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Sue Clearwater paced like nobodies business in her kitchen. She and everyone else on the reservation been subjected to the wrath and aftermath of the crazy situations Leah and Bella brough upon them through their past betting and dares. If Sue was honest with everyone, she would admit she never really got over the last dare the girls put her through.

It had been a few years ago, Leah been dared to dress up in an all black outfit and make a ruckus around the house in the dead of night. They knew their father or mother would hear it and try to do the parental thing and creep around the house with the metal baseball bat Harry kept around for 'security' purposes. Only Leah wasnt alone, she begged Bella to do it with her, since it was only fair that they get into trouble together, than un-united.

Bella and Leah donned their all black attire, they thought it was awesome that they were going all out, they always went all out, no matter the occasion. And this particular occasion was no different, they were on a mission and that mission was scaring the piss out of their parents, and possibly even their younger brother, only that was a bonus. The both of them creeped up the basement stairs where their rooms were, and purposefully went to the kitchen to knock a few thing around, making enough noise to start their parents, only to pause for a few moments, giving them a false sense of security. It wasnt a secret that Leah liked to wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink, and Bella was a repeat late night eater, always wanting a snack.

After they suffered in silence for a good five minutes they made more noise closer to the dinning room leading to the stairs to the level where their parents and brother slept in. It was all a huge disaster.

Sue woke her husband up in the dead of night, and they both creeped down stairs with their weapons at the ready. Harry and his baseball bat of security and Sue with her umbrella, ready to smack it on the intruder if they even touched her fine china set she received before the children were even born. They both were ready for attack.

Harry called Charlie before they went down stairs to let him know somebody broke in the house and he wanted Charlie there to arrest the culprit. And Charlie being Charlie, ready to take down anybody for the thrill and excitement of an arrest got him running out of bed in his sleep pants and a jacket. The poor guy was ready to get some action.

Bella and Leah didn't know that they were about to get into huge trouble, they didn't think Charlie was going to sneak up behind them as Harry and Sue held their weapons in the air ready to strike. They shrieked and ducked as Sue couldn't hold her emotions causing her to hit Charlie. She had knocked him out cold and she burst into tears saying she was going to the big house for assault on a police officer, that she was to pretty to go to jail, and a bunch of other stuff nobody really could understand from her blubbering.

Long story short, Leah and Bella ended up grounded for a month. Well, Harry cracked and let them off on good behavior, but during their house arrest, they were to go from school to home, and home to school. Also, they been escorted to and from school in Charlie's police cruiser which scared away many of the boys. Paul being one of them, he didn't talk to Bella for even longer than the month she been grounded for. He was paranoid that Charlie was going to see him around Bella and notice his very red glassy eyes he was consistently sporting.

Embry's mother ended up blue for over a week, Paul's mother ended up losing six inches of her long hair but it stayed on her body, Bella dared Paul to super glue his mother's hair to her back while they both as high as kite. Poor old Quil ended up mysteriously losing his cain while he was asleep. His old whisper like voice wasn't cooperating to go louder so he could shout for help, and since he lived alone he didn't have anybody home to help him, not even get to a phone on the second floor which had him cursing himself. So he sat in his own shit for three days until somebody finally decided it was weird that he wasnt sit on his front porch yelling at the neighborhood children to shut up and stop being so damn demonic.

And those are people they cared about and loved, the rest of the reservation either got worse or equal attention from the girls. So of course when word spread that a bet had been made they hid, and they tip toed around the trouble twins. Nobody was safe, including their parents, so none of them were going to take the chance to end up in the cross hairs.

"Oh mom, stop walking around so tense, nothing is going to happen to you. Whatever I have Bella do or not do will not even be near the house. You can chill out, the whole scared for life stuff really means something to you doesn't it? It was years ago! Let it go!" Leah ranted as she paused while eating her breakfast.

The truth was Leah loved how scared her and Bella made people when it came to their little games. It sort of made her want to top the last dare she gave her sister, to see how the town reacted to it.

