Hello I'm Leah Marie Clearwater, I'm 18 years old and live in La Push Washington which is an indian reservation. I have a twin sister who is older than be my 6 mintues her name is Isabella Marie Clearwater [yeah my mother wasnt to original when naming us something the same] I aslo have a younger brother his name is Seth Clearwater, We are the children of Harry and Sue Clearwater, my father is one of the elders of our tribe, Quilettes.

I'm not your average teenage girl, I'm a werewolf or shapeshifter if you want to be technical about it. My baby brother is one as well, we phased at the same time. Your wondering about my sister Bella, well she isn't one because shes been away for a year and a half. We phase into what we are because vampires, yes I said it vampires. With them being around the fever sets in and triggers the gene. With Bella being away and not being around where vampires are, she didnt get triggered, she didnt phase. So Im the only female in the pack. Not that I want to be.

The pack consists of Sam who is our alpha, Jared, Paul, Embry, Jacob, Quil, My self, Seth, Collin, and Brady. Sam is the Alpha because he was the first to phase, Jacob would be Alpha if he accepted it because his great grandfather was the last Alpha as well as the Chief of the tribe, right now Billy Jacob's dad is the cheif.

I'm currently in a hospital room with my father, mother, brother, and the pack, as well as a few of the imprints. My father had a heart attach and almost died, thank god he didnt die it would ruin our family. We arrived a few hours ago and are waiting on my sister to get here.

If your wondering where shes been all this time, well shes been at the Makah Reservation, living there with family.. my cousin's mother and father. The reason for her being sent there is my fault.

It all started a week after Sam and I broke up.. Yeah Sam and I were together awhile back for two years. Now hes with my cousin Emily.. he imprinted on her.. but anyways back to my explaination. A week after Sam and I broke up, I was depressed and my anger was taking over me, I needed to get some things out so I asked my sister to go to the club with me, She of course said yes, she never could resist going out somewhere. That night we drank alot, underage drinking I know, but anyways on our way back once in La Push I had the best idea, well it seemed like the best idea to me at the time. We stole a deputy's cars.. Bella hotwired it, I drove it. Back then I did whatever I could do to get my mind off the heartbreak, including smoking weed. Bella and I were smoking while speeding around being stupid, I ended up not watching where I was going and crashed right infront of the coucil Hall was.. where the elders of the tribe hold all there meetings.

Bella being the oldest ordered me to shut up and not speak once the cops got there. I did as I was told feeling really bad. I could have not listened to her.. but shes scary. Once the police got there as well as the elders. Bella told the police and the elders that she was driving and that she stole the car and made me come along for the ride or else she was going to torture me into wearing girly clothes. Yeah, Im a tomboy.. but thats not relevant right now.

Bella ended up being arrested that night and had to spend the night in Fork's Police Station. The next day when my dad went to get her, he told her how disappointed he was in her and that she deserved to be punished by her actions. The elders met about what they were going to do, they ended up deciding that it would be best if she spend time away from the reservation to think about her actions. That night she was shipped off to Emily's mother.

Nobody knew the truth untill I phased, I freaked out and wished I had my twin with me, after thinking of Bella I thought about that night. Not knowing that the pack could hear eachothers thoughts as you thought what you were thinking all have kept it secret because they seen the look my sister gave me when she told me not to talk or spill the truth to the police.

Your probably wondering how can wolves be scared of a girl. Let me explain to you the type of girl she is

Bella is known around La Push and Forks as ' The Sirene' Shes 5'2 at least the last time I seen her she was, and is beyond beautiful, her body is perfect, shes never had a pimple, She has long brown hair to the middle of her back which is thick and wavy and it seems like it never goes outof place even when the wind is blowing. Her russet color skin has this natural glow and glimmer to it which makes it look like soft brown silk. Even though she is short Her chest is big her hips are wide but not wideload big. Her butt is round , her stomach is flat with natural abs not even having to work out. Shes gorgeous.

Another thing about her is her attitude and personality. Which is what makes people scared of her when she glares. Well besides the fact that when she glares it practically makes a grown man cry. Anyways, she is a complete hardass, she doesnt give a shit about what you think or how you feel, she doesnt hold her tounge for anybody, shes utterly honest and doesnt care if she hurts your feelings, Shes a bitch , snarky, fiesty, not to mention she can practically kick a truck drivers ass even though if you seen her smallness you wouldnt think she could, but she can. Shes a total Ice Queen to everybody who isnt her family. When it comes to her family shes protective, like a Mama bear with her cubs, Shes all beat your ass now and ask questions never.

