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I am bored. So very bored. I went to Anime Detour this weekend and that was nice. I cosplayed as Gumi, Ameriko, and Matryoshka Gumi. But I get bored so easily. I suppose I could write the next chapter. I want to write first person. So I will, this is a fanfiction after all.

I never much liked summer. I spend most of the year in a posh boarding school. It's nice and quiet and sometimes on the weekends we would take the train to London. It's about forty five minutes by train, but when you're surrounded by friends it's hardly a bother. My father moved to America when he left my mum three and a half years ago. My mum is the niece of a former prime minister she doesn't like to talk about, and by that I mean Margaret Thatcher but you didn't hear it from me. My dad was just a daft old bloke with a pocket full of money and a head full of stupid ideas to fund.

Ever since Dad moved out here, I've been spending my summers with him. Some mother I have, doesn't even want to spend my summer break with me. Aunt Jane tries to convince me that it's because I look so much like my father she can't handle it, but I know the real reason. "Single Mother" isn't exactly the image she was going for. Not that my dad's much better. He sends me off to this camp most of the break. What charming parents I've got.

Dude, your government is made up of werewolves and the occasional alien species and you still think it's weird that we have yet to elect a woman president? - Alfred

I don't know why I decided to give Alfred my number, but I'm pretty glad I did. Of course, I don't like him or anything, that would be stupid. And I'm not stupid so I can't like him. But he's fun to text, in a platonic way. Completely platonic. It's not like I flirt or anything and besides, even if I did flirt that moron is too thick to understand that I am flirting.

I mean was flirting.

I mean, I wasn't flirting but if I was he wouldn't understand and I would look stupid- I mean he would look stupid but I say would because it has never happened and also never will.

It's a lot more interesting, I can tell you that. I mean, come on, how many of your presidents have been related to Vlad the Impaler?- Arthur

Ever since I got him to start watching Doctor Who my inbox has exploded. He has to tell me his opinion on every detail that happens in the series. It's starting to get in the way of my cello practice. And I can't practice the guitar unless I've practiced the cello and the final performance is in just over two weeks. Just over two weeks until camp is over and it's back to wandering around my dad's house until I leave for school.

Seriously! You know, Dracula was based off him... holy mother of Dalek! The royal family are vampires too! Both vampires AND werewolves!- Alfred.

Well well well, Edward Cullen has a little bit of explaining to do, now doesn't he ;)- Arthur

He most certainly does... Bella's gonna be devastated. Think of all the times that Edward and Jacob went off together. I saw those movies and I could just sense the UST!- Alfred

You saw the Twilight movies? Are you sure that Matthew's the gay one?- Arthur

"Seriously, if you text my brother anymore I'm going to start to think something. Have you even been listening." Matthew's voice broke through my text-trance. I jumped a little, I sort of forgot that he was there.

"Oh yeah, of course I have. And your brother is the one texting me, he's on Ten now." I flawlessly replied. Normally I do listen to Matthew, but I have a hard time concentrating when the temperature is around ninety degrees.

"I don't know what that means but it sounds obscene. Please keep in mind that this is my little brother you're talking about." Poor Matthew, so innocent and unfamiliar with Doctor Who. "Can we keep to the problem at hand?"

"I don't see how it's a problem. Alfred says that you're amazing at hockey. You shouldn't have a problem winning. Alfred said that guys like Gilbert are all talk and no bang. And then there's you who is no talk and all bang." Matthew glared at me, although I wasn't quite sure why because I gave him a compliment.

"Well so far my team consists of just you and me. Ugh," Matthew threw his head into his hands and gripped his hair "Gilbert probably already has a top-notch team set up. Everyone loves Gilbert and the YBOCS has files on everyone. Between him and Elizaveta, I have no chance. I'll have to do whatever he says!"

"Did I hear 'Elizaveta' and 'do whatever she says' in the same sentence?" Anna Sophia popped up, deviously smiling. I would have sooner expected the Doctor to have landed in this camp with a dinosaur friend to ask me to be his next companion than to have Anna Sophia come up to Matthew and me and say something that wasn't hurtful.

"Well, actually you heard 'Elizaveta' and 'do whatever he says' in the same sentence, but close enough." I reply, finding words way quicker than Matthew.