But this one was going to be different. She knew Bella had seen the weekend was going to be Human Drinking Vampire clear. So she and the other older wolves and the Cullens are going to Seattle for the weekend. It wasnt like they had any work to do, Bella and Leah both go time off from the Diner/Bakery. Which meant that while they are in Seattle, Seth, Collin, and Brady would be on the reservation keeping an eye out. Their Imprints, Kelsey and the Black twins were staying of course, and Sue and Renée are watching Sam and Emily's baby. So it all worked out perfectly to her advantage.

Bella wasnt going to know what hit her, then again Leah wouldn't be surprised if Bella had no problem with what she had planned for her dear sister.

"It had better not be anywhere near my house Leah Marie! Or so help me, I will make Sam alpha order you to stay outside in wolf form and you wont come inside, it will be feeding from a dog bowl for you, missy!" Sue said sharply and walked hastily out of the kitchen.

Leah stared wide-eyed after her mom left and then giggled. It was hilarious to get Sue Clearwater going. The woman never cussed but she came up with the damnedest things to say in return.

One thing she knew, is she was going to make sure none of it came back to the reservation! There was no way in hell she was going to eat from a dog bowl, nobody would let her live it down if it came to that.


"Whos a handsome boy? You are, so handsome!" Bella cooed to baby Avery as he giggled a toothless giggle.

Bella was saying goodbye with Emily, she had been helping since he was born. Emily needed to be focused on the baby, so Bella helped around the house and while Emily got some sleep every now and then. So she grew very attached the little guy named after Billy.

Avery was a chunky baby, Rollie pollie, as she says. His thighs and cheeks and little fists and his neck were chunky. She loved it, she loved kissing his cheeks all over and blowing on his thighs and Bella earning gleeful laughs. Being around Avery sort of calmed the Helion in Bella out, well at least when she was around him. Not even a curse word was allowed to be spoken, or else they would get the spoon and have to slap money in Bella's swear jar. And so far, Avery had been a great little money collecting assistant.

So as she said goodbye with Emily for their much-needed weekend away, she held on to the baby a little tighter and said a prayer to whatever gods were up there.

Sweet, newborn 8 pound 9 oz baby Jesus. I pray to you that whatever plan my sister had cooked up, or whatever activity I have to endure just to pay off this bet, please don't make me o to jail. I'll wear hobo clothing for a week! With stains on them! No Jail, let me stay free! Amen!

Once she said Amen, Bella's tightly screwed shut-eye opened up to find everybody surrounding her and baby Avery.

"What?" Bella asked with a scowl

She kissed the baby's chunky cheeks one last time and handed him over to his mama so she could hand him over to Sue. Emily wasn't one of those other who panicked about something, like leaving for a weekend. She knew it was good for her and that she needed to get out after staying in the house for so long since Avery turned 4 months. Not to mention she just needed to breathe air that wasn't polluted to the smell of baby throw up. If she were to ask Bella, baby throw up wasn't so bad of a smell, but to her, it nearly made her gag.

"Were you just praying to baby Jesus, again, Bella? Really?" Leah asked as she snickered

Bella gave her twin her best icy glare and then poked her tounge out at her when it worked.

"I'll have you know, that praying to sweet baby Jesus is very cleansing. Whatever frowned upon thing I'm about to do, I always pray first. Good Karma and all of that." Bella snootily replied

Everyone around her chuckled or giggled.

"So you ask for forgiveness before hand? Did you ask to have your precious baby Jesus to forgive you when my grandpa sat in his shit?" Quil asked arrogantly.

Bella smiled a huge smile, showing all of her teeth in reply.

"Nope." She said popping the 'P'

"Old Quil is still trying to figure out a way for you to pay for that." Jared snickered out

Bella shrugged and gathered her things.

After the baby was dropped off with extreme directions to have Emily called or Sam if anything happened. Sue and Renée agreed but rolled their eyes behind her back before they all left.

"Dear God, If your listening, please keep my children out of jail tonight. Because if they get locked up they're staying there!" Sue said with her head thrown back looking towards the ceiling.


They reached Seattle with record time. Then again if you're a werewolf that can run fast, and carry a person on your back, then why bother with gas mileage. Not mention if you're a vampire and even faster, then there is no need to waste gas either. So the werewolves phased and their imprints rode on their backs, while the vampires carried all the bags, mostly Emmett.

