Today was my first day at forks high. I wasn't exactly gung hoe about it either. I'd rather be home in phoenix at school, but mom got married to a younger man, which I have no idea what entered her mind to do so but not my business...maybe he made her feel young and beautiful again?

Today was my first day as the new kid at a school which only held a couple hundred students. News would spread about me like wild fire, and by lunch time I'm sure the whole grade would know about me, if not the entire school.

So, really what I'm trying to say is, I'm stuck in a town named after eating utensils that never stops pissing outside with a bunch of small hick town people.

Oh joy.

I glared out the windshield of my father's police cruiser. Not only was I going to an small town school where everyone would know of my arrival regardless, they would also know I arrived in a police car.

Mother hell...

"Really dad, I would rather have walked instead of being driven in this" I grumbled.

"Non-sense. I have to register you" He stated.

I only sunk lower in the leather seat, willing it to let me merge with it. "Yes, because this is so inconspicuous"

I groaned when I saw a red brick building come into view.

Teenagers were everywhere in the parking lot, getting out of rusty old beat up vehicles, leaning against cars while chatting with their group of friends.

As soon as my dad pulled into the school parking lot, heads turned to watch as my dad parked. Their eyes stalked us as we got out. Everyone began whispering to to their friends as my dad left me behind.

Cursing under my breathe I grabbed my bag and threw the hood of my hoodie over my head, then walked briskly to the doors to follow my father.

The inside looked normal enough...with a tad too many cheery posters but that I could easily ignore. Although the cheery middle aged woman enthusiactally promoting safe sex was slightly humourous. Up further down the hall I saw my dad make a right and I jogged to catch up with him, so I wouldn't get lost.

Well, I lost him anyway, after about five minutes of searching for the main office. And my awesome tracking abilities found it, and not because of the huge sign that said "MAIN OFFICE" either...

I opened the door and walked into the stuff office, where a bright Red headed woman was trying to flirt with my dad.

Gross. And desperate.

She was laughing at whatever he was saying, which I know she was only doing to try to be charming, because my dad is not funny. He does knock knock jokes...

"Dad?" I called.

He turned to me and smiled then turned to miss laugh-a lot to introduce me.

"This is my daughter Bella" He stated somewhat proudly.

"It's nice to finally meet you Bella. I've heard so much about you" She smiled.

"Oh that's lovely" I said then smiled sweetly. It was totally sarcastic but she didn't seem to notice but Charlie did, I could tell by the sharp look he shot at me.

"Here's your schedule Bella. I hope to see you around and hope you have a great year here at Forks high" She grinned.

"Thank you" I smiled and took the paper from her.

I looked at my schedule and saw I had math...just great, math first thing in the morning. This place was already trying to kill me.

"Well, I'm off" I saluted them and walked out the door.

After some difficulty finding my class room I found it, entered and it was like someone flipped a switch. Conversations died down, as everyone turned to watch me. Some whispers could be heard.

I looked at the teacher.

"I'm new and this is my first class I guess" I shrugged.

The teacher nodded, stood up and took my schedule, scanned it nodding once again then handed it back, and went back to his seat to sit down.

And the point of that was?

"Would you like to introduce yourself?" He asked.

I cringed and looked back at the class as they stared back expectantly.

"Um...Name's Bella, from Arizona and...That's about it" I said then turned back to the teacher.

"Take a seat at the desk close to the back Bella" He nodded in the supposed direction of said desk.

I nodded, scurring to the seat and plopped right down, looking up to see people turned in their seats, not even bothering to hide that they were looking at me. A girl giggled faintly.

I glowered at them. They quickly turned away. The teacher began to drone on and on about stuff I couldn't bring myself to care about. Although I'm sure it's life saving knowledge.

I could already tell this class was going to be torture. I was going to hate it with the very essence of my soul. I already decided it. It was going to happen. I could already feel my essence turn with hatred for this class.

An hour too long later the bell finally rang. I did a mental fist pump as I looked at my schedule, seeing I had English next. I got up, gathered my bag and rushed out of the class so I had more time to get to class. As soon as I emerged into the hall, other kids poured out of the other class rooms. The noise level in the hall skyrocketed with laughter and shouts. I weaved my way through the lively kids that were quickly visiting between classes. I read all the signs posted in the halls. I noticed I was in the English wing.

Ha! Room 204. My English class.

I walked in, thinking I'd be the first one that is until I saw the most gorgeous boy I'd ever had the blessing of laying my eyes on.