"Whatever it is you're planning, I'm in." You know what I said earlier about the Doctor and the dinosaur. Add six unicorns, the Spanish Armada, and my brother Scott in a miniskirt and heels. Oh, and Alfred two tickets to New York City and a diamond engagement ring with my name on it.

Wait! What am I thinking, that would be terrible. Wow, um, I didn't actually think that... it's just that... the hot weather is, uh, making me a little- I don't like him or anything if that's what you're thinking. Sometimes I just think weird things when the weather gets hot. That's it. "You play hockey?"

"No, of course not. But I did take skating lessons for twelve years and you need players. I know my way around the ice." She replied. I didn't care too much, I was too busy scanning the grounds for police boxes and marriage proposals.

"I want to play hockey too!" Feliciano appeared squealing. "Fratello and I are very good fùtbol players. Ludwig is playing on the other team! I want to make him do what I want!"

"I'll play too." The other brother added "That stupid tomato bastard is on the other team and we have a score to settle."

"He kissed Fratello at the ball." Feliciano sighed "Che bella biacere, molto fortunato!"

"I-I told you not to tell anyone!" Lovino's face was as red as the the tomato on his shirt. How silly of him to deny he has feelings for Antonio, the two make such a cute couple and he obviously likes him.

Anna Sophia's face was ridden with apparent disgust. "This is hockey, not soccer. I don't think that you two are quite what we're looking for."

"Um, this is my team and I want them to stay!" Matthew spoke up for the first time since Anna Sophia showed up.

"But they're so..." Anna Sophia looked around and gave up. "We have to get at least some good players."

"La gelosia è una brutta bestia" Lovino scoffed. His brother looked horrified. "Chi invitaste la puttana"

"Fratello, fate silenzio per favor!" The younger one yelled. I had never before seen him bear an emotion that resembled anger. "è una mia amica!"

"Schrezi? Non ci credo!" Lovino looked at him in disbelief.

"Ah, Miss Anna Sophia, would you like to be my friend." Feliciano gave her the cutest face he could muster up. Seriously, it was pretty good, like the faces of those children in the Save Haiti commercials.

"Um, sure. Are you by chance gay?" She asked, a little bit slowly at first.

"What kind of question was that, bitch. He is in the art part of the camp wasting his talents on fashion designing." There was a hint of jealousy in Lovino's voice. "He hangs off that musclebound potato eater all that time. The day hell freezes over is the day he stops being completely and utterly, thoroughly one hundred percent gay!"

"Great!" Anna Sophia cheered. "I need someone to take shopping with me and Sara and Cat are being total... well, you know. Every girl needs a gay best friend."

"Yay! Oh, you must let me design the costumes for our hockey team."

"Are you any good at designing?"

"Sì, very. I have won many contests. You could help me though! You said you were a figure skater, I don't know what fabric to get for the costumes."

"Ooh! I'll call my driver to come pick us up right now! This will be great! So for the uniforms, blue has always been my lucky color on ice. How do you say that in Italian?"


"Seriously! That's so easy!"

"Well then, Matthew, I think we have a fine team lined up already" I teased, quite honestly our new players will do more harm than good but at least they're not French.

"Shut up" Matthew massaged his temples. Lovino had gone stomping off somewhere, where to I don't know nor do I care. It was just the two of us again.

"Alfred is going to think this is hilarious! I'll text him right now!" And with that, I myself left. Free time is almost over anyway. I heard Matthew groan very loudly as I left. LOL.

I'm learning Italian... you guys probably want a translation. And hey! On my vlog thing (prussiapokesbadgers on youtube) you can see me acting out one of these scenes in a completely terrible way. Check it out, I want my embarrassment to be wide spread.

Also, coming soon to my channel is a video comparing how I thought it would be like being a teenager as a kid and how it actually is. Complete with wigs.

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Che bella biacere, molto fortunato!- What a beautiful kiss, very lucky!

La gelosia è una brutta bestia- Jealousy is an ugly beast

Chi invitaste la puttana- Who invited the whore

Fratello, fate silenzio per favor!- Brother, please be quiet!

è una mia amica!- She's my friend

Schrezi? Non ci credo! You're joking