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Dear diary,

Birthday. The single word that strikes joy in kids across the world everyday. The happiest day of this year for most, full of cake, presents, and undivided attention, right? Wrong. At least not for me anyway. Because I was always ignored on my birthday, not much unlike any other day. I supposed it's just my attitude, at least that's what dad say. I always agree with him, but to tell you the truth, I blame it on my brother. Not that I don't love Alfred, I mean, who else would go with me to the hospital when I broke my arm in 8th grade? Then again, who's fault was it that I broke my arm? Anyway, Alfred's birthday is on the 4th, just a few day's after mine. And, being Alfred, he needs all the possible attention all week long, also not much unlike the rest of the year. Funny how that works, isn't it. But this year would be different. Not so much that people will notice me, I doubt that would ever change, but that this year, I'm not going to be home.

Going to camp is a completely normal occurrence for a kid in America. Going away from the family to make friends, eat some semi-edible food, and just have an all around good time! A summer away... isn't that a nice thought. I had been planning it for a while, searching for the perfect camp for months before I even asked my parents. I had looked at plenty of camps, but one stuck out more than the rest. International Hetalia Summer Camp, the only camp I really want to go to. Not that the other ones weren't interesting, but IHSC is one of the most prestigious camps in the entire world... or at least that's what they say on the website. It had to be a camp full of super geniuses, musical prodigies, future world leaders! I know it will be amazing. The major problem was getting in. Not that my family isn't exactly well off, we have a nice house and can afford to splurge a little every once in a while. But IHSC cost a little more than just splurging. Of course, it must be expensive to maintain the need of all these amazing children. Most of them were super rich anyway, so it most of the time wasn't a problem. Somehow I'd managed to convince my parents into letting me go, making it my entire birthday present, got a job to pay for some of it, and managed to get a partial scholarship, on the condition that I do some strange task they asked me to perform. I wonder what it is. Well, almost at the airport.

Yours Truly,

Matthew Williams

"Hey Mattie! Have you figured out what the 'special task' they want you to perform is?" Alfred nudged his brother as they closed in on the airport. Matthew quickly put away his journal and turned to Alfred. He had no idea why Alfred had decided to come with to drop him off, but it couldn't be a real legitimate one. Maybe he wanted to see if he could get just one more glance at Matthew's private journal. Not that there would be anything of interest in it. At least not to Alfred.

"No, for the 23rd time, and I have been counting, I don't know." He responded. "Really, what would make you think that I would figure it out in the 5 minutes since you last asked."

"I'm just curious, geez." Alfred pouted. "You're always either so busy writing in that stupid little journal, or playing your stupid violin. You used to be fun." It was true, Matthew did spend a lot of time practicing his violin and writing. He was always observing things, he wanted to be a journalist, and it was really easy for him to get stories because nobody realizes he's watching. It's a gift and a curse. As for violin, he'd been playing since he was just a little kid, it was a way from him to escape reality. His notebooks full of notes grew with a different kind of notes, the musical kind. And that was just the beginning. He started full out songs, poems, stories, the works! He even went so far as to pick up other instruments, it was so fun. The problem was, he never worked up the courage to show anyone his talent, so he just kept quiet. But maybe this summer, he'll make some friends he can really talk to. No matter, he had a flight to catch.

"Good luck, son." His father laid a hand on his shoulder as his mother held her tears in in the background.

"Make some friends, okay Mattie." Tears rolled down her face as she said goodbye, even though it was only for a couple of weeks.

"Y-yeah mom, I'll try my best!" His mother completely lost control and jumped on him, completely sobbing. Eventually, with the struggle of all three men in the family, they were able to pry the clinging women off of Matthew and he set off for the plane, having only his violin and carry-on bag in his hands. He just barely made it on the plane and in his seat in time for takeoff.

Dear Diary,

Not much time to write now, but I'm on the plane right now. Luckily the flight isn't that full, so I get a seat just for my violin! Mom was very clingy today, Even though I am 16- excuse me, 17. I'm sort of thankful I'll be out of state for a while, Alfred's turning 16 and that means he's getting his license. As in,get off the road, the fucking hero is driving now. That would be a nightmare. What am I talking about would be, this is real life! But it doesn't effect me now, because I'm going across the country to a place where I can be myself and not have to worry about anything else. Oh, we're going into turbulence. Time to go!

Yours truly,

Matthew Williams

After hours and hours travel, Matthew finally made it to the camp right around 5:15, around 15 minutes late. The entrance ceremony had already started and he hadn't even signed it. But the campus was huge! He entered the main gates, violin case in one hand and his luggage in the other, his messenger bag draped over his shoulder, and no one was there to help him. But he was here, and nothing could bring him down.

"Gilbert! Get back here you idiot!" Matthew turned his head to the direction the yell was coming from when something heavy hit him. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground, vision spinning around. Finally, though his glasses had been knocked of, he was able to see again. But that wasn't much better. Because, at that moment, there was an equally surprised silver-haired boy straddling him. Oh, and he was hot.

Nyeh, it's sort of short and kind of bad and a little awkward and cliched, but I'm hoping I can turn it around. Anyway, your reviews mean a lot, so please do so... I'm still working out the plot a little. I got the idea for this while watching and Ouran amv, so there won't be a host club, but everyone will be rich, and not necessarily geniuses. That's just how it works when you've got money, not that Matthew knows that. Anyway, all types of feedback is accepted, so please review.