So everybody is really nervous about seeing her again that is if they knew her before, which not everybody has known her before. Sam, Paul, and Jared and Jacob have all known her. Sam because him and I use to be together even though Bella hated him back then too. Paul has known her well because they use to date untill she broke up with him because of the whole moving to the other rez because she took the fall. And Jared has known her because well Paul and Jared were bestfriends even though Bella could hardly stand him because he would pick on her for being short.. and Jacob well of course he has known Bella since he was born because my father and Billy Black are bestfriends practicaly brothers.

I think the most nervous person in ths room right now would be my brothers girlfriend. Well his imprint. Shes not like the other imprints or us, she's a pale face. Born and raised in Forks, her skin is white with a slight pinkish tint, she has fake blond hair, which Im sure is another thing my sister will hate about her besides the fact that she's a Pale Face. Its not that Bella is racist, because shes not our godfather and godmother are pale faces, but they have known our mother and father since birth, our godparents are Charlie and Renne Swan. Anyways, Seth's girlfriend is dreding meeting Bella, shes heard storys about her, I knew that Kelsey [seths imprints name] as scared of meeting me but hearing about Bells.. well lets just say the girl looks like shes about to shit herself.

If your wondering why Kelsey was afraid to meet me, well Im pretty much just like Bella, except im not as bad, Well I havent been as bad since I phased and Imprinted. HELL YEAH thats right bitches, I imprinted and my imprint , imprinted on me. The first double imprint in the history of well ever! Im sure you want to know who I imprinted on, but Ill save that untill later.

My thoughts were interupted when I heard ... click.. clack.. click.. clack.. click.. clack.. outside in the hallway of the hospital. I knew those steps, I knew the rhythem of how that person walked.. I knew it was who I thought it was when I heard talking outside.. which everybody instantly shut up and listned to it..

" Hello, I need Harry Clearwaters room number " My sisters voice rang in loud and clear .. even the regular humans heard it. hehe

" Sorry ma'am but visiting hours are almost over come back tomorrow " a nurse said.. she made a big mistake

" Look Tuby.. hes my father and I could careless about your shit rules about visiting hours, I suggest you tell me the room number before I shove my foot so far up your ass the water on my knee will qwench your thirst " Bella said.. which made us all look out side and notice it was slightly drizzling

After hearing what my sister said Kelsey's eyes went as wide as saucers which made me laugh at her.

" Room 204 " The nurse said after she caught her breath.. yeah we could hear her heart and breathing.. its sort of annoying..

After that we heard the familiar ... click.. clack.. click.. clack.. click.. clack.. and then the door started to open. Everybody held their breath including my father and mother.

In walked my twin sister. Wearing light blue skinny jeans, a tank top and black four inch pumps. Typical for her.. I cant walk in heels or else ill break my face! Trust me.. Ive tried to recently.

My mom ran to Bella and squeled

" YOUR HOME " Mom shouted making us all wince

" Yeah Its nice to be home, I missed you guys " Bella said as she hugged around my mother's waist

"Come on your father is dieing to see you " My mom whispered Bella nodded and went right up to our dad.. not even looking at her surroundings

" Hey daddy " She said in her 'innocent voice

" Hey babygirl -" I tuned them all out

I looked around at everybodies faces.. they all looked shocked.. some of the guys were drooling over her.. mostly Paul. The girls all looked like their puppy had died.. I felt smug.. Bella had that way with females.. making their selfesteem drop as soon as she walks into a room. Well I dont feel that way. Sure sometimes Im slightly Jealous of my sister.. but I know im beautiful as well

Im 5'10 , slim but I have curves, my hair is chin length like it always had been, my eyes are deep brown with dark green around the pupil, my skin is smooth as well, I know Im beautiful, so im not really self contious about my looks.

Even though Bella and I are twins, we dont look the same, we're comletely different.

Im taller , shes shorter, My hair is short, her hair is long. My eyes are brown with dark green around the pupil, hers are dark green with brown around the pupil. Shes girly, Im not. Shes motherly, im not. She loves attention, I dont realy care. She is vain all the way, Im just vain when I know im better. She likes bad boys, I like mine well grounded. She loves shopping, I could go without.

See we are completely different.. Once again my thoughts were ruined when I was knocked down to the ground with somebody hugging me so much I could barely breath.

" LEE-LEE I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I CANT BELIEVE HOW DIFFERENT YOU LOOK YOUR MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE LAST TIME I SEEN YOU. YOUR HOT MAMA" Bella shouted happily .. she actually sniffed me as well which caused ppl to laugh at her but she coldnt hear it.

" HELLS BELLS.. I MISSED YOU TOO THANK GOD YOUR HOME " I shouted along with her.. well when shes happy you cant help but be effected by her moods. Plus we were really intuned with eachtoher.. it was weird.. When one of us felt pain the other felt it too..

