Chap 18

- Sam POV -

I watched as Mione floated around the kitchen with a soft smile on her face. She was surprisingly calm considering what had happened a few days ago with Ron.

"Are you ok baby?" I asked her as she walked past.

"Yea Sammy I'm great. I feel sort of at peace," Mya said. She sat down in my lap and kissed my nose.

"So my darling future bride, what should we do today?" I asked her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck.

"Could we head up to Port Angeles and do some shopping? I just want to spend the entire day with you," Mya said. "Wait, don't you have work today?"

"Nope. Charlie and I have the day off today," I explained.

Mya smiled and kissed me on the lips. "Are you gunna answer my question?"

"Of course we can go to Port Angeles. I can't wait to spend the day with you," I whispered against her lips.

"I love you Sam," Mya whispered.

"I love you too my darling. Now, go get ready," I said. Mya kissed my cheek and walked upstairs. She came down about 15 minutes later in a yellow summer dress that made her tanned skin glow.

"Do you think the boys would like to come? We could do a whole family thing," Mya said.

"I'll go ask them," I answered. Mya smiled and kissed me again before walking into the kitchen. Brady and Colin were up in Brady's room playing the Xbox when I walked in.

"Hey boys. Do you two want to come into Port Angeles with Mione and I?" I asked them.

"Sure!" The twins said at the same time. They switched off the game station and we walked downstairs to where Mya was finishing off a cup of tea.

"There's my boys. Ready to go?" Mya asked as she hugged the three of us. We nodded and walked out of the house. There wasn't much need to lock up in La Push simply because everyone knew everyone else. I helped Mya into my truck and once everyone had buckled up, we headed for Port Angeles.

By the time we got there, it was practically lunch time so went to the Japanese restaurant Mya and I had gone to on our first date. We ordered our food and I smiled as Mya leant into me.

"So boys, any plans for the rest of the week?" Mya asked as we waited for our food.

"Other than patrols, not much. I think Jake was planning a games marathon at his place in a few days," Brady said.

"Dad when are you and mum gunna get married?" Collin asked as our entrees arrived.

"It's up to Mya. I don't mind when just as long as it happens," I said honestly. Mya smiled and grabbed my hand.

"I'm partial to a summer wedding on the beach," Mya said.

"If that's what you want, that's what you will get," I said. Mya kissed my cheek and started eating her sushi.

Once we had finished our lunch, the boys asked if they could go explore Port Angeles and we agreed so long as they were back in a few hours to leave.

"Let's go for a walk baby," I whispered to Mya. We started walking down the street and I smiled as the sun glinted off Mya's engagement ring. She wrapped her arm around mine and I kissed her head. We walked into one of the clothing stores and Mya started looking around. I trailed after her and watched as she held clothes up to her body and examined them.

We were standing up at the counter paying for Mya's clothes when her phone started ringing. She pulled it out and smiled.

"Hey Embry. What's up?" she asked. She walked away slightly and I finished grabbing her things. I watched as her face morphed from confused, to concerned then finally to elation. I walked over to her and kissed her head.

"Ok Em. Sam and I will be there soon. Give us ten minutes," Mya said before she hung up the phone.

"What's happened?" I asked.

"Embry imprinted," Mya said with a grin. I kissed her head and we walked out of the clothes store. We started heading for the main food court where apparently all the boys were. We noticed the boys easily and walked straight over to them. "Hey boys. Ok Em, point her out."

He pointed to a beautiful blonde girl and Hermione gasped. Before anyone could stop her, she walked over to the table and said something to the girl. We were stunned as the girl jumped out of her seat and into Mya's arms.

"How the hell does she know her?" Paul asked and both girls started talking rapidly. The blonde hugged Mya again and nodded at something she said. The two started walking towards us, still talking rapidly. When they came closer, we noticed they weren't speaking English.

"Everyone, this is Gabrielle. Bri, these wonderful guys are Jake, Quil, Paul, Jared, Seth, Brady, Colin, my fiancé Sam and finally Embry," Mya said and the girl curtsied slightly.

"Bonjour. It is a pleasure to meet you all," Gabrielle said. Her accent was thick and French and I'm pretty sure Embry started drooling.

"How exactly do you two know one another?" Jake asked as Hermione pulled up two chairs for herself and Gabrielle.

"Bri here is the younger sister of one of my friend's," Mya explained as she sat down.

"Oui, I met Hermione when I was 9 years old," Gabrielle said. "Her best friend saved my life. And Hermione helped of course because I do not believe that 'Arry could have done it on 'is own."

