Big purple, mystic eyes were outlined by black bangs and belonged to a girl with a heart-shaped face. Pale, so very, very pale…almost like a vampire or a ghost…she was so pale that the average person would worry about her health. And thin, very thin, but not super model thin like Misa was. A bit healthier and I had proof that she actually ate because I had seen it with my own two eyes. She wore black, but around me she wore baggy comfortable clothing because she felt safe with me. She smiled, but of course, it was forced because I was not like those friends she was around most of the time.

Those girls who circled around her like a protective halo or secret police force that would attack at command. They had felt I was safe enough though.

And who wouldn't? I'm Japan's top student who will be joining the police force. I'm popular, good looking, and friendly even to the freak that has scared people since she was a child, but really, she would be considered pretty if people were smart and took the time to take in details. But I've always been good at taking a good look at people.

Tap, drip, drop, tap, drip, drop, tap…

My eyes turned to the window of my room to see the rain and Ryuk cackling at the girl. He probably knew something that I didn't which irritated me, but I doubted Hotaru knew anything (or cared) about Kira or L.

She was smart, but in her own way she liked to keep out of certain situations. She never wanted to offend anyone and got uncomfortable with anyone who did have the nerve of the morality or immorality of Kira. Her whole body would get rigid and her face would become paler than any vampire.

Hotaru Tomeo was the daughter of the famous violinist Michiru and the well known race car driver, Haruka. It was only to be expected that she'd be well groomed for life, but there was always something about her that gave everyone else the creeps. It couldn't have been because of her lack of physical activity, there were a lot of kids who hated gym as much as she did and weren't any better. Maybe it was her eyes that always seemed to know a bit more than they should.

"Why do you hang out with that girl?" Takada had asked me after class and Hotaru had run up to me with that small smile of hers and had given me what looked like a handmade teddy bear. I had to lie of course, I couldn't give her a real answer.

Even if the girl was a freak, she was quiet and didn't demand the kind of attention that most girls. She was simply happy to be with someone. Her silence was welcoming after I had secretly been battling against L. And she was good at listening because of her silence. She let me talk about anything I desire and she wouldn't complain too loudly like Misa.

"Will you hold still?" Hotaru asked me again.

I laughed on cue. "I can't help it. I hate staying still." That last part had been true. I did hate staying still when there was so much work to be done. "Are you almost done?"

Hotaru sighed and gave up for the moment as she put her sketch book down. She looked up at me through fluttered eyes. It was clearly obvious she had a crush on me and why she chose me to pose for her while for some art project. She wouldn't admit her feelings if her life depended on it, I figured because she was shy.

"I give up," she said as she fell on her back on my bedroom floor. "I'm so tired, examines nearly killed me this week."

"They weren't that hard." I told her as I got up off the floor and sat on my desk, turning on my computer.

"Of course not to the super genius," Hotaru whined slightly. I watched her from the corner of my eye. Her legs were thin, but her hips were the right size to carry a child or the bare the weight of a male on top of her. I momentarily thought about this and out of boredom, I wondered what that would feel like. I would probably be afraid to break her. Her chest was the right size to me. Not too small, but not too big…

"Are you seeing anyone?" I asked her.

She sat up immediately, face red and probably warm to the touch. "W-What?" She asked.

I smiled lightly, teasing her gently. "Are you seeing anyone?"

Realizing I was teasing her, her cheeks puffed out a little. "No, not that its any of your business."

"And why's that?"

"Why would you even care?"

She's hoping I'll say something like I would be jealous or anything. Not that I particularly liked the idea of anyone being around her. I didn't very much like the idea of someone touching her. Not even that rock star named Seiya that had been visiting her.

"You're my friend and I worry about you. You're an accident waiting to happen," I told her. I looked at her hand. Her hand had been bleeding profusely yesterday because of a cooking accident with a knife. Hotaru had never been a good cook. That title had belonged to Makoto. There was no sign of this incident though which made me wonder and Ryuk chuckle madly just like he had when he first met her.

"I think you're getting me confused with Usagi," Hotaru said. She tossed her sketch book on the ground. "I give up, you're too twitchy."

"I'm only human," I joked. I sat next to her on the floor now and I studied her closely.

"I doubt that sometimes," she said as she looked up at me. Her knees now pulled to her chest.

Ryuk let out a high squeal of laughter the moment she said this. I really hated how she seemed to pull at strings that L pulled on when he wanted to annoy me or catch me off guard. "You do? Why's that?" I asked with a small smile like anyone would; half amused and half curious and maybe even slight disturbed...

Hotaru leaned a bit closer to me. Her big, big eyes were staring up at me and trying to find some imperfection. She never could, but that was fine with me. "You act superior sometimes, by accident sometimes, I guess. You're cold to a lot of people and-"

"Am I cold to you?" I asked, letting one hand rest on her knee. She jumped at this and she opened her mouth to say something, but the words died in her mouth. I loved having this control. I pressed my mouth to hers. Her lips were dry and cracked as I threaded my free hand into her hair. Her inexperience was quickly revealed to me as I resisted smirking.

I pulled away from her. Her breath was ragged and her eyes were still closed like she decided she was still dreaming.

"Am I human now?"

Hotaru opened her mouth, but I closed the gap between us.

Sailor Ra: (feels super guilty) Yeah, I wish I could say I had an excuse for not writing fanfiction, but I don't. I've been working on my novels so much lately that I kind of…got lost? But I love this pairing so much and I wanted to experiment with an emotionless point of view. I own nothing.

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