Mario Kart: Double Love

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, well, well. No one ever expected a pairing like this. I'm just glad I'll be the first one to do it. If you're confused, you'll soon know exactly what I mean. Fufufufufu. Enough of my rambling and my ways of increasing the stupid word count. Enjoy the fanfic, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Everything in this story belongs to Nintendo.

Many, many years ago...

"Well, son, you've survived many harsh conditions, you've trained alongside myself, and now that you're all matured and strengthened, it's high time that you come with me on this year's new Mario Kart competition!" King Bowser Koopa exclaimed as he laughed, holding up his proud son, Bowser Junior, as he placed the young heir on the ground.

Bowser Jr. blinked in shock as he rubbed the back of his head, stating in shock, "Wait... there's a new Mario Kart competition, dad?"

Bowser nodded as he folded his arms, closing his eyes briefly. "Yeah. Something called Double Dash, I don't know what the hell it is, really..." He shrugged as he pointed at Bowser Jr., informing him, "Anyway, that fat blubber mouth Mario decided to invite us for the competition. I'm going to tear him apart with my newest vehicle..." He then headed off towards the back of the throne room, heading down the large staircase, with Bowser Jr. swiftly following.

"Hey dad, where are you going?" Bowser Jr. chirped as he and Bowser reached the bottom of the staircase, the two spiky Koopas facing a garage.

Bowser chuckled as he pressed a red button on a panel nearby the garage, turning to Bowser Jr. and smiling. "Junior, I love you to meet our vehicle... the Koopa King!"

"The Koopa... King...?" Bowser Jr. stated in disbelief as he titled his head to the right, turning his attention to a large green kar that had Bowser's similarities in it.

"Har har har, that's right, mah boi! This baby can wreck just about anything on the road. Its speed completely outclass anything that comes in its way." Bowser proclaimed as he patted the Koopa King, turning to Bowser Jr. and grinning. "And son, you're going to be my partner."

"R-really, dad?" Bowser Jr. gasped as his eyes widened with joy, suddenly a frown coming across his face. "But... you remember my experiences with a kart before..."

Bowser sighed as he nodded, remembering Bowser Jr.'s past mishaps. "Yeah, I know. But don't worry. I heard that there's several newcomers to this competition, too." He growled as he shook his right fist in the air. "I just hope that they're not as pathetic as Mario or his green brother tagging along with him."

Bowser Jr. scoffed as he motioned his left hand, sticking his reptilian tongue out. "Peh, Mario... I'd love to bust a cap in his fat ass."

Bowser heartily laughed as he rubbed his son's head, proclaiming proudly, "That's my son! Come on, let's go give this baby a good tuning!"

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad was heading out of his personal house with his identical twin sister, Toadette, who was rather shy, but friendly.

"Toad, are you sure this is going to be all right?" Toadette asked as she followed Toad to the back of the house on the western end.

Toad laughed as he patted Toadette on the head, reassuring her, "Of course, Toadette! You're my sister, and everything is going to be handy and dandy!"

Toadette smiled, but it fainted as she lowered her head, slightly trembling. "Yeah, but... I don't think I can handle a large crowd..." She gulped as she closed her eyes, but Toad grabbed her hands.

"Not to worry, Toadette! I'll be there the entire time with you, you can trust me!" Toad told her as he smiled widely.

"Really?" Toadette asked, her mouth opened up in shock.

Toad nodded swiftly as he pointed up at the clear blue sky. "Uh huh! Never leave a Toad behind! Now what are we waiting for!" He proclaimed as he headed to the nearby Mushroom Kingdom Parking Lot, to go get his blue-colored kart as he dragged Toadette behind him. "Let's go to Mario Circuit and see Mario!"

"Eeep! Toad, you're dragging me too fast!" Toadette exclaimed as she was forced to dash behind her perky twin brother.

And thus... it begins...