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Matt hated this. If it wasn't for the fact that he was 3rd ranked in becoming L's successor, he would've let this slide, but he couldn't. He watched as the white haired boy look at his essay with critical judgement. It unnerved him. Matt shifted his feet from one foot to the other in uncomfortable silence as he wait.

"Well?" Matt spoke. Near raked his eyes over the lettering on the paper, his finger still twirling a lock of his hair. It was another minute of silence before Near's eyes bore right into the red head's own eyes and replied,

"It's good, but it could be better. You're slacking, I could see it in your writing. Do you really think that because you're up in the ranks amongst the others, that you want to slack off now? Always, ALWAYS, try your hardest. Be more like Mello, even if he's ahead of you by one, there's always someone better than you. You have to be better than that certain someone. Until then, can you really achieve the goal of L's successor. You have to try. Redo this whole thing and then return it to me."

"Oh . . . Uh. . ." It was definately a rude awakening for the red head. He never thought of it like that. Then it all made sense. Near was trying to challenge him, to try and get him to beat Mello and make himself realize why he was in the top three. He had an actual chance at becoming the successor if only he tried. An action that he knew all too well, that he didn't do. He was too busy playing games and his work in class were mediocre at best. But now, with renewed vigor, he was willing to do everything in his power to make L see that he was worth the rank.

Matt looked up to thank the white haired boy, but he was no longer in the room. He bit his lip as he looked down at the small notes that Near made in the margins of his paper and went to work on his paper as soon as possible.


It was later in the day, around 11pm that Matt finally finished. He had been cooped up in his room from the moment Near left. The gamer had disregarded the growling of his stomach and had his focused on the word document on his computer. He had to write the beginning about twice and the notes on his paper was very helpful. Matt smiled happily as he printed out his four pages of work and walked out of his room in search for Near. He found the boy still up in his room, playing with the toys on the ground.

"Matt," the boy greeted. Matt stepped into the room,

"I-I'm done redoing it."

"I see," Near replied with a not-so-caring voice.

"You won't look at it?" Matt wondered when Near didn't reach for the outstreched paper in his hand. Near looked up at the boy again,

"If you think it's good, why do you want other's opinion of it? You did your best on it and you should be judged based on what you know. I just helped edit your paper, I can't tell you whether it's good or not. You have to let your teacher decide on that."

Matt was silent as he withdrew his hand to his side. Once again, Near made a good point. Matt plastered on a smile,

"Thanks, Near! I'll let Roger see it now!" Matt rushed off, leaving Near in his bedroom to muse over his delightful moment with the red-headed gamer.