He was on bitch duty for pissing off Bella, Rose, and Alice. Apparently trying on one of a kind outfits and wearing them hunting isn't so funny. Not to mention the skirt he squeezed on had been Bella's which she allowed Alice to borrow. She was nearly rabid when she found out what he had done.

The Hotel Bella chose when she and the Cullen's went to Seattle the night of their prank, had been the same hotel she decided on this time. It was easy to get out of undetected by cameras and if anything were to go wrong, with the law, then they would have an alibi. Be seen checking in and going to the suite, never seen leaving. It was perfect in that way. Not to mention Bella, Leah, Alice, and Edward covered all exits with planning.

The suite was double the size from the last one. It was pricey but none of the pack had to pay for anything. The Cullen's decided to treat everyone, since it is pack members being the entertainment for the weekend. The main entertainment that is.

"I say we go out for a night on the town. Tomorrow we settle business." Leah suggested with her brow raised.

Bella snorted and rolled her eyes while Paul squeezed her closer to him. He was glad they were doing the whole couples to a room deal. That way it shoved Quil and Edward together, he hoped Edward and Quil could go at it. They annoyed the shit out of each other, more so than Edward and Emmett annoyed each other.

The girls stepped away from their men, and decided to get dressed in Alice's room. Make-up and hair were done with Alice and Bella leading the situation, Rosalie on stand by if either of them needed any help. Their outfits, all dresses with jewelry and shoes, were all laid out read to be put on.

Emily, Lindsay and Kim all three looked nervous to be in their bra and underwear around the other girls. Emily the most, since she just had a baby not too long ago. But if any of the girls had any say in it, they would say she looked great. Working out daily for an hour and two hours on the weekends and eating right, corrected her weight that she gained while pregnant. She looked nearly ask skinny as she did when she first moved to the Rez, maybe just a little bit more meat on her bones. She still looked great.

"Alright, I'll take Leah and Emily, Alice you can attack Lindsay and Kim. Rosalie go ahead and get ready, when you're done you can help them get into their outfits with out anything touching their faces.

With Emily and Kim more reserved, their dresses weren't as short as the other girls, and they didn't mind that. Bella on the other hand along with Alice, being so tiny looked hot without looking hookerish. Rosalie was in her signature Red color, a mid-thigh number with a plunging neckline that screamed for attention, attention she would no doubt get. Lindsay wore a shimmery forest green dress that didn't show as much boobage, but it was short enough to show off her tone tan legs. Kim and Emily's dresses were similar, black with floral patterns. Alice wore a campaign glittery dress that hugged her small body like a second skin. Bella's dress, it was a pink lace dress, almost see through if you had the enhanced vision, and it too was tight around her body, leaving everything outlined.

The men weren't too different from each other, then again they all had similar styles. All wearing either dark jeans or black slacks with button up shirts rolled up to their elbows. Sam, Paul, and Emmett wore wife beaters under theirs, they had the most muscle out of the other guys. The only same thing they all had on their bodies were the dark boots on their feet.

They ended up at a club, with no need to wait in line, not with the girls looking as beautiful as they all did.

The drinking started heavily for the vampires and werewolves. The human's drank as well, but they weren't knocking them back like the rest. Emily and Kim were pacing theirselves, they didn't want to get too drunk, just buzzed and have a good time.

Emmett bought a few bottles for the table, as did Edward and Jasper. Rosalie and Alice didn't buy any bottles, they were fine with drinking whatever their men bought. Bella went all out and bought bottles as well. She and Leah started concocting their own drinks mixing different things together.

"Here try this." Bella said as she passed a glass to Emily.

Emily looked at the drink with narrowed eyes and looked up to Bella and Leah. She didn't trust them, not with their deviousness. She didn't want to be shitting on a toilet all night like they've done to other girls.

" What is it?" She shouted over the music causing Bella and Leah to lean back because their ears could pick her words up even if she whispered.

