Waluigi's Baseball Slam

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Baseball is awesome. Playing baseball is awesome. Watching baseball is awesome. But you know what's just as awesome as doing both of these baseball related things? Playing baseball. Err, I meant, WRITING Baseball. Heh heh heh. Anyway, enjoy, ladies and gentlemen! And may the blasted word count be with you!

Disclaimer: Everything in this story belongs to Nintendo.

Waluigi and Toadette were out in the peaceful open fields of the Meadow Meadows, playing a game of catch with each other using baseball mits. Waluigi tossed the ball to Toadette, who managed to nicely catch the ball.

"Isn't this great, Waluigi? A nice little game of catch between you and me..." She sighed heavenly as she hugged herself, closing her eyes as she stuck her tongue out. "Oh, how great this is..."

Waluigi blinked as he stared at Toadette bizarrely, his arms falling by his sides as Bowser Junior ran up to him. Waluigi turned around, bending down to talk to Bowser Jr. "Yeah, kid, what is it?"

Bowser Jr. pulled out a letter from behiond his spiky, green-colored shell, pointing at the letter as he stated, "Waluigi, you may want to read this. It's for your concern."

Waluigi shrugged as he grabbed the letter from Bowser Jr., reading it profoundly. The letter read that there was a special game of baseball for him... that the deadline was between a match of him and Wario!

"And if you DON'T particularly take my challenge, I'll deem you as the most embarrassing team in baseball. Eat it, chump!" Waluigi read the letter as he looked at Bowser Jr., who rubbed the back of his feet. Heeding Wario's words, Waluigi tore the letter apart as he pointed at Bowser Jr. "Well then, a challenge is a challenge! Only thing I need... is a team." He turned to face Toadette, calling the young humanoid mushroom girl over. "Toadette, you're definitely a given on my team."

Toadette squealed of delight as she slightly blushed, jumping up and down in joy. "Oh, yay! I am honored to be on your team, Waluigi!"

Waluigi smiled as he looked down as Bowser Jr., placing his hands on his firm hips. "I already have Petey Piranha and one of the blue Nokis from Beachy Beach on my team, but I could use some more teammates. You know where I could find more, pipsqueak?"

Bowser Jr. twiddled his fingertips as he looked up at Waluigi, suggesting, "Well, maybe my father will be eager to help out... he's doing nothing."

Waluigi chuckled as he adjusted his purple-colored hat, pointing up at the clear blue sky. "Then to Bowser's Castle, we go!"

"Wahaha," Wario stated as he was at his house in Diamond City, sitting on his purple couch as he was picking his nose. "That lanky idiot brother of mine that I'm clearly in love with won't stand a chance against me and my team."

"What team?" Captain Falcon stated as he was practicing his swinging, having been convinced to join Wario's team.

Several minutes later, Waluigi, accompanied by Toadette and Bowser Junior, magically arrived at Bowser's Castle, getting the chance to talk directly with King Bowser Koopa, the King Of The Koopas, and also Bowser Jr's father.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." Bowser grumbled as he sipped some coffee, placing it down as he stood up, folding his arms with displeasure.

"He didn't have to be so rude about it," Toadette remarked, wrapping her arms around the back of her pink mushroom cap.

"So you want me to briefly join your baseball team just to have a team to challenge Wario?" Bowser asked as he raised his right red eyebrow, chuckling as she shook his head. "You must be taking me for a fool."

Waluigi sighed as he rubbed the back of his head, replying to Bowser as he opened up his arms, "Well, think of it this way. You help me, I'll reward you handsomely."

Bowser smiled as he nodded his head, folding his long, limpy arms. "Well, then, it's a deal!" He glanced down at Bowser Jr., smiling at the young reptilian. "Well, kid, looks like you and I are on the same team."

Bowser Jr. laughed as he rubbed his hands together, evilly grinning. "Ohohoho... believe me, Waluigi, I'll be every ounce of good as I can promise..."

And thus, with that said and done, Waluigi left with Toadette and Bowser Jr., to gather a few more temporary members for Waluigi's team of baseball...