. The war had ended when I was 17 and since then, my life has been crazy. I was considered a hero so I was never given a moment's piece. I had more gold in my Gringotts account then I could ever imagine and I was a household name. I self consciously rubbed my stomach where my scar from fifth year remained and then my thigh where I had been bitten by a vampire just before the war. I tried to block the sounds of the screams from those endless nights of fighting but they never ceased. I rubbed my head when I felt a headache forming. I closed my eyes and found myself drifting off to sleep again.

"Hey miss, wake up," The cab driver's voice said. I opened my eyes and looked around. We were just in front of the sign that said "Welcome to Forks."

"Whereabouts am I going?" The driver asked.

"Have you been here before?" I asked. When he nodded I continued "Do you know where Chief Swan lives?"

"Charlie, sure do. Great man Charlie is. How do you know him?" The driver asked as he drove through the centre of town.

"He's my uncle," I replied simply.

The man smiled at me and soon we were pulling up in front of a gorgeous townhouse.

"Thank you so much," I said. I pulled out the money and paid the driver the fare plus a tip and grabbed my bags before he pulled away from the curb and drove away. I looked up at the house and walked up the front steps. I smoothed out my cream turtleneck and knocked on the door. The door swung open and Uncle Charlie was looking at me.

"Mione?" He asked. When I nodded he threw his arms around me. I hugged him back and laughed when he lifted me off the ground.

"What are you doing here?" He asked when he let me go. He picked up my bags and carried them inside.

"Just came for a visit. I was wondering if I could stay with you for a while," I asked.

"Of course. This is great. Now I have both my girls with me," He said with a giddy grin.

"Dad, I thought I heard – HERMIONE!" My gorgeous cousin Bella yelled. She raced towards me (without tripping surprisingly) and flung herself into my arms. I hugged her tight and smiled.

"Miss me Bells?" I teased.

"Of course. How have you been?" She asked.

"I've been better but being here is going to fix that," I said.

"What's happened Mione?" Bella asked.

"I haven't had a good day today. I just found out that my boyfriend of two years has been cheating on me," I whispered. Bella hugged me again and I heard Charlie growl.

"I'll kill him," He hissed. Uncle Charlie had always been protective of me and Bells. He became even more so when my dad died in my sixth year.

"I'll be ok Uncle Charlie. Besides, if you kill him, who will be there to protect Bella and I if you're in jail?" I asked. He seemed to calm down and pulled me into a hug along with Bella.

"So Mione, Bella and I were heading down to La Push tonight to visit a friend of mine but if you want us to hang out here that's fine," Uncle Charlie said.

"No, don't do that. I would feel heaps bad. I'll be ok here by myself," I said.

"I'm sure Billy and Jake wouldn't mind if you came with us. That way I can introduce you to my friends," Bella said. I looked into her pleading eyes and smiled.

"Sounds fun but only if they don't mind," I said. Bella squealed and ran towards the phone.

"It's good to have you here kiddo," Uncle Charlie said. I hugged him tightly and smiled when he kissed my head. We heard Bella return and looked towards her.

"Jake said it's fine if Mione comes over," Bella said with a grin.

"Well, I think I want to go have a shower and change," I said. Uncle Charlie carried my stuff up to the spare bedroom and Bella followed me.

"Mione, I'd suggest something warm to wear. The night air is quite crisp down in La Push," Bella said. She kissed my cheek and walked towards the door. She turned around and continued "It's good to have you back cuz."

I let the warm water beat down my back and moaned as it worked out the kinks and knots in my muscles. Once I was done, I wrapped a towel around my body and one around my hair. I walked into my room and opened my suitcases. I grabbed out a pair of faded, ripped jeans and a long sleeved Beatles shirt. I grabbed my underwear and walked back into the bathroom. I put my clothes on and blow dried my hair before waving my wand and applying some light makeup. I put my black converse on and smiled at the finished project. I grabbed my scarf and jacket as I walked downstairs.

I smiled at my uncle and cousin as they sat in the lounge room. I joined them on the couch and snuggled into Uncle Charlie's side as we watched a baseball game.

Come on, La Push awaits," Bella said dramatically when the game was done. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the lasagna she had made and the three of us walked out to Uncle Charlie's cruiser.

We arrived at a large house about twenty minutes later and smiled at how pretty it looked.

"Looks like everyone is here," Bells said as we got out of the car. I shut my door and felt Bella grab my hand.

"You'll be ok," She whispered. I smiled and wrapped my arm around her. I was slightly taller than her – my 5'9 to her 5'4 – so I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. I put up my walls so that I wouldn't show how nervous and scared I was. Bells and I followed Charlie up the steps and we both shook our heads when he just walked into the house.

"Billy?" He called.

"In the living room," Came a loud reply. We all walked into the room and I nearly gasped at the sight of all the people.