"It's a WHOOP WHOOP!" Bella and Leah shouted with maniacal smiles on their faces.

Emily scrunched her brows together and looked around noticing all eyes all on her.

"What the hell is a whoop whoop?" She asked

"I can guarantee that after a few off these you'll be saying WHOOP WHOOP!" Leah said as she fist pumped twirling around wildly, nearly taking Embry out with her other arm.

The night was filled with drinking and dancing, laughs and stories from each family.

Paul even sat back and let loose not minding at all that Edward and Bella were dancing. In truth, she had danced with him getting him comfortable to dance with other women, with her whispering to him how to control himself.

Edward was letting loose for once, and it wasnt just because Bella was there. Though make no mistake, his feelings for her shown and shined, anybody could see it, she just decided not to pay attention to it. But he was relaxed and allowed himself to drink and dance, not only with Bella but with strange women and girls.

Emmett and Jasper could be anymore proud.

Soon even the vampires were getting drunk, they kept bottles flowing and coming to their section of the club. Leah and Bella were so drunk they didn't even bother to care about how they were action, not like they were being horrible. But they did dance on top of tables with Rosalie. They didn't mind, a few 'whoop whoops' did them in along with the bottles they drank by themselves.


It was five in the morning by time the werewolves were sobered up and the heat from their bodies running so high knocking whatever drunkenness they had worn off. Nobody got a wink of sleep, besides Emily and the other two human imprints. They were actually snoring from being so drunk. Leah took it upon herself to recruit the vampire girls to help her, make those sleeping pay for not being able to keep up with the nonhuman's they're subjected to be around 24/7. Not to mention she never really got her pay back from when they betrayed her sister and hurt her feelings.

Though they've all passed that, even if trust isn't fully built back up yet, they were all getting along with Bella. Bella herself was being nicer to the two girls, even having sleepover with them for her girly shit that Leah never really wants a part of.

So Rosalie, Leah, and Alice decided to do the old slumber party tricks. Making one pee on their self with a hand in warm water, making another smear shaving cream all other their face after being tickled with a feather under their nose, and last not least, drawing on the face of the last one. It took a delicate hand to do such a thing to not wake up the person asleep, to keep them unawares. Leah made a promise to Sam, and only had Emily smear the shaving cream. Since she has had a couple of rough nights with the baby and all, and being pretty awesome with letting Bella take over with him from time to time, Leah decided it was the better thing to do. Not to mention Emily started to become a little scary now that the baby was born.

So the other two got the harsher of evils. Poor Kim really pissed herself.

"That's a lot of piss." Leah whispered trying not to laugh

Rosalie and Alice crunched their noses up in disgust at the smell of it.

"Girl shouldn't have tried to win a drinking game between Jared and Bella. How stupid!" Rosalie muttered as she finished drawing a perfect picture of a vagina around Lindsay's mouth.

"I think that's a good Vah-jay-jay Rose. Once she opens her mouth, the twat will open as well. Perfect." Leah complemented her with a snicker

This only caused Alice to silently vibrate in place from laughter and run out of the room.

"Home girl is an amature." Leah muttered shaking her head after Alice ran off.

Rose snorted.

"I'm dying to know, what's the payment for this bet you and Tiny B made?" Rose asked with an arched brow.

The truth was, Rose had a bet going with Emmett and the boys in regards to the Leah's payment demand. Rose suggested that it could be law breaking, Emmett hoped it had to do with getting naked and parading Bella around in a crowded area, the wolf boys, being men after all, couldn't help but hope for both.

Jared wasnt one to lie, he thought Bella was fucking gorgeous, he always has. If his best friend was never with her, and they never became what they are with Imprinting being involved, he would have went after her. In a heart beat.

Quil is just a little perverted boy who wants to see any 'chick' naked, for free.

Paul, being Bella's boyfriend and imprint wasn't too parshal on the idea of Bella being naked in front of others, but he wouldn't dare protest against it. He knew she had no problem showing off her body, she was that conceited, and she also wasnt one to allow anybody to protest on what she does or doesn't do. He enjoyed his balls, and having them buried deep inside of her on a daily basis, so he was keeping his mouth shut like a virgin's legs.

