Anyone But Me : The beginning

Chapter 5

Falling In Lo- Is hard to say !

song featured is 'real life fairytale' by Plumb

Vivian set in english class trying to concentrate on the assignment at hand. However when the bell rang and she looked down at her notebook. The only thing written on the lined paper was a sketch of Aster.

Aster was in much the same rut the girls had gone out every friday , saturday and even a few sundays. For the last two months. However when they went to say goodnight there was a bit of an elephant in the room. They both wanted to say I love you, but both paused awkwardly at the thought of discomforting the other.

Vivian met up with her girlfriend in the hallways before study hall. She wasted no time in wrapping her arms around the other shorter girl in a backwards hug. Aster turned her head to look and see whom was behind her.

A smile lit across her face. " Hey gorgeous! "

" Hey yourself, so what are we doing friday it's valentines day you know ?" Vivian fished for any hints. Aster had been more secretive about this than the ex-presidants had been about watergate.

" It's a suprise for me to know and you to be... Well suprised. " Aster informed the taller girl.

" You're all mysterious, I think I like it. You coming to the firehouse to study?" Vivian questioned.

" Yeah, " Aster answered without thinking. " Oh, wait I can't today I have plans with Pete some boy drama. I'll call you later though?"

" Okay, it's a shame I have to study this all by myself though. I could've really used a good distraction. " Vivian tempted her girlfriend.

" Then I guess it's good I'm not coming with because your dad said if your grades drop. Then he'll drop me and I believe him. See ya'. " Aster gave one last wave and she dissapeared around the corner.

Vivian studied for three hours straight. Not realizing this was the first time she'd done so in a good three weeks. She was used to studying for an hour or so. Then making the excuse to her dad she had to go home to cook dinner. Of course dinner was not the only thing on her mind. Kissing her beautiful girlfriend was however.

Aster was having a mentally hilarious moment catching herself obsessing over every little detail. So much so Peter was becoming amused.

"Dude what's with you, you're never so...So whats the word crazy?" Peter stated in a laughing voice.

"I'm sorry I just want everything to be perfect. I'm gonna tell her I...Love her. " Aster replied in a frustrated tone.

" Whoa, this big. Are you sure you love her Aster she is your first girlfriend?" Peter phrased carefully.

" Yes, I am sure she's so amazing Pete. I can't stand being away from her for as long as I have been today. She pretty and funny, intelligent... I could go on but I won't because she's not boy of the month. And therefore would not hold your interest. " The girl teased.

" Ooh, Ouch that hurt. I guess she must be very special maybe at some point you'll share her. Meaning that I might actually know more how to help if I had ever met this Vivian. " Peter suggested.

"Well, you will I just need Valentines day then I'll share her with everyone. Well not everyone of course. No other girls, but I'll share with you. " The brunette replied.

" Good to know, atleast you've stopped calling me a girl all the time. " Peter joked.

" Just to your face. Now what do you think of this suit? That restaurant is too nice to just wear jeans and a shirt into. "

" I think it looks fabulous. But what do I know I'm just the queer eye in the room. " the boy joked once more. He and Aster had an open dialogue with the gay jokes. Neither were offended by their teasing.

"This is true, Did you ever wonder where that phrase came from ? I mean how do you have a queer eye ? I can see queer mind but an eye they must've been joking. " Aster rambled on.

" Hon, if you have to ponder this you clearly don't deserve to tell it. " Peter shook his head in amusement.

" Oh, just get out. " Aster joked tossing a heel at her best guy friend.

" Seriously we're done, I'm free. Okay so you're all set for VD. "

" Eww...tell me it wasn't that day in health class again ?" Aster grimaced.

" No dummy I mean Valentines day. You've got the outfit, the reservations have been made. I am no longer needed here, this house is clear. " Peter stated as he danced out the door.

" Oh, boy how am I ever gonna get the guts to say those three frickin' words. Curse them , ya' here me curse you words. It would be so much easier if I could just show Vivian how much I love her. But she's a words kinda girl. She talks while we're making out about us making out. Pull it together you can do this. " Aster talked to herself as she breathed deep.

Vivian was nervous, excited and most of all nervous. As she waited for her girlfriend to show. It was Friday and there had never been so much running through the young writers head at eight thirty on a Friday night. Than there was on this night.

" You know they used to tell me if you pace in the same place too much that you'll wear a whole in the rug. " Vivian's dad the permanent bachelor informed his daughter. As he turned the pages of the Times.

" Very funny dad, I'm just well I'm specifically any one emotion but there's allot of them running through me right now. I've never spent Valentines with anyone but you dad. Are you sure you're okay here alone ? "

" Vivian I'm a big boy, I'll be fine I know the number for nine one one. " He joked. "Would it help if I said to you that Aster is probably just as nervous as you are right now. "

" Maybe, I want to tell her something tonight, something I've never said to anyone but you dad. I just don't know if I can..." Vivian sighed heavily.

" Oh, so it's that serious. Do you think Aster feels the same way you do?" Her dad enquired.

" I don't know, I hope so. " Then the doorbell rang saving both Vivian and her father from any further deep discussions. " Saved by the bell. Call me for anything alright. " The teen girl said to her dad before kissing him on the cheek and leaving.

" Kids. " He said to himself turning to the sports section of the paper.

Once outside Aster kissed her date sweetly. " You look good tonight got a date?" Aster teased.

