Zexion yawned.

He did not approve of being awake so early, not even a little bit, but Demyx had stumbled his way into a new world and left him little choice in the matter. The world showed remarkable promise really, but even so, it was deplorable that Demyx couldn't have left his spontaneous discoveries to a more reasonable hour.

Despite his complaints, Zexion was there, hunched over the impressively white keyboard in his full black coat. He supposed it didn't really matter which reason it was that kept him here, which was just as well really; a new world could always wait till morning, yet the opportunity to help Demyx out of a dire situation didn't come around every day. Every second day perhaps, but definitely not every day. Not that there was any sentimentality in that beyond a shared connection to the Organization. No, of course not. Suggesting otherwise would be ludicrous.

Zexion yawned again, leaning back in the chair and wishing for all the world that he had thought to bring a pillow with him. His eyelids were lead, with eyes themselves that felt grainy, and he was left with the distinct impression that all the problems of the world would be solved if he just shut them right there and then. To say that it was 'tempting' would be an understatement on a colossal scale, but he wouldn't do Demyx any good by falling asleep on him. He didn't know why he cared so much anyway – in the figurative sense of course. One world was just like any other, and being part of the initial recon was hardly necessary in the long run. Perhaps it would be wiser to find someone else to take over while he retreated back to his room. Unfortunately, that particular plan would entail wandering the halls of the Castle That Never Was and risk running into other equally sleep-deprived members – which wouldn't be so bad if certain other members of the Organization weren't especially painful to deal with. The Organization was what held them together, true, but that didn't mean he had previously enjoyed running into Larxene in the early hours of the morning. He had no idea what she was doing up at this time, but questions usually resulted in threats of swift death. Zexion wasn't too big on those.

He stared at the screen blankly, enjoying the all too-brief moment in-between blinks where his eyes were actually shut. It was a ridiculously sized screen really, far too big to be efficient to anyone of any size ever. The small room was filled with all sort of computerised apparatus, all following the same theme of being big, white, and oddly shaped. It didn't make a lot of logical sense, unless it had just been done to match the colour of the walls themselves. They were clearly white too, with large panels given over to sections of wires and well organised miscellany. The entire castle interior looked like that; white decor with seemingly important computerised sections spreading over every section of visible wall. For all Zexion knew they were just as important as they seemed, it was hardly your average castle after all. Glass walkways hung over immeasurable depths. Immense carved windows pierced out into the ever dark and clouded sky. Elaborately designed structures and sculptures decorated phenomenally sized rooms - all coloured a pleasant mix of white and grey, and all hanging eternally in the sky above the dark city below. Many of the immense rooms seemed to hold no purpose whatsoever, and this was ignoring the fact that the castle was of a mind-blowing size and housed merely thirteen people. It was almost a puzzle, but Zexion had long since put it all down to Xemnas' interpretation of 'nothingness' being 'nothingness that looked good.' To each his own, he supposed, and Xemnas provided everything they could ever need in their pseudo-non-existence, so there was never really anything to complain about. Not unless someone was mortally offended by the idea of superfluous castle architecture anyway, and so far that category only housed Roxas, who spent a good deal more time than he admitted to anyone stumbling in lost confusion down the endless corridors. More than once Zexion had spotted him trying to draw maps on the back of his hand. It more than explained why he only ever got through one simple mission per day at best.

The screen beeped a few times, jolting Zexion out of his line of thought. Stifling a further yawn with his hand, he leaned in close and read. The signal hadn't quite been located yet, but from the signature it left it was clear that Demyx was in some kind of 'Digital World' - a world made entirely of data it seemed. Zexion supposed he shouldn't have found that so surprising, considering that Xemnas had created one of those himself in Hollow Bastion, but it still did. The idea of data forming a consciously functioning world of its own free will was really quite remarkable.

More information was appearing on screen. Apparently the source of the world's existence was the fixation of information waves over a sizeable distance, all coming together and creating a reflection of the world they stemmed from. So technology had made this world unknowingly? Fascinating. It would definitely explain how Demyx had screamed out of his alarm clock in the middle of the night. It took a great deal of willpower not to curse at Demyx mentally for that. He settled for scowling, on the inside. Retribution could be had once Demyx was safely out of harm's way again. Perhaps a larger and considerably louder alarm clock hidden under Demyx's bed would do the trick. Or an early morning encounter with Larxene. Or both. Both was always good.

Zexion's reverie was shattered as a voice tore through his sleep deprived mind.


The sound screamed through his ears, making Zexion throw his hands over the speakers in panic. Cringing visibly, he looked to the screen. Sure enough, Demyx had been found, and was standing calmly on a beach, holding his collar right up to his mouth, and clearly not comprehending the subtleties of mild mannered speech levels. Okay, so letting Demyx try out the experimental microphones had been a bad idea. Zexion managed to turn the volume down considerably quickly before Demyx continued to shout.

"ZEXION? ARE YOU THERE YET? I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES!" Demyx's magical ability to be far louder than required certainly wasn't going to any waste, and he was tapping his foot to boot. "YOU KNOW, I WOULDN'T MIND THE WAITING IF THERE WAS ACTUALLY SOMETHING TO DO OVER HERE." Anyone would think he was actually feeling impatient, despite the obvious flawed logic in that.

It took Zexion a moment to fully recall why he was putting up with loud noises in his current state of sleep deprivation. A surprising amount of effort was spent fighting the urge to go back to bed right there and then. He didn't quite know why he stayed, but after moment of extreme internal argument he was still there, so he spoke.

"Please stop shouting, Demyx. My head hurts enough as it is."

"Oh! Zexion!" Thankfully Demyx's voice dropped down to his normal speaking range now that he had something to compare it to. "About time!" Zexion ignored that last remark. His locational apparatus was completely functional and very well timed, thank you very much Demyx.