"Cute Bri. Very cute. Are you here with your parents?" Mya asked.

"Non. I am meeting them up in Canada next week. I wanted to have a bit of time to myself before seeing them," Gabrielle explained.

"Well you are more than welcome to stay with Sam and I until you go to Canada. There is plenty of room at our house," Hermione said and Gabrielle smiled.

"Merci Hermione. I would love too," Gabrielle said as she leant over and kissed Mya on the cheek. Embry was looking at Hermione like she was some sort of deity and I smiled. "I always knew you were to good for Ronald."

"Yes well, I've found a man a thousand times better than Ronald ever could be," Mya said before she cuddled into my side and kissed my neck.

"Oh how cute," Gabrielle said with a squeal and we laughed. I kissed Hermione's head and Gabrielle smiled. "So this is why Molly has had a smile on her face for a while now. You two are beautiful together. Just like Bill and Fleur."

"You have no idea honey," Hermione said with a sly smirk and I was slightly confused. Hermione soon yawned and I smiled down at her. "I am so tired at the moment."

"Do you want to go home?" I asked and she nodded. "Ok boys, we're going to head home. If you could bring Gabrielle back to our place later that would be great, unless you'd like to come with us now."

"Merci beaucoup Sam but no thank you. I'd like to explore a little more," Gabrielle replied. I nodded at her and she smiled. "Hermione, I will see you soon."

"Goodbye beautiful. The boys will take care of you," Hermione said. We said goodbye to the pack and I picked up Mya's shopping before we headed to the car. I lifted her into the truck before jumping into my side and heading back home.

When we arrived at the house, I lifted my imprint into my arms and hugged her to my chest.

"I love you baby," I whispered into her ear and felt her smile against my neck.

"I love you too. So much," she replied and I kissed her head.

"Where too love?" I asked as I carried my dozing imprint inside.

"Bed," she moaned out and I nodded. I carried her upstairs and sat her down on the edge of the bed.

"Do you want a nightgown or one of my shirts?" I asked her.

"Shirt please," she whispered. I pulled out one of my shirts and started undressing her. I slid my shirt down over her body. I watched as my beautiful imprint crawled up the bed and slid under the covers. "Love you."

"Love you too. Just sleep baby," I said. I kissed her forehead and left the room. I walked downstairs and started going through some files I needed to finish for Charlie.

A few hours later, I heard the front door open and the pack walked into the kitchen followed by all the imprints.

"Hey Sam. Where's mama?" Jake asked with a smile.

"She's upstairs asleep. Has been all afternoon actually," I commented.

"Is she ok?" Brady asked in concern. I could understand why. She was their mother and if she was sick, it worried them.

"I think so. I'd say this is her body catching up to her. She's had a hectic few days so I think her body is just trying to rest and rejuvenate itself," I explained. The boys nodded and moved into the living room with their imprints. I finished up my paperwork just as Leah and Blaise walked in.

"Where's Mione?" Blaise asked.

"Bed. I think what's happened over the past few days has caught up with her. Did you see Gabrielle?" I asked and Blaise nodded. "Embry imprinted on her if you couldn't work it out."

"I figured from the way he is drooling over her," Blaise said with a smile. The pair excused themselves and walked into the living room with the rest of the pack. I put the paperwork into a pile and decided to check on my imprint. I pushed open the door and slid into the room. I noticed Mya was covered by a thin sheen of sweat and her eyes were clenched tightly. I rested a hand on her forehead and hissed at the heat of it.

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom to find the first aid kit. I walked back to our room and pulled the thermometer out of the kit. Without waking my girl, I slipped the thermometer under her tongue. I walked back into our ensuite, grabbed a cloth and wet it with cool water. I checked her temperature and noticed how high it was.

"Oi Jake!" I yelled. The sounds of my pack mate's feet reached my ears and soon the pack were crammed into mine and Mione's room. "Jake, can you call your dad and get him to bring Dr. Copper here. Mya is running a high fever."

"Sure alpha," Jake said before racing downstairs.

"If I could give her a potion I would. I don't have any on me and I don't think Mya has brewed any in awhile," Blaise explained.

"That's alright. Tribal remedies work really well for fevers," I said. Blaise nodded and kissed Mya's head before leaving the room with the rest of the pack. Mya groaned and I looked down at her. "Hey baby."

"Hey," Mya said hoarsely. "I feel like shit."

"Just rest baby. You're running a fever," I said. Brady and Colin sat down beside her and Mya shot them a weak smile.

"Hey boys. How was your afternoon," she whispered hoarsely.