"I don't remember do I, You see the girl that usually takes me out on dates hasn't said a word to me. All week about where we're going so I'm thinking either she's flat busted or has run out of ideas already. " Vivian kept up the act.

" Well be in the dark no longer. Madame we are going to a very nice restaurant and then out to central park for a suprise. Shall we ? " Aster held out her arm and informed her girlfriend in her most charming host voice.

" Please lead the way. " Vivian answered with a toothy smile.

you run around inside my head

when you passed out

I felt dead

The girls caught a cab to the restaurant as it was in the middle of the city. Aster looked very classy in her black blazer and slacks with heels.

Of course she thought Vivian looked the best in her little black dress and heels. This restaurant was nothing like the one they had gone to on their first date. It had someone whom took the coats waiting to open the doors as well. Reservation had been made under Asters name for two.

And I realised you make me live

And when my world starts to cave in

You jump inside and take my hand

" So are you impressed yet?" Aster enquired of her date.

" Yes, very this is nothing like that pizza place you took me to. On our first date." Vivian replied as a chair was pulled out for her and Aster both by the waiter. Who left them two menus and his name. When Vivian looked up from her menu she noticed that her table a large bouquet of red and white roses on it and the others did not. Of course all the women who had come here with their boyfriends and husbands were looking a bit jealous. That a sixteen year girl had managed to outdo their mates.

no matter where you are there

will i ever see what could see in me

Which amused Vivian to no end. I've got the sweetest person here for my date she thought to herself. " Those are so beautiful. " She commented to her girlfriend who had obviously gone through alot of planning for this night. She wasn't hoping for sex was she no, not yet. The raven haired girl tried to put the thought out of her mind. But some part of her held on to that and it stuck there in the corner of her brain.

or do I just believe

That we will always be and dream you

but I will never be the side of me

you see by your side

" I'm glad you like them, I want this night to be special, something we can both remember for a long time. I hope you don't mind I took the liberty of ordering the dessert ahead of time tonight. " Aster explained pleased with her date's reactions so far.

" No that's cool as long as it's not flawn I've got thing about gelatinous desserts. They make me nautious. " Vivian added.

"No it's not flawn. I promise. "

you are my light you are my star

you are everything I dreamed about

Vivian ordered the grilled chicken, Aster ordered the shrimp scampi. Both were served with sparkling cider. Which was left in a bucket of ice to chill.

Once the table was cleared of their dinner plates. Aster reached out her hands across the table. Taking Vivian's in hers. " Happy Valentines day sweetheart. "

you are the one that stole my heart,

i am the girl you're always smiling for

we have a love people dream about

" Happy Valentines day baby, This was the best I think I've ever had. " Vivian admitted.

" Well you know I think I can top it. Just wait and see. " Aster said with a grin. That woman was up to something trouble was Vivian had no clue as to what it was.

" Ladies, your dessert chocolate cheesecake. With special ingredients for one. " The waiter whispered the last part into Aster's ear. She pointed towards her date and he sat the plates down.

" I love chocolate and cheesecake."

" Well I told you it wasn't flawn. " Aster replied taking a small bite.

dream with me...

make me believe...

that this is a real life fairy tale repeat

I thought that i would be alone

you caught my eye and I was home

Vivian couldn't help but notice it seemed as though Aster was watching her eat. Then she bit down on something hard. She grunted in dissaproval taking the offending object out of her mouth. It was a heart shaped locket.

" Open it up. " Aster urged.

Vivian did as she was told and opened the locket to find a picture of herself and Aster one on each side. " Oh, this is beautiful baby. I love it thank you. " Vivian reached into her purse and pulled out a small package handing it to Aster.

" For me. " Aster said taking the gift and opening it up.

" It's a book of poetry. I didn't know you were going to buy me such a..."

" I love it say nothing more. This was all my idea right down to the necklace which I didn't spend a penny on just so you know it was mine. I wanted you to have a piece of me with you always. " Aster explained.

and I realised that this is love

I see the world through different eyes

I look at you by my side

no matter where

you're always there

"That's so sweet. What are you up to my dear girl?" Vivian pondered with a smirk.

Which was met by a sly look from her date.

" Okay so we're here in Central Park at dark I hope you've found out a bus stops here or do you want us to get mugged?" Vivian said with a shiver running her hands over her exposed arms.

" Here." Aster said holding her blazer open for her shivering girlfriend. " I do actually and I hear it coming this way. " Vivian's eyes widened it was carriage ride service.

" Carriage ride through the park could not be left out on Valentines day. " Aster stated holding her hand out and helping her girlfriend up into the carriage seat. Then she climbed into the seat next to Vivian.

will I ever see what you could see in me

or do i just believe that we were meant

to be and dream you

that I will never be

the side of me you see

as you and me together

" How did you plan all this?" Vivian asked with astonishment.

" I had help, Pete you'll get to meet him tomorrrow. He's my best friend. "

" Well I'm thanking him this is just wonderful. "

" I have something I want to tell you. I know we've both been kinda skating around it lately. But tonight I'm saying it and I hope you understand this doesn't come with a condition you don't have to reply if you're not ready. but Vivian..."

" I love You!" Both girls said simultaneously. Then caught themselves and laughed.

They drew closer and kissed sweetly.

The End Of Chapter 5 Happy VD everyone! LOL