"What do you see?" He could, of course, see the scenery as well, but it was coming off a bit like static onscreen, and occasional parts of the landscape seemed to be pixelating - of all things.

"Well, I don't know what I can say really." Demyx swung his long arms backwards and forwards, looking around as he did so. "It's a very ... beach-like beach. Lots of sand. Large amount of water. Slight possibility of sea shells. You know, beach stuff." There was a short pause as Demyx stopped swinging his arms and pointed towards the ocean. "Oh, and a giant swan."

Before Zexion could call Demyx down for being ridiculous a large swan did indeed swim its way on screen. As if that wasn't quite enough to catch him off guard, this swan in particular had a small yellow dinosaur sitting atop of it with an equally small sea mammal swimming out front. There were also two young kids sitting inside the swan – apparently a boat of sorts – peddling away with their legs as the swan came closer to the beach.

Zexion blinked. He opened his mouth to say something to Demyx but no words came. He immediately realised his folly as Demyx raised his collar back up to his mouth and spoke.


Gritting his teeth with effort, Zexion replied as calmly as he could. Even so, it came out as more of a hiss than he was going to admit.

"Would you please stop speaking so damned loudly!"

On screen, Demyx flinched visibly. Well, let him feel bad then, Zexion's ears certainly wasn't feeling any better. With a sigh, he retracted the thoughts immediately. It wasn't Demyx's fault. Making him feel bad certainly wasn't going to make himself feel any better – not that he could feel anything anyway, but treating other Organization members like actual human beings seemed more logical than not. If anything, he generally preferred it when Demyx was in a good mood – which was pretty much always really, but he was definitely not going to be the first person to shatter the part of Demyx that actually distinguished him from anyone else. Counter-productivity and all that.

"I apologise, Demyx," he said slowly, "I didn't mean it."

Perhaps forgetting that he was smack bang in the middle of Zexion's screen, Demyx rocked cheerfully on his heels, poking out his tongue as he did so. Zexion's lip twitched, but he said nothing. Demyx quickly ceased his rocking and jumped back a little in surprise.

"Uh oh, I got company." It was true. The swan boat was practically on shore now, making a bee line for Demyx's exact position.

"You may want to get out of there."

Spinning on his heels, Demyx turned and looked up. Zexion could see his dilemma. There was an immense cliff jutting out of the earth before him, towering above him and giving the distinct impression that anyone who tried to climb it would likely fall before they got half way. There was, however, a neatly convenient series of staircases crawling up the side, providing a suitably lengthy walk to the top. There was most certainly a healthy emphasis on the word 'lengthy'.

"There are stairs just there, Demyx. You can make your way to the top."

Demyx just stood there, looking on in horror.

"What? Walk up that? I don't think so!" Demyx was shaking his head, arms folded across his chest. "That looks like work. Which means sweating. Which is gross."

Zexion opened his mouth to argue, yet before he could speak Demyx had disappeared in a swirl of darkness. Seconds later the same darkness swirled at the top of the staircase, quickly yielding a very triumphant Demyx. Zexion waited for his screen to slowly readjust to the height difference. It really was a long way up. At the top of the flight of stairs was a sizable mansion, sitting comfortably on the implausible tall cliff top. More eye-catching, however, was that Demyx had his tongue out again.

"I can see you, you know."

With a yelp Demyx retracted his tongue. He spun on the spot, quick to change the subject.

"Uh, well! Nice place they got here. Let's go say hi." And with that, he was striding purposefully towards the strange mansion atop the cliff. Zexion wasn't sure if mansion was the right word, but it was certainly big enough for one. It was tall and rectangular, looking more and more like the home of some feudal lord the more Zexion inspected it. The implications of this escaped him for the moment, however, as his eyelids promptly began screaming for sleep once more. With effort, he kept them open. This could be important. The world needed to be documented.

With that in mind, Zexion abruptly noticed that his screen had been flashing a violent red colour. He glared at it momentarily before recalling just what he had to do to stop it. Seconds later waves of information poured over the screen, with text appearing in clumps and lines darting from object to object with important seeming intentions. The art to reading such an analysis was picking out which parts actually needed to be read, and with that well-practiced purpose in mind Zexion made a few mental notes about the physical consistency of the world. That was, before his mind screeched to a dead halt.

A few obnoxiously bright lines were attempting to interpret the energy signals being emitted from some small devices that the children from the swan boat seemed to have in their possession. Attempting was the right word, as each time they made a fragile connection from the boys to their strange animals the lines winked out of existence before rescanning the area and trying again. This was impossible, of course, as Zexion's machines were flawless. The only explanation was that the connection they were trying to read was beyond their capabilities, which meant only one thing.

The connection between the boys and their animals was a matter of the heart.

Their hearts were linked, not simply in the normal way, but in a way that affected both their data and the unusual level of power in their possession. Of all the things Zexion had been expecting to find on a morning where Demyx was inextricably lost on an unknown world, a prime point of study for the direct power of hearts was not among them. He would take all he could get however, and this was certainly exactly what the Organization was searching for in their ever growing study of hearts and their variants. The hard part would be staying awake long enough to actually think this through. Though, he supposed a matter of this importance should only be properly tackled with the mind properly rested. Not that he had time for that, as such. Not really.

As Demyx continued to walk towards the sizable manor, Zexion figured it couldn't hurt if he shut his eyes for just a short while. Not sleep, oh no, he wasn't going to sleep at all, he was just going to close his eyes for a little bit. His arms felt amazingly soft as he rested his head on them, promptly enjoying the peace that came with closed eyelids. Surely Demyx would be fine for just a few moments. Surely.

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