Sam, well he wasnt about to go against anything with it came to the twins. Those two were evil and he's been on the harsh end of the stick when it came to Bella and Leah. So no matter how close Bella and him have gotten since she phased, and how protective he's gotten of her since his son was born. He was going to shut up and if she just so happened to get naked, he'd close his eyes and pray he never had to see it from another members eyes.

Seth, well he wasnt there but he was in on the bet. He hoped she had to wear ugly clothes around for a month. He didn't want to hear what was being said after the word Naked left one of the guys mouth. He didn't relish in the idea of seeing her naked ever again. Walking in on her showering last year had him praying to God, the image would be washed from his mind.

"Sorry, Rosie, but you're just going to have to wait just like everyone else. Bella may hid her emotions well, but I know she's internally shaking in her knee-high six heeled boots!" Leah giggled as they left the room

"If anything, would it perswade to you pick something law breaking, I sorta got a couple of grand riding on the outcome. You pick that, and I'll split it with ya." Rose told her in a serious voice but kept her voice in a low whisper.

Leah's eyes shot open so wide, Rose was sure that they were going to pop out, or dry out! Then an evil grin spread across Leah's face and Rose had to step back from how close they were.

"You got your self a deal Barbie!" Leah snickered as she left Rose alone.

Around noon, the other girls woke up.

Kim never been so mortified in her life, and she ran around like a chicken cut off her head trying to stop crying, from peeing on herself. It took Jared carring her into the bathroom and not commenting or looking like it bothered him to smell or feel her pee soak his clothings.

Emily woke up startled and could smell weird men's scent on her and thought maybe just maybe she ended up so drunk she went home with another guy. Freaking out she ran into the main room of the suite and sighed in relief once her eyes landed on Sam's. Emily would have felt miserable if she cheated, but she berated herself for even questioning if such a thing would happen. Sam would never go for it, he wasnt into share.

"Dude, is that a vagina on your face?" Quil blurted out staring at Lindsay like she was an alien.

"WHAT!" She screeched out

The other girls cackled and the boys all chuckled out.

There wasnt just a vagina on her face, there were various words written as well. The set of balls drawn on her chin, and to set the vagina off right, they glued small hairs on her upper lip for pubes.


Once everyone calmed down and had taken a shower, the human and werewolves went ahead and pigged out on food, while the vampires stepped out to hunt.

After eating and hunting, they all went around shopping a little, enjoying their time away from the reservation and Forks. It was nice to have fun and blow off some steam. Bella and Rose went all out on Baby clothes and toys for little Avery. Bella even bought Seth's girlfriend Kelsey some things for her birthday that was coming up quickly.

She spent her time shopping away from the others after the baby shopping was done. Because truthfully she was a little worried about what she was going to have to do to have this Bet business over and done with. Leah has never kept it so hush-hush before and to herself. It was never her style, and Bella was sure this time was going to be some seriously fucked up shit.

She hopped she could con Edward and Alice into bailing her out, or at least assisting her in a jail break.

And since she was worried, it freaked her out even more. It was starting to mess with her head, Leah bamboozled her mind! She was purposefully messing with Bella by not telling her or at least giving her a small little hint on what was to come, like she usually did.

Bella finished up her shopping. She bought Paul some more clothes, it wasnt as if he didn't have money or like his mother didn't pay him when he fixed thing around the house. Because she did and so did other people around the rez and some in Forks paid the boys to fix things for a fee, it wasnt low, but it wasnt an expensive fee like professionals would do. But she wanted to do it for him, he didn't have very many clothes to pick from for non-wolfy activities.

She bought him a few pairs of work boots, jeans in dark and blue wash, t-shirts that would hug his body and show off his nice muscles, some that were a bit more loose, and some button ups that would look nice on him. And for when it was cold outside, like as of lately, a few hoodies to blend in more so he didn't have to wear the thin jacket around that he's had since forever. She may have bought him a leather jacket as well, but that's only because a Paul in leather, is a sight to behold.