"It was good mum. We bought some new games," Colin said and Mione smiled. "When you get better we will teach you how to play."

"Looking forward to it," Mya said before she started coughing. Suddenly she was out of bed and racing towards the ensuite. I followed her and heard her heaving and retching.

"Embry, get her a drink of water, Quil, grab a small face washer from the linen cupboard," I ordered as I rubbed Mya's back.

"You don't have to be in here Sam. I know the smell must be bothering you, Blaise or Bri can sit with me," Mya croaked out between bout of vomit.

"Baby, my nose will be fine. You are more important," I said. She smiled softly before her head was back in the toilet. The boys returned with the items I requested and I poured cold water on the washer before placing it on her neck. She downed the glass of water quickly before resting her head against the toilet bowl.

"You done?" I asked and she nodded. I scooped her up into my arms and slid her back into the bed. Bri was by her side in an instant, soothing her and placing the second damp cloth on Mione's forehead.

"You'll be alright," I heard Bri whisper to Mya. Bri started to hum and I watched Mya as her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. She noticed us looking and smiled. "It is a lullaby that my sister used to sing to me whenever I was sick."

"Thank you Bri," I said and she bowed her head slightly.

Dr. Copper eventually arrived with Billy and the Elder's in tow. The pack and all the imprints left the room so we could have some privacy. He quickly assessed my sleeping mate and frowned.

"Her fever is exceptionally high. I have given Billy a list of things you must do in order to cure her fever," Dr. Copper explained. He then handed me a small bag that was filled with some sort of tea. "Have her drink this tea twice a day, one cup in the morning and one just before she goes to sleep at night. It will help strengthen her immune system."

I thanked him and he left the room. My fiancée rolled onto her side and fell asleep quickly. I kissed her forehead and sat down beside the bed. I sat with her for a bit longer before heading downstairs. I found Bri cooking dinner for the pack and I smiled. She asked how Mya was and when I explained what the doctor had said she nodded. She told me she was making some soup for her and I kissed her head in thanks.

After everyone had eaten, the pack slowly trickled out of my house. Brady and Colin soon dragged themselves up to bed as did Bri. I walked back up to my room and after turning the aircon down, I crawled in next to my sleeping imprint. I kissed her head and drifted off to sleep, calmed by her presence.

- Hermione POV -

"Bri, you didn't have to come with me," I said as I sat in the hospital room. I was still feeling absolutely shocking five days after Dr. Copper had seen me. I rang Carlisle and he told me to come and see him. I had explained what was wrong with me and he took some blood and urine samples before asking me to wait. He had phoned me the next day telling me the results were in which led to now.

"Don't be silly. I'm worried about you," Bri said.

"Hello ladies. Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, how are you feeling today?" Carlisle asked.

"Still queasy but a bit better. I was able to keep some toast down this morning," I explained.

"That's great. So your results came in," Carlisle said with a smile on his face. "Let me be the first to say, congratulations."

Bri started squealing and I looked at Carlisle in shock.

"I'm pregnant?" I said but it came out like a question.

"About one month along. I'll have you come back next week and we will perform an ultrasound," Carlisle said.

"Wow," I said and Bri and Carlisle laughed. I suddenly tensed when I realised something and both Bri and Carlisle looked at me in confusion. "That means I was pregnant when we went into battle to save Bells and Kim."

"I figured that out as well but from what I can tell, the baby is developing normally. You have a strong little one in there Hermione," Carlisle said and I nodded. "We will do a full check up next week."

"Thank you so much Carlisle," I said before hugging him tightly. He kissed my cheek and Bri and I left the hospital. My hands drifted to my stomach and Bri squealed again and hugged me.

"Are you going to tell Sam?" she asked me.

"Not yet. I want to get the first ultrasound done before I tell him. I'll call Carlisle and book that for next week. Want to come with me?" I asked and she nodded enthusiastically.

We drove back home and amongst the cars of the pack and Elders was an unfamiliar car. I pulled into the drive and jumped out.

"Whose car is that?" Bri asked as she noticed the unfamiliar car.

"Have no idea. Maybe a friend of one of the boys," I said. Bri nodded and we walked inside. Sitting around my kitchen was the entire pack and the Elders but my eyes were instantly drawn to an unfamiliar woman sitting in my seat beside Sam. It was pretty much an unspoken rule that wherever Sam sat, the seat to his direct right was mine considering I was alpha female. The boys noticed me and I noticed them shooting looks between the woman and I. They looked so uncomfortable and in normal circumstances I would find it amusing but something about this woman had my magic going crazy.