We were interupted by somebody clearing their throat.. I looked.. It was Seth.. Bella got off me and just looked at him

" Sweet baby jesus.. SETHY IS THAT YOU.. GOOD GOD YOUR TALL AS FUCK.. JESUS CHRIST.. WHAT IS MOM FEEDING YOU " Bella screamed while hugging him

" AND YOUR HOT! " Bella added.. which caused him to blush

" Aww sis.. stop it your embarrasing me " Seth whined

" Who knew Seth could blush " Quil said.. loudly.. which made Bella jump and turn around.. she wasnt facing the pack..

" Who the fuck are you " She glared at him.. then at everybody else.. but her expression softened when she reached one of the pack members

Quil was about to answer her.. till he seen her looking at something.. er.. somebody.. Everybody followed where she was staring at.

Everybody in the room was watching them closely.. they stared at eachother so lovingly.. they looked at eachother like they seen the sun for the first time. Even though they have known eachother for ages. We all noticed the look.. my father gasped as well did Billy and mom.

Paul imprinted on Bella. It wasnt to surprising to anybody in the pack, we all knew how he felt about my sister. He hasnt dated anybody since she left, he didnt really date before her either. But after she left, he took it hard, when he heard she was coming home today he spent the night at my house with Seth just to make sure he was here today. He's been in love with my sister since we were kids, He just never really told her how much he truely felt. Now his feeligns will only get stronger.. if thats even possible.

Their staring contest was broke after my father coughed like his lung was full of smoke.. even though it was a fake cough.. Bella quickly recovered and went back to glaring around at al the people she didnt know.. her glare got worse as she seen Sam and Emily next to Charlie and Renne.

Let me explain really quick as in why she is acting that way.

For one, she never liked Sam she only put up with him because he made me happy. But when he broke my heart she hated him even more and she became even more bitter and bitchy and hateful towards him than she already had been. Not to mention Emily.. we all three use to be close, like sisters.. but after we found out Sam was with Emily.. Bella pretty much disowned Emily, not to mention the fact that Bella beat the shit out of Emily when she found out.. Emily was pretty bad after the fight, she didnt really get a chance to fight back. Bella was like a pitbull attacking a puppy, even though Emily is taller than her. But yeah, she hates Sam and Emily, she always called Sam a dog which made me laugh when I phased and realized it was true.

Emily and my relationship has gotten better over the time after I phased. I started to understand, but it still hurts sometimes, but not really now that I have my imprint. Emily and I arent like 'bestfriends' but we are working on it. Im trying to be better. Im glad Emily isnt pushing me to forgiving her all the way.

" What are they doing here " Bella hised out a sneer.. which made Kelsey squeek

Bella didnt notice Kelsey untill that moment. Plus Kelsey hid behind Kim who is Jareds Imprint and Lindsay who is Jacobs imprint. The three of them are bestfriends.

" WHO ARE ALL OF THESE GOD FORSAKING PEOPLE " Bella shouted which made the girls take a step back

" Calm down Bella " My dad said lightly.. she relaxed a bit but still glared in the direction of where Sam and Emily were at. Sam looked very uncomfortable and Emily looked scared.. her hair hiding her scars.. which Bella knows nothing about. YET.

" Ill introduce you to everybody " I said coming up to her as she nodded

" The guys are Jacob, Jared, Embry, Quil, Collin, Brady and lastly Paul " She looked at everybody closely as if she was tryiing to store their faces into her brain which made me chuckle

" Then there is, Kim Jareds girlfriend, Lindsay who is Jacobs girlfriend, and Kelsey who is Seths girlfriend " I practically whispered the last part as Kelsey came out from behind the girls

" Okay so whos the pale girl" Bella said looking a bit grossed out

Seth went to stand next to Kelsey and put his arm around her shoulders.. trying to comfort his imprint yet looked scared of our older sister. Who looked like she was about to blow

" Bella this is my girlfriend Kelsey, Kelsey this is my older sister Bella the one we all have been telling you about " Seth said in a panic voice yet looking pleadingly at Bella. HA like thats gonna save yor life. Bella's face became emotionless then smiled sort of evily

" Thats nice.. Kelsey we will talk later.. hmm? " Bella said sickly sweet which made me want to burst outlaughing.. not to mention the look on Kels face.. she looked like she her life was going to end. Then Bella looked pissed off again after she looked from Seth to his girlfriend..

" IM GOING OUT WITH EMBRY " I blurted yet shouted out.. wanting her to be happy.. at least im not with a pale face!

Everybody just looked at me like i was insane.. expecially Embry.. my poor baby.. He looked scared like Kelsey

" which one is he again ? " Bella whispered.. I giggled.. we all could hear her still well us wolves

" Hes the one with the white shirt on " whispered back.. She looked over at him..