She bought Jake new clothes as well. He was running low on things, the twins were set for a while, they liked hand me downs from Bella. Sue has saved all Bella and Leah's clothing since they were babies, save a few pieces she's decided to keep for herself, for memories. She knew how hard it was for some young mother's and single mothers, so she gave hand me downs that didn't have stains away for free to help out.

She joined the other's a the food court from in the mall they were at, and they all just stared at the huge amount bags in her arms.

"Oh no, Bella...what did you do?" Leah asked with wide eyes

Bella looked around and down to herself, wondering what the hell was wrong.

"What?" She asked

"You're shopping addiction is seriously scary. How can you afford all of this?" Emily asked

Bella giggled and sat her bags down, all 30 of them, those didn't include the bags with baby things.

"I have a job, working at Mom's and I've saved up since forever. Not all of my clothes are bought in the stores. I buy second-hand things just as you all do. When things come out, I bid for them online on Ebay. Not to mention Granny and Grampy Clearwater left money from their wills and set aside trusts for Leah, Seth, and me for college." Bella said as she shrugged her shoulders.

It was true, the Clearwater children were pretty set for college if they got the chance to go, if not they were to use their money however they wished. Just because Harriett and Quinton Clearwater lived in the reservation, didn't mean they didn't save and invest. They were smart with money and built it up to an enormous amount that nearly left Harry fainting. The money set aside for Harry and Sue paid for their house and the extendtion, as well as the business Sue wanted to start, and they still had some left over sitting in savings.

Bella ignored the comments about her shopping, and the looks, well Alice didn't give her any looks, she only complemented Bella on the things she managed to score. Which perked her right back up. She went to the Chinese line and got herself some Mandarin Chicken and Marinated Chicken, with noodles and rice, and an egg roll with four crab ragoos. She got her order, picked up some sauce and some napkins. She sat her food down and started to dig in like it was going to run away from her.

She was famished, she moaned and groaned with her eyes closed as if it'd been forever since she had a meal, not only hours. Shopping and getting worked up did that to her.

"Wow, it smells so disgusting but by the way you sound while eating that, makes me what to take a bite." Rose snickered

"I bet you make the most awesome sex noises." Emmett said with his head in his hands staring at her, only to get a whack in the head from Rosalie.

Bella rolled her eyes and turned her attention to Leah.

"It's time you just tell me what I have to do tonight." Bella said as she wiped her mouth and glared at her sister.

Leah sighed and rolled her eyes.

"It's a major one, are you sure you can do it?" Leah asked

Bella shoved more food in her mouth and just nodded her head. She wasnt about to give her sister a verbal reply that didn't have a few cringe worthy insults.

"Your payment for losing the bet we set to each other, is for you to steal a Seattle Police cruiser, and drive it around Seattle naked. It's up to you to allow yourself to get caught, and if you do, then you keep all of us out of it." Leah said with a sinister chuckle.

Bella shoved some egg roll in her mouth as well as some rice and chicken. She snorted and gave her sister a challenging smile as she chewed her food and giggled.

"That's it? Wow, your losing your touch. Alright, but remember pay back is a bitch." Bella mumbled through the food in her mouth.

"So unattractive." Alice said grossed out.

Bella showed Alice all the food she had in her mouth and stuck her tounge out.

"Well alright, lets finish up here and get our gear on!" Bellay chirped and shoved her tray over to Paul.

He gave her a confused look, because he was honestly full and the thought of him having to finish her meal, what little was left, made him want to vomit.

"I think the lady means throw it away." Edward suggested quietly.

Paul scowled at him and shoved it at Edward instead, which Edward gladly threw away for Bella.

"Why do we need gear? This is about you and Leah, not us!" Jared protested

"Because I said so! Now move your ass!" Bella snapped as she picked up her bags she walked in the food court with and left them all behind to catch up.

"I thought she would argue, and be worried." Leah said as she pouted following after with her own five bags.

This time all the other snorted at her.

Bella, protest about fulfilling a bet, not a chance in hell. The girl was evil, and they were all pretty sure she was already plotting her revenge against her sister.

"I need to get a jimmy!" Bella muttered to herself.

"Who's Jimmy?" Embry asked Quil


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