Pretty Little Liars

Chapter 1:

Aria picked up her phone for literally the thirtieth time today. She typed in the number, farther than she'd gotten all day, before deleting it and putting it back down. 'I can't keep doing this,' she thought. She swept up the phone and typed Ezra's number back in, but hesitated her thumb floating over the talk button, but just then she heard a heavy knock on the door, and looked away from the phone. She sighed pressing the end button and setting it down.

Aria walked to the door and peered through the glass window that ran down the side of the frame. She took a step back and opened the door letting her father into the house.

"Aria," he sighed, "Is you're mother home?"

"I don't care who's asking; I'm not her," Ella Montgomery shouted down the stairs.

Byron sighed and shook his head, "Well, I'm just here to pick up some stuff."

Aria nodded.

"Come on, your not giving me the silent treatment too?"

"What am I suppose to do, Dad? You cheated on Mom, then used me to cover it up. For a year, A WHOLE YEAR, I kept your secret, and she still found out out, and it wasn't from you," Aria whispered angrily.

"That was a long time ago, you've got to forgive me for it. I don't expect your mother to any time soon,but YOU, you've known."

"Whatever," Aria turned away from her father and returned to the kitchen, grabbing her cell phone from the counter. She stared at the number typed on the screen, the cursor blinking ominously, then pressed send.

Aria swept her long dark hair behind her ear and help the phone up. It rang four times before going to voicemail.

"You've reached Ezra Fits, I'm sorry I missed your call, but leave a message and I will reach you as soon as I can." Beeeep.

Aria took in a deep breath, "Ezra, it's Aria. I – I know you must still be upset, but I swear I didn't tell – " Aria's voice began to rise and she took a breath to calm herself, "Can we at least talk about this? Call me, or I'll see you in class on Monday."

Aria turned over the phone and hung up. She sighed heavily and slumped against the counter…