" Thank god one of my siblings has sense " She muttered to herself.. which us wolves heard.. Bella went up to him and pulled him into a hug.. He towered over her

She pulled back a bit then waved him to bend down lower till his head was the same with hers then she leaned in and whispered in a dark voice but talked loud enough for everybody to hear and I do mean everybody

" if you hurt her, ill kill you, shes been hurt already what she feels I feel. So if you hurt her ill find you, my god father taught me how to use a gun, nobody will be able to find your body. Besides.. Im a black belt. Ill be watching you " She said darkly.. then pulled back again and beamed at him.. He looked scared for his life.

I blushed.. embrassed and because I felt loved. Bella was very protective

" Now.. what are they doing here " Bella said disgusted

It was funny seeing Sam Uley the almighty Alpha being scared of a 5 foot 2 inch female. Weather I understood why he was scared or not isnt the issue, I knew why, but I couldnt find it in my heart to feel sorry for him or save him from her wrath. It was to funny to see her tiny self make his 6'4 wolf self cower away from her glare and tone of voice.

" Bella be nice please " My mother said desperatly

" Why should I be nice to this dog and the blood traitor " Bella seethed in anger

Yes thats what Bella calls Emily, The Blood Traitor. She says that Emily betrayed everything that is family between us. Family doesnt hurt family, no matter what. Blood is thicker than water. Emily chose water and betrayal over family. In Bella's eyes, she would probably understand if she really honestly knew what happened and why it happened. But then again, its Bella Im talking about, so no forgiving is out of the question.

It makes it worse since she was there to pick me up and help me put some pieces back together, even though she was sent away, she would email me advice on things. Bella always put me before anything, it was some twin thing we had. Its sort of weird you would have thought we imprinted on eachother since birth.

" Now is not the time to be angry about this, we're in the hospital, relax focus on your father. " My mother said soothingly.

" So Bella are you really a black belt " Quil asked.. changing the subject.. Bella looked at him confused then regained her composer

" Yes, I took Tekwondo after my first week of being at the Makah Rez. One of their elders suggested I do something with my time. " Bella said bitterly after sitting next to my dad in a seat and taking his hand

" So you could kick Pauls ass if needed " Embry and the rest of the wolves chucked after hea sked the question. Paul looked amused and his right eyebrow lifed up while he smirked at her.. egging her on.

" Yes, I could. " She said staring at Paul.

Thank god he imprinted on her, or else he would be heartbroken if somebody else did. He worshiped her since we were young. It sort of made since that he imprinted on her. It would have been disasterous if he didnt.


My brain is in over drive. My feelings were becoming overwhelmed. I was good with taking things, but somethings are just freaky.

I come home in a rush worried about my father, after he had a heartattach. I love my father with all my heart but dear god he should have listened to mom along ass time ago when she told him to stop taking care of himself so lightly. His lifestyle is one of the reasons why his hearattack happened. Always eating fried foods, which were greesey. Along with him drinking beer with his friends.

My mom always tried to shove healthy food down his throat, she also use to hide the bad things he shouldnt eat, but we all knew when he wasnt at home he was eating bad. His fishing trips with Billy and Charlie were his get away time. It was funny really. Dad never done drugs, but his greasey food was his drug. I remember seeing his eye's roll back in his head when he ate mom's fish fry after a long month of eating nothing but veggies and health food.

Ive always been close with my family. The protective older sister and protective daughter. It was in my nature, our family has always been super close, nobody could tear it apart, the only thing that could hurt our family would be if one of us died.

Leah and I have always been daddy's girls. Seth was always the Mama' boy. She babied him since he was the youngest, and my dad always was the protective one with Leah and I since we were his girls. Being beautiful didnt help his situation with us, He went into over drive once we hit puberty.

He was always the proud father when it came to anything we did. I messed that clean track record once I hotwired a deputies police car and drove it into the Hall the elders held meetings at. As well as being under the influence of weed and forced my twin sister Leah to come with me or else I was going to put her through tourture making her wear a dress and makeup having her hair done and making her wear heels. That night was the first time in all of my life that my father had ever told me he was disapointed in me.

I knew the truth, It wasnt really my idea, it was Leah's but I couldnt have my sister being in trouble after everything she had been through at the time. I took the fall and delt with whatever punishment was handed to me. I eneded up being sent to the Makah Reservation for a year and a half. I ended up having to stay at my cousin Emily's mothers house.

That didnt make things anybetter once I got there. I hated Emily before I even got sent there. I even beat the shit out of her happily. So my aunt and I clashed at first. But once I told her why I did what I did, she was shocked.