He had gold color hair that curled gently and framed his face in the most enticing way. His eyes were big and expressive with the most unique pale blue- silver color I've ever seen. His lips were perfectly bowed shape and full. His jawline chiseled, yet delicate enough that he wasn't to rugged looking.

This boy was God's gift to earth.

And he was sitting in one of the desks in the front, looking down at his phone. His strong hands moving with graceful speed as he texted.

"Can I help you?" I heard a feminine voice call out.

A dark haired lady smiled at me from her desk. She held a pile of papers in her hands.

"Oh um, I'm new. My name's Bella and this is my next class" I said to her while sneaking a glance at the boy who was now looking up at the clock, his fingertips absently drumming a rhythm.

"Well hello Bella. It's nice to meet you and I'm happy to be having you in my class. You may have a seat next to Jasper" She smiled, pointing to the seat on the right of the beautiful boy.

I did a little mental happy dance as I made my way over to my appointed seat. Now he looked over, watching as I sat down.

I smiled at him.

"Hi, I'm Bella" I introduced myself.

He tilted his head. His brow rose slightly as the corner of his lips quirked.

"Oh Bella..." I heard my teacher call out. I looked up and she looked apologetic.

"I forgot to tell you..." she started but then a bunch of teenage boys entered while horsing around, effectively drowning out her voice.

I glanced back at the boy and he was staring blankly ahead.

A few more students entered as the bell ring shrilly. They talked among themselves as they carelessly threw their bags on the ground by their Chosen seats. A few boys laughed obnoxiously among themselves.

The teacher made her way up to the front and started to get everyone's attention. Everyone finally calmed down and listened to her while she talked.

"Everybody we have a new student. Her name is Bella. So please make her feel welcome" She smiled sweetly.

The whole class said "Hi Bella", minus Jasper.

Satisfied, the teacher went on with her lesson. She was just doing a review, stuff I learned awhile ago. So my mind drifted as she spoke. I looked over at Jasper and he seemed to be really concentrating on the lesson. He even wrote notes as the teacher droned on about the different types of conflict that can occur in a story.

Finally after another hour of glancing over at Jasper, and seeing him each time with that focused look the bell rang. I looked at my schedule and saw we actually now had lunch.

Well, that was different.

I got up, gathered all my stuff and was about to leave when-

"Bella, can I talk to you for a moment?" My teacher called.

"Oh, yeah sure" I said, walking over to her desk.

"I forgot to tell you earlier. Jasper is deaf" She stated softly.

"Deaf?" I repeated slowly.

"Yes Bella. He can't hear at all" She said solemnly. "But he can read lips very well" She added.

"I suppose he would have to, to be able to take these classes. But also, if he's dead, why doesn't he have a helped assigned to him. I know some kids who were hard of hearing had their own EA" I asked.

"This is a small town, with a small school. I would be hard to get that resource for him. We've decided it be best just to have a resource period to help him stay on top of his classes. It is better then having nothing." She explained. "Now I don't want to keep you from your lunch Bella." She smiled and shooed me away playfully. I already could tell she was going to be one of my favourite teachers here.

He was deaf...

That poor boy. I couldn't fathom not being able to hear music, or even the simple sounds we take advantage of each and every day. The wind rushing through the leaves. Or the trickling water of a creek. Or exclusive to forks, the pitter patter of rainfall...

My thoughts came to a halt as I reached the cafeteria. I entered seeing tables full of people conversing happily and animatedly.

I sighed, going to the buffet style thing and grabbed an apple and yogurt, not in the mood for something big and turned, scanning the room for any empty seats.

Deciding to eat outside, I made my way to the door when someone called my name.

"You're Bella right?" I heard a male name call out.

I felt like saying "No it's Judy" with an eye role but I contained myself...barely.

"Yup that's me" I said to a blonde boy. He had a roundish face. Just coming into puberty probably. Poor late bloomer.

"I'm Mike; would you like to sit with us?" He asked as he motioned to the table, and there was indeed a seat empty.

"Oh sure. Thank you" I said as I sat down.

I looked at everyone around the table. There was a dark haired girl with glasses sitting next to a boy with oil black hair, who had his arm around her. Then there was a light brown haired girl with a head band on and hazel eyes that looked liked she was critiquing me.

"That's Angela and Eric, then she is Jessica" He said as he pointed to each one.

"Hello" I greeted them softly. Jessica gave a half smile and Angela smiled shyly while Eric openly grinned.

"So, you're from Arizona?" Angela asked.

"That I am" I nodded.

"Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like, tan?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, I'm a proud misfit. Hardcore I tell you" I told her seriously.

She obviously couldn't tell I was joking and being sarcastic, ah, what a fun one she is...

Mike laughed as Eric chuckled and Angela giggled.

"You're funny Arizona" Mike grinned as he called me by his new 'Nickname'.

I just nodded solemnly.

"It's a curse" I sighed sadly and the whole table erupted in laughter, well except miss kill joy.

"How do you like Forks so far?" Angela asked.

"Its ight" I nodded my head slowly with pretend swagger.

She grinned.

"How do you like your morning classes?" Mike asked.

"They're okay I guess. I mean I haven't died yet." I told him.

"Yeah I have English with you, But I sit close to the back" He informed me. I just nodded in awknoweldgement.

I looked around the cafeteria and Jessica decided I stole enough of her lime light and tried to steal Mike's attention from me and Saw Jasper sitting at a table with equally beautiful people, but he was by far the most gorgeous boy there. My personal opinion.

There was a blonde girl who looked like beauty incarnate herself, leaning against a big musceled dark haired boy. He looked like he could break me like a twig, without exerting any effort. But I saw him smile goofily at a pixie looking girl across from him. I determined he was friendlier then he looked.

Speaking of the pixie girl, she had dark hair, almost black, cut in a pixie cut. She looked fragile. She was sitting beside a bronze hair boy whose hair looked carefully style to look like he had a wild romp.

They were all conversing, excluding Jasper. He was just staring at the table blankly.

I frowned as I watched him stare at the plastic table top. There was something lonely about him. He was surrounded by people, but somehow not included.

I saw the big one look over at Jasper and tap his shoulder, effectively getting the male beauty's attention. The big one was talking in sign language to him! I watched intently as the big boys hands moved fluidly into different signs with quick succession. There was a certain type of beauty to it.

"Who are they?" I asked, not bringing my eyes away from their table.

"Oh those are the Cullen's" Angela told me.

I finally dragged my eyes away from the table and looked at her. I tilted my head slightly, silently urging her to continue.

It seemed Jessica was a gossiping queen since now she actually made an effort to talk now.

"Yeah. They are Mr. and Mrs. Cullen's kids" She explained.

"The blonde ones are Jasper and Rosalie. They are twins. But Jasper is deaf" She explained animatedly.

"And the big one is Emmett and the dark haired girl is Alice and the bronzed haired boy is Edward. But the weird thing is they are like all together! Like together together!" She gossiped, like we were discussing aliens walking the earth.

"What?" I spoke slowly. Isn't that incest...?

"They're not actually related Bella" Angela informed me. She knew what I was thinking.

"The only ones related are Jasper and Rosalie. And Rosalie is dating Emmett and Alice is with Edward. They are all adopted. The Cullen's parents aren't even that old. Late twenties, early thirties I think" Angela explained.

"But it's still weird. They together" Jessica shuddered. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"It's not that bad" I relented.

Jessica raised an eye brow and looked at me, judgment clear as day in her eyes. She was such a pleasant girl.

The bell rang. Everyone inhabiting the room got up, pushed their chairs in and cleaned their mess...not much like my old school. The kids at my old school figured the older janitor could take care of it. Which was just rude and ignorant.

"Which class do you have next Bella?" Mike asked me.

I pulled out my schedule from my pocket and scanned it.

"Biology" I sighed.

"Oh...I have trigonometry" He said, his shoulders slumping slightly.

"I truly feel your pain my friend" I put my hand to my heart and closed my eyes.

He grinned in response.

"I'll take you to your class if you want" He offered.

"As tempting as that is, I don't want you late for your class because of me. Just point the way and I'll try my best to track it down" I stated.

"Okay. It's just down that hall then go right then it's in the left hall of that" He said.

I just stared at him blankly then nodded slowly.

Yeah I totes got that...

Well an hour later and I was free of Bio. He mostly talked about what to look forward and such. It was pretty boring and I almost passed out.

So now off to find chemistry I go. Woo hooo...

Finding my chemistry class with no difficulty since it was near my last class room I entered and was blessed to see Jasper was in this class as well.

And again we were the only ones. The teacher wasn't here either.

I went and sat down beside him. He turned to me, and gave a slight smirk. He canted his head to one side as he watched me. I bit my lip for a second before I got an idea.

I pulled out my cell phone and started to text in a message.

I turned to him and showed him the screen, he just looked at it then at me. I gave a little huff as I motioned for him to take it. A grin grew on his lips as he took it from me to read the text.