"Hey baby," Sam said as he spotted me. He stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I giggled as he dipped me low and kissed me on the lips. "Have a good day?"

"Always, hey Embry, Quil, would you mind grabbing the stuff out of the boot of the car for me?" I asked.

"Sure mum!" both boys said and I smiled. They walked past with a slight head bow and a kiss on the cheek, subtly showing the woman still in my seat that I was important.

"Did you buy anything good?" Sam asked as he finally let me stand properly but his arms were still tight around me.

"Subtext - did you buy us any presents?" I said and Sam looked sheepish. "Yea I did baby. I always buy you something if I'm out."

Sam laughed and kissed my head before nuzzling his mark on my neck. We broke apart and he led me over to the table. Bri sat in the empty seat beside where Embry was sitting and frowned slightly at the woman in my seat.

Sam walked back over to his seat and sat down while I moved around the dining room saying hello to everyone. When I go back to the head of the table, I promptly sat myself in Sam's lap. The woman in my seat looked slightly affronted before smiling at me.

"I'm Hermione, Sam's fiancée," I said as I stuck my hand out. She shook it delicately and smiled.

"Emily Young, I'm Leah and Seth's cousin," she said. I nodded with a smile that she returned. My magic was still going a bit freaky around her and I always trusted my instincts.

"Em's moved in with us for a bit. Her house on the Makah res is being renovated and since we haven't seen her for a while we offered our spare room," Sue explained and I nodded.

"Hey mum, where do you want this stuff?" Embry asked as they walked back into the room.

"Well, Quil can you put the food in the kitchen so I can start on dinner soon and Em, the other stuff can just go upstairs. Put it just outside my bedroom door," I said. The boys nodded and did as I asked. I noticed looking at me with what looked to be a hint of disgust and I frowned. "Hey Blaise, come help me put this stuff away."

Blaise nodded and I kissed Sam deeply before walking into the kitchen. Quil kissed my cheek and headed back out to the dining room. Once the door was closed, I cast a silencing charm around the room and turned to my friend.

"I don't like her," I said bluntly and Blaise nodded. "My magic goes all crackly around her."

"Mine too. She walked in with Sue and Harry and just seemed to think she was the boss. She walked straight up to Sam and kissed his cheek then proceeded to sit in your seat. Plus, I'm almost 100% positive she knows about the wolves. She's been acting real submissive to Sam and almost trying to act like she's his mate. She kept offering to get him things and was talking down to the boys," Blaise said and I growled.

"Well, that's the first thing I'm gunna set straight about this chick. Call me possessive but Sam is mine," I hissed and Blaise smirked.

"There's the alpha female and Gryffindor lioness I know and love. How ya gunna do it?" Blaise asked.

"First the bitch can get out of my seat then I'll go from there," I said just as the door opened. Billy rolled into the room and smiled. "Is everything ok Billy?"

"Just wanted to check on you. I got the impression you're not a fan of Emily," he said and I nodded sheepishly.

"I trust my magic and it's going on the fritz around her. Plus, she's in my spot," I said and Billy nodded. "Does she know about the pack?"

"She does. Only because she is one," he explained and Blaise and I started. "Emily is Leah and Seth's maternal cousin. The reason for Leah's transformation is that the wolf gene seems to be common in the woman of Sue's line. Sue's sister is a wolf and she's Emily's mother."

"So it's basically the same as here except that the wolf gene is passed on by the women," Blaise said and Billy nodded.

"Well, wolf or not, while she's here she needs to learn her place. And it isn't beside the father of my child," I said without thinking. Both men turned to me with wide eyes. "Shit."

"Mione, are you pregnant?" Blaise asked and I nodded. He picked me up in a hug and laughed. He then placed me in Billy's lap where I was hugged tightly and kissed on the cheek.

"How far along?" Billy asked as his hand rested on my stomach.

"Carlisle thinks about a month. I'm going to have an ultrasound next week and he'll give me a definite date. I don't want to tell Sam just yet. I'll tell him once I hit about 2, maybe three months," I said and both guys nodded. "I should get started on dinner. I'm thinking roast tonight. Can you send Sam in? I just want to spend some time with my man. Keep Emily out there."

Billy and Blaise nodded and walked back to the dining room. The door soon opened again and I felt two arms wrap around my stomach. I leant back into the comforting arms of my fiancé and grinned as he kissed my head.

"Billy said you were missing me," he whispered into my ear and I nodded. "I was missing you too."

I turned in his arms and pressed my lips to his. I could worry about everything elsewhere. Right now, I was safe and content in the arms of the man I loved.

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