Emily had been going out with Sam Uley during the time Leah had been. I guess Emily and Sam met one night after Emily had come to visit for a family BBQ, she got lost and she ran into him. They said it was love at first sight. I didnt fall for that Bullshit. I was pissed off, Sam and Emily hurt my little sister.

Leah and Sam had been together for two fucking years and with no time at all he breaks her heart to be with our cousin. Leah was beyond heart broken, I tried to help her get better, so that night when she suggested we go to the club I went happily, plus I loved going out. Having guys drool over me and girls be envious was amusing.

I blame Sam and Emily for that night.

If Sam and Emily wouldnt have hurt my sister, she would be happy and wouldnt of came up with the club idea. I wouldnt have been sent away, her heart wouldnt have been broken. I wouldnt have had to break up with Paul... Yeah.. Paul and I were together for a really long time. Hes the only real boyfriend I ever had.

But after what Sam did to Leah, I couldnt trust men what so ever. I never thought Sam would hurt mysister, granted I never liked the dog, but he mad her so happy I couldnt really try to break them apart. But he did it himself. Hurting her and making me freakout.

If Sam could do that to Leah, then Paul would do it to me.. hurt me.. break my heart to oblivion. The Day I had to leave La Push, I broke up with Paul. Telling him we couldnt be together while I was gone , because he would just get with another girl while I was away and it would break my heart, plus I couldnt trust to much after the Sam and Emily situation.

It hurt me to break up with him, and I seen in his dark eyes that it hurt him too. The whole time I was away I never dated anybody, I didnt give any guys a chance to think I was remotely interested in them or even wanted to be. My heart has always belonged to Paul, weather or not that his heart belonged to me. We never really told eachother that we loved eachother.

So sitting in this hosital room holding my father's hand and staring at Paul made my insides feel like fire. The look in his eyes made my stomach do flips and turns. He looked at me as if he was blind and seeing me for the first time. His eyes showed nothing but Love and Admoration.I couldnt break my gaze from him since Embry asked if I could kick his ass.

Now that was something that surprised the shit out of me. My babysister being with somebody else. Embry was so her type. He was quiet yet had a funny side to him. Tall dark, Handsome, lean not to buff.

I never thought Leah would be able to get over Sam, after them being together for two years. But Im glad she moved on, If she is happy then I guess its alright. But I will be watchin him just like I told him. If I even think for one second he is doing her wrong, hes a goner.

Now for Seth, I cant believe that hes with a pale face. Karen or whatever her name is. Ive never known him to have a girlfriend before untill now. I never see him be slightly interested in anybody enough to actually ask them out. Seth is my baby brother. Im way protective of him then Leah. Hes the baby. Even though he is like a foot taller than me now. Which is weird. The last time I seen him he was only about an inch taller. Its funny how Im the oldest yet the smallest.

I detested his girlfriend. Ill never like her, hes my baby brother. Nobody will ever be good enough for my babybrother. Not even her. Ill make sure she knows I dont like her either. UGH. a fucking pale face. A typical one at that. Pale skin, fake blond hair. ugh. I hate girls with fake blonde hair. Its disgusting that they try to be something they really arent. Ive never in my life dyed my hair. I never will. You could tell her blond hair was fake. Her dark roots were showing which made her look tacky.

Everytime I would look over at my brother and look at his girlfriend I could see she was looking at me. I would glare at her which made her quickly turn her head away from me. Seth just kept looking at me like he was pleading with me. Oh well I dont care, She isnt good enough for him. He could do so much better, be with somebody from the rez, one of us. She wasnt one of us. I wont except her. He doesnt need to have his heart broken like Leah.

" Your car is in the garage, nobody as drove it since youve been gone " My father said I instantly perked up. MY BABY. MY CAR! i loved my car more than anything, well almost.

" I cant wait to get under the hood of her and tinker with her. She will probably need a tune up and an oil change thats for sure. Maybe Ill re work the engine and make her go faster! " I said happily

Everybody but my family and Jacob and Paul looked at me like I had grown another head or something. I guess they were thinking since I was girly and shit that I couldnt and didnt like to get my hands dirty. Sure if you looked at me you would never expect me to know anything about a car. But I loved cars, I could tear one apart and put it back together probably with my eyes closed. I even taught Jacob a few things about cars. I was getting annoyed by the looks that they were giving me

" WHAT " I snaped at them. . causing some snickers

" You like cars, you dont look like the type " Kim asked Karen and Lindsay nodded their head in agreement

" you dont know me to make any judgements, Just because Im beautiful and dress in Heels doesnt mean you know what I like to do or my hobbies. Your the last person to judge somebody off how they look. Your wearing out of season clothes from years ago, your hair is stringy, and your clinging to her man like hes going be stolen from you. Desperate and unfashionable is disgusting. Look at yourself before you try to look at me Bitch " I pretty much growled at her which made her cower to the wall they were all leaning on. I kept glaring at her daring her to look back over to me

" She didnt mean to offend you Bells damn, she was only shocked that you liked working on cars " Jared defended her.. weak little girl

" I dont give a shit Jar Head, the next time it speaks to me it better chose its words carefully, I wont say sorry for the turn out " I glared at him as I sneered. He didnt argue back. Good boy.