"Hello there Charlie, Bella and you must be Hermione. It's a pleasure to see you again. Last time I saw you, you were about 6. You've certainly grown since then. I'm Billy Black," A man in a wheelchair said as he rolled towards us. I shook his outstretched hand and smiled.

"It's a pleasure to see you too sir," I said.

"Ooh, a British girl. Nice accent. I'm Jacob, Billy's son," A tall, muscular boy said. He held out his hand and I shook it firmly. Bella moved out of my arms and hugged him before he pressed a kiss to her lips.

"I think I remember you. Didn't I throw mud in your face one day after you pushed me over?" I asked with a grin. Everyone in the room laughed at what I had said and I found myself laughing along.

"Oh yea. I remember that now," Jacob said with a grin.

"Ok, more introductions. Hermione, this is Paul Meraz, Jared Mahon, Jared's girlfriend Kim Lee, Seth and Leah Clearwater, Brady and Colin Dale, Embry Call, Quil Ateara and finally Sam Uley. We also have Sue and Harry, Quil Senior and Embry Senior," Billy said. I smiled and said hello to everyone but couldn't help but stop when I looked at Sam.

- Sam POV -

I walked into Jake's house after our patrol and smiled when I smelt Sue's cooking.

"So boys, how did patrol go?" Billy asked as Jake as we sat on the lounges.

"Good, nothing new," Jake reported. Sue served us some food and just as Jake was about to dig in, the phone rang.

"I got it dad," Jake said. He took his plate of food with him to the kitchen. He spoke on the phone for a few minutes before returning to us.

"Who was that?" Billy asked.

"Bella, she wanted to know if her cousin could come over tonight. I agreed," Jake said with a shrug. I shook my head knowing that if Bella ever asked Jake to jump off a cliff, he would. She was his imprint after all and as wolves, we would do anything to make our imprints happy. I wished that I could find my imprint but I knew it was extremely rare. We as a pack had already defied tradition by having 2 of our members imprint. Quil had imprinted on a girl he went to school with named Louise and Jake and imprinted on Bella.

"So I'm setting a place for one more person?" Sue asked as she came into the room.

"Yes please," Jake said. Sue patted his head and walked back into the kitchen.

A few hours later once the elders had joined us and were only waiting for Bella and her family.

Soon we heard a car pulling up out the front and Jake perked up. We heard Charlie open the door and it was then that I was struck with the most incredible smell – vanilla, almonds and something floral, maybe lilies. I knew Bella never smelt like this so this must be her cousin. The three of them walked into the room and the smell became stronger. When she introduced herself to Billy, I found myself shivering at her voice. It was sort of husky but very feminine. Billy introduced us all and when she looked at me, I felt my world shift. Everything holding me to earth had moved and was now connected to this woman. Her brown curls flowed down her back like waves, her slightly tanned skin glowed, her curves were in the right places but her eyes, they intrigued me the most. The chocolate orbs held pain and suffering in them. I felt myself hurt at the thought she had been hurt. It was then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had imprinted. I had imprinted on Bella's cousin.

"Come and sit down. Dinner should be ready soon," Sue said.

"Can I help in any way?" Hermione asked. Her accent sounded extremely hot. I wanted her to keep on talking just so I could hear it.

"Oh no dear. Stay here," Sue said.

"Please, I don't mind," Hermione said. She walked gracefully over to Sue and followed her into the kitchen. A few minutes later, Bella walked into the kitchen to help Sue as well. Another few minutes passed until Bella walked out and announced that dinner was ready.

We walked into the living room and took our seats. I found myself grinning inwardly when Hermione took the seat beside me. I discretely inhaled her scent and decided it was the most amazing smell ever.

"So Hermione, tell us about yourself," Sue said getting the conversation started. Hermione swallowed a mouthful of food and turned to Sue.

"Well, I'm 19. I graduated school two years ago as Valedictorian and Head Girl. Up until now I have been working in a government job in England as well as helping lecture at my old school," Hermione said.

"Wow, where did you go to school?" Harry asked.

"A private boarding school in Scotland," Hermione replied with a smile.

"You said you worked for the government, doing what?" Billy asked.

"I work in the Racial Discrimination department. I have been able to get a few laws passed that prevent some areas of racial discrimination but it is a slow process. Some people are so set in their ways that they despise change," Hermione explained. I smiled softly. She seemed like such a caring person and a passionate one at that.

"So Hermione, a beautiful girl like you would have guys fawning over you, anyone particular in your life?" Sue asked. I agreed that she was beautiful but suppressed a growl when Sue asked about a boyfriend. I watched as Bella reached over the table and grabbed Hermione's now trembling hand.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude," Sue said guiltily.

"No, it's ok. It's just a fresh wound that's all. Um, I was in a two year relationship that ended earlier today just before I flew out," Hermione said. I watched as she took a deep breath before straightening her posture and turning back to Sue. I knew the boys were all impressed with the emotion change. I glared and felt my anger boil in me when I found out someone had hurt my imprint. I was just glad that he was gone so that I could give her the chance to be with someone that would love and respect her.

"Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here," Sue said kindly. Bella squeezed Hermione's hand again before resting in back in Jacob's.

"Thank you," Hermione said with a sweet smile. We steered the conversation away from relationships and started talking about school.

"So what classes did you take Hermione?" Old Quil asked.

"I took Chemistry, Latin, Ancient History, PDHPE, Biology, Maths and English," Hermione explained. She seemed like she had to think about it for a while but I put it down to the fact she hadn't been in school for two years.

"Wow, you must be heaps smart," Seth commented. I felt myself agreeing with him. I could add that to the list I was creating in my head about how wonderful she was.

"People would tell me that," Hermione said. I smiled as a blush appeared on her cheeks. I wanted to run my finger over it and kiss her cheek but I knew that would be highly inappropriate.

As the conversations continued, I noticed Hermione's posture. She was straight backed but very alert. Every so often, her eyes would shift around the room before returning to the person who was speaking. If someone made a loud noise or hit the table, she would tense and her hand would go towards her left side as if something there would protect her. I shook my head and continued eating my dinner.

"Hey Sue, is something burning?" Charlie asked a little bit into dinner. We all smelt the air and indeed smell burning.

"Shit! I left the apple pie in the oven," Sue cried. She raced into the kitchen before coming back out frowning.

"Looks like there is no desert tonight boys. The pie is gone," Sue said. The boys groaned but nodded.

"I can whip something up," Hermione said.

"Oh no dear, you need to finish your dinner. These lugs can last without desert for one night," Sue said. I looked down at Hermione's plate and noticed she had barely touched the food.

"It's quite alright. I'm full anyway. I'll be back soon," Hermione said. She stood up gracefully and walked into the kitchen. I watched as she walked away and felt my heart pull at the separation.

"Sam, is there something you'd like to share with us?" Billy said with a knowing smile.

"I imprinted. On Hermione," I mumbled but I knew everyone heard me.

"Sam, I say this with the utmost respect – you hurt her and I will personally castrate you," Bella said with a serious look on her face. I shivered and nodded. Charlie looked at me and sighed.

"So I've lost both my girls to wolves. If you hurt her, I'll do more than castrate you – I'll rip your head off at the shoulders," Charlie said. When Jacob first imprinted on Bella, we had a bonfire in order to tell her about it. It was decided that Charlie should probably be there to considering he was a part Quileute on his mother's side of the family. He took it surprisingly well as had Bella. I knew Jake had been given the same threat but I still felt weary.

"I would never hurt her," I said honestly. Charlie and Bella nodded and we continued eating our dinner. Once we were done, we smelt one of the most amazing smells ever.

"What is that smell?" Jake said as he sniffed the air. As Sue cleared the plates we kept trying to figure out what the smell was. Soon our questions were answered when Hermione walked into the room carrying a pie of some sort, some ice cream and a big bowl of fruit salad.

"I said I could whip up something quickly," She said with an adorable smile. She placed everything on the table and took her seat again.

"So Hermione, what do we have here?" Billy asked.

"Fruit salad and ice cream obviously but this is a speciality of mine – chocolate pie," Hermione said. Bella squeaked lightly and dove for the pie. She cut herself a slice and put it on her plate with some ice cream. She took a bite and moaned.

"This is so good. I forgot how good your pie was," Bella said. We all followed suit and soon everyone was moaning.

"I take it its good?" Hermione said. She was only eating a small bowl of fruit salad and ice cream and I found myself worrying.

"This is amazing," Jake said through a mouthful of pie. "Aren't you going to have any?"

"No I'm good. I'm not all that hungry. I'm glad you like it," Hermione said.

After we had eaten all the pie we moved back into the living room to watch TV. After about an hour Bella had begun to fall asleep against Jake so Charlie decided it was time for them to leave. Jake picked Bella up and we all walked out to Charlie's car. He slipped Bella into the backseat and awkwardly buckled her in. I opened the door for Hermione and smiled as she slid in. I shut the door and waved as Charlie drove away. I felt the pain in my heart grow as she left La Push and I finally knew the pain Jake felt.

- Hermione POV -

Once we arrived back at Uncle Charlie's he handed me the house keys and I opened the door whilst he carried Bella. He took Bella up to her room and I went into mine. I got changed into my pyjamas and fell onto the bed. I kept thinking about Sam. He was gorgeous. He was tall – around 6'8. His tanned skin was so gorgeous and so was his short black hair. His eyes looked like deep pools of sapphire that you could get lost into. I shook my head of those thoughts.

"Who am I kidding? Sam wouldn't want anything to do with me. I'm damaged goods," I whispered before I turned my light off and rolled over.

For the first time in two years – the nightmares returned.

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