Sorry about this morning. Hope I didn't make u uncomfortable. I'm Bella by the way.

He looked up from the message, a smile still adorning his lips.

He held out his hand, for me to shake no doubt. I put my hand in his. It was strong yet held my hand gently. And his hands were soft, but had calluses adorning his fingers tips.

I smiled at him, his smile growing as he nodded once.

He handed back my phone and took out his then started to type a message.

hello Bella it's nice to meet you. I'm Jasper. Forgive me but I can't help but wonder why you are even bothering trying to talk to me. The other students don't really bother unless they have to.

I read the message and my heart started to ache. That seemed so lonely. People not bothering even trying to interact with you because they rather not take the time it would require? Or because you were different?

I took my phone and started to type.

I want to get to know u. Maybe be friends? :)

He smiled as he read the text. He really did have a beautiful smile to go with his face. He had pearly white teeth that were straight, none crooked at all.

He looked up grinning. He nodded. I smiled in return. He handed back my phone and I took it, paused then started writing again.

Not 2 sound rude or ignorant. But i've never met a deaf person, so sadly i don't no sign language. We will have to talk thru text :( is that bad?

He actually laughed. He laughed! Argh if only he could talk because he would without a doubt have a wonderful voice.

He looked at me, his expressive orbs shining. His smile wide and full on his face.

He shook his head then typed and handed me his phone.

It's not a bad thing at all. I don't expect ppl 2 automatically know sign lang. This is fine :)

I sighed of relief and gave him back his phone. He immediately started typing another message and handed it to me.

You don't always have to type ur message. I can read lips just fine. Just tap my shoulder 2 get my attention, talk and i'll type a reply. It'll b easier 4 u.

I looked at him and nodded.

"Okay" I said and he laughed softly.

"You have a pretty laugh" I told him. He should at least know he sounds nice.

He looked at me for a few short seconds. He tilted his head slightly as his one brow rose slightly.

He then typed a message quickly.


I smiled and nodded.

He then started to type another message.

Do mind if i give u my #? I just think it would be easier sending texts then having to trade our phones back and forth

I smiled and nodded, I admit, I was a little too eager to get his number.

He held out his hand for my phone, which I handed to him and in a few seconds he had his number programmed in.

I scanned through my contacts and sure enough, there he was. I clicked his name and sent him a text.

How do you get to class on time? When the bell rings?

He got the text a few seconds later, read it then looked up and smirked lazily then started to type a reply.

I have alarms on my phone. My phone vibrates when the bell rings.

Just to prove his point he held up his phone as it lit up and started buzzing just as the official bell rang.

I looked then looked around to notice that students had arrived at some point and I didn't even notice! I looked back at him bewildered and he had his lips in a firm line. I had a feeling he was trying not to laugh at me.

Just then a dark skinned lady with glasses started to call everyone to attention and tapped our table we were sitting at, grabbing Jasper's attention. He followed her with his eye for a second, looked back at me and pointed at her. I nodded and he turned his full attention to her.

I wonder how he did in school. He seemed really focused on whatever the teacher was saying and yet he was able to take notes. He even took some without even looking at his notebook!

Damn, wish I could do that.

My writing was barely legible as it was...imagine what it would be like if I wasn't even looking...

So about after an hour of talking about chemistry stuff like cations and junk, the class came to an end. I looked over and saw that Jasper also had very neat writing while mine looked like a grade schooler's printing.

He closed his notebook, grabbed everything of his and stood up, looking at me, obviously waiting for me to get up.

I quickly got all my do-dads together and hastily stood up, pulling out my schedule and looked it over.

Jasper reached out and held the schedule in his hand, giving a gentle tug. I let go and he took it, looking it over and looked at me with a breath taking smile and handed me back my schedule, motioning for me to follow him.

I looked at my schedule and saw I had photography after, one of my electives.

I tapped Jasper's shoulder and he turned to me.

"Do you have photography also?" I asked him.

He smiled while nodding.

I couldn't help it; his smile was contagious so I grinned in turn.

He continued walking and I obediently followed. He led me into a room with tables, room enough to seat two and sat at one in the front. I plopped myself down beside him and he grinned.

Kids started to pile in and they were soon followed by a shorter man, a man of 5'6 maybe?

He took one good look at everyone and smiled.

"Well hello everyone! I sure hope you all are looking forward to capturing life in stills!" HE grinned happily at everyone as some kids laughed and replied enthusiastically.