I was going to say soemthing to my father, but the room door opened.

In walked in two of the palest people Ive ever seen in my life. They had the same golden eye color. Obviously related I thought to myself.

They both were wearing some sort of Hospital scrubs, one obviously a volenteere. A tall lean man with blond hair, his features were nice looking, the other man with bronze dishovled hair was handsome. Strong features, nice cheekbones, chisled jaw, he was lean as well, as well as tall, at least 6 foot 1.

They walked into the room and stopped in their tracks when they seen me holding my fathers hand. The man with the darker hair stared at me intently, I looked back at him, I hope he didnt think i was going to be intimidated by his pale ass. Something about these two men made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

" Well hello, Ive never met you before, Im Dr. Carlisle Cullen this is my son Edward hes a volenteere " the blond man said in a polite voice. The other man was still staring at me as if he was trying to figure me out.

" This is my eldest daughter Isabella, she's Leah's twin sister. " My father said in a croaked voice staring at the Edward boy.

" Twin ? " The blond asked.. looking back and forth between Leah and I. I was battleing myself not to roll my eyes.

" Yes, Im 6 mintues older than Leah " I said speaking for the first time, which caused the both of them to take ina breath.

What was wrong with these two weirdos!

" Its nice to meet you Bella " Edward said.. how did he know I liked to call Bella

" Nice to meet you too Eddie " I said which caused him to look taken back... well if he was going to assumme I liked to be called Bella even though I did.. then Im going to call him Eddie.. which was a stupid nick name.. His father chuckled at me, I raised my eyebrow at him

" He hates when people call him Eddie " the Dr. said

" I dont mind though " Edward interupted.. He looked me in the eyes ... god this guy is such a freak I thought to myself.

I didnt break his stare . We stared at eachother not backing down while the Dr. was messing around with Daddys charts and asking him questions. I could feel everybodies eyes on me. I could feel Paul and my dad burning holes into my head

I was starting to get bored so I raised my right eyebrow at Eddie which made him chuckle.. Which made somebody growl.. seriously who the fuck growls. The growl made him break the stare and look behind him, which is where Paul was standing. He looked ferious.

Paul and Edward looked at eachother, as if having some silent conversation.

" You two are together " Eddie asked me

I wanted to tell him yes, but I knew the truth, we weren together.. I broke up with him when I left, He was probably with somebody else, which made my insides boil in anger. I wasnt going to let him be with somebody else. He was ment to be with me obviously if I felt this way. So I decided to lie .

" Sort of " I said in a confident voice not looking at Paul.

" I see " Eddie said disapointed.. oh well get over it.

I noticed Dr. Cullen , Billy, and my dad talking to eachother in hushed tones. Billy Black was actually glaring at my father was looking almost the same. After a few mintues. Dr. Cullen said daddy could leave tonight and he ushed Eddie out of the room.

Eddie looked back at me before closing the door his eyes soft and he whispered bye.

I waited a little while till I could find my voice. I was so confused. and Irritated everybody was yet again staring at me in shocked looks.

" What the hell was that " I pretty much shreiekd

" Nothing, He was just saying how special you were " Billy said trying to sooth me

" Special? What does that mean " I asked looking confused

" We will explain later. Lets blow this joint " My father said looking happy..

One thing about my father is hes funny. Him Billy and Charlie were like overgrown teenagers. It gets worse with old age. Billy still claims that he dances, even though hes confined to a wheele chair since two years ago. It was hard on him expecially with his two twin little girls.. WHICH REMINDS ME!

" WHERE ARE RACHAL AND BECCA " I shrieked.. I cant believe they arent here right now.. I havent seen them in such a long time, I loved those two little girls, they were soemthing special. Leah and I use to babysit them for Billy. It was fun watching them Torture Jacob.

Rachal and Becca are your typical little girls, always wanting to play dress up and play barbies and shit. Billy stopped letting Jacob babysit them once he came home to Jacob being huddled around by the twins. That was when he had long hair. That day they decided to make him 'pretty'

Jacobs hair was in messy braids, he had on purple eyeshadow and blood red blush, and hot pink play lipstick. I actually got them their makeup sets for their 6th birthdays. It was funny because Billy took a picture of him and showed all of us. I cracked up for weeks.

