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A Very Daring Dare.

Kick and Kendall were standing at the edge of a rocky cliff. Kendall was holding a skateboard and looking vaguely terrified, yet clearly determined. Kick wore a smug look and seemed even cockier than usual. Kendall took a deep breath and turned to Kick. She was thinking about backing down. Kick, as if sensing her hesitation, snickered darkly.

"What's the matter? Scared?"

"N-no. I'm just trying to judge the distance from here to the bottom of the cliff, that's all."

"Yeah, right. You can change your mind any time. Just letting you know."

Kendall: "As if! We had a deal, and I'm seeing it through. My pride and reputation are at stake."

"Kick smirked: "As are your underwear and life."

Kendall: "Haha. That's hilarious Kick."

Kick: Very well, then. Continue."

Kendall: 'I can do this. I have to. We made a dare, a double dog dare at that, and I will not embarrass myself by backing down.'

*Flashy back thing*

Kick and Kendall were having an argument. Not unusual for these two, but this time was a bit different. A crowd had gathered to watch Kick perform his stunts, and, after Kick made a very cool ending bow, with his head lowered and hands up, fingers in signature peace sign, Kendall rudely yelled that there was nothing special about what he had done, and that anyone could do those stunts if they really tried.

Kick had raised an eyebrow, part in anger, part in reluctant interest at why she was there watching him. He had loudly declared that the stunts were tricky and required a great deal of skill. Not anyone could do one perfectly.

Kendall argued back that even she could do something as simple as skateboarding off a cliff.

Kick called her bluff by daring her to do just that. She sneered and tossed up her nose haughtily, declaring that she would, but only if she and Kick were the only ones around to see it. Kick was curious about why the girl who always wanted to be the center of attention, suddenly shied away from her public, but only said, "Tomorrow at 8:30 sharp. Be there…or, uh, don't be."

*End flashback*

Kendall was now balanced rather precariously on the board, gazing uneasily at the ground far below. She suddenly felt sick, but stubbornly pushed off with a sudden hard kick. Kick's mouth dropped open. He hadn't actually expected her to do it. He thought she would give up and run away screaming. He was suddenly scared for her. She was screaming and flailing her arms, as if just now realizing the danger she was in. The board hit a bump and she fell off and tumbled down the cliff. Kick's large eyes widened even more. Not missing a beat, he grabbed a plank of wood and skated down the cliff after her. When he caught up to her, he bent and caught her in his arms, holding her bridal-style. They skated the rest of the way down easily, because Kick was an experienced dare-devil, and Kendall was so light. They finally reached the end of the cliff, and Kick skidded to a halt. Kendall was shaking and staring at Kick with huge eyes filled with terror. Kick's brown orbs showed worry and fear. Romantic and out of place music played in the background. Kick dropped her abruptly and dusted himself off nonchalantly. The music screeched to a halt at the sudden shift in the scene. Kendall picked herself up and glared at Kick.

"What was that for!"

Kick finished brushing himself off then leaned against the side of the cliff. Kendall paused for a moment to really stare at him, for the first time noticing how awesome he looked. The spell was broken when he replied in an uninterested tone.

"Still believe anyone can skateboard off a cliff?"

Kendall would give anything to say he was wrong, but she knew she couldn't now. Hanging her head in a very un-Kendall fashion, she sighed defeatedly.

"I guess it is pretty hard. You make it look so easy. But who wants to do dangerous, life-threatening stunts every day, anyway?"

Kick grinned, a smooth, manly grin. In one deft move, he popped the fallen board with his feet and caught it effortlessly.

In a tone he often used, but she never really took notice of until now - one that made his already manly voice sound even manlier - he answered the rhetorical question.

"That would be me. I live to do them, remember?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, right."

"Listen, next time you want to prove your worth, do something that your good at. Stick to your own thing, and you'll be fine."

She nodded wordlessly, shockingly not having anything to say to that.

He started to leave, and she cleared her throat hastily. When he didn't react she cleared it again, with an "Ahum." He kept walking and she threw a rock in frustration. It bounced off his helmet with a metallic 'clang.' He turned and shot her a dirty look. She whistled nonchalantly and said, 'What?' when he continued to stare.

"Do you want something?"

"Yes. I wanted to say…thank you for saving me. If you hadn't been there, I might have died."

"Highly unlikely. You are welcome, just the same."

"Oh, and Kick?"

She didn't wait for an answer. Moving close to him, she leaned in and kissed his cheek. Before he could wipe at it, she added threateningly,

"If you tell anyone about that, your a dead man."

He gagged, but, strangely, didn't wipe it away.

His eyes narrowed in disgust.

"Don't worry, no one will ever find out."

She acknowledged the hit with a small, "Humph!"

For a moment, they glowered at each other like cat and mouse. Kick broke the gaze by walking away and hopping on her board. Winking and pointing at her in a cocky manner, he skated off without looking back.

Kendall forced the rest of her frustration out in a single word: "Boys!"