"Great enthusiasm by the way folks" He clapped. "Anyway, I all hope you all have your own digital cameras for this class" HE told everyone.

I groaned and put my head down on the desk.

The teacher laughed good naturedly and continued.

"If you don't that's fine too. Just try to get one in a week or two. I have some at the back of the room. Not many so you'll have to share with the person beside you. That person will be your partner for the rest of the yearas well." He informed the class.

I heard kids move out of their seats and go to the back of the room. I sighed into the desk. Why did dad sign me up for this class if I didn't have a camera? Like seriously?

I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked up into Jasper's pale blue-silver gaze.

He held up a fancy digital camera and smiled softly.

He motioned to it and looked back at me.

"You saying we can share?" I asked. He nodded in return with a grin.

I smiled.

"Thank you jazz" He grinned even more.

"Um Bella? Jasper's deaf" I heard a nasal voice. I turned around and saw this silver blonde girl looking at me with her eyes narrowed haughtily. Her hip was cocked out as she crossed her arms.

"No really? I didn't know that" I said with an eye roll. "He's deaf. Not dumb" I told her slowly.

"What bus do you ride? The looong one? Or the short one?" I asked while motioning with my hands, earning a few chuckles from my classmates.

She glowered as her mouth opened as if to reply. She huffed as she turned to stalk away.

I scoffed at her before turning to Jasper. He was watching me, his brows furrowed ever so slightly, but his lips were upturned at the corners.

"You okay?" I asked.

He looked down at his phone in his hands for a few seconds, turning it over and over. He finally threw open a text and began to quickly punch in a message.

while I appreciate you standing up to her, I'm afraid it's not worth it. She's the type to hold grudges and and you did embarrass her a bit just now. She may make your stay here at school more difficult.

ah, so she was one of those petty type of girls. Troublesome but easily handled. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not worried about her. She's nothing. I don't even know where she was coming From. All I know is I didn't appreciate talking to me like I was weird for talking to you. There is nothing wrong with interacting with you. So don't worry about it" I chuckled.

He stared at me intently. His eyes were more blue than silver. He studied my face as he tilted his head, a mannerism I already knew meant his confusion. Or wonder. he nibbled on his bottom lip as he kept staring at me, making me want to squirm in my seat. It was getting slightly unnerving. He slowly tore his eyes away from mine to look at the front of the room. I followed his eyes and the teacher was watching us. He smiled before clapping his hands.

"Okay class. Look up front" He called out. "This is a slide show, just of the different type and style of photography there is" He nodded and turned the lights off, pressing a button on a remote and a picture of a purple flower showed on screen.

So for the next hour, the teacher went through so many different pictures of different styles, some by famous photographers, and some by himself.

When he was done and flipped the lights on I was relieved. I looked over and saw even Jasper looked bored. He had is arm on the desk and was resting his head against his hand as he stared blankly up ahead.

The bell rang signalling it was time to go home. I gathered my stuff and watched Jasper as he lazily got his stuff together and he stood up then stretched.

I tapped his shoulder and he turned his tired gaze to me.

"How'd you like it?" I asked.

He merely shrugged and got out his phone and texted, not nearly as fast as he usually typed.

It was slightly boring. I want to take pictures. Not look at them. Plus I couldn't tell what he was saying. I was missing a lot of his words so I gave up close to the beginning.

I looked up at him in time to see him yawn loudly as he stretched.

"Are you tired?" I asked. He nodded.

"Well it's home time. Get a good sleep tonight" I smiled.

He grinned while nodding.

We both walked out of the class room, taking our time down the halls, while other students hurried to get out of this prison.

WE finally reached the front doors and Jasper turned to me smiling.

He motion behind him with his head. "You got to go?" I asked.

He smiled softly and nodded.

"Okay. Have a great evening Jazz" I said then went forward and hugged him.

He froze up then he gradually relaxed and returned my embrace. I didn't exactly want to end this hug anytime soon but I slowly released and smiled up at him.

He smiled tenderly then turned around and ran across the parking lot to a silver car and hopped in. I watched as Edward pulled out of the parking lot.

I sighed happily. He was actually a nice guy. So what if he was deaf? He was a kind hearted person and I liked him. I looked at my phone and read the text he just sent me.

You have a good night to Bellz :)

Nothing could ruin my day. Hell, Dad could even pick me up in the cruiser and I would happily get in. Which he was by the way...

This morning I wasn't looking forward to school at all, but I'm glad I went.

~~~~~To BE continued~~~~

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