Ever since then, Leah and I babysat them. Well till I got into trouble.

" They are over at Embry's with his mother " Billy said chuckling

" Like dad said.. lets blow this joint I cant wait to see my little proteges " I said hopping up and down all hyper.. well I did have four coffees this morning and three sodas on the plane

After daddy was discharged from the hospital we all split up into different cars, Well its not like we could all ride together in one car I mean shit there was alot of them! Dad, Mom, Myself and Seth drove in mom's car. I was driving, Seth sitting in the front seet with me, Mom and dad in the back. It so should have been the other way but I didnt protest. I bet your wondering why come Seth's thing wasnt with us.. well I told Quil or whatever his name is to take her with them that I wanted to talk to Seth.

" So whats up with the fake blond.. you really with her " I said out of no where

" Yeah sis im really with her, her name is Kelsey " Seth said in a dazed voice

" I dont like her " I said harshly which caused everybody in the car to sigh.. oh well!

" You dont even know her sis " Seth said looking at me

" Shes not your type, seriously a freaking pale face.. are you kidding me.. her fake blond hair with her brown roots showing.. I dont like her " I said again

" You like Embry and you just met him.. " Seth said slowly

" I dont even know him, I dont like him either.. but at least hes not a pale face " I skrieched

" Bella, your god mother and god father are pale faces, why does it matter that Seth's im- uh girlfriend is a pale face " Dad asked me gently.. knowing I was about to blow

" UGH.. BECAUSE SHES NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM " I roared which made my body have a hot flash.. a serious hot flash and I was shaking abit from being so pissed off.. Seth was looking at me with Wide eyes

" Give her a chance please and calm down " Seth said rubbing my arm

" Are you all right " My mom said worringly

" Dont expect me to be nice to her " I said as we pulled up to the house, everybody else was there.

I just got out of the car and slamed it shut walking to the front door. On the way there I seen Leah and everybody looking at me with worry lookes on their faces. idiots. Then I seen Kelsey standing by herself. I walked passed her glaring at her . I wasnt going to be nice to her, she wasnt one of us. She can take her fake blonde hair and get the hell off my reservation. She didnt belong with my brother.

With one last glance I seen Seth talking to Sam, which Sam was looking at me.. more like staring, everybody else was looking at me the Sam, Leah looked excited. Iduno whats up with her but oh well as long as she was happy!

I had the door open about to step in when I heard two high pitch vocies scream out

" BELLY" Those voices belonged to Rachal and Becca.

" munchkins " I screamed back at them while they ran to me

I swear I heard Jared mumble.. their all three pretty much the same height.. I just glared at him.. making him looked shocked. So I took my pointer finger and slid it across my throat, he just laughed.. FUCKER!

I turned my focus back to the two beautys hugging on to my legs and waist

" Come on princesses Ive missed you " I said hugging them back and tugging them inside the hosue

I ignored everybody but the twins as I sat in the living room. Rachal having me do her hair after I had done Becca's. Always wanting french braids those two.

Mom and Dad ordered pizza's and salads for dinner, Charlie and Renne offered to cook, but we all screamed NO! Those two couldnt cook if their lives depended on it, they pretty much ate over at my house or at Billy's. Which the only thing Billy could actually pretty much make was spagetti with his 'special' sauce.. which was Ragu.. but nobody told him we knew.

Everybody sat in the living room eating the pizza watching movies that the twins practically demanded us to watch. Everthing was good.. untill Becca said out of no where

" Bells where do babies come from " Billy and dad chocked on their milk, while everybody else just had wide eyes.. staring back and forth between me and the little girl who just wanted to know where babies came from. FUCK!

" Becca honey how bout I tell - " Billy started to say,, but was interupted by Leah

" Yeah Bella where DO babies come from " Leah said

" yeah tell us pllleeeaaase " Rachal asked

" Okay Ill tell you " I said smiling down at the twins.. then glanced up at everybody else.. they looked worried..

I had been the one to tell Seth where babies came from, lets just say he had nightmares for weeks! HAHAHAHA!

" Isabella " Billy warned.. I just smiled innocently.. which made him roll his eyes

" Honey.. Babies are gifts from god. " I told them seriously.. which everybody else around me exhaled.. holding their breathes which they didnt realize they were doing

" Wha'da mean " Becca asked

" Like when you have a birthday " Rachal asked as well

" No sweetie, you see.. when god finds couples who are truely in love, the ones that love eachother so much they would do anything for them, he gives them gifts, so they can share that love with others, which are where babies come from. You see.. people who have special love have babies, god grants them a child or children. To love and care for " I said as I looked at Billy.. he had tears in his eyes

" So.. mommy and daddy.. they were special and god gave us to them " Rachal asked with a hard thinking face on her

" Yes " I said looking down at her

" If god gave us to mommy and daddy.. how come he took mommy away.. " Becca asked .. god.. why am I the one they are asking.. I looked around at mom,, dad, billy.. charlie.. and renne.. and the other adults in the room... they werent gonna help me.. they didnt wanna answer the question.. Ill wing it

" God took mommy away from you two, Jake, and your daddy because God needed her by his side.. to help watch over you four. You see.. when your mommy died, God loved her so much he took her up to heaven and made her an Angel.. a Gaurdian Angel.. she watches over you all everyday, shes always there even when you dont see her. Also, she's in your hearts. God took your mommy so she could be your angel, to love you from heaven and keep you safe " I said tearing up

The twins just nodded and hugged me tightly. I was shocked when Jake did the same thing. I looked down at him.. he was infront of me on his knees.. his head buried in my stomach.. I felt his hot tears on soak through my clothes. I just stroked his hair, comforting him. Jake was like a brother to me as well. Like Seth is..

I looked up at everybody.. going from face to face... everybody had been crying.. Billy looked at me with tears down his face and mouthed thank you. I just smiled and nodded at him . My mother and father looked proud of me, Leah did too.

I took a chance at looking at Paul, his eyes watery, but no tears falling. He was looking at me, well staring at me watching me as i soothed the girls and Jake. Paul at me with love in his eyes and smiled a toothy grin. Then mouthed ' take a walk with me later? ' I just nodded at him then looked back at the movie which was playing.. Beauty and the Beast. The twins favorite movie.


Watching Bella with Jakes sisters made me day dream of her and I being together in the future with children. Bella was always motherly, she was that way towards Seth, Leah, Jake, and Jakes sisters. Even though Bella was only 6 mintues older than Leah, she really did take the big sister role seriously.

I still couldnt believe I imprinted on Bella, the girl who I had always been in love with since I was like Five years old. I never really liked girls besides her. She always had me hypnotized along with every other boy who came around her. Growing up with her was crazy. She got more beautiful we got older. I was the boy who didnt talk to many people, keeping my distance if they werent my friend. The boy with the attitude and anger problems as well as family problems. I would fight all the time and blow up. I was never at ease or felt free unless she was somewhere in sight or by me. I asked her out when we were 11 years old. We stayed together off and on untill that day she broke up with me a year and a half ago. I was in love with her then, ready to tell her I loved her, but she broke up with me, telling me she had to leave because she got into trouble, and that we couldnt stay together because she knew I would cheat on her and hurt her like Sam did to Leah.

It hurt, her leaving. I stopped being civil to Sam, I stayed close to her family thought, I couldnt help but want to be around Leah and Seth, they were a part of her. I needed a part of her around me always. My anger and shit came back while she was gone. Bitches trying to get with me, I never gave them a chance. I pushed them away. I stayed to myself unless it wasnt fighting..

Then I turned into a fucking wolf. I had to deal with Sam again. That shit pissed me off. but I got over it. I just stayed extra low. Then everybody else started phasing. Because the leaches that lived on the other side of the boarder.

When I heard my Bells was coming home I couldnt stop smiling. I yearned for her, to have a chance to show her Im not Sam. But then when I got into Harry's room today, I lost all hope, I realized I was a wolf, and I didnt have a chance in hell with her ever again. I would imprint and hurt her like Sam did Leah.

I ate my words as she looked into my eyes when Leah was introducing everybody. As soon as she looked into my eyes and I looked into hers... my world centered.. everything I was, was because of her. The wires connected her to me, I imprinted. I imprinted on my First and Only love.

She was always my other half, we both were hot tempered, we both were protective, loved hard. She was like me, only the female version.

Here I am staring at her as she just finished telling the twins why God took their mommy away. I asked her to walk with me later. She accepted. My heart swelled. My Bella.. My imprint.. was going to walk with me..

I wanted to tell her I loved her, that I always had and still do. That I didnt get with anybody while she was away. That I want to prove to her Im not Sam. That I wont do that to her, I cant.. because I imprinted on her. I could never leave her.

Two hours later the twins fell asleep, Billy and Jake took them home.. Everybody else was clearing out. I looked at her and put my hand out for her to take. Which she did, as soon as her tiny hand was in mine, an electric shoke went through my body.

I walked her outside still holding her hand.. intertwining her fingers with mine. We walked in silence untill we reached the beach. She was looking out into the ocean while I was staring down at her. She was beautiful in the moon light.

She stopped looking at the water, then turned her attention towards me. Thats when she said


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