I know, I know. I haven't written alot, but I only have time for my novels which I'm now posting on wattapad. However, good news, I have written another drabble for this story and a couple more for Blue Eyes.

4. Mine

"You look adorable in these!" Seiya announced in the whole store. It's bad enough that the super star had to come with us (fan girls were now everywhere and glaring daggers at Hotaru), but he was really beginning to piss me off with all of the compliments.

Hotaru blushed and giggled a little as I frowned. She looked at me in her purple sunglasses that were too big on her and slowly began sliding down the bridge of her nose. I found myself calming down, however, with the image of Hotaru wearing one of my shirts that reached to her knees and how beautiful she looked in it. Admittedly, this memory was only made because she got caught in the rain and I refused to let her stay in a wet shirt when I had a few dry ones. One day, I decided a few weeks ago, this memory will be made again under different circumstances.

"Heheh," Ryuk chuckled, "I'm surprised you haven't killed the brat yet for touching your firefly. Aren't gods supposed to be possessive?"

I walked over to her and took the sunglasses off to look into her eyes. "L-Light?" Hotaru asked as I took off her glasses and put it on the counter before grabbing her hand and running off. The paparazzi quickly lost interest as we head for one of the dressing rooms. "Light? What are you doing?" Hotaru asked as I pulled her to my chest. Ah, she fit so nicely like one of those angels in Renaissance paintings with the soft faces, but usually they were blonde. I cringed, remembering oddly of Misa.


I looked down at her and smiled. "I thought it was a good idea to get you away from all those…well, cameras. I don't need that air head to think your his just because the headlines say so." Hotaru giggled as I realized just how quiet and perfect this moment was.

I cupped her face with one hand as Hotaru blushed.

She's mine.


I looked at Seiya to see him scowling for the first time as I smiled at